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Benefits of Reading to Your Baby & Toddler

Do you read to your newborn, baby or toddler? Did you know that by reading to your baby you are actually helping them learn skills they will need later in life to become successful readers. What you read isn’t as important as the actual act of reading itself, but kids books can be so much fun!

I read a LOT with my first born and he has always been an avid reader. By the time he was in pre-K he already had a good grasp on reading. By the time he entered elementary school he was ahead of all his classmates. He started reading Harry Potter by the time he was in 2nd or 3rd grade and it still remains his favorite series. Now that he’s a teenager he can sit down and read an entire book in one day! His reading skills simply amaze me!

My daughter is more like me, she’s not in love with reading but she is mastering the skills to be successful in school. Her retention and comprehension are wonderful. She’s more of a visual person though (wonder where she gets that from…looks in the mirror) and will draw pictures of the story she’s reading. It’s fun to see her interpretation of the words on the pages of the story.

As babies it’s our job to introduce these skills to them. Give your child books that they can feel and touch and destroy (because they will destroy those board books). We personally love the Jellycat Animal Tails series of books at Kelly’s Closet. They are soft activity books with fluffy tails for your little one to grab. It’s a very tactile book and will entertain a newborn or baby for a while.

Jellycat Puppy Tails

Reading aloud to your baby will teach them: 

  • Sounds and words
  • Communication skills
  • Builds listening skills
  • Build their vocabulary
  • Boost their brain power
  • Allow you to bond with your baby
  • Introduces emotions

Rory's Big Adventure

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