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Cloth Diapers in Small Houses

tcdw-pin-082715I’ve seen several posts in Facebook groups asking how to store cloth diapers and cloth wipes, and where to change the baby. I have also seen posts showing storage solutions from very simple, compact setups to very elaborate setups that would probably take up my whole living room! LOL So, today I’m going to tell you about my system and even show you a few pictures.

My Change Table
First off, my “change table” is a changing pad on my bed. Theres no room in my house for superfluous furniture, so this is our set up. If you use your bed for changes, unless you have a very neat child or a love for laundering bedding, you will want a change pad; it is even better if you can have a few in rotation! We have three change pads: one is normally in the diaper bag, one folded by the bed until needed and one is either clean and waiting to be needed or in the wash. If you don’t have a pad, designating a couple of towels would do just as well I’m sure.

Diaper Storage
My husband actually built our bed and designed it specifically to be high enough for Rubbermaid storage totes to fit underneath. Our diaper stash is under the bed, next to the totes in a cardboard box. (Because I haven’t picked up a tote for them yet LOL.) I could put them under the crib but since I change on the bed and there’s room here, it’s a few steps less each day.

Wipe Storage
In the box with the diapers I have a drawstring bag where I stuff the cloth wipes when they come out of the laundry. When I need to change a diaper I just grab a wipe and run it under the faucet in the bathroom sink; I don’t bother with fancy wipe solutions.

Rash Creams
I only have two creams that get used with any frequency: plain coconut oil is what I teach for first for mild irritation and if that doesn’t do the trick I grab Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Bottom Balm. (EMAB’s Bottom Balm is awesome stuff! My husband has even used it to treat a Poison Oak rash! ) Anyway, because I only use those two creams, I keep them on the bedside table. I do have other creams and lotions, but they get used so rarely that they’re packed away out from underfoot.

Dirty Diapers
I picked up a small garbage pail from Wal-Mart to store my diapers in. I hope at some point to get a wet bag that has more storage than either my diaper-bag wet bag or this pail, but for now this works. Because Bubby is eating solids now, and I don’t have time to spray each diaper as they occur, I separate his diapers. Wet diapers go in the main pail in the bedroom, dirty diapers go in the 5 gallon bucket in the bathroom where I store the diaper sprayer shield.

If you’re like me you’ll find it’s really nice to have a changing pad in the diaper bag. I’ve used a pad on the seat of the car, on the floor of a bathroom stall and in the bed of a truck. Its so nice not to feel like you have to disinfect a public change table, or use your baby’s blanket for protection from germs or cold when changing a diaper!

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