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Tea Tree Oil Can Do What?!

Like many other cloth diapering mamas out there, I like to look for natural solutions to common issues that come up in our family. Iʼve tried to limit my sonʼs exposure to chemicals by feeding him organic food, using all-natural baby wash, trying to avoid antibiotics, and of course – using cloth diapers! On the spectrum of “granola crunchiness” I would say weʼre probably somewhere in the middle. We do a lot of things that some people think are weird (rain barrel, composting, etc), but I draw the line at going too far (“Family Cloth” anyone? No thanks, I like toilet paper just fine!). I never really got into a lot of the essential oils stuff simply because I didnʼt really have a pressing need to learn about them. Until my son struggled through a yeast infection last year and I did some research on natural cures. Tea tree oil kept popping up and I decided to give it a shot at our problem. I was surprised to read that using tea tree oil antiseptically dates all the way back to traditional aboriginal folk medicine. Its widespread recognition as an antimicrobial agent came about through use in the Australian army. The history of tea tree oil is interesting and worth a little googling if you find yourself with time to kill on the internet. (Or you could watch puppies on …

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