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Super Saturday Coupon

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Fluff Friday 181

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Kyra Yonan!

She will receive:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!

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Fluff Friday 180 WINNER!

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I’m not one to use the word “crap” but when you look at what is in disposable diapers…well…that’s the only way I can think to describe it. And I’m not talking about excrement. I’m talking about the nasty gel stuff. And do you know where it is the nastiest? In the pool!

Summer is coming friends, and we need to be prepared for water activities! Our family invested in a pass to a local pool last summer. Not only was it great exercise for my kiddos (not to mention making them dead tired for bedtime) but it was so nice for pregnant mommy to be able to soak her feet and relax too. We loved many things about the pool, including the fenced in kiddie pool area where everyone could splash around under the watchful eye of a lifeguard. At the time I had a newly turned one year old, so my eyes could be on her while my three and four year old played and I knew they couldn’t “escape”.

But it was not all splashing and giggles at the pool. Not by a long shot. Even though there was a posted sign that said “un-toilet trained children must have appropriate swim diapers on” people insisted on bringing their tots into the pool in, you guessed it, disposables. GROSS. And when those babies (referring to the dipes) explode, all I can do is describe it as “crap”.

On the market these days are pricey disposable swim diapers. They are basically paper. They keep “crap” in (without letting gel “crap” out) and that’s it. Urine goes right on through as anyone can testify who has put one on and then their lap gets wet. Do you know what a better option is? Cloth swim diapers!!! Not only do they do the same exact thing (BM stays in, urine does not) but they save you money. You don’t have to keep buying those expensive disposable ones.

Cloth swim diapers are also a great way to spread cloth love. ANYONE can use them as they don’t require any special laundry, so even non-cloth families can benefit. They are a great first birthday gift or baby shower gift. If you aren’t in chemically treated water, I would recommend just putting a fitted on your baby/toddler. They get a little heavier, but work just about the same. Get shopping as there are several cute prints available at Kelly’s Closet…and keep the “crap” out of the pools!

Jenney is a stay-at-home mom who also runs a home daycare. She blogs about cloth diaper love and her family at
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The Other Crap In Diapers

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We are getting ready for a big move, and this weekend took a load of stuff to our summer “residence”, a cabin in the middle of nowhere that we commercial fish from. The original plan was to leave Saturday, but weather pushed the plans forward and hubby came in around lunchtime Friday mentioning the possibility of a Friday evening departure. I promptly put the diapers in the laundry and went about my day.

Meanwhile, be it the trauma of packing to move, some unseen illness, or just a straight up case of terrible twos, but my 2 year old was not being cooperative…for about the third or fourth day in a row, and mommy was near her wits end! It had been excuse-able when he had a mild fever, but his neediness was beginning to wear me down and trying to hold and snuggle him, as well as care for our 5 month old was a challenge in itself. Never mind the cleaning and packing still needing done staring me in the face as I held him in frustration.

So begins this adventure I would pay to skip at this point! Hubby comes in that evening loading the boat determined to take off…wondering why I am not ready and packed to go “camping” for the weekend. I told him I wasn’t going to fight my two kids to accomplish in an hour what I could accomplish in 10 minutes with him taking care of them. On that note he issued a challenge, essentially doubting that I could in fact be ready in 10. Ah, you wait and see!!!

I quickly started throwing unstuffed BG covers and inserts into a suitcase, along with changes of clothes for everyone and extra jackets. I was certain I had enough diapers, and soon we were off.

Changing baby upon arrival, and taking a minute to stuff the extras, I quickly realized that I had miscounted the number of inserts that went into the suitcase. While I should have had enough diapers, I didn’t have enough stuffing to fill all the pockets! I did have one flip cover and a couple flip inserts as well as a pack of disposable flip inserts and some old disposable diapers already staged at camp. I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best. Of course, when I bravely decided to put the Flip cover on him Saturday, he promptly filled it to the brim with poo. There goes that option! Being limited on water I wasn’t even going to try to clean it. That night, he helped out again by waking up in his extra stuffed night diaper to take a poo break before settling in for the night. The drawer full of dreaded disposables were looking more and more imminent, but I knew if hubby saw or felt one on him, I would be busted, and he would get such humor from my failure to be prepared.

Determined not to blow my cover, I dug around in the gear stored at camp and discovered a plethora of old raggedy t-shirts. Perfect! I ripped a couple in two (they conveniently had holes to help me get started) and folded them into rectangles perfect for stuffing. We arrived home Sunday evening on our last diaper, but with no leaks and nothing that couldn’t be washed. Now, to put those ripped t-shirts to a new use…

Lynnette lives in remote Alaska with her boys 2.5 and almost 5 months. She started her journey in cloth with trepidation with son #1, and fell in love. Cloth diapers have opened the door to a whole new world, and she does her best to show that world to anybody that will look or listen.
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Don't Blow My Cover!

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The time has come. I am arming myself with the essential weapons in preparation of the coming battle. The war begins May 21st and I anticipate a difficult skirmish which will last 7 long days. This battle takes place annually and is known by the name of The Flats Challenge. It will go down in history as an attempt by the cloth diapering community to forever squash the misconceptions about cloth diapering for low income families; families without access to a washer or drier; and to education those who already cloth diaper about the challenges that families in such positions face when considering cloth diapers.

Prepare yourself. These are the necessary tools and weapons.
  • Essential weapon #1: 5 diaper covers per child. We will be using Grovia.
  • Essential weapon #2: Prepared flat diapers.
  • Essential weapon #3: Diaper sprayer (which is now allowed under the new rules of engagement for this year’s challenge).
  • Essential weapon #4: Camp style washer. This is simply a 5 gallon bucket with a plunger used to agitate the diapers making hand washing easier.
  • Essential weapon #5: Detergent.
  • Essential weapon #6: A drying rack.
  • Essential weapon #7: A willing spirit and a ready smile.
Training begins this week. Here are some training tips which will help prepare you for battle.
  • Training tip #1: Practice washing your diapers with a camp style washer to test how long it will take you to clean the flats so you will not be caught off guard and run out of diapers.
  • Training tip #2: Test how long it will take your covers and flats to air dry in your environment. Babies don’t like wet diapers.
  • Training tip #3: Practice smiling in the mirror when your children are running around naked and screaming so you are prepare for almost anything.
God speed and may the fluff be with you.

Mindy Hill is a Drill sergeant to her two fluff privates, age 2 1/4 and 7 months. She enjoys challenging herself and educating herself about the challenges of cloth diapering. She has the upmost respect for those fighting real battles. You can follow the upcoming battle at

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Preparing for Battle

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Ok, I am a fluffaholic and I gladly and proudly admit it. I love my cloth diapers, obsess over how cute they are, make a purchase a couple times a month, and just plain ole’ love cloth diapering. In fact, I will NEVER go back to disposables. But, lets face it, just like mommas who use disposables and have those moments they hate about it…for instance spending money everyday on diapers and pull ups, diaper rashes constantly, lugging dirty diaper trash around, sent their babies to daycare with 12 diapers and coming home with none….cloth diapering mommas also have those moments! The good of CD’ing will always outway the bad, but thinking about my moments give me a good laugh!

I had a poopy diaper (after I started feeding him spinach), and this diaper was so bad, so dark green, and so horrible smelling, that I thought I was going to die!! LOL, Not really. But, I spent 20 minutes using my handy dandy bumGenius Diaper Sprayer!!! And it still wasn’t doing the trick. I wanted to give up, I wanted to put that whole pocket diaper in the trash!!! Like a sposie! That moment, that I was on my knees trying to get that poop out, my husband walked in and said the unthinkable!!!! “Do you ever regret going to cloth?” Ahhhhhh, no he didn’t!! I jumped up so quick, smiling and spraying and said “If this is all I have to do every once in a while to save money, save the earth, and save his bum, it’s fine!”. So yea sposies tempt me, but only after the fact. I slapped some flushable liners in the next diaper though! hahah.

I love washing my dipes, I find it fun for some reason, but I had ammonia stink so bad one day when I opened my 3 day filled diaper pail (shame on me for waiting 3 days), I jumped back and gasped. Left the laundry room for air. I needed a mask, like a medical non-rebreather mask! Hahah. But I held my breath until I could get those desperate dipes in the wash for a rinse. Rockin' Green Funk Rock would have been nice that day. Whew! I think I did 10 ten rinse cycles that day. Stink is gone now, so nevertheless, I still love my diapers.

There are days that I slave over washing diapers. Rinsing, washing, rinsing, washing…..lots of water, but never enough. Yea it’s a wee bit more time consuming than just throwing that dipe in the trash, and letting hubby take it out later (yuck). But, when they come out smelling amazing, I’m happy I did all that between chores!

Lastly, you know, sometimes I wish I didn’t have this itch to buy diapers all the time, but let’s face it I do, I always will, and quite frankly I like getting involved with all the contest and giveaways and conversations about this wonderful hobby! Hopefully, more and more mommas will choose cloth diapering, despite its “glorious moments”, and save the planet, their money, and their baby’s bum!

Bio: Traci is a cloth diapering momma of a 10 month old son. She loves cloth diapering with all of her heart, but there are those days! Just being honest...
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The Not So Glorious Moments of a Cloth Diapering Momma!

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It is the sound of happy splashing which once again alerts me to impending disaster. I hurriedly rush to the bathroom to find “Destructo”, his shirt sleeves wet up to the elbows with toilet water, educating a family of rubber duckies how to swim in the porcelain pond. It is a regularly repeating scenario of late, and I again swoop in to avert a potential crisis.

“Destructo, we don’t put hands in toilets,” I calmly explain to my 11 month-old son. I see the accusation in his eyes, and revise my previous statement. “Okay, you don’t put hands in toilets, but Mommy is allowed to.”

I can tell he doesn’t think this sounds very fair.

“Only when I am spraying your diaper off, okay? The toilet’s not for playing. It is only okay to put your hand in the toilet if you are cleaning a diaper.”

I can anticipate already that next time I catch him it will not be duckies being thrown into the throne, but Thirsties.

Apparently, I am not being a fantastic example to my littlest Munchkin in the “Great Toilet War of 2012”, but I feel privileged that I get to be a role model for my kids in other areas of their lives. Cloth diapering has definitely afforded me the opportunity to share with my kiddos about real life issues in a tangible way that they can understand.

In an increasingly throw-away society, I demonstrate to my kids the benefits of re-using with every load of diaper laundry. They are absorbing, as quickly as a hemp doubler (now there’s a simile only cloth-mommies will get), the values of making do, being resourceful and trying to avoid waste, which, considering the way our planet and economy are doing, are never bad lessons to learn.

“Pass me the yogurt, please,” I ask my 8 year old daughter, as together we change Destructo’s diaper. She giggles when I smear the thick white goo (Greek style, in case you were wondering) across the little white bumps on little man’s tushie, which I suspect may be a yeast infection after a course of antibiotics. Sure enough, it clears up within a few days! Coconut oil is for eating, and for hair (my daughter was adopted, and has the most amazing, black mass of curls) but also for using in the place of diaper cream overnight. The cloth diapering community is awash with so many of these long forgotten home remedies, and it is exciting to see them being resurrected and to share creative, old-fashioned approaches to problems with my kids.

To be honest, until we entered the cloth-diapering community, I had never given much thought to the laundry detergent we use. Now, though, I not only ensure our diaper detergent is environmentally friendly, but try to stick to safer alternatives to our other cleaning, too. I have been introduced to the wonders of baking soda and vinegar, and every time they excitedly watch this volatile (but gentle) cleaning combination fizzle, I know that my kids are learning that it is the little choices we make that can have a big impact on the world.

I don’t mean to over-exaggerate when I say that cloth diapering has helped me to learn new things and make better choices as a Mom, which I am now privileged to pass on and demonstrate to my kids.

And let’s be honest here; my son’s hands would have been down the toilet even if he was wearing disposables, right?

Bio: Belinda Lamprecht currently lives in Africa with her husband, working for an international missions agency and raising her two kiddos, one who joined the family through adoption and one…ahem…the old-fashioned way. You can read more about their experiences at
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Do as I Do

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