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Over the last few months I’ve won several items from various contests and thought I’d do a review since I love them so much!

Just to be clear, yes I received these products for free but I was not asked to do this review.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

I received the “Mother of All” basket from Earth Mama Angel Baby and I’ve been blown away! The products were all in a beautiful organic cotton tote bag and were carefully wrapped. Cowboy and I had fun opening each item to see what was inside!

I especially love their teas (I’m drinkung their Milkmaid tea as I write this!) I’ve always enjoyed herbal teas and to have some that I enjoy the taste as well as having beneficial results is awesome!

I use their Calming Lavender Body Wash and Shampoo on Little Buckaroo when he takes a bath, it does seem to calm him so I generally give him his bath later in the afternoon or early evening so he’s starting to wind down for bed.

The Mother of All package is so large that I haven’t tried everything in it yet, but I anticipate being just as pleased with the other products as am the ones I’ve tried.

Molly’s Suds

I was pleasantly surprised at the results I’ve gotten while using Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Powder. I bought my stash of bumGenius All in Ones used and most were stained. I never really messed with trying to take the stains out, just made sure they were clean and stink free. After using Molly’s for awhile I started to notice that the stains were dissapearing! Yeah, you can color me impressed! My stash is definitely well used, but its stain free!

Buncha Farmers

I’ve heard a lot of awesome things about Buncha Farmers so when I was given the chance to try it I was pretty excited!

I used the stick on one of Cowboy’s work shirts. I really have no idea what he got on that white shirt but I DO know that its gone now! I had washed and bleached that shirt previous to trying the stain stick with basically no difference in the stain. I then wet the stick and rubbed it on the stain and then took an old toothbrush to it. Cowboy now has a clean work shirt again!

Bummis Simply Lite One Size Cover

I use my Bummis cover with a fitted diaper as our night option. The fitted generally does all the work but there have been a few mornings where Little Buckaroo slept longer than usual and when we undid the cover that fitted was SOAKED. I have never had a leak with the Bummis cover on though!

I love the print too! We have the Froggy Pond print and its such a fun change from the white of our other diapers!

To sum up, I just want to say that I would happily recommend any of these products to my friends and family! 

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