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MarA Author... More >

DeHavenA Allyson is a stay-at-home mom of two little girls (and another on the way!). Between changing diapers, making meals, and not getting the two mixed up, she enjoys watching cooking shows and daydreaming. You can enjoy more of her writing at More >

Emily Goodman Author... More >

Meridith Gray Meridith Gray is a stay-at-home Mom and blogger at Diary of a Nerdy Wife. She is a coffee chugging, binge reading, table top game playing, cloth diapering nerdy wife and mother to two precious boys.... More >

Jessica H. Jessica is a Navy wife and stay-at-home mom to Wyatt (6) and Charlie (2). In addition to cloth diapers, she also obsesses over books, shoes, Studio Ghibli, and Sailor Moon.... More >

Danielle L. I have been cloth diapering for 5 years now. I have a 5 year old son, a 2 year old son, and we are expecting a daughter in July of 2015. I live in Maine so we have the challenges of hard water and long, cold winters to face with using cloth. Cloth diapering has been one of the easiest switches we have ever made. We started using cloth when our oldest was about 5 months old. We have cloth diapered our second child from birth and intend to do the same with our third child.... More >

Teal Larson My name is Teal; I am a mother of two beautiful little girls (four-year-old and 8 month old). I cloth diaper, Im crafty, and I like trying different things to help my family.... More >

Jenny M. Jenny is a mom of one, a cloth diaper graduate. She is a Kelly's Closet addict and employee and can't quit cloth diapers even though her son is now potty trained. Jenny also blogs on her site, Cloth Diaper Revival, where she talks about all things cloth, infertility, and products she's in love with.... More >

Ashley M. Ashley is a stay at home mom with two crazy, fun loving little boys and one surprise on the way. She blogs about life with young children and her adventures with them including sewing, cloth diapers, green living, and everyday parenting at: More >

Cowgirl Mama Cowgirl Mama is a country girl learning to be a wife and mother. Her adventures (and misadventures) can be found at More >

Calley P Calley is a mom of 2 and a cloth diaper veteran. She is the social media manager for Kelly's Closet & and manages The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. Calley also blogs personally at The Eco Chic.... More >

Karla Rodkey Karla is married to her best friend with whom she has two awesome children. One is potty trained and one is still in cloth diapers and they both love babywearing! Karla is a stay at home mom and blogs at Running On Eagles Wings, where she blogs about fitness and life!... More >

Jamie Shanfield Jamie is a SAHM to a fussy but adorable 6 month old and a spunky and feisty 2 year old. She enjoys working out, crocheting and finding ways to become greener.... More >

Jill Jill blogs about her experiences as a stay at home mom to 3 girls, country living, cloth diapers, and a life just this side of crunchy at More >

Leah W. Leah is a Minnesotan expat living near Boulder, Colorado, scientist and mommy to Little B. She loves natural parenting, hiking, camping and gardening with her family.... More >

Tricia Y. Author... More >


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