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Why I’m A Flats n Covers Convert

tcdw-pin-flats-n-covers-convertIf you’ve been following my posts at all, you know I’ve been talking about moving to just flats and prefolds with diaper covers.¬†Well, I’m almost there! I’m using a few pockets still, but I keep them at the back of the box for if I run out of flats or covers (it does happen occasionally! ) I now have 5 covers and I love them!

I thought I’d tell you a few things I’ve noticed that work for me, maybe my trial and error will help you.

My Favorite Cover Features:

1. Flaps at front and back. These flaps make all the difference if you’re like me and prefer to use a pad-folded flat rather than a fancy fold with pins, snappis or boingos to secure it to baby. With the flaps you just tuck the folded flat or prefold into the cover and snap it on baby. These covers still work well for prefolds too. Wolbybug covers were the first covers I bought and I will be buying more!

2. Double Gussets. I was gifted some covers with double gussets and I absolutely love that idea! I have yet to have a leak from a gapped leg with those covers, even with as active as Bubby has become! Thirsties, Sweet Pea and Rumparooz covers all have this feature.

3. A great print! No this doesn’t affect the performance but it sure makes the mundane chore of changing diapers more interesting!

Now for what goes inside!

I have a random assortment of Flour Sack Towels, Gerber prefolds and some prefolds I picked up at a garage sale. I also have some Hemp / Bamboo flats that I use at night. It’s pretty rare for me to do anything other than pad-fold my flats, and I find that it’s pretty easy to fold them ahead of time to lay in the cover as needed! I do NOT recommend Gerber prefolds, the only way I use them now is folded inside a flour sack towel because they have almost no absorption. Once I have more inserts I’ll pack the Gerbers away to use with the next baby, they do a decent job with newborn pee.

When I first started with cloth I didn’t think I’d ever want to use flats and covers as it sounded so complicated and I’m all about quick and easy! Well, I’m a convert. Although it’s nice to be able to just grab an All In One and slap it on the baby, no folding required, with the difference in drying time I honestly prefer my flats! In the dryer my All In One diapers were taking two and three cycles to dry. When I hung them to dry (on an indoor line) I could count on a day and a half minimum before they were dry. Talk about frustrating when you have a small stash! So in conclusion, in my opinion, the extra step or two it takes to use a flat and cover is well worth the drying time saved, and really isn’t that difficult!

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