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Super Saturday Coupon - Summer Sale

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Fluff Friday 187

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Amanda Rice!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us here ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 186 WINNER!

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After we switched to cloth diapers I faced a dilemma on what to do with wipes. I could continue purchasing disposable wipes and throwing our money away every time I changed a diaper, or I could whip up some cloth wipes out of old receiving blankets and make my own wipe solution.

After browsing several different websites and playing around with the items I had around the house, I came up with this very simple solution that gets the bums of my little guys squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

Tools and Ingredients
  • 1/2 Pint Canning Jar
  • 2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 10 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 Teaspoons Soap (I use lavender castile soap)
  • Water
  • Orange and Lavender Essential Oils, optional
  • Funnel
  • Small Spray Bottle (travel size is easiest to work with)
  • Heat ½ a pint of water in a small saucepan to boiling.
  • In the ½ pint jar measure out the oils and castile soap. The coconut oil will be solid if kept in the refrigerator and semi-solid if left at room temperature. I find it a lot easier to work with when it is room temperature.
  • Fill the rest of the jar with the boiling water.
  • Screw on the lid. Make sure it is nice and tight. Wrap a towel around the jar and shake. You want to make sure that the oils and water mix really well. There will be separation as oil and water never truly mix but do your best to shake it up while the mixture is still warm. This will melt the coconut oil and make it blend it better.
  • Let sit overnight with the lid on. In the morning shake up your solution again. When you open the lid you will see that it has bubbles on the top. That’s okay. Carefully pour the solution into the small spray bottle using a funnel.
  • Put the lid on the spray bottle and it is ready to use. Make sure to shake it each time that you use the solution, as the oil and water will separate.
  • If you have any of the solution left over after pouring it into your spray bottle, just put the lid back on tightly and store until you are in need of a refill. I recommend washing the jar after emptying it and before making up a new batch. I also recommend using the mixture within a couple weeks in order to prevent any bacterial growth, although the tea tree oil should help prevent anything from growing.

I find that the easiest way to use the solution is to spray it directly on my little one’s bum. You can also spray it directly onto the wipe before using it on your little one. I chose not to do it this way generally because it takes more of the solution. Another option is to pour the solution into a container (an old wipes container works nicely) and then place the wipes into the container.

I use this mixture for every diaper change. When we are out of the house I have a second small bottle all ready to go and in the diaper bag. I use the cloth wipes the same way as I do at home and then toss them into my wet bag with the soiled diapers. It also works as an effective, but gentle cleaner for the hands and the face when applied directly onto the wipe and then used for cleaning. And it costs mere pennies each time I make up a batch!

**Disclaimer: Please note that we do recommend washing your cloth wipes separately from your cloth diapers if you use an oil-based ingredient.

Dana G is the proud stay at home mother of 2 handsome baby boys and the wife of a marvelous man who serves our country in the Air Force. You can check out more of her tips and stories on
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The Clean Scene

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When I first found out I was pregnant, many thoughts went racing through my head. There were so many different things that were not allowed from cleaners to medicines to jumping on trampolines (because that is something I do ALL THE TIME, I kid, I kid). As soon as morning sickness started to go away and I could stay away from the toilet for a prolonged amount of time, I started looking at Earth friendly household cleaners that were pregnant lady safe. I found a few and they seemed to work great but they were very expensive. It was at this time I started looking at cloth diapers. I was set on it from the get-go but dear hubby was not. He was very against it. I kept learning all I could about diapers while I researched other environmentally friendly household cleaners.

How many of you know vinegar and all its uses in the home? What about baking soda? I found out early on these are the only cleaners I need in my house. Vinegar is a wonderful disinfectant and it also doubles as a window cleaner. I keep a spray bottle of half water, half white vinegar under the sink and use it to spray down the counters in the kitchen, bathroom, and many other surfaces. It also cleans windows to a lovely streak-free shine. And for those of you wondering, the vinegar smell goes away after a minute or 2. What about baking soda? Shortly before my husband and I moved out of a house we were renting we began cleaning all those hard to reach places. One of them was not so hard to reach but often forgotten about: behind the knobs on the stove. Of course that area was covered in a nasty, sticky, grease. Anytime my husband would scrub it, it just smeared. I broke out some baking soda and made a paste with some water and it cut straight through the grease. Dear hubby was blown away. He told me afterwords he didn't think it would work but he figured he would let me try it. One victory for the wife :D

That was all while I was pregnant and cutting down on chemical cleaners. As we got nearer to the due date, I kept pushing cloth diapers since it would be another way to save money and hopefully would keep diaper rash far from our little man. My husband still said he would rather not. I managed to talk him into using reusable bags for groceries (at first he thought those were crazy as well) so I knew I would win with the diapers eventually. It took about 5 months after our son was born for him to crack. I just kept mentioning how much money we would save every time we bought diapers and finally! The moment I had been waiting for! I got approval to get the diapers. I think the thing that made him snap was when I showed him the diapers I wanted and had him pick out a print he liked. He found one really liked so I told him I would order 2 just for him. With that he caved. Little man is now almost 1 and in cloth diapers full time. We also plan on buying most, if not all, our produce from the local farmers market once it opens up (this weekend). We are also trying to find a nice line clothes drying rack so I don't need to use the dryer that much. I can't say my want to go greener and cut back on our carbon footprint goes back to cloth diapers because it goes back to the little bundle of joy those diapers save the butt of. Using cloth diapers full time makes me think all the other things we could do to cut back would not be that hard. If I can cloth diaper, I can do anything :)

By: Jessica M.
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Vinegar and Baking Soda, the new Mr. Clean

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Cloth diapering at night time can be one of the trickiest things to figure out. It’s frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night to one of two scenarios:
  1. Your child is awake and screaming because their pajamas (and their sheets) are soaked.
  2. Your child is sleeping just fine, maybe wakes up to eat, and you find them soaked. They are ready to fall back into dream land (if they haven’t already), but unfortunately you have to strip them naked and change everything, awakening their senses and causing you to lose precious sleep.
Soaked sheets and pajamas are even more annoying if you co-sleep. Do you wake your spouse up to help you change the sheets? Or do you do what most sleep deprived moms have done more than they care to admit and just throw a towel over the soaked sheet and fall back asleep?

Don’t let your piles of laundry and lack of sleep get the best of you! There are wonderful cloth diaper solutions out there. It’s just a matter of trial and error and finding what works best for your little one.

Microfiber can lead to compression leaks, so I tend to stay away from that whenever my son is sleeping. Natural fibers (hemp, cotton, bamboo, wool) are all great options for nighttime. Although, if you find that your child isn’t a heavy wetter, try pairing a hemp doubler with a regular pocket diaper. This would never work for my son, but many parents don’t have problems using microfiber at night.

Personally, I have a lot of success with a  Flip organic insert paired with a Hemp Babies doubler in a Flip cover. This combo gets my heavy wetter through as much as 14 hours of sleep with no leaks!

I’ve also found two cotton flat diapers can be super absorbent! I pad fold one and use the happy anteater fold on the other.  I love this nighttime solution because it’s very inexpensive!

Fitted diapers are another great solution! They are incredibly absorbent.  Just make sure you put a cover around it!  Many moms swear by Sustainablebabyish fitteds for nights. 

Instead of a regular PUL cover, try wool which is breathable and great to use both in summer or winter.

Pajamas can make a difference too! When trying a new solution, put fleece pajamas on your baby. The fleece helps wick away the moisture. Even if your child leaks, as long as you get to it soon enough, hopefully the sheets will stay dry!

Don’t lose heart and lastly, don’t give up! Check out all of Kelly’s Closet’s nighttime solutions here. Or shout out on the Facebook page for advice. The Kelly’s Closet team and many experienced mamas would love to help you troubleshoot your nighttime issues. Both you and your baby will be glad to be getting more sleep!

Jenny is a stay at home cloth diapering mama. She writes about her cloth diaper obsession and adventures on her blog Cloth Diaper Revival.
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Dry sheets are a possibility!

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This past February I decided to cloth diaper my daughter, let me take that back. This past February my girlfriend wanted me to stop complaining about my toddler peeing through her disposable diapers every night that she gave me a Bum Cheeks Pocket Diaper and an Indian Cotton pre-fold with a Flip Cover to try for nap & bedtime. She also knew I was playing with the idea of cloth diapering my second child, which I was severely pregnant with at the time.

Anyway I took the cloth home & slapped it on my daughter. An all I could do was laugh so hard because my tiny little toddler had a major ghetto booty in the pre-fold & Flip. I called my husband upstairs to come take a look at my horrible pre-folding skills so he could laugh too.

The next thing I know, my awesome hubby quips out the best pre-fold diaper and then puts the Flip cover on like a champ with me saucing at him. WHERE DID HE LEARN THAT?! I felt dumb but then the hubby looks at me and says,"Boy Scouts Baby." LOL, this is really funny to me because he is a SGT in the US Army. After seeing my husband's pre-folds skills & seeing no hesitation about using cloth diapers I knew I should give it a go.

That night I thought I'd look around for more cloth diapers. I think my girlfriend hated me for the first month as I was looking for sales and calling 'WAY TOO MANY' times to ask a diaper question. My so supportive husband would laugh because he said I was getting obsessed with diapering. Honestly, one really has to be right? I mean, if I didn't research I wouldn't have known that urine crystallizes and stays in diaper or that microfiber is a NO NO on skin. With all the research the husband and I learned a lot more then we expected.

Long story short, my daughter woke up dry. I will say it again DRY! For the first time in I don't know how long I did not have to strip her bed and wash everything. Which also meant MORE DIAPER SHOPPING FOR THS MOMMA. :) YAY ME

Cloth worked so well on my toddler I chose to cloth my 2nd child Keaton. When Keaton arrived April 10, 2012 I started out using disposables in the hospital (German hospital), and then switched once we arrived home. At home I still had a small stash for diapering two kiddos. However, I did have 4 GroVia NB AIOs, 2 Lil Joeys, 12 infant Prefolds with 2 XS Thirsties Covers so I felt prepared for this new challenge. Let just say I was no where near prepared for it. Cloth diapering a newborn with prefolds was hard for me because my son always locked his legs. OK, OK…he is over 2 months old now and I'm finally starting to master the pre fold so I can't blame the baby, even though it is easier.

However, even though my prefolding skills are far from perfect the cloth still contains the poo a lot better then any disposable diaper. When my daughter was a newborn she had so many blow outs that I was thankful that the poo didn't stain her precious outfits. Now we are blowout free & chemical free with money in our pocket.

My name is Jennifer Cipollone & I'm an SAHM and a devoted Army Wife. I have two children Kaitlyn 2 years old & Keaton 2 months old. My family is what I am all about.
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Cloth Tested Kid Approved

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Let me begin by saying that back when my (now) cloth diaper mentor told me that she was “obsessed” with cloth diapers, it only solidified my (then) opinion of her being crazy for using cloth. I gave them a try however, and five months in I have discovered the true meaning of being crazy for cloth. Or, if you ask my husband, perhaps just crazy.

It started when I noticed a small greasy looking black smear on the inside of one of my diapers. When I washed it again, the smear spread and soon the inside of that particular diaper looked very dingy. The same thing happened to a different diaper a few days later, and then another. I was truly perplexed. What was happening to my diapers?!?!?

Using my inner Sherlock Holmes, I traced the source of the problem to my diaper sprayer. I discovered that there were small black particles occasionally coming from the sprayer that were getting stuck on the diapers. When they went through the wash, it was creating a greasy smear. Hmmmm…

I told my husband the problem and expected him to immediately jump into action. Sure, he works full time and is also getting his master’s degree. And sure, it happened to be the weekend before his final exams. But these are my diapers we’re talking about!! What could be more important?!?!

So when he failed to immediately address the problem, I took the sprayer (and the toilet) apart myself. I ran water through all of the hoses. I filled buckets full of water and carefully strained it so I could show him the black specks. I stomped around the house and used the following lines: “This is RUINING the diapers! RUINING them!”, “Don’t you care that each of these diapers costs about $20 and now they look awful?”, “For every diaper that gets these smears on them, I will be completely justified in buying a new one” (I thought that one would get him…) and the ever popular, “If it was your computer that was broken, you’d have a repairman here by now!!”

None of this nagging appeared to be getting through to him, so I did the only thing I could do: I called my dad. Who also did not see the enormity of the problem and suggested that I wait until Monday and call the water company.

So that is exactly what I did. And on Monday, when they transferred my call to the county engineer and he asked me to explain the problem, is when I truly began to understand just how ridiculous I was acting. Here’s a script of the conversation:

Me: “There are small black particles coming from the water lines of our toilet. When they get rubbed together they smear.”
County Engineer: “Are you seeing them anywhere else?”
Me: “No, just in the toilet”
CE: (long pause) “How did you notice them?”
Me: “Um, well…we…we cloth diaper our son and we…have this, sprayer…like a little hose that we use to, um, spray the diapers off. And the stuff is getting on the diapers.”
CE: (painfully long pause, whereas I have no doubt he is wondering if I am joking and / or if I am a crazy hippie) “It sounds like there’s a rubber piece that is disintegrating and it’s coming through the hose.”

And eureka! Just like that the problem is solved! Except…my diapers still look dingy.

So maybe I am a little crazy…and maybe I did get a little worked up over some small black spots. And I’d like to say I learned my lesson about not being overly obsessive about the diapers…but I think my husband would say I didn’t. Especially after he recently found me in the laundry room at midnight with a toothbrush, baking soda, and some Dawn happily scrubbing those black marks away…

Kelsey Esber is a first time mom who really does try not to be so uptight about things. Just don’t mess with her diapers!
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How I saved my diapers...and my sanity

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