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Super Saturday Coupon

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Fluff Friday:
1 - GroVia All In One Newborn Cloth Diaper Robot Print (brand new - available for preorder)
1 - GroVia™ BioLiners™

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Fluff Friday 177

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Constance Caldwell Aaron

She will receive:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 176 WINNER!

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Help us spread the word about Real Diaper Week and the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012!  Over 5,000 babies were changed into a cloth diaper during last year’s event.  With your help we can break the world record and show the world that cloth diapers are Real Simple, Real Diapers!
When: Tuesday, April 17th
Time: 9-10pm ET
Hashtag: #RealDiapers
Who to Follow: @TheEcoChic@DiaperShops@RealDiapers and panelists.
Prizes: We’re giving away $200 worth of gift certificates to Kelly’s Closet!
  • Grand Prize – $100 gift certificate
  • Prize #2 – $50 gift certificate
  • Prize #3 – $25 gift certificate
  • Prize #4-8 – Five winners will each receive a $5 gift certificate
For more information about the Great Cloth Diaper Change or to find a location near you please visit:  You can follow all of the action on Facebook: and Twitter (#GCDC2012).
For our customers located in Maine we hope to see you at the Great Cloth Diaper Change – Portland, ME.  To sign up for this free event please visit our EventBrite RSVP Page. 
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Real Simple, Real Diapers Twitter Party

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I am a cloth diaper dad and I am proud of it. Although this wasn’t always necessarily the case. When my wife first brought up the idea, I looked at her dumb founded and said nope, not happening. Cloth diapering is for hippies. Well she wasn’t ready to take no for an answer and decided it was time to educate me.

First off she realized that my image of cloth diapering was a sheet of white fabric that I would intricately have to fold into an origami diaper shape and secure with safety pins. Not only is that a lot of work I really didn’t want pins near my baby. Especially during middle of the night sleepy diaper changes. So she introduced me to the Fuzzi Bunz one size pocket cloth diaper. I was like, “hey, those look like diapers, actually they look better than diapers they’re like the Cadillac of diapers.” So I was almost sold on the idea now, but what really changed my mind was the numbers. I sat down and crunched some numbers comparing cloth diaper start up costs, plus accessories, to disposable diapers. Using cloth diapers paid for themselves by the time my son was 3 months old.

I’d say that by then I was a fan of cloth diapers, but what really got me was the wipe warmer. When we switched to cloth wipes and the wipe warmer I was 100% all for cloth diapering. That is when I became a cloth diaper advocate. I’d go around asking people I knew who were having a baby soon if they were going to cloth diaper their child, if they said no I’d give them an earful of information, including all about the wipe warmer. If I was a baby I’d want warm soft wipes for my bottom. I believe I convinced a few people to try cloth diapering and I convinced many to think about it, or maybe they just said they would so I would leave them alone.

It was easy talking to couples about this subject, the real test came when I found out a guy at work was going to be having a baby, twins actually. Yep, I brought up the cloth diapering subject at work. Now for your information I work on a fast attack submarine which has an all male crew. It was amazing the first time I brought up the cloth diapering topic, the guy I was talking to was like, “Heck yea we are cloth diapering our twins, we’ve got some buddah bunz wool dryer balls and some FuzziBunz!” Someone else overheard us talking and said he was also expecting a baby soon and his wife wants to cloth diaper but he was unsure. The two of us jumped on that opportunity and I believe we had him convinced in under 15 minutes.

Cloth diapering is definitely becoming more and more popular these days and I am proud to be apart of the movement. I hope this blog and all blogs on the cloth diaper whisperer heps get the word out to both men and women.

I am a father of 2. I have an almost 11 year old and our second is due this summer. I am currently deployed and I am missing my wife and little boy like crazy. I even miss changing his poopy cloth diapers. But I am proud to be serving my country and protecting our rights as Americans, including our right to choose how to diaper our children. I am a proud cloth diapering dad writing this from beneath the sea.

Matthew L. is a proud sailor and cloth diaper advocate of an 11 month old boy and expecting baby number 2 in July.
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Who says fluff and subs don't mix?

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After reading other inspiring stories of people taking their cloth long distance, I decided that I too would pack my fluff when my daughter and I flew to meet my niece. I am so glad I did! I always take cloth on the road, but have never flown with it, or used it away from home for an entire week.

When I looked at luggage space, I knew my favorite pockets and AIOs probably wouldn’t be the best choice. Although I find them the most user friendly, they aren’t exactly space friendly. I needed all the space in our luggage I could get to take gifts to meet my new niece, born exactly six weeks after my own baby!

As I thought about the trip, I decided on six pockets/AIO’s to put in my diaper bag. To save money I opted for layovers in our travel. Quick changes in tight spaces were in our future. I took a Thirsties Duo, two Happy Heiny minis, One Thirsties AIO, one small bumGenius AIO, and one bumGenius one size pocket diaper. All but the last diaper are sized, and were the smallest options I had. I also packed a few cloth wipes and a small wetbag.

Next I decided what to put in our checked baggage. I decided on fourteen prefolds, two snappis, and four Thirsties covers. I now had enough diapers for 20 diaper changes-what my twelve week old daughter used in approximately two days. Next up was some cloth friendly diaper cream, more wipes, two more small wetbags, and a large wetbag. I also put a small container of Rockin’ Green in my suitcase for laundry. Another item I packed that wasn’t for diapering, but was a must-take was my Moby Wrap. If you don’t have one, Kelly’s Closet sells them and they are wonderful. I never leave home without it.

Not only were diaper changes do-able and just as easy as if I was out on a daytrip, they gave me plenty of opportunities to share the cloth love. I had questions from many people who saw me changing my daughter, or noticed her cute tush when it got really warm on the airplane. Many people were really surprised to see how easy cloth really is. My daughter traveled really well, and I sat by several grandmas on my planes who were more than happy to lend a hand when needed.

Once we reached our destination I was really excited to meet my niece. My sister-in-law has decided to use cloth and we enjoyed comparing fluff. In the end we just shared wetbags and laundry. She uses mostly Econobum and Mother-ease so our stashes are easy to tell apart. She also has a couple of pockets, but her diapers are much newer than mine. When we spent an afternoon at the beach, both girls sported Bummis swim diapers.

Together we had the opportunity to visit a newly opened natural mothering store that had cloth diapers. I was able to touch and “meet” diapers I’ve only viewed online and mentally select what I’d like to purchase next from Kelly’s Closet! One thing I discovered that was also helpful for her future purchasing was that in their humid climate AIO diapers took a really long time to line dry.

If you are deciding whether or not to travel with cloth, I’d encourage you to do it. I know it helps that I had a destination that was cloth friendly, but so many people have success stories that it is certainly worth a try!
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Taking Cloth Along-A Really Great Option!

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I grew up in Northwest Indiana in a typical middle class family. I was the oldest of 3 children and both sets of grandparents were close by. My childhood was a pretty vanilla. My parents stayed married until I graduated from college, my siblings and I fought normally, we lived in a nice house and both parents worked. We wouldn’t have been a reality a show. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I thought back to what my mother taught me and I kept thinking and thinking. My mother did the best that she could possibly do, but from as far back as I can remember she never took the time to teach me anything. My dad taught me to drive and ride a bike. My friends taught me how to put make-up on and do my hair. Maybe that is what she taught me…to figure it out for myself. I am pretty resourceful and not afraid to ask questions.

I started to cloth diaper full time about four months ago and I have learned so much in these four months. Not just about cloth diapering, but about being a mother. I can’t believe how talented and inspiring mothers can be. For instance, Tereson Dupuy of FuzziBunz, Kelly Wels a leading cloth diaper advocate/expert, Carrie Peterson of Mud Butt Diapers or Maria Hill of Cotton Cheeks Diapers each woman had a different reason for doing what they do and whether they know it or not they have taught their children something. It could be that working hard can get you places, maybe they will/have learned to sew or it could be being a mom with a purpose makes for the best mom. It is just not these women. If you look on Esty or Hyenacart every mom is doing her part to contribute to the family by being passionate about something. Children see that passion and they want to emulate it. Ladies you are doing wonderful things for yourself, your family and other moms. It is unbelievably inspiring and please keep doing what you are doing!

Seeing all these talented women out there made me want to be able to teach my daughters something. I am currently looking at getting a beginners sewing machine; not to make cloth diapers, but maybe some cloth wipes or unpaper towels. Maybe I can learn how to make a Halloween costume or fix my husband’s suits. I have also become a better cook and I have my 18 month old cracking eggs in a bowl. I have to stop her from licking the egg shell, but she is learning. Morgan and I planted some carrots and onions the other day and we go out every afternoon to water them and watch them grow. I want to be able to pass something on to my girls. I want them to learn from me.

Looking back my mother was afraid to do a lot. She never rode a bike, was afraid to take a risk and refused to drive in downtown Chicago. What this taught me was to learn to ride a bike, I have taken many risks and failed and driving in downtown Chicago isn’t all that hard. Maybe, being who she is made me who I am. I know she did the best she could and that is all a child could ask for. I should mention that my mother and I no longer have a relationship. It has been strained for quite some time and I decided the best thing to do for my family was to walk away. Maybe that is the first lesson I will teach my girls…that it is okay to walk away even if it hurts.

Bio: Liz McGarraugh is a 35 year old SAHM of an 18 month old little girl Morgan and is currently pregnant with a second little girl due in July. She has been married to her loving husband for almost 3 years and currently resides in Katy, TX with her cat Otto and dog Buddy The Elf.
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Cloth Diapers You Are My Muse

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One of the first major decisions I made after finding out I was pregnant was whether or not to use cloth diapers. I really didn’t know anything about them, but I liked the thought of saving so much money, so I decided to investigate it further. Thankfully, I had some amazing friends who were already cloth mamas, and they were more than willing to answer any and all of my questions about cloth.

Little did I know, when I started that Facebook conversation with these two friends over a year ago, that I would become one of the biggest cloth diaper advocates I know.

I drank the Kool-Aid

Once I discovered the new types of cloth diapers, I was pretty much convinced that cloth would be the way to go for us. With money savings as my main motivator, I started to do more research on them, and slowly but surely, I became hooked. There were so many choices! Pocket Diapers! All-in-Ones! Hemp Inserts! Hybrid Diaper Systems! The choices were seemingly endless. I was all-in.

The more I read about cloth diapers, the more I realized that these were such a great solution for so many moms out there. But, being the realistic, cynical, “don’t-tell-me-what-to-do-you-crazy-hippie” type mom, I kept my new obsession secret from many people. The facebook conversation I started with my two friends was my outlet to talk about all things fluff.

The Power of Social Media

Then, one day, my endless packages of diapers arrived. I was in love! The first thing I did was post a picture on Facebook of my stash. That got the ball rolling. Soon, other friends of mine were coming out of the woodwork, asking about cloth diapers and how they work. I was more than happy to share my thoughts and findings with them.

As my fluffy obsession grew, I realized how much of a difference using cloth would be – not just on my wallet, but on the health of my baby, and on the environment in general. I started sharing this information with other moms-to-be, providing them with information so they could make a more educated decision about switching to cloth. I showed them not only how much money they could save, but that cloth was safer for the baby, and that most people have fewer blowouts with cloth (this was a big deal-sealer with all of those “but what about the POOP?!?” people).

Building My Army of Cloth Mamas

So far, after becoming a cloth diaper advocate, I’ve converted at least one, if not two, mamas to the fluffy fold. They see my constant posts on various cloth diaper facebook pages, and have started asking me questions about why I decided to go with cloth. I have to try very hard not to overwhelm them with my enthusiasm – a crazy cloth mama doesn’t attract many skeptics. But, with both anecdotal information and statistics at my side, I show them the positives of cloth, and help them to reach the decision that’s right for them.

My Dream Job

Someday, I hope to become a Cloth Diaper Consultant, meeting with new moms and moms-to-be to talk about cloth diapers. I’ve already had a few get-togethers with moms, so they can see the different brands of diapers that I personally use and get my opinions on them. But I doubt a consultant’s salary would pay for my fluff obsession!

Wanna learn more about cloth diapers? I’m your girl.

Jennifer S. is a mom of a wonderful baby girl, and one of the loudest cloth diaper advocates on Facebook. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, baby, and cat, and works in Marketing.
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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, - I'm a Cloth Diaper Advocate

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Meet Captain Fluff. His mommy decided to use cloth diapers before he was ever born because baby superheroes only wear a cape with their diaper and cloth diapers are way cuter than disposables. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. You see, not everybody knew that this baby was going to be the all mighty superhero, Captain Fluff, and so there were problems.

There were lots of rude comments and remarks made to Captain Fluff’s mommy before he was ever born about using cloth diapers. However, Captain Fluff’s mommy stood her ground and announced loud and proud to anybody who would listen that her superhero baby would be using cloth diapers! (Captain Fluff thinks that his mommy might have a little superhero in her too.) Luckily Captain Fluff’s grandparents were not among the ignorant people who condemned his mother for using cloth diapers. In fact, they encouraged her and said they would help!

Since the day Captain Fluff arrived home from the hospital his grandparents have been showing his superhero diapers off to anybody and everybody. They couldn’t be more proud that his superhero butt doesn’t get diaper rash and that their superhero grandbaby is also helping to save the planet one diaper at a time! Captain Fluff’s grandparents have even been known to educate others about how easy modern cloth diapers are, how cute they are, and how to use them. (They have also been known to change plenty of superhero cloth diapers and even buy a few extras. After all, superhero babies can never have too many cute cloth diapers!)

Captain Fluff’s grandparents make sure that they always have the proper supplies on hand just in case he decides to fly by for a visit. They always have a wetbag ready for his not-so-super superhero diapers that need to be washed, they keep a generous amount of superhero cream on hand just in case it’s needed (normal people know the superhero cream by a different name-CJ’s BUTTer), and they’ve even got some extra-special superhero wipes ready to save the day!

Yes, it’s true. Captain Fluff has incredible superhero grandparents and convincing them to use cloth diapers was never an issue. Maybe they are just super cool and realized how cool cloth diapers are? Or maybe Captain Fluff used his superhero powers to change their minds? I guess we’ll never know.

Katy is a first time mommy who loves showing off Captain Fluff’s fluffy butt to everybody. To see more pictures of Captain Fluff and his superhero fluff check out Katy’s blog at
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The Adventures of Captain Fluff

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