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Eight Things I Love from Kelly’s Closet that are NOT Cloth Diapers

Eight Things I Love from Kelly’s Closet that are NOT Cloth DiapersDid you know Kelly’s Closet sells so much more than cloth diapers? As our family is now complete with our two babies, I’m finding my diaper buying days are coming to a close. Here are some of my favorite products that are NOT cloth diapers.

  1. Marcus and Marcus Bath Toys. These bath toys are the best! They appear to be your traditional bath squirters but, they screw apart so you can clean them! Worry no more about mold in your bath toys these are perfect combination of fun for kids and peace of mind for parents! 
  2. Funky Fluff Double Pocket Bag. As we all know cloth diapers can be a bit more bulky than disposable diapers. This means navigating the diaper bag can be that much more frustrating when you need that snack bag NOW! The wet/dry bag eliminates the issue. Put your clean diapers in one side, as the get dirty pop them over to the other side. You have to bring a wet bag anyway, so why not maximize what you bring and help keep that diaper bag organized. These will also work well for sports, swim, and travel well into the future.  
  3. Baby Bits, Thirsties Wipes and CJ’s spray. Not for baby, for mom! I am horrible about washing my face at night so finding something quick an easy was key! Take your Thirsties wipe and spray that CJ’s in one corner. Wipe off all that stuck on makeup (eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil). Take the opposite corner of the wipe with your baby bits solution and wipe of the rest of your face. Toss it in the laundry, hop into bed.  
  4. Lillebaby Carrier. I have tried soooo many carriers and I am here to tell you this one is the best. My oldest is almost two and my youngest is pushing four months. This carrier can easy convert into two ergonomic carrying positions to suit the needs of either child. 
  5. Stasher Tiny Tote Silicone Bags. I find snack bags (opposed to containers) fit better in my stuffed diaper bag; but, finding an airtight reusable snack bag was near impossible. These bad boys are airtight so crackers could (hypothetically of course) sit in your diaper bag for a week and still be snackable. 
  6. Project Pomona. These jeans are worth their weight in gold! They have lasted my son six months already and he easily has another year in them. So often when cloth diapering you have to size up to fit that fluff in that clothes can look sloppy, or you get them into something and they can’t move their hips. This is your solution; comfort AND style! 
  7. Reusable Menstrual Pads. Let me preface this with; yes, for all you veteran mama cloth users there are “better” products out there, the problem is they get pricy quickly. This little set is the perfect starter set, low risk and high reward. If you don’t like it you’re not out a lot, and if you do, well, welcome to the world of mama cloth. Make sure you get the largest option, I am a petit 5’4” and the smaller ones were still a bit small for me.
  8. Ju-Ju-Be Be Light. I call this bag the gateway bag. It is versatile for use with and without kids. It’s machine washable, which is a must for me. It doesn’t start fading the second you wash it. The embellishments are metal which just make it look so much cleaner and sophisticated than other bags. I cannot say enough good things about this bag. 

Eight Things I Love from Kelly’s Closet that are NOT Cloth DiapersWhispered by Danielle: I’m a mom of two trying to live a more conscious lifestyle.

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  1. Ashley McLaughlin said...

    Lillebaby Carrier for sure! I haven’t heard of a lot of the other items but I am now interested! 🙂 We love Kelly’s Closet!

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