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Super Saturday Coupon

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Fluff Friday:
1 - Imse Vimse Swim Diaper
1 - itti bitti wet bag

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Fluff Friday 172

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Jessie Mcavin

She will receive:
Applecheeks Appletini Cover + Insert

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 171 WINNER

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1. Cost. Hands down the most economical way to cloth diaper. You can purchase quality prefolds for anywhere between $1.50 and $3.00, give or take, depending on the size and material. Plus you can size up, fold them accordingly, and extend their use to a larger age range. Compared to $20+ for many AIOs and pockets, well, there's no comparison.

2. Versatility. If you do a search for ways to fold a prefold, you may be overwhelmed with the many variations that exist. Newspaper, trifold, angel wings, bikini twist, the list goes on. There are folds for every size, age, and shape of baby. Prefolds can be made from cotton, bamboo, or hemp to further tailor to your absorbency needs. They can even be used in conjunction with a doubler. Totally customizable.

3. Ease of Care. Prefolds can really take a licking and keep on ticking. After they have been prepped (which admittedly is kind of a pain in the butt), they can be washed alone or with other laundry. There is no worry about voiding a warranty if you dry on high heat. There's no concern about whether an insert needs to be removed before washing or laundry tabs needs to be used to prevent a diaper chain or damage to other diapers. They typically don't hold stink like microfiber can.

4. The Snappi. One of the greatest inventions of all time. This is not a post about why Snappis are amazing, but they are, and they make using prefolds a breeze. The perfect companion to the prefold; not essential, but definitely helpful. It makes using prefolds just as simple as snaps or velcro. Diaper pins also work well, and with certain folds, such as the trifold, the cover keeps the prefold in place. What could be easier?

5. Covers. Have you seen all the adorable prints out there for covers? Combined with the fact that they are often much cheaper than AIOs or pockets, and they can be used for more than one diaper change (usually several), they make prefolds even more economical and adorable. Plus covers clean up easily and quickly. Maybe you're thinking, but Kelly, I don't want that extra step in there, because most of the time, you do have to use a cover. But is it anymore trouble than, say, stuffing in a pocket or snapping in a soaker?

I'm not going to say I don't own any AIOs, pockets, or AI2s because I do, but I always seem to grab for the prefolds first. And there's just something about doing a bikini twist that sets my heart aflutter. Maybe it's because they were my first introduction to the awesomeness that is cloth diapering, or maybe it's because prefolds are amazing.

Kelly is a stay at home mom of a 3 year old and 1 year old, and when she is not running around like a chicken with its head cut off, she enjoys knitting, relaxing in the hot-tub, and shopping...for cloth diapers.
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5 Reasons Why Prefolds are Amazing

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I first started researching cloth diapers when I became pregnant with my third child. Breastfeeding did not work with my first two, so I was fairly confident it wasn't going to work this time around either. It was starting to sink in that we could not afford both formula AND diapers. When I began my search I was completely overwhelmed. I decided to post on my facebook if any of my friends happened to use cloth diapers. To my surprise several of my friends used cloth diapers! They were a huge help in figuring out what diapers to buy, how to wash my diapers, and so on. I was convinced that if my friends could do this, so could I. Our stash mainly consists of prefolds, flats, covers, and a few pocket diapers. One of my friends even gave me several diapers/covers that she wasn't using!

We started using cloth on our daughter when she was 3 weeks old. I would use cloth during the day, and disposables at night. It was easy to use the disposables at night simply because we had received so many at our baby shower. Plus, I had heard so many horror stories of trying to cloth diaper at night that it was just too easy to continue doing it this way.

Well, last night as I was getting our daughter ready for bed I noticed that all of our free disposables were gone. I really didn't want to spend money on disposables when we had perfectly good diapers here. So I decided to take the plunge and give night time diapering a go! I prepared two pocket diapers -- one to start off in, and the other to change her in to during her nighttime feeding. For the first diaper I used a Bum Genius 4.0 stuffed with an infant sized prefold and two homemade hemp doublers. The second diaper was an Oh Katy pocket stuffed with a flat and a BabyKicks Hemparoo doubler. I decided to use natural fibers instead of the microfiber inserts because I didn't want to be dealing with compression leaks as she rolled around at night. Plus, I have heard night time pee can lead to more microfiber stink.

So how did it go? Fantastic! When she woke up for her night time feeding, she was perfectly dry. Changing her diaper was quick and easy, and she was back in bed right after her bottle. When she woke up this morning we still had no leaks! I couldn't believe all this time I had been using disposables out of a silly fear that it was just going to be too hard to use cloth at night. I am now venturing into the world of 100% cloth diapers with absolutely no reservations.

Ollie is a very budget conscience stay-at-home mom of three beautiful girls. When she's not busy taking care of her family she can be found teaching piano lessons and volunteering at school and church.
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The newest convert to night-time cloth diapering

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Do you LOVE to chat about all things cloth or baby-related? If so, we’d love to hear from you. The Cloth Diaper Whisperer is currently looking for Guest Blogger posts! Here are the details:

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Calling All Guest Bloggers!

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I get so use to cloth diapers that I often forget that cloth diapering is still "off the beaten path" for many. For instance, dropping off my little one in nursery on Sunday and forgetting to explain how to change our daughters diaper- assuming they know, until I pick up my daughter and the diaper is on backwards or they just gave up and put her in a disposable. Then it hits me again, duh, not everyone uses cloth! So naturally, I get a ton of questions about them and I notice that almost everyone I talk to has this vision stuck in their head of safety pins and plastic pull on covers and of course, a big ole' mess. Our conversation always starts with me debunking all of the cloth diaper myths they have heard and believe, here are some of the most common I run into:

"Gross" - I hear this so much it makes me laugh now. Cloth diapering is not any dirtier, "grosser", or messier than disposables. We both have to wipe dirty bottoms, both have to deal with the not so pleasant smell, we both have to deal with the occasional blow out. If you are using disposables the correct way, you are actually suppose to dump any solid waste into the toilet before throwing it out, too! Instead of throwing my diapers away, I toss them into our diaper pail and close the lid. No odors, no mess. When it's time to wash, I simply pick up the entire pail and empty it into my washer, no need to touch a dirty diaper at all! Washes, rinses and a dry cycle later, I have fresh and clean fluff waiting to be reused! Nothing gross about it.

"Expensive"- This is one even I fell for when someone first mentioned cloth diapering to me. I remember purchasing my first cloth diapers three short years ago and thinking "geeze I could buy 6 packs of disposables for these three cloth diapers". Most people do not look at it in the long run, they think $18 for one diaper? No way. They don't realize that once they spend that $200-$300 on a good stash, that they are d-o-n-e. That there is no need to buy more diapers- ever! They don't sit down and use one of the nifty cloth diaper calculators you can find online. They don't think about how much disposables will run them for the next 2-3 years, sometimes even longer! Instead of talking about how much cloth diapers cost in a conversation with someone who is interested, I first talk about how much money I save by using them.

"Hard work"- Or "inconvenient". I have found that the only time cloth diapering is even a little inconvenient for us is when I am down to my last diaper and realize I have not started a new load yet. Which would be the same as grabbing the last disposable and realizing that you have to get dressed and rush to the store to buy more, except I don't have to leave or buy more of anything! I just start up the washer :) As far as work, we both change diapers, we both do laundry. No extra effort is needed, cloth diapering families continue to do the same things just in different ways.

"Old school"- Believe it or not, cloth diapering these days is not the same as when your grandmother cloth diapered 60 years ago. There are prefolds, pins and plastic covers if you choose to use those. Otherwise, the variety of cloth diapers these days is insane! There are all in ones, pocket diapers, hybrid diapers, fitteds, covers, snappis, wet bags, special detergents, all in two diapers, diapers with snaps or diapers with hook and loop etc etc! You don't have to use a diaper service, I know our town doesn't have that option anyway. There is a large array of bright colors, soft pastels and cute modern prints. So many options, it does not have to be like when your grandma had little ones.

Four common myths debunked! It just takes some explaining and excitement over your fluff to debunk these myths to other moms, and hopefully they will strike an interest and make the switch, too!

Shay is a stay at home mom of three little girls, a foster mom, and a regular TCDW blog contributor. When she's not homeschooling, changing diapers, or snapping pictures, she spends time blogging about their journey in the foster care system, family, cloth diapering, and raising kids. You can follow along at
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Debunking the Cloth Diaper Myths

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Since I first went from skeptic to lover of cloth, I have become more and more adept at sneaking my experiences into conversations with other mom’s and mom’s–to-be. Of course, you don’t want to be pushy, and it can be a sensitive issue, so getting started right is the first step to success!

I have found that nothing gets a person asking question like a super-cute diaper! While my favorite diaper for reliability is and always has been the Bumgenius 3.0 and 4.0, I have found it harder and harder to resist the cute patterns of Swaddlebees and blueberry diapers, the soft plush cuteness of an Itti bitti, the super-cute prints of Grovia, RaR, and the many other fun diapers out there. Personally, I only have a handful of “experimental” diapers in these fun colors and patterns, and though I would love to have more I don’t really “need” them. However, I have found myself a good “excuse” for their presence. Presents! What mom could resist dressing their baby in a diaper of irresistible cuteness? Maybe just once? And maybe once is enough to get them thinking…

I have pretty much kept a stash of new unused diapers in the bottom drawer since I first got addicted to cloth and discovered the sales of Kellyscloset. I have now supplied both my mother and myself with diapers to hand out as baby gifts to anyone we think might have an inkling of an interest or even receptiveness to cloth. And I have to say, we have had some success, at least with stash-building. We don’t know how many are “truly” using, but I am sure it is safe to assume a few of them have stuck it out.

In addition, word has certainly gotten out. I have had conversations with many mom’s who have asked me about cloth, having heard “through the grapevine” that I might be slightly obsessed…I have hauled a sample of my stash to people’s houses to “show and tell”. I have sold off extras, including some well- used ones as cheap starters (sometimes of course “requiring” replacement shopping).  I have given away diapers that didn’t work for me, and even sold off a few of my favorites when they were the ones a potential user was most attracted to, hoping having them to use and look at would encourage them to further build their stash.
I once had a high school teammate hear that I use cloth, and ask me a few questions via facebook. Luckily, there was a great sale going and I tracked down her address and anonymously sent her 2 BG 4.0 Artist series and a BG XS. A bit extravagant I admit, but she was pretty excited and is now a hardcore cloth diaper-er and advocate herself! And, I might add, we have now developed a friendship that FAR exceeds cloth diapering. She figured out the anonymous donor thing pretty quick, but it was great fun picking out diapers for someone else.

Another “use” for a collection of cuteness is the diaper bag! I always pack my cutest, newest diapers for any excursion, almost hoping for a good opportunity to change my baby when someone is watching. “Ask, just ask”, I am begging inside. I have been through the ins and outs in the doctor’s office…”oh what a cute diaper cover”, “actually it’s the diaper itself, see?” I have showed them off at the beach on vacation when someone admired my second all-time favorite diaper, a Flip cover in ribbit.  And be assured, every friend and relative that I have ever visited has probably seen all the inner workings.

When I first started using cloth, my very small collection was primarily made of BG pockets in butternut and grasshopper…in fact so much so that I hope to never buy those colors again! But, luckily I have been able to share my diapers enough to add some variety to my collection. The fun ones make the best photos to show off! And who knows, when people see your baby pictures with a cute fluffy bum, they might just want to ask you some questions!

Lynnette Wright lives in remote Alaska, and is the lucky stay-at-home momma of boys ages 2 and 2 months.  An originally reluctant convert to cloth, when not being entertained by her two boys, she likes to research new tricks and find deals on new diapers to “test” so that she can be a more fully educated advocate of cloth to others!
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Convince them with Cuteness

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