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Fluff Friday 178

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Amanda Few

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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It is estimated that during the babyhood of any child, they will experience upwards of 7000 diaper changes. It may not feel like it when you are changing your tenth newborn dipe of the night (and it is only 11pm), or when your busy toddler turns changing time into something resembling WWF, but these days will come to and end. My family’s cloth diapering days are numbered, but while they still last, there are a couple of things that I am determined to try:

1. Home-made diapers. There are an array of free patterns and tutorials for making cloth diapers out there in cyber space, and I am determined to try a few of them. I have already had success with a fleece soaker which I whipped up during one nap time. I am, at heart, a devoted pocket diaper girl, but it is nice to have the soaker around for at home days, times when “Destructo’s” tush could do with a bit of airing, and sand-pit time. My next project will be converting a few prefolds into a fitted (a “prefitted”, as they are called) which looks pretty easy. I may need a couple of new prefolds first, though…

2. Wool. When I was first making a foray into cloth, I heard about wool, but it all seemed a bit confusing. After reading up more on the topic, though, I think I am thoroughly convinced to give it a try! Wool is not only water-resistant, it is also highly absorbent, meaning it is a great solution for overnight diapering. Another amazing fact is that the lanolin in wool chemically converts urine into soap! This means you only need to wash wool covers every couple of weeks. I got all environmentally friendly a few weeks ago, and whipped up a pair of wool shorties out of an old wool sweater I bought at the thrift store. It is not as bullet-proof as I had hoped, but is ridiculously cute. Teaching myself to knit has proved a futile exercise (take note: learning to knit whilst baby is teething is a recipe for tears all round), but thankfully there are lots of beautifully made wool options available to buy ready-made.

3. A long camping trip. Maybe I am a sucker for punishment, but I would love to try and use my cloth on a longer camping trip or holiday. We did 4 days away over Christmas, without access to a washing machine or dryer, and it was totally doable! Covers and quick drying flats were the way to go, and I earned bonus Mickey-Mouse points with some of my elderly in-laws (who we were vacationing with) when they saw that I, the pioneer woman, can wash by hand. I hope later in the year to go away for a week or more with cloth and see how it goes.

4. A plane trip. We are heading overseas to visit my family later in the year, and I hope to try out my cloth diapers on a plane. Honestly, a pack of disposables wouldn’t break the bank, but considering how rashy my son gets in them, and how often they seem to leak, it actually seems like more of an effort. I plan on using our pockets, as I think the stay-dry liner would make the Munchkin more comfortable (and when flying with a toddler, I figure comfort is the way you want to go), but may double stuff with some hemp inserts to make certain we don’t get leaks.

5. Lady cloth. I am intrigued. ‘nuff said.

6. Newborn diapering. I unfortunately missed this short window of time with my son. The idea of doing extra laundry post labour was just too daunting; I was amazed to discover, once I jumped into the deep-end three weeks after he was born, just how simple it could have been. My next goal is to start right at the beginning, there in the hospital, with cloth. There are so many cute, effective and frugal newborn options available which I – I mean, my new baby – would love to try.

Let me not get ahead of myself, though. There is no new baby on the way – yet. Which means my first challenge is not convincing my husband that we need new diapers, but that we need more kids…

Bio: Belinda Lamprecht currently lives in Africa with her husband, working for an international missions agency and raising her two kiddos, one who joined the family through adoption and one…ahem…the old fashoned way. You can read more about their experiences at
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My Diaper Bucket List

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My mother-in-law had been trying to convince me for the longest time that cloth diapering was the way to go. After all, that was how she diapered her babies! She wasn’t pushy, but just let me know that it had worked wonderfully for her, and she knew several people who were doing it and loving it. I wasn’t sold on the idea... I was the first girl in a family of 10 children; my mother used disposables, and being used to that, disposables are what I used on my own baby girl for the first 5 months of her life. For convenience sake, and my sanity, I was adamant that I was NOT going to go the cloth diaper route in this lifetime or the next.

But then as our funds started getting tighter, I began looking into ways to save money and realized just how dumb I was to insist on disposable diapers. They were costing us an arm and a leg! Was I just going to have to get used to the “inconvenience”and the “stink” and start cloth diapering in order to save a buck?

The first website I ran across when I googled “cloth diapers” was “All About Cloth Diapers,” and it was a major help in delving into this new world of cloth diapers. Several hours later, my head was spinning with terms like “AIO,” and “Pre-folds,” and I was beginning to change my opinion on cloth diapering. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. There were an awful lot of moms out there who swore by their cloth diapering, and claimed that the inconvenience and stinkiness wasn’t any worse than when using disposable diapers. I decided to start out with 12 unbleached indian pre-folds, 4 Econobum diaper covers, and 1 Oh Katy pocket diaper for nighttime. A slim stash, but it would get me started.

Then, a friend found out that I was interested in cloth diapering, and gifted me her used pre-folds and Bummis Super Whisper wraps... I was 35 prefold and 35 wrap covers richer!

Still trepidatious, I put a Bummis wrap and prefold on my squirmy little girl... it was too easy. And cute. My Oh Katy pocket diaper went on at night, was washed in the day, and dried in time for bed again! I realized that I needed more of these things and ordered 3 Kawaii pocket diapers, including their special Goodnight HeavyWetter one!

I was shocked to realize I was enjoying this cloth diapering adventure! Having a baby was supposed to be all about ease and convenience, and what was more convenient than simply throwing a diaper in the trashcan and not worrying about washing it? To find that putting a cute cloth diaper on my baby girl, and smiling as I hung cloth diapers on the line to bleach in the sunshine was very new and very intriguing to me. Cloth diapers are just as easy as disposable diapering and a lot more fun! I’ve fallen in love with cloth diapering.

I’m still anxiously awaiting another couple of orders from Kelly’s closet. I’ve branched out and am going to try other brands like FuzziBunz, bumGenius, Swaddlebees, Thirsties -- and I have grand plans to cloth diaper my next baby, starting from day 1! To me, the joy of cloth diapering to is having the ability to put my baby in a diaper that is cute, durable, and is saving us money in the long run -- especially as we plan to have more children. I’m such a convert that I cloth diaper out on shopping trips, and 100% cloth diaper at night. My mother-in-law was right; it IS saving us money, and I am loving it!

I’m still working on converting other people, including my sister who isn’t 100% convinced it’s for her yet... and my mom thinks I’m a little nuts since it’s the only topic I’m interested in now, but she’s intrigued. I hope to continue to share the love and joy of cloth diapering with all around me -- and perhaps make a few converts on the way.

Anna is a first-time mom who lives in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in MT with her husband and baby girl Kristina. Cloth diapering has made motherhood even more of a joy for her!
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I Joined the Dark Side-Because They Have Cloth Diapers

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When we were shopping for diaper bags my husband insisted on a small black one. “I don’t want to carry something that looks like a purse” he said. Since he was so supportive with my plans of natural childbirth, breastfeeding and cloth diapering, I acquiesced. It really was a small request.

Fast forward a few months and that small diaper bag is actually a huge blessing. It’s a lot easier to haul around a 3 month old when you have a lightweight bag that fits easily into the stroller, and doesn’t put much extra weight on your back. Having a small bag has also forced me to pack efficiently. Here are some tips

1) Pack your trimmest diapers: In our house those are 2 GroVia Shells with Organic Cotton Soakers snapped in, 2 additional soakers, and 4 disposable bio soakers. When flying or on a day trip I up the cotton soaker count to 4. That’s 10 diaper changes, an entire day’s worth, in one bag!

2) When possible, roll things up and store them vertically: Stored this way a nursing cover, Planet Wise wet bag, premium sized prefold (for a burp cloth), receiving blanket, and pint sized zip- top bag of pre moistened cloth wipes fit easily into the main compartment with our cloth diapers.

3) Breastfeed: Do you really need another reason? While I understand this doesn’t work for everybody, it’s nice not to haul bottles and formula around town.

4) Make the most of extra pockets: This is how all the little extras stay within easy reach. The front pocket of my bag is my purse, holding a wallet, coupons, phone, car keys, etc. The side pockets contain our camera, some dry cloth wipes for spit up emergencies, hand sanitizer, sunglasses (mine) and a sun hat (hers). Inner pockets keep CJs butter, a backup outfit, and a travel pack of antibacterial wipes handy. (Those antibacterial wipes are key. Have you seen the public changing stations?? You know what happens there. Clean before and after every change.)

5) Keep it stocked: Every other day after putting away the diaper laundry, I take a moment to restock and reorganize the diaper bag. This is probably the most challenging part of keeping it all together, but also the most important. I once changed an extra poopy diaper and then realized that our wet bag had been left at home. I ended up carrying that dirty diaper around in a black 55 gallon trash bag for the rest of the day!

When you pack only the essentials, there is plenty of room for extras. Depending on the occasion, I’ve also thrown in my e-reader, some children’s books, a knitting project, the Moby wrap, snacks, or a light jacket for mom. It all still fit!

Melissa Lindsey is taking a short hiatus from her nursing career to care for her infant daughter and move across the country. In the short space between Evelyn's bedtime and her own she enjoys reading, knitting, and hanging out with her fabulous husband.

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How To Pack a Trim Diaper Bag

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When we were expecting our first child, we got all sorts of advice (or "facts" that were way off)... especially from family. Some of the best "facts" were that you need to make sure to let your baby cry instead of picking them up so their lungs develop, don't hold them while they sleep, put them to sleep on their stomach, etc. We quickly tried to brush these pieces of information aside, as they simply don't mesh well with how we planned on parenting. We tried not to bring up certain things simply because we didn't want to start any disagreements with family, but sometimes it was unavoidable. Some things surprised me, however, such as diapers. My mother-in-law told me how expensive it would be, having to diaper our child. I mentioned that we would be cloth diapering, so it won't be as bad as she might think. She just laughed at me and told me that we wouldn't last long with that. I insisted she was wrong, but the subject got changed.

Not too long after that, she mentioned diapering again. I told her that we would be using cloth diapers, and again I got laughter. She told me about how much of a mess it is, how disgusting it is dunking them in the toilet, how you have to keep a bucket full of water next to the toilet for them to soak, etc. I tried to tell her they were different, and showed her a picture (online) of a FuzziBunz diaper. I tried explaining that it was different than what she used on her children... I won't have a bucket to soak things in, I won't have to dunk diapers in the toilet since I'd have a diaper sprayer (which I also sent a picture of), it wouldn't really be that bad. No pins, no buckets of water, no dunking. Just diapers and a sprayer. Surely this would open her eyes to the modern diapers.

Not so much. She called up my sister-in-law, and between the two of them I got made fun of for being a "tree-hugger" and a "hippie", and heard plenty about how we would never last long with the diapers. The "we" quickly went to how my husband wouldn't do this. He was going to be a stay-at-home-dad, and he was going to have the bulk of the diaper changes after I went back to work. More laughter and "can you imagine" scenarios were exchanged between my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, mostly amused with the prospect of my husband using cloth.

Our first trip to see family after the birth of our son was made with him in disposables. He was born a month early, and we were banking on our tax return to get us our cloth diaper stash. We had a couple diapers, but not nearly enough to be using yet. There were no comments made about how we diapered him while we were there. Perhaps they thought we just changed our minds, or realized how right they were. Perhaps they were too excited to see him for the first time that they paid no attention. Whatever the reason, I was thankful I didn't have to deal with more ridicule for the time being.

Shortly after that, we received our tax return and we made the switch to cloth when our son was 7 weeks old. The next trip down to see family was definitely different. My mother-in-law was unimpressed with the diapers when she saw them, but didn't want to talk about them when I tried to. I think she secretly might have realized she was wrong about them. My sister-in-law was fascinated with them, and asked to change his next dirty diaper so she could try them out. She went on about how cute they were.

Perhaps I do have a bit of "hippie" in me, and perhaps there was truth to the comment about how messy diapers can be (*cough* when you don't do them up correctly *cough*)... what I know for certain, however, is that they were wrong. Cloth diapers are easy, they are adorable, and they can be enjoyable. 14 months later, and we're still going strong!

Bio: Christine is a baby wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, nursing, full-time working mother to a 14 month old son. Her husband is a stay-at-home father, and a licensed medical massage therapist. They also practice baby-led weaning with their son. Christine also writes her own blog called: Thoughts Of Fluff.
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That Won't Last Long!

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Sasha Rodriguez

I'm a work-outside-the-home mom, while my brave husband cares for our two rambunctious 7 month and 25 month old boys. Humor, patience and flexibility are my best friends. And the occasional glass of wine too!

What is the #1 reason you cloth diaper your baby? My 7 month olds extreme eczema was the motivator but I stayed on for the cute factor and addiction!

Who has been your biggest cloth diapering supporter/cheerleader? My husband is my number one fan. He understands my craziness on laundry day and doesn't fret at 3 wash cycles!

What is your favorite diaper and why? The BG 4.0 paired with a BabyKicks hemp is my go to, bulletproof, best fitting diaper. No leaks, great fit on both my chunky monkey 7 month old and lean and tall 25 month old and super adjustable snaps!

If you had one superhero power, what would it be and why? Power sleeping. Oh how I miss it!

Describe your parenting style using three words. Natural, common sense based, protective

What is one product you absolutely can't live without! Hemp inserts!

How do you think being a mother has changed you? It's made me more tolerant, observant of the world at large, less judgmental and way more willing to see the good and positive in things. A better person overall, I want to be the kind of person, of woman, my sons will be proud to know and call Mami.
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April Spotlight Mom

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