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4 Things for Christmas

4 Things for Christmas

As parents we are overwhelmed with stuff and Christmas can mean lots of extra stuff that our children really don’t need. Have you heard of the 4 Things for Christmas model of gift giving? This model will help simplify Christmas for parents and make it more meaningful for the entire family. It’s a simple model that you can start when the kids are little so they won’t feel that Christmas has to be all about the presents under the tree.

  1. Give them something they WANT. Most babies and toddlers don’t have many “wants” just yet. Why not get them a special keepsake for their nursery. Jellycat plush friends make fun keepsakes and are great gifts for small children.
  2. Give them something they NEED. The NEED for most babies and toddlers are usually things like more diapers, wipes, wet bags, and other baby essentials. Splurge a little and get a fun new cloth diaper print or try a new brand.
  3. Give them something to WEAR. Yes, babies wear cloth diapers! You can also add things like baby leggings, headbands, teething necklaces, wool longies, and soft shoed moccasins for your little one.
  4. Give them something to READ. It’s never too soon to start reading to your baby and to let them play with books. Jellycat soft activity books can even be chewed on and make fun crinkle sounds.
  5. Want to give a little more? That’s ok too! Some simple, meaningful and valuable gifts can include things to MAKE, things to EAT, or experiences! Eco-Kids eco-friendly craft supplies are safe for busy hands as early as 6 months. Start with some finger paints or easy to hold crayons.

You can find great examples of gifts for the 4 Things for Christmas method of giving at Kelly’s Closet. We carry a large selection of cloth diapers, baby products, carriers, diaper bags and even toys!

As your kids get a little older and understand that Christmas isn’t about the gifts; let them help decide where they can give to their community. When family members begin asking for gift ideas, let the kids tell them about the project and how they can help.

How do you simplify the holiday’s in your house? Have you tried the 4 Things for Christmas model? 

How to Simplify Christmas Gift Giving

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