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Fluff Friday 180
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Fluff Friday 180

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Terri Bricker Baldanza!

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My husband and I were entertaining some guests for a late lunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Their one-year-old son was with them, and we were just waiting for my 8 month old daughter to wake and come play with him.

I finally heard her playing around, sounds of her babbling, “dadadadada” coming from her room, loud and clear. Yay, she’s up! I head to her room, nurse her, and bring her out in her Limited Edition Itti Bitti Tutto. The delicious minky so soft and plush. The colors so vibrant and beautiful. Heads turned and stared. What in the world is that?? A cloth diaper?

Heck yeah, it’s a cloth diaper. You’re so jealous right now, I know it.

I literally live for these moments. I love when I get to pick out my cutest diaper, snap it onto my baby, and show it off for the world to gasp and say, “What?!?!”

Love. it.

It helps that I used to work in a baby boutique that sold cloth diapers. They were an amazing store that taught me so much about natural living, cloth diapers, and everything in between. I got to see and feel and touch so many brands, and talk to parents about the pros and cons of each diaper. I got to see tons of diapers on tons of babies. I got to talk about cloth diapers all day long. Dream come true.

I know, I’m a dork.

But it taught me how to approach people. Not to be pushy, not to say my opinion abrasively and unsolicited, not to be passive aggressive when talking about chemicals, costs and environmental impacts of disposables.

Nah, now I just sit back and wait. The time will come. They’ll see for themselves. And they won’t be able to hold it in when they see her squishy diaper on her squishy legs. Oh, they’ll want to know. They’ll be dying to know.

I still talk to the Negative Nellie’s. You know the type – Oh, I would never do that. It’s just not for me. Sometimes they frustrate me… especially when they’re family members. Sometimes they push my buttons so hard that it makes me want to spew my point loud and clear all over the homemade brownies they’re chowing down on, or tell them to take their opinions elsewhere, and Yes, I will keep those brownies for myself.

But mostly, I just tell myself to wait. Remind myself that the time will come when they’ll be throwing thousands of dollars into a landfill full of poopy stinky diapers, and they will realize what an impact this has on their life. And I’ll be there, with open arms, waiting to show them how their world, and their babe’s world, can change.

BIO: Jenna Guizar is the wife to an incredible husband, and mother to two beautiful girls. She loves her family, cloth diapers and getting into friendly discussions about politics, religion and global warming ;)
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Cloth Diaper Advocate? Nah, Just a Mom Who Loves Cloth Diapers

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I am a cloth diaper addict. I am also a cloth diaper advocate. I will use any opportunity to talk about my diapers. I have a cloth diaper keychain and I try to take my cutest diapers when out and about where they might be seen.

Occasionally a friend will express interest in trying cloth diapering. Sometimes there are factors that make them hesitate, like the start up cost or a spouse that needs additional convincing. I jump on these opportunities and immediately offer to put together a “Try It” bag. In the bag I try to include a variety of types of diapers to cover at least a full 24 hours of diapering plus some. I don’t want to overwhelm them but not everyone ends up liking the same thing.

Here is a typical “Try It” bag:

  • 6 bumGenius sized aplix diapers – some people like sized diapers. And some will prefer Velcro over snaps. These diapers allow them to try both.
  • 2 Green Bees One Size Snap diapers – these diapers are inexpensive and available locally. Starting at $6 they are an affordable way to start trying pockets. I try to put a minky and a non-minky. Some people love the soft feel of minky and some think it adds bulk.
  • 1 Oh Katy One Size Snap diaper – I LOVE my Oh Katys. I only have 6 so I just put one in the bag. This is the first one size diaper I bought and the first one size that fit my tiny baby girl well.
  • 1 AI2 of unknown brand that I received as a hand me down. (There is a big white star on the butt of this black diaper and it has a snap in inner, e-mail me if you know what brand it might be!) – I want to offer the AI2 experience, but I only have a few.
  • 1 Flips cover and 3 inserts – I love my Flips and use them all the time. They are often the first diaper my husband reaches for, so I don’t loan all of them out.
  • 3 fleece liners. These happen to be homemade, but I have some that I have purchased as well. I use fleece liners at night with a Flips cover and an organic insert. I only have 3 of these, so not enough to loan out, but I often recommend trying a prefold in the Flips cover with a fleece liner over it for overnight if they need someplace to start.
  • A couple wetbags, one for the home and one for the diaper bag. These are medium size, I only have 1 large one that I keep in my laundry room and I have a lined diaper pail in our nursery, but these work for someone who is just trying it out.
  • My copy of Changing Diapers by Kelly Wels. This might be the most important part of the bag. I have been told it is extremely helpful to first time cloth diaperers. (I had been cloth diapering for a little while before I read it)
Everything packs easily in to a nice reusable tote bag for transport. If they don’t already use a cloth diaper safe detergent (and most don’t) then I also put a baggie of detergent with instructions. Yes it can be risky loaning out and letting others wash your diapers, but generally they agree to follow my very specific instructions or I offer for them to just bring them back dirty and I will wash them.

After they try it for at least a day I ask what they liked and what they didn’t. I ask if there were problems or what barriers they might still have to converting. I offer links to blogs and on-line resources and if they want I will even go with them to either of the local stores that sell cloth. I try and make the transition as easy and exciting for people as possible.

Do you loan out your diapers? If so, what goes in to your “Try It” bag? I am always looking for new ideas. I can’t afford to buy every diaper out there just so others can try it, I really wish I could! I have never sought out sponsorship, but doing this lending really makes me want to, just so I can extend my reach and influence others to try cloth diapering. Every person I can convert to cloth is that many less disposables in a landfill. Every new convert is also another supporter of an industry that values grass roots movements, small start ups and the ideas that some moms take and grow in to wonderful businesses. Just look at Oh Katy and Cotton Babies.

Somer S. Johnson is an accountant in Tulsa, OK who is lucky enough to get to work from home so she can spend time with her new baby girl. She blogs about life, knitting, and her precious little one at
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I Pimp Out My Diapers

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I have been using cloth diapers on my son for over 5 months now and as you can imagine, I have been slowly adding to my stash as well. I am also a very proud momma so when my little man finally got to crawl around in just his diaper (took a while for the weather to allow for it) I got some great pictures and began posting them to my facebook page for all to see. Shortly after that, I found out I was moving back to my hometown and the Great Cloth Diaper Change was starting to pick up pace. I sent a message to a girlfriend of mine with a little one in diapers and told her I knew she didn't use cloth but I wanted to invite her to the Great Cloth Diaper Change and lend her some diapers for the day. I thought for sure she would turn me down for one reason or another. Much to my surprise, not only did she say she would go, but she said after looking at all my pictures she was interested in cloth and wanted to talk to me about it. I jumped at the opportunity.

Once I moved and got settled I planned a time to go over and let her see and feel my diapers since I wish that is what I could have done before deciding what to buy for my initial stash. I also brought my son as a model :) We sat down and I showed her the two different brands of pocket diapers. I have and let her stuff them and just play with them. The first thing she said to me was "Ooo that's soft! I didn't think they would be this nice!" She also got to witness a changing which was very good since she had a misunderstanding about how the snaps work. I asked her why she wanted to try cloth and she said I made it seem so fun and she could use the extra savings. Her daughter is just over a year old and she didn't think there were any savings to be had this late in the game. I told her you don't have to spend a fortune, cloth diapering can be as cheap as you need it to be or you could be like me and never have too many. I have spent $120.00 on all my lovely pocket diapers and even my wet bags and detergents to go with it. By the time I left her place maybe 2 hours later, she was set on buying some diapers and giving it a shot. I think I might send her some to get her started :) I also have a friend who's little one was just born and she also needs special formula. My friend shared the news and so I sent her a message asking if she ever thought about trying cloth diapers. She said "To be honest, I never thought about it, but tell me everything you know."

If there is anything I have learned about sharing my cloth diaper love, it's that a simple message is sometimes all it takes. I have a feeling neither one of these women would come out and ask for information about how to start a cloth diaper stash but as long as you are not afraid to make the first move, you might be surprised with the response you get.

Bio: Jessie is a stay at home mom to a wonderfully happy little boy turning 1 in May.
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Ooo that's soft!

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I love purses. I always have and probably always will. On the other hand, my wonderful husband is practical and likes to keep things simple. We balance each other out pretty well. So when I was pregnant with Morgan I wanted the prettiest diaper bag out there. I looked at what all the designers offered and just couldn’t decide. My husband, on the other hand made it clear he was not going to carry a “pretty” diaper bag and we really needed to find something practical. I gave in, but we agreed if the practical bag did not work then I can get my “pretty” bag. After doing some research we decided on a backpack diaper bag. It wasn’t pretty, but boy was it practical.

Ahh….the diaper bag. Who would have thought a little bag could rule your life? I sometimes wonder…do I really need everything in here? That question is usually answered when I forget the bag at home. For those readers who don’t know me (which are probably most…if not all) I am not the most organized person in the world, so why would my diaper bag be any different?

Well 18 months later, I am still carrying the backpack. It is so wonderful! The bag itself has 3 big pockets, a small one at the top and 2 bottle pockets on the side. What I carry in it has evolved as my daughter has grown. There is no need for bottles any longer, so I now use those pockets for sunscreen or our own reusable water bottles. The front pocket never really carried anything, but now it is packed full of food. I can’t go anywhere without food for Morgan or myself. The second pocket hasn’t changed much; it still carries clothes that do not match. My poor little girl, if she makes a mess she is not going to match. I am sure I will hear about this when she is 16 and there is no reason not to have matching clothes, it just never works out that way. Finally, the big pocket carries all her lovely fluff, wipes, wet bag and my wallet. I make sure there are at least two diapers in there at all times and I still carry disposable wipes because we are recovering Costco addicts and we purchased a lifetime supply of wipes when they were “on sale”.

Now the small pocket at the top is a catch all. Sometimes it has money, left-over food, lotion, chapstick and because of my stellar organizational skills it probably has my debit card in it. The one I search for in my wallet every time I go to the store with the diaper bag still in the car (yep I am sure I am not the only one that has happened to). My cell phone is always in one of the pockets and I can never find it when I truly need it.

However disorganized I am I am not sure if I can ever rid myself of the diaper bag. It has everything I need…well sometimes. The great thing about being a parent is we have all “been there” and I know that if I forget something another mom or dad is willing to help me out.

Bio: Liz McGarraugh is a 35 year old SAHM of an 18 month old little girl Morgan and is currently pregnant with a second little girl due in July. She has been married to her loving husband for almost 3 years and currently resides in Katy, TX with her cat Otto and dog Buddy The Elf.
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I will show you mine, If you show me yours

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It was time.

Tremblingly, I reached for the diaper. This was the moment of truth, when I discovered if our investment was worth it. With just four quick snaps, it was fastened on my little man’s itty-bitty bum. At 3 weeks old, his legs had chunked up enough to properly fit his one-size pockets, and I had to admit, he and his pretty – uh, I mean handsome – blue diaper looked seriously cute.

By the end of the day, I had come to realize that these diapers were not only cute; they worked, too! Since that momentous day, we have not looked back, and nearly one whole year later (sniff!) I am still pretty pleased with the decision to go with bumGenius pocket diapers.

Whilst price was definitely a deciding factor, we wanted to choose diapers which were easy enough that we would not shirk reaching for them during middle-of-the-night changing times. Changing a pocket diaper is literally as simple as “snap on and go” and are not only Daddy-proof, but also Granny-proof and even 8-year-old-big-sister-proof.

An initial turn-off for me was the idea of needing to stuff the pockets every second day after laundry. In actual fact, this has turned out not to be a big deal at all. In the beginning, when I was still trying to escape the sleep-deprivation induced fog of newborn-dom (alright, who am I trying to kid? He’s nearly one-year old and I am still sleep deprived) I would simply lay out the empty pockets in one basket next to the changing table, and the clean inserts in another basket. Newborns are pretty cooperative at changing time, and it would literally only add about ten seconds to the job for me to stuff the diaper whilst Little Man enjoyed looking at his mobile.

Nowadays, since he has mastered the Crocodile Death-Roll (a maneuver which ends up with the two of us looking like we are trying to perform a wheelbarrow race) it is imperative that the diapers are prepared ahead of time; however (and I am being deadly serious now), I have actually discovered this process to be quite cathartic. After the kids are in bed, I curl up on the sofa with a warm drink, pop some music or a favorite TV show on the Ipad, and get stuffing (And if anybody asks what I am up to, I can say “Sorry – I am working!).

Just like the pockets on a pair of little boy’s jeans (ewww!), there is really a lot you can stuff inside a bumGenius. Back in the day, when I first started, I used to try and make sure the right inserts always went with the same diaper it arrived at my house with (yes, I really can be that anal), but these days I get creative with stuffing. Going for a long trip in the car, and worried about leaks? Add a newborn insert as a booster. Baby a heavy wetter at night? Double stuff with a microfiber and also a hemp insert. We struggled for just a few days with the highly toxic Ammonia-Toddler-Pee (the smell of that stuff was so strong in the mornings that it would knock my bed-socks off) until we realized that stuffing the pocket with natural fibers, like those in a cotton prefold, minimized the smell substantially.

Since those exciting, albeit daunting, days when we first snapped our son into cloth, we have been impressed with the versatility and ease of use of a pocket diaper system; and, most importantly, they look great too! There is, in my opinion, only one thing cuter that a vibrant, soft (and pre-stuffed) pocket diaper, and that is the pair of chubby thunder-thighs which wear them….

Bio: Belinda Lamprecht currently lives in Africa with her husband, working for an international missions agency and raising her two kiddos, one who joined the family through adoption and one…ahem…the old fashioned way. You can read more about their experiences at
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I Pick Pockets

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