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7 Things I Will Do Differently with the Next Baby

7 Things I Will Do Differently with the Next BabyBeing a parent is a tough job! Now that my husband and I have a toddler we often chit chat about what it was like when he was a newborn and what we want to do differently the next time we become parents. Here is our list:

1.       With baby #2 I will use newborn cloth diapers. With the first baby I really had no clue what I was doing. I was hesitant to build a stash of diapers before his arrival. It took awhile to get a wash routine. Now that I have a good grasp on cloth diapers, I know which styles work for our family and have built good sized stash, I will definitely start cloth right from the beginning. I realize there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to cloth diapers now, that infant poop isn’t so scary once you have a toddler! 

2.       When it comes to the next baby I will do less caring. I don’t mean less caring for the baby. I mean less caring about what others think. With #1 I did a lot of unnecessary worrying about what others thought of my decisions as a mom. I worried about what others thought of breastfeeding, what I was wearing (or not wearing), how my baby was dressed, opinions about using cloth diapers, opinions about where and how my baby was sleeping. This time around I realize that none of that really matters. If they really care that I am not wearing a bra in my own house, then they don’t need to come over. I have come to realize that each family unit is different and will do things in their own way. What is our right way might not be right in the eyes of others but it works to keep our family going and that’s what matters.

3.       Next time around we will have less stuff. The stuff just seems to accumulate faster than ever when you have a new baby! Diapers, wipes, clothes, blankets, toys, contraptions, you name it, it starts piling up. They outgrow things so quickly, but then you don’t want to get rid of things just yet because “what if you have another baby?”.  I now realize we don’t need it all. You need a place for baby to sleep, a couple blankets, a car seat for the car, a couple of age appropriate toys, about 5-6 sleepers in that given size and about 10 outfits. Oh and the diapers and wipes. I will not have a swing, a rock in play, a crib, a pack-n-play, a bouncy seat, a play mat, a special seat, etc. all out at the same time again. A baby does not need all that stuff to be comfortable or to be effectively entertained.

4.       With the next baby I will ask for help. First time around it was almost like being a mom was something I had to prove to myself and everyone else. Why try to be super woman when others are there and willing to help? Next time I won’t be so afraid to ask for help when it is needed. 

5.       The next baby will be worn a lot. I did not baby wear #1 in the beginning, shocking! I did not know much about baby wearing. The carrier that we had bought was not the right fit for us so I just figured baby wearing wasn’t for me. Then, I learned so much from being in the Kelly’s Closet Facebook group and eventually purchased a carrier that fits our needs. With the next baby I am looking forward to trying different styles of carriers and wraps. Having to chase #1 around and have a newborn I am sure that baby wearing will become a necessity. 

6.       When the time comes for baby #2 I will invest in a birth photographer. With my first baby I wanted no one there except for my husband. After giving birth and realizing what a miracle it truly is I want to have a photographer there next time. This way we will have beautiful pictures to cherish forever, but we will also get to bond with the baby in those first minutes, without having to worry about snapping pictures for ourselves.

7.       With the next baby I will be more efficient at documenting firsts and funnies.  I didn’t really document the dates and happenings of #1’s firsts. I really couldn’t tell you when he first sat on his own, or crawled. He has done so many silly things and I haven’t written any of them down. And his baby book? Oh, that has been at a standstill since he was born and he is almost 2. Whoops!

7 Things I Will Do Differently with the Next Baby Whispered by:  Janel lives in Kentucky with her husband Chris and their happy baby boy. You can find her blogging at or hanging out in the Kelly’s Closet Facebook group

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  1. Stacey said...

    I soo agree with these!

  2. Rebecca said...

    I did a lot of these for baby #2, but ESPECIALLY wearing him more! I’ve also invested in more carriers, and my husband is less unhappy with all of them because he sees how often I use them.

  3. Heather said...

    Love your list! I personally think newborn size diapers are unnecessary (best bottoms and os rumparooz fit my 5lb 6oz daughter) but otherwise I totally agree with all of it/made those same changes from my first to my second! However, I will never understand the need for a birth photographer, but I’m super frugal and have family members that take 1000’s of photos so I’ve never really had the need I suppose

  4. Kelli said...

    With the next baby I will not put so much pressure on myself to exclusively breastfeed and pump (low production) and will be happy with whatever I can provide!

  5. Margaret T. said...

    This was very insightful, especially since we are planning on adding another member to our family. 🙂 Good read.

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