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Why I Love My Diaper Sprayer

Let me count the ways…. LOL! But seriously, I find that my diaper sprayer (and spray shield! ) make my life so much easier as a cloth-diapering mom whose little one has discovered solids! Now I know some of you use a scraper, or the dunk n swish method, and I applaud you, but I tried the dunk n swish. And the swirly. And dunk again. And …. you get the picture.

I never did use the scraper method. I told Cowboy that I would if I needed to but he said he’d put in a sprayer. I’m not afraid to admit that between the time he said that he’d install a sprayer and when it was done, there might have been a few poopy diapers that didn’t get swirlied because I knew that I would MUCH rather spray than dunk! Admittedly I probably wasn’t doing something right but after spending a nearly an hour and still not getting everything off before giving up and throwing it in the washer hoping for the best with an extra rinse, spending 5-10 minutes to spray a diaper almost spotless is fine with me!

Its actually kind of fun too! I love watching the poo fall off into the toilet as I spray and that icky diaper become useable again! (I admit it, I’m weird LOL)

I guess my best tip for spraying a diaper is to spray under the poo, not on the poo. Both techniques work but if you spray under you’re doing more of a lifting/unsticking action whereas if you spray directly on the poo you’ll have more of a splatter everywhere action. (safety goggles please….)

Its not just for diapers! I grab the sprayer to rinse down the bathroom sink after someone has washed particularly dirty hands.

I rinsed down my tub with it after cleaning one day, much quicker than rinsing the soap off! (Works great on hard water scale spots too!)

My box fan was getting pretty cruddy and the vacuum just wasn’t doing the job, so I pulled the sides off, propped them in my bathtub and sprayed off all the gunk that had collected and was blocking airflow (I just wiped down the blade as I didn’t want to chance getting the motor wet)

Of course I use the sprayer to rinse my spray shield before putting it away as well as the poopy diaper pail where diapers wait to be sprayed. I also use my sprayer to rinse my mommy-cloth before washing, just because I can but also in hopes of preventing a few stains.

Cowboy connected our sprayer to the hot water under the sink rather than to the toilet, I find that this works well for us but I’m not sure how it would work with other brands. The sprayer does get hot but I’m using rubber gloves anyway so I don’t worry about it.

So yeah, I love my diaper sprayer and I think maybe I’m not alone! How do you use your sprayer other than for diapers?

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