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Super Saturday Coupon

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Fluff Friday 205

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This week's fluff friday winner is: Amy Eckel

She will receive the following:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us here ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!

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Fluff Friday 204 WINNER!

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When I announced my decision to cloth diaper, my sister thought it was disgusting. Bekah vowed to never change my baby’s diaper unless he or she was in a disposable. But within a few months I had changed her mind. I had only talked about the topic a little bit, not wanting to strain our relationship, but the cloth diapers themselves did the talking. That and all the money I was saving. She soon announced that she planned to cloth diaper her kids. But would her husband be on board? It didn’t take much to convince him, just the numbers showing how much they would save.

A friend of my husband’s called one night. “Doesn’t your wife know a lot about cloth diapers?” he asked. A few week’s later he and his pregnant wife were sitting in our living room while I demonstrated how to use prefolds, covers, pocket diapers and all-in-ones with the help of my daughter’s newborn sized teddy bear. Two years later I still get the occasional phone call asking for advice or seeing if I want to split a Country Save detergent order from Another friend came over to ask a few questions and see if I could help her figure out the one-size FuzziBunz she had ordered. A friendly barbecue for my brother-in-law’s birthday soon became a forum for discussing how much money cloth diapers can save and the wonder of diaper sprayers. Everywhere I went, the conversion continued and I found myself becoming a cloth diaper authority and advisor to my small circle of friends and family.

Then, last March, just days after my second child was born, my sister welcomed her first child and cloth diapering officially became a family affair. (Our parent’s are probably more comfortable changing cloth diapers then disposables at this point.) Even before her son’s arrival, my sister had accumulated quite a stash of diapers, bumGenius 4.0’s, bumGenius Freetime, bumGenius newborn diapers, Flip, Thirsties Duo Diapers, prefolds, Duo covers and even a few ones she got for free with orders from Kelly’s Closet that she hadn’t thought of trying, like Rumparooz. Yet as her son grew, she couldn’t seem to stop buying them. A coupon here, a good sale there and she would add a bit more to her stash. Even her husband has gotten in on the action. His hours of research have made him one of the best educated men I know on the subject of cloth diapering. When my sister returned to work, he could discuss cloth diapers comfortably with other moms. He can debate the benefits of pockets vs. AIOs with the best of them. (I tell him he should start his own cloth diaper blog aimed at men.) He doesn’t like to use disposables, even when they are free or readily available. They even used cloth during their summer vacation.

Once a self proclaimed cloth diaper hater, my sister has become another cloth diaper evangelist. Bekah’s best friend is expecting a baby any day now, and with Bekah’s support, her friend to cloth diaper too, purchasing a few bumGenius 4.0 and Freetime diapers to start her stash. So the conversion chain continues.

Bethany Vitaro lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with her husband and two cloth diapered children; Althea age 3, and Robin age 7 months. She blogs at, knits compulsively, gardens optimistically and writes in between.
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The Conversion Chain: Love Cloth Diapers? Pass It On

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Black Friday is a way of life in my family. Every Friday after Thanksgiving since about the age of twelve, I have bundled myself up and headed out the door before the sun was still up to scout out the best deals with my mom and sister. We wade through the crowds, delight in the Christmas music pouring from store speakers & purchase items at what we consider rock-bottom prices. Our day is usually successful----but that’s only as a result of planning!

This will be my very first “Black Friday” experience as a cloth-diapering parent. As such, my excitement about deals has shifted a bit as I plan my wish list for the day. Because I’ve never seen a Black Friday before in cloth-diaper-land, I don’t totally know what to expect… but I’m taking my Black Friday experience and putting it to good use this week.

Here are a few things that are helping me prepare to score the best deals (and maybe will help you too!)

  1. What are my funds like? For me, this means checking both the bank account and my designated paypal account for cloth diapers. I’ve been looking over my stash and pulling a few items we just don’t use anymore and listing them on diaper selling forums to be able to purchase items that we do need. Nothing to sell? Examine your reward points available on Kelly’s Closet from previous purchases….maybe you have enough points to cash in for a gift card to use on Black Friday.
  2. What do we need? I have a LOT of wants when it comes to any area of life, but right now, we have some real needs when it comes to diapering. This week I’m taking the time to finish off that list so I know what I’m on the lookout for and won’t feel overwhelmed with other good deals that I miss out on what I really need. We need more FLIP covers for nighttime, Hemp Babies Doublers, Joey-Bunz inserts & prefolds.
  3. What could I use? Just like shopping in the stores on Black Friday, there are many things I find that I legitimately could use. The same is truth in cloth diaper shopping. My “what we can always use” list includes Tiny Bubbles detergent & CJ’s Butter. These are items that even if I have enough right now, I know for certain I will use more of it in the future. This list is helpful to have if you need to add things to your order to push it over for free shipping or a freebie.
  4. What do I want? This last list is my fun list. The wish list of, “Oh man, I really want a bumGenius 4.0 in Mirror!” This is where I jot down anything that isn’t a need or an always usable item like detergent or diaper cream. This list will include items that I’ve always wanted to try that I might find for great prices. For me, this list includes the aforementioned Mirror 4.0, a FLIP trainer system, an Oh Katy, a Tots Bots & a Thirsties Duo Diaper.
  5. Get Organized! Now that you know your funds & have your lists ready, get organized and ready to shop! I know that some things I want will be sold out or out of stock, that’s just the nature of the game. But by having multiple lists, I’m sincerely hoping that I can just move onto the next thing on my list (as I would if I were out in the stores) instead of being discouraged that something I want is out of stock.
Happy shopping!

Rachel is a proud wife to Jonathan & cloth-diapering mommy of two-year old Lucy & eight-month old Jack. When she's not busy taming tantrums, folding laundry or snuggling with her little guy...she can be found sharing her world and unsolicited opinions at rachelonrewind.
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Black Friday Prep: Cloth Diaper Style

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One of the wonderful aspects of cloth diapering is less – if any – diaper rash. Periodically, however, a rash may pop up for a day or two. For instance, our daughter often had light rashes when she was teething. We'd let her run around naked as often as possible and slathered on the CJs BUTTer at every diaper change. It always worked wonderfully and quickly.

Until it didn't. Oh my goodness, we had yeast!

Yeast! It's a four-letter word in the cloth diapering world. The little buggers (spores) get into your cloth and live there, making it very difficult to get rid of it. And you can't use any of the creams next to your cloth, so what do you do? It's easy to feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately, our daughter had a very stubborn case of yeast rash. And as soon as we got rid of it, she had to go on antibiotics and it came right back. We dealt with it for about six weeks, but it's finally gone and hasn't come back!

Here's what we did.

As soon as we had a stubborn, reoccurring rash (lasted a week), we began treating it like it was yeast. We purchased an over-the-counter anti-fungal (Lotrimin, brand name; Clotrimazole, generic) and applied it twice a day. At first we used disposable diapers while I figured out how to treat her cloth diapers, but you can totally use your cloth diapers while treating the yeast. (Note: We did discuss this with our daughter's pediatrician before using the over-the-counter cream.)

Before you start using any product on your baby and to get an accurate diagnosis please call your pediatrician/nurse line before-hand. Sometimes they will want to see the rash if it persists so they can decide whether it needs a prescription cream or not (we ended up needing Nystatin when the rash came back with the antibiotics). Once you figure out what you need to do to clear up your child's rash, then you can begin tackling your diapers.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Grapefruit Seed Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Bleach
  • Sunshine! (Not pictured)
  • Heat! (Also not pictured)
When I researched how to get rid of yeast in cloth diapers, this is what I found should work:

  • Bleach, ½ cup in your wash. Make sure to rinse a few extra times to ensure there is no bleach residue.
  • Grapefruit Seed Oil. About 20 drops per load should do it.
  • Tea Tree Oil. About 20 drops per load should do it.
  • Heat. Put your diapers in the dryer – this once won't hurt them! The heat kills the spores.
  • Sun! Sun! Sun! Sun your diapers. Yeast doesn't like sun.
Now, I was a bit overzealous when treating my diapers, especially since we used disposables the first time. The second time was much easier and worked just as well (and was probably much kinder to my cloth diapers), so keep that in mind.

The first time I treated my diapers, I bleached them, rinsed a few extra times, washed like normal, then sunned them, then rinsed them again, then popped them in the dryer. Like I said, I was a bit overzealous. It got rid of the rash, but I probably didn't need to do all that. I had the Grapefruit Seed Oil on order, so when I got that in the mail, I also washed with that and Tea Tree Oil, which I already had on hand. (Note: I was using disposables while treating her diapers, so I could wash my entire stash a few times before using it again. Overzealous!!)

When her rash came back with the antibiotics, I did not want to use disposables again. I'm not fond of them (it's why we use cloth!), and they are crazy expensive! So I purchased some micro-fleece and lined every single diaper so I could use the prescription creams on her while she wore her cloth diapers. I washed these separately from the cloth diapers so there wouldn't be any cream residue transferred, potentially causing the diapers to repel. It was very easy!

Every time I washed her diapers, I added the Grapefruit Seed and Tea Tree oils and alternated between sunning and drying them. I also made sure to bleach the diapers once, just in case. This time the rash was gone within a week. It went much better! So don't panic if you think your child has yeast. If he or she does have it, it's not as terrible as it seems. You can treat it effectively with a few simple steps.

Disclaimer: As the author noted we recommend seeing your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis for your child. Also please check with cloth diaper manufacturer’s before you use any ingredients listed below. Some ingredients may void warranties. The post is written from the opinion of the contributor.

Bio: Jennifer Esposito - I've been cloth diapering my daughter, Adele, for a little over a year. She wore her first cloth diaper when she was 6 days old and was in them full time at 3 weeks. I've been married to my best friend for 4 years. I'm an editor by trade, and during my free time I like to run, sew, or read.
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It's Yeast! Now What?

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