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7 Things Only A Cloth Diapering Mom Would Understand

tcdw-pin-7-things-cloth-diapering-momLet’s admit it, cloth diapering moms have a special bond with one another that many people just don’t understand. We hang out in our Facebook groups and chat about diapers (and other stuff) all day and night. We love to talk about our diapers!

7 Things Only a Cloth Diapering Mom Would Understand

1. Stripping! If you see a group of very ordinary looking women (maybe slightly crunchy, but still normal) and overhear one of them say she’s going to be stripping later…. she MIGHT be a cloth diapering mom. When all else fails we “strip” diapers to get rid of nasties and often we’ll then start a new wash routine.

2. We “check out” baby bums. We’re not creepy, honest! We just want to see what print you’re rocking! Oh, and that diaper is super trim; what brand is it? How absorbent is it? We may even ask “what’s on the bum (OTB) tonight?”

3. Cloth diapers affect everything. Cloth moms don’t just talk about the latest prints, we talk about all sorts of interesting topics. Topics like, what’s the best washing machine for my diapers? Intellectual discussions about the science behind using a particular wash routine with specific types of water. Conversations on what brands of jeans fit best over cloth diapers….and what brands of fluff are trimmest!

4. We’re serious about our routines. We may make jokes about our wash routines but we’re very serious about finding the right way to get our poop catchers clean! The fun part is that each family has different variables. Water hardness, top loading washer or front loading washer…or no washer! Dryer or line dry? What brand of detergent? How many kids in cloth? How often do you wash? So many variables make each person’s routine as unique as they are!

5. Diaper brands are to cloth moms, as car brands are to gearheads. You know that guy that knows everything there is to know about a type of car? Or the other guy that can rattle off details about every car out there? Then there’s the guy that only cares that his vehicle gets him from point a to point b. Well we have brand enthusiasts for our diapers as well! Every brand has its pros and cons and these ladies (and gents!) can tell you why you should or shouldn’t buy a certain brand.

6. We have our own code! Were you ever in a club as a kid where you had a secret code for messages between members? Being a #ClothMom is kind of like that club, except we WANT you to join! All you have to do is ask and more than likely you’ll be flooded with information! You might need a cheat sheet at first though, so you can navigate the world of OS AIOs (One Size All In Ones), NB diapers (Newborn), OBF (Organic Bamboo Fitteds), among others. Of course, then, there’s the shorthand for brands, brands like RaR (RumpaRooz), and SB (Smart Bottoms) there’s more I’m sure but I haven’t memorized them all!

7. The friendships we make. The best part of being a #ClothMom though, the part that surprised me, is the friends you make and the camaraderie even among complete strangers. Women you’ve never met will help you figure out the world of diapers, but they’ll also encourage you through the daily struggles of being a mom. They’ll laugh with you at your child’s antics, cry with you when you have heart aches, and even help pass the time during midnight nursing sessions (or while waiting for the newest print to stock)! All in all, being a #ClothMom is pretty awesome!


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