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My Husband’s Top 5 Favorite Cloth Diapers

I was first introduced to cloth diapers when my oldest was about a year old. A friend of mine used cute covers and prefolds and I loved them but like many people, the idea of the laundry was intimidating. At that time I had to use the laundromat so I pushed it aside and continued using disposables. When I was pregnant with my second son ten years later I knew that I wanted to at least try cloth diapers. I mentioned it once or twice and could tell that my husband wasn’t overly receptive to the idea. This seems to be pretty common so I decided not to push it. I did some research and when my son was six months old I bought my first few cloth diapers. My husband still used the disposables and that was fine, I was easing him in slowly but figured that even if he never came around at least we would save money, a little of the environment, and chemical exposure at least most of the time. As I bought more cloth diapers I kept my husband in mind. He is a creature of habit who doesn’t always love new things so I started to buy more diapers that seemed easy so he would warm up to the idea. Over the past (almost) three years he has expressed some definite opinions about what …

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Cloth Diapering and Older Toddler

I take a pretty relaxed approach to potty training and let my child tell me when he’s ready instead of me telling him. Using this method on my oldest son meant that he more or less trained himself to use the potty in a matter of days right around his third birthday. I have taken this approach with my second son as well so when he still wasn’t interested in using the potty by 30 months, then 33 months I didn’t think much of it and figured that using the potty was just around the corner. When Dub turned three I got some cloth trainers and a potty figuring that he would soon be interested. Well, that was over two months ago and he’s still not interested in the potty at all so we’re still in cloth diapers full-time. As Dub gets older and bigger I am finding that diapering him as an older toddler is quite a bit different from cloth diapering a baby and younger toddler. He eliminates more waste, he moves a lot more, and he is often too busy for diaper changes. This means that I need diapers that allow for fast changes and that have more absorbency than before without being too thick for him to wear pants. I used to be one of those people who had to match inserts with the diaper they …

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10 Ways to Make Starting a Cloth Diaper Stash More Affordable

We know that cloth diapering is more environmentally friendly, free of chemicals, and costs less than disposables over the two or three years that your child is in diapers. But what if you can’t afford the initial start up costs? $15-$20 for one diaper sounds like a lot of money and to some, it is. Below are some ways that can help ease the financial burden of starting your cloth diaper stash. 1. Covers and prefolds or flats This is an inexpensive way to diaper your baby because you can reuse the cover a few times before throwing it in the laundry. As long as the diaper is free of feces you can wipe it down, hang it to dry, and reuse it at the next diaper change. You will probably only need to use 2-3 diaper covers per day. Diaper covers come in a variety of price points but a basic, inexpensive cover will do the job. 2. Alternatives to prefolds or flats If money is really tight and you can’t afford prefolds or flats there are alternatives that you can use. You can stuff your cloth diapers with almost any kind of fabric to make a diaper. Old t-shirts, receiving blankets, flour sack towels (found in the kitchen section of your local discount store), dishtowels, or even rags from a home improvement store. Note: do not choose a …

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