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Keeping Little Ones Safe in Large Crowds

As we approach warmer weather in the coming months, many of us will want to take our little ones to festivals, amusement parks, and other indoor and outdoor events. The thought of huge crowds of adults towering over our children at these events can be a little daunting. I have gathered a few tips from online and other parents on how to stay safe in crowded places that I would like to share with you.  One of my favorite “tools” to staying safe in large crowds is the amazing baby carrier. My favorite brand is the Tula carrier. This soft structured carrier has wonderful adjustment straps and thick padding for the shoulders so I can wear my baby for hours at a festival with no back pain! Baby stays close to you and will not go anywhere. There are also toddler carriers to keep your toddlers from running away. Baby carriers are great because unlike strollers, you can walk up stairs with ease without needing to find a ramp and you can walk through crowds a lot easier. Before carriers came into my life, we once took our toddler and infant to a festival. Toddler was walking and baby girl was in the car seat in the stroller. Needless to say after a few minutes, my toddler wanted in the stroller so we had to carry baby girl in the …

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10 Things to do While Your Littles Nap

Naps are becoming more and more hit and miss in our house, much to my first trimester dismay.  My little is almost a year and half, she has either been taking marathon, three plus hour, naps or no naps at all.  On days she does nap, I have found myself rotating through a few things that help keep my sanity.  Sleep, nap, doze, take a siesta, crash.  I know, I know people ALWAYS tell new moms to sleep when the baby does.  I was never able to take this advice when my little was a squish because she REFUSED to sleep unless she was permanently attached to my chest.  Now that she is actually sleeping in her own room and in her crib, I’m taking back my sleep space and the bedroom TV.  By the time she naps, I am ready to put my 12 weeks pregnant behind in bed and not move.  Binge watch anything not toddler friendly.  This is the golden time to claim the TV from Elmo and Super Grover, as well as the husband.  Bye, bye, anything with songs and bright colors. Hello, Santa Clarita Diet (didn’t jive well with morning sickness, but so good), Shameless, Outlander, and ER reruns.  I have no shame.  I have become besties with ROKU and its countless ways to entertain.   Eat, snack, and sneak candy.  All the foods I …

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Hard Water, Soft Water, Calgon, OH MY!

Knowing and understanding your water type is an important step in creating an effective wash routine for your cloth diapers. Unfortunately, unless you grew up in a house with extremely hard or extremely soft water, most of us don’t have a clue what water hardness really means. There are a lot of misunderstandings floating around out there, so here’s a rundown of what hard water is, how to test and interpret your water hardness, common misconceptions, and what to do to make your water type work for you! What is hard water? All water contains minerals. The primary minerals are calcium and magnesium, but there may be a small amount of iron and other minerals in there as well. The difference between hard water and soft water is that hard water contains a large number of minerals, whereas soft contains only a small number. However there is a huge range between soft and hard. The level is measured in “parts per million” (ppm) or “grains per gallon” (gpg) depending on what/who you use to test. There are pros and cons to having these minerals in your water. On the one hand, they block soaps and detergent from working their best and can deposit on fabrics, water fixtures and appliances, causing buildup. On the other hand, the more minerals water has, the more effective it is at rinsing away detergent and …

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Super Fan Challenge – Just the Facts!!

By now you’ve probably heard about the Super Fan Challenge, but have you taken a few minutes to enter? Are you a still a little confused? Below are just the facts!! The minimum amount of information you need to know to enter and links to the full details. The Super Fan Challenge is a FUN social media challenge hosted by Kelly’s Closet and some of our favorite brands! There are prizes each week!!! You’ll be entered to win the weekly prizes and the grand prize just by completing the steps outlined below! Go register here: Super Fan Challenge and be sure to submit BOTH forms!  (see images below for examples) Post a picture showing your love of the brand you selected on social media! You can post the photo on any public site. Examples include: Posting on Kelly’s Closet page (not our group), posting on your Facebook profile (you can make post public and still keep profile private), posting on Instagram (if public), or on Twitter (if public). When posting your photo include @Kelly’s Closet (or @DiaperShops on IG and Twitter) #TeamHashtag @TeamBrandName (examples of properly submitted images below) Submit your entry on this form: Challenge 1 Form. (see images below for examples) Sit back and wait for the next challenge! Challenge 2 will be shared on Tuesday, May 16th at noon EDT on Kelly’s Closet Facebook page. Registration Form …

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Fluff Friday 433

To enter this week’s Fluff Friday giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway If you can’t view the form you can enter here: Would you like to be a contributor on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer? We’re always looking for creative writers who would like to share their cloth diapering tips. To find out more Contact Us

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