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How Social Media Can Save You Money

Babies are expensive, period. Between clothing they grow out of WAY too fast and daycare that charges an arm and a leg, all that extra money you once had to spend on an evening out is now spent on more pacifiers (where do they GO?) and an extra car seat base for the car. Modern parents have become extremely savvy on ways to save money, and cloth diapering is no different. We have all seen the figures; just type cloth diaper savings into Google and you can spend an afternoon looking at spreadsheets and calculators. But what if prefolds and covers aren’t your thing? Is there a way to save money even if you prefer the pocket or AIO route? Pricing out a full stash of brand new, squishy newborn simplex got me sweating a bit. I could either become an extreme couponer and have a stockpile of canned goods in our garage or find a way to grow a stash without paying retail. Since the odds of the hubby giving up prime real estate in the garage was completely unlikely, I had to get creative. For many moms, the idea of buying a used diaper creeps them out. If you fall into this category, have no fear; all of my tips are for scoring a brand new diaper for a fraction of retail. If you are ok with buying …

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Build Your Stash With Free Diapers

We all know that cloth diapering saves you money in the long run, but the upfront cost can be intimidating. In order to keep costs down, I suggest taking advantage of every opportunity to get free diapers! Luckily, Kelly’s Closet is giving them away daily! Here’s how: Coupon Codes – Take advantage on the coupon codes that are almost always available on the website! You can get a free diaper with purchase most of the time! Placing a large order? Many of the codes can be used more than once! So if possible, split your order in two and use the code twice. Two free diapers in one day! Rewards Points – Every time you place an order at Kelly’s Closet you receive 1 reward point for every dollar that you spend. Save up those points and cash them in for gift certificates to the store! Watch for special announcements throughout the year for double, or even triple, reward points! Fluff Fridays – Every Friday, check out the blog, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer for your chance to win cloth diapers or cloth diapering accessories! There’s a new winner every week! I try to exclusively shop at Kelly’s Closet to keep all my rewards points in one place. If you shop in one store, the rewards will build quicker! And I have to admit it’s hard to pass up on their …

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Giveaway Q&A

Everybody likes free fluff, right?  Well, on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer, we like to give fluff away!  There are the “Fluff Friday” giveaways every Friday, and there are the random “30 Minutes of Fluff” giveaways.  It’s always fun to enter for your chance to win, but if you’re not sure HOW to enter, it kind of takes the fun out of it!  Well, we’re here to help! Q:  Where in the world do I post my entry? A:  Right here on the blog!  When the Friday or 30-minute giveaways post, there will be a number of ways to enter listed.  There will be a “Post a Comment” button for you to click on- if there are already numerous entries, you may have to scroll down to find it all the way at the bottom.  If there are no entries, sometimes it will say “0 Comments”, and that’s what you’ll want to click on.  When you click on these, a new page will come up with a box for you to write your entry in.  It will say, “Leave your comment”.  An example comment may be, “I’m a fan on Facebook, my screen name is _____ _______.”  Then you need to sign in with a Google account (it’s free to sign up if you don’t already have one).  Submit your comment, and then go back and post your next comment. Q: …

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