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Budgeting Tips for New Mom’s

Budgeting tips for a new mom

I have a love/hate stressful relationship with money. I love when I have it and hate when it’s gone, and it always seems to be gone. Haha! Thinking about starting a family just adds to the preexisting money stress. A new child doesn’t need to kill your budget though. Below are my own personal top 5 budgeting tips for new mom’s from a new mom.

I am a proponent that it takes a village to raise a child. One of my dearest friends had a great idea to hold a diaper raffle for my baby shower. Everyone that wanted a chance to win a prize brought a pack of diapers, any size. This can be done with disposables or cloth diapers. Also, new things are nice, but used things can be so much better. Try finding a consignment shop near you if you need to purchase items for baby that weren’t gifted to you. Both are great ways to eliminate some of the costs associated with a new arrival.

Set your budget as early as you can, and take a second look at your bills. If you can set your budget a couple of months before baby, then great! That gives you time to adjust to it. My husband and I both worked, but a couple of months before my maternity leave we started living off of the budget we were going to have once I was on maternity leave. Then during my maternity leave I looked at all of our bills and tried to reduce as many of them as I could. I reduced our cell phone bill, homeowner’s insurance (which then lowered our mortgage), and our car insurance. I for the life of me couldn’t reduce our cable bill, but we did end up with three months of free HBO which helped during late night feedings.

Other than the Mortgage/Rent groceries can be the second biggest expense for families. (or maybe just my family… Haha!) You can help to reduce this cost by couponing both with paper coupons and coupon apps. (Coupon apps: Mobi save, Ibotta, Shrink, Saving star, and Check out 51 are a few, and most you can get referral bonuses if you refer your friends.) Good places for paper coupons are online, in the newspaper, and electronic through your grocery store. This is also a great way to reduce the cost of disposable diapers, formula, and baby food. I have personally cut my grocery budget in half using the above advice, and have never paid for baby food that I purchased.

If you can, try and fit some date night/extra’s money into your budget. Spending time alone with your partner is important, and so is buying yourself something nice once in a while. You can still save money on going out and extra’s. Make use of living social, groupon, dining coupons, restaurant apps, and loyal customer programs where you can. (Kelly’s closet has a great diaper’s dollars’ program!) Doing this will help you get the most out of your date night/ extra’s budget, and also help reduce it. I am not ashamed to dine during a certain time of the day or week to try and save money on eating out. 

When budgeting you might need to get tough sometimes and look at an expense and ask yourself “do I really need this?”.  When I was younger and living by myself I had to make some hard choices. I had to look at my bills and ask myself if I needed that item. BGE, of course, car, yes, cable TV, ummm not really. It sucked but it was worth it. Now my hardest, “do I need this?” moments are when new diaper prints come out. Haha!

I hope these 5 tips help you or a family that you know. Budgeting can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be hard! Good luck, and enjoy your new little one/one’s!

Whispered by: Rachel, mom to one human, and four dogs, wife, blogger for Pretty in baby food, product tester, and couponer. My passion in life is to help save families money. 

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