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What’s A Cloth Mom To Do When The Dryer Dies?

TCDWDryerDiesMy diaper washing routine changed the other day; I went from drying EVERYTHING to hanging everything! Let’s just say it’s not a change I would have done willingly with the size of my stash, the size of my house and my lack of a proper clothesline or the place to put one. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The other day I turned on my dryer, walked away and came back an hour later to wet clothes and a dryer that refused to start. No breakers were flipped that I could tell, nothing that I could fix.  Joy.  So I told Cowboy about it and he rechecked the breakers, and various other things only to come to the unhappy conclusion that the dryer was done for.

Well, I had a load of “big people laundry” in the dryer and half my diaper stash in the washer (I wash at LEAST every day) so a solution had to be found! Cowboy stretched a line across my living room and kitchen (small house, remember?) and I proceeded to hang laundry.

It’s been less than a week but I’m finding that my stash is changing! For one thing, I have mostly pockets with microfiber inserts, plus four bamboo/cotton inserts, one fitted diaper, one Bummis cover and a pair of shorts that work as a cover in a pinch! I discovered quickly that the pockets dry in a fraction of the time it takes the inserts to dry so I dug out the flour sack towels and prefolds that we used when Bubby was tiny. Not only do the flour sack towels stretch the number of inserts I have but they dry WAY faster than the inserts. I pad folded the towels and used them and the prefolds as inserts.

Then I got brave. I had never tried using flats with a cover before, frankly the idea intimidated me, but I decided to try it! I just used the pad folded flour sack towel laid in the cover and it worked wonderfully! It even contained a poopy diaper! I like how Bummis has a flap at the front to hold the pad folded towel and make it easier to keep it in place while corralling a squirmy little one!

Needless to say my wish list at Kelly’s Closet has changed a little, instead of just getting the All In One, All In Two or Pocket diapers I’ve been eying for the last while, I think I’ll be getting more covers! I have no idea when we’ll be able to fix or replace the dryer, so I’ll be line drying for a while. I’m thinking once the dryer comes back I might keep my line though, because using the dryer less means I’d be able to use my crockpot, bread machine and microwave more without flipping breakers! Well that’s my story, I don’t know if it will help you any, but maybe you at least got a giggle at my expense!

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  1. E. Utz said...

    OH MY! Sounds like you rose to the occasion (as Moms worldwide do) and have the situation in hand. Here’s hoping the dryer issue will be resolved soon.

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