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A Cowboy’s Thoughts On Cloth Diapers

tcdw-pin-112315The other day I asked Cowboy if I could interview him for the Cloth Diaper Whisperer and get his thoughts on using cloth diapers now that we’ve been using them for over 9 months now. We’ve used several styles since our Little Buckaroo was born including; Hybrids when he was a newborn, All in Ones, Pockets, Fitted with a cover, and just recently we’ve started using Flats with a cover. So without further ado, here are Cowboy’s thoughts.

What is your overall impression of Cloth Diapers? They are far superior to something that has to pile up and wait for the garbage to go out once a week and then go to a landfill. That’s just filth and disease waiting to happen. With cloth you can wash them immediately and REUSE them! Once you’ve made your initial purchase you don’t have to run to the store every week to purchase more, a slave to the diaper company, paying whatever they happen to charge that week and hoping your brand is in stock.

What differences do you see in the diapers we use versus the diapers your mom used on your younger brother? It surprised me how well they fit and seal. I love the snaps and I HATE the Velcro. But I think the snaps should go around the sides instead of being right in front where little hands can undo them.

You’ve used disposables when babysitting for others, what differences do you see between using disposables and using cloth? I see the cloth as being more sanitary, because it is not sitting around waiting to be disposed of. Even if you were to seal each disposable individually, besides the expense, it is still sitting around the house and then the landfill waiting to decompose.

What would you say are the best and worst parts of using cloth? The worst part is assembly, that’s why I like the ones that ain’t broke! (Cowgirl here – anything other than the fitted and our All In Ones are referred to as “broke”. Cowboy seems to like “no assembly required) The best part is once they’re paid for you don’t have to buy them again! Just like your blue jeans and socks, they’re part of a wardrobe and can be washed and reused.

What’s a piece of advice you would give to any Dads out there, cloth related or not. Earn some points with your wife and learn how to work these things! Also, spend the money to buy some good quality diapers; it’s a great investment in your child’s early life and saves you a lot of gas and time running to the store to buy more diapers.   (Cowgirl again, Cowboy has a good point, it is MUCH appreciated when he helps out with diaper changes and “fixing” diapers! (aka Stuffing pockets or folding flats) Also, not having to run to the store constantly has probably bought us a few diapers in savings on gas and wear and tear on the car – plus not having the hassle!)

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