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Spraying Diapers Without A Hazmat Suit

tcdw-pin-spraying-diapers-hazmatSetting the Stage: A woman walks into the bathroom, arm extended, poopy diaper held carefully between her thumb and index finger on the only clean spot she could find. She grabs her spray shield and secures the loaded diaper, turns on the diaper sprayer and by the time the diaper is ready for the washer, the contents of the diaper are all over her, the shower doors, the bathroom walls…oh and a portion reached the intended goal of hitting the inside of the toilet. Yay. Now she gets to add 10 more things to her already too long to-do list.

Does this story sound similar to something that has happened at your house? I have a few suggestions that might help.

First I have to admit something, I can’t help you with questions about brand specific sprayers or spray shields because I have what I call my “redneck spray system”.

I’d love to try Spray Pal‘s sprayer and spray shield but for now my homemade system works for us. (Seriously, go check the Spray Pal family out, even if you’re happy with the spray system you have, they’re a great family and I think you’ll enjoy their social media posts)

Now for techniques.


If a diaper is more dry than usual (usually because I left it longer than usual before spraying *cough*) I’ll run the water around the edge and wherever else it’s clean, just to start the poo releasing.


Long before I had children I worked in a pig barn and one of my jobs was washing down the pens with a pressure washer. I learned quickly that if you sprayed the poo directly you’d end up wearing it, (usually in the face) but if you angled the spray you could generally stay clean(er). I use the spray of water at the base of the poo – kind of like you would use a scraper. Experiment with different angles for different textures.


It may seem counterintuitive but you don’t necessarily need the strongest spray your sprayer is capable of. Start with a low strength and work up as needed.


Now I know spraying diapers is possible without them but I like to use a good pair of rubber gloves. I don’t consider myself squeamish but I do find that I’m more quick to grab a spot on a diaper to get a better clean when I have gloves on. I figure, I use gloves to protect my hands when I’m working with livestock, why not with people poo?

My other excuse is that my husband hooked the sprayer up to the hot water under the sink, which is awesome but the nozzle gets pretty warm and the gloves help with that. After I’m done with the gloves for the day I wash them with soap and water before taking them off, then hang them up to dry over the towel rail.

There you have it, my main techniques for spraying diapers without having to scrub me and the bathroom afterwards!

So go cancel the order for that Hazmat suit and put that money towards more diapers! You know you want to #BuyAllTheDiapers or you can at least invest in a good sturdy diaper sprayer and spray shield. 

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