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Nature’s Stain Stick – The Sun!

Nature’s Stain Stick - The Sun!You made the decision to cloth diaper! You run out and buy all the cute fluff and start prepping as soon as you can, you finally made the leap!  You quickly get the new fluff on the bum and next thing you know, you get “that look” from the baby, you know the look that I am referring to, the diaper is no longer clean. After the change and soon the first wash (or even the hundredth) using the wash routine you thought you mastered and you just don’t end up with clean diapers!  You pull them out of the wash and they look dirty but smell fresh.  They have this ugly looking stains and you wonder if you will ever have new looking diapers again. 

Let me introduce you to my favorite bleach – and, the best news?  It is FREE! – the sun!

The sun doesn’t contain any of the chemicals that us parents cringe at thinking that they may be touching our precious baby’s tush.  It is a cheap, safe and effective way to rid those unsightly stains.

The sun’s UV rays will remove the toughest of stains.  All it takes is some time and patience and a nice day.  Following the wash, rather than dry in the dryer, put the diapers in the sun.  Inside, outside, in a window, on the floor, even on the dashboard!  Let the sun do the magic while you carry on with the day.  Are your stains to stubborn?  No worries, the sun is ready for a second shift, wet those diapers and place them back in the sun.  Unlike many stain removers and bleach the sun can be used time and time again without causing harm to your diapers.  With even the toughest stains (think a new red shirt in a load of whites) the sun is a stain fighter!  Adding lemon juice will create a stronger reaction.  To achieve this reaction all you need to do is spray the stains down with a lemon juice and water solution and place the diapers in the sun.  You can’t get much more natural than that!

Here is an example of the sun’s magic!  The diaper below soaked up stain from a wooden bench, in addition to the lovely shadows of a breastfed baby.  After a few times in the sun, this Thirsties hemp prefold looks brand new!


Once you get the stains out to your liking, toss the diapers in the dryer with a few wool dryer balls to help soften them up if you prefer!  No chemicals, no additional toxins and the results?  White diapers, looking brand new!

Do you live in an area with minimal sunlight?  Are you in the Pacific Northwest?  Or even London?  Sunning is still possible.  The UV rays come through the clouds and the rain, it just may take an extra few hours and bit more patience.

Sunning works on all types of organic stains on all types of materials.  Is your little one eating solids and turning outfits the color of lunch?  Carrots, blueberries, spit up, toss those stains in the sun and let it do the work for you, naturally!

Whispered by Leann. Leann is a wife and a mother to baby boy and multiple fur babies. I am a science nerd who works in the pharmaceutical business and dreams of taking new adventures!

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