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Fluff Friday 193

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This week's Fluff Friday Winner is Chelsey F.!

She has won:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us here ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!

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Fluff Friday 192 WINNER!

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Do you use cloth diapers?  Have you ever used cloth diapers?  We want to hear from you.  Our 2012 Cloth Diaper Pulse Survey is collecting responses from 3,000 participants (moms, dads, caregivers, etc) about their cloth diaper habits. The survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete and will ask you all sorts of questions about your family and your cloth diaper preferences.  We know that all families are created differently so please pardon us if a question is not worded for your family – just answer it the best you can.  All questions must be answered for the results to be collected.
Why US only?  We had some participants ask us why we don’t want their opinions if they live in Canada or in another country.  While your opinions are certainly valuable we are looking for cloth diaper trends in the US since that is who the bulk of our customers/friends/fans are.
What will we do with the results?  You can review the results of the 2011 Cloth Diaper Pulse Survey to see what we found out last year.  We’ll be publishing the official report and white paper in early August to let companies, manufacturers, media sources, and customers know what the current trends are in the cloth diaper industry (according to your results).
Once 3,000 unique individuals have completed the survey the survey will officially close so that we can calculate the results.  We look forward to hearing from you about the survey and reading your responses.
Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, and tips in the comments section for suggested improvements or general questions.  Don’t forget to share the survey link with other families who have used cloth diapers.

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We Need Your Feedback!

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At first glance you’d think that Captain Fluff was a normal super hero baby whose superpower simply had to do with his ridiculously cute fluffy tushie. However, you’d be wrong. You see, Captain Fluff has a very unique superpower. I’ll give you a hint…if he had been named based on his superpower his name would not have been Captain Fluff, but instead Captain Pee-Pee!

Due to his unique talent, finding a night-time diapering system that works has been a very big task for Captain Fluff’s parents to tackle in his one year of life. Captain Fluff’s parents tried more than 15 brands of diapers, including WAHM diapers, all to no avail. Captain Fluff’s mommy went in search of a system on the internet, asking other mommy’s what had worked for them. A lot suggested using bamboo overnight, and while that worked, it just didn’t hold enough for the super peeing baby that is Captain Fluff.

After many, many months of blood, sweat, tears, and wet sheets, Captain Fluff’s mommy returned to her beloved Rumparooz and crossed her fingers. While her beloved diapers worked fabulously on Captain Fluff during the day, and were the best she had tried for overnight, even with the bamboo inserts, they just didn’t hold enough and Captain Fluff still woke up with wet sheets.

Then one day Captain Fluff’s mommy had a breakthrough! Captain Fluff was a superhero baby and since they weren’t like normal babies, why on earth should his night-time diaper be like other babies? She needed to make a nighttime diaper fit for a superhero! Captain Fluff’s mommy took her favorite Rumparooz diaper and then took her favorite Econobum prefold, wrapped the prefold around her Rumparooz inserts and then stuffed her Rumparooz and hoped for the best.

That night was the first night of a new life for Captain Fluff’s sheets. When Captain Fluff’s mommy woke him up in the morning his sheets were dry! The diaper had worked! Captain Fluff made it all night, peeing his little heart out, and his sheets had stayed dry!

While it took Captain Fluff’s mommy quite a while to get the right system for night-time diapering, she is hoping that it doesn’t take anybody else that long. She highly recommends asking other mommy’s for advice, reading message boards and blogs, and most importantly, never giving up. What works best for one baby will most likely not work best for another, but there is a system that will work for every baby, including the ones with super powers.

Katy is a first time mommy to Captain Fluff and is expecting a superhero daughter before Thanksgiving. To see more pictures of Captain Fluff and his superhero diapers, check out Katy’s blog at
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Captain Fluff or Captain Pee-Pee?

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Jumping into cloth diapering has been pretty easy for me. Aside from a few minor rookie mistakes and blunders, I have found cloth diapering to be much easier than I thought it would be…in the daytime. At night, however, I have struggled. Once Evelyn started sleeping through the night, she would wake up every morning with wet sheets. Who knew such a little person could make so much pee? I got so frustrated that I just decided to use disposables at night. One or two diapers a day couldn’t hurt right?

I don’t know what changed my mind. Maybe I’m just stubborn and didn’t want to let the leaks get the best of me. Maybe I was just annoyed with having to buy disposables. Maybe it was just a good excuse to buy some more fluff (do we ever really NEED an excuse?) Whatever the reason, I decided to try cloth at night again. I am a first-time mom and I'm still learning the ropes of cloth diapering, so it didn't make sense to me that the diapers leaked at night. I didn't have this problem with disposables, so why were my pocket diapers leaking? I decided to enlist the help of the online cloth diapering community for recommendations. I asked questions on forums and did a lot of reading. Everyone seemed to have different answers and some of the solutions made me think that I would have to stuff her diaper to maximum capacity and I had visions of my poor baby struggling to roll over with a giant fluffy butt! Then someone suggested fitteds. I had purchased some bumGenius fitteds from another cloth diapering momma before Evelyn was even born, but they were too big for her at the time, so they were just hiding on a shelf in the closet. That same momma also suggested I try her Mother Ease one size fitteds with a cover. As soon as I held the diapers in my hands and felt the soft cotton, I knew I was going to like them. To my surprise, Evelyn woke up with dry sheets and clothes after the first night. And that diaper was completely soaked!

Even though the Mother Ease diapers worked great, I decided to experiment with other diaper combinations at night. What I discovered is that natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and hemp work much better for me than microfiber. With microfiber pockets, Evelyn would saturate them quickly and I think most of her leaks came from compression. Don’t get me wrong, I like my microfiber for daytime use and my hubby loves the convenience of pockets. We use microfiber inserts every day. But for nighttime and maximum absorbency, natural fibers really take the cake.

Now I have a variety of diaper combinations that I use at night. Sometimes I use the Mother Ease fitteds and cover. Other times I will stuff a prefold and a hemp babies insert into a bumGenius pocket. Sometimes I just stick with a simple Econobum cotton prefold and add bamboo or hemp for extra protection. All the extra inserts sound like they would add a lot of bulk, but the natural fibers tend to be trimmer than microfiber and they hold more liquid. I even recently purchased a wool cover to use at night so her little bum can breathe. All this experimentation means that no matter where I am in my laundry cycle, I can find something clean to put on my baby at night.

Now, Evelyn wakes up dry every morning and I don’t have to buy disposables anymore. And that helps both of us sleep better.

Bio: I am a working mom who knew I wanted to cloth diaper before I was even pregnant. In my spare time, I like to cook, travel, and blog about life and family at a scenic detour.
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Leak-Free Lullaby

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