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Menstrual Cups to the Rescue: 5 Things You Can Keep Doing

Menstrual Cups to the Rescue: 5 Things You Can Keep DoingIt’s that time of month .. AGAIN… you sigh and go grab some chocolate. Then you realize that you have to go to the store because you ran out of tampons last month.

STOP right there because this will change your life as a female.

Enter the world of Menstrual Cups. Yep. I said it.

Now before you stop reading. Hear. Me. Out. I resisted. And then when I got so tired of tampons and having to buy them and leak issues while working out – I basically said well. Why not? Yes it’s a little pricey – but at $10+/month for Tampons/pads a cup will pay itself off in 3-4 months! TWO days in- I was SOLD. Yes it’s a little adjustment and takes a little practice, but your life will be changed and here are 5 reasons why.

  1. You can wear leggings/yoga pants. The most comfy things possible during that time when you don’t feel great, but you shy away from it due to the potential of people being able to SEE the outline of your pad. Well when you use a cup, you only need a small liner – if anything at all! I usually only need a liner on my heavy day and the rest nothing! Yes I’m serious!! Hello leggings!!
  2. Intense workouts. Maybe you aren’t into that sort of thing. But if you are into running, cross fit, lifting weights – then a cup is for you. And NO it won’t fall out when you squat. Been there – tested that! Without needing the liner or bulky pads – it’s easy to run, and workout hard. Also see item 1 above. Same deal because we all know how tight workout clothes are! I used to have to shy away from heavier workouts during my cycle, but with a cup – I keep going as if nothing is different!
  3. Swimming. As summer approaches we all know what that means. The beach + swimsuit + cycle = groaning and trying to get out of it right? NOT anymore! Now you can go enjoy the beach in your suit and not worry about a string hanging down! Or any leakage! I was also doing swim lessons with my daughter and had to get IN the pool and it was such a pain with tampons! Now- not at all! Oh wait, you want to know the best part of a cup? You can leave it in for 12 hours. TWELVE. This means those 6-8 hours your family wants to spend all day at the beach – you don’t have to go running halfway through the day to find a bathroom!
  4. Yoga. Sometimes you just want some peace and quiet right? Also yoga pants are tight. See item 1. Yoga is also a lot of stretching and things can shift around a fair bit right? Not with a cup! It stays in place and very few, if any, leaks will happen! So head to your favorite studio or class and keep on! 
  5. Hiking or Camping. There are several ways a cup make a huge difference if you are an avid hiker or camper. First, duration. Since you can wear your cup for up to 12 hours, you can go on all day hikes or camping and not have to worry about the pack it in/out rules! Second, easy to dump, wipe and re-insert so for camping with limited facilities- it’s not a hassle! Third, less stuff to carry! No worrying about extra pads/tampons and if you are taking enough with you! Just need that little cup!

So I want to know! Any other activities you have done with a cup you wouldn’t have before? OR if you are hesitant what’s holding you back?

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About Karla Rodkey

Karla is married to her best friend with whom she has two awesome children. One is potty trained and one is still in cloth diapers and they both love babywearing! Karla is a stay at home mom and blogs at Running On Eagles Wings, where she blogs about fitness and life!

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