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For those of you who already cloth diaper, sometimes it seems like all you talk and think about are diapers. What brands you prefer, systems you like, which detergents work well for your washing system, and how much money you’re saving. But, after a few too many trips to your local cloth diaper store, and or online retailer, you’re using the “But honey, I swear we will use these for all the other kids” excuse with your husband to get him off your back.

Thus began my obsession and inadvertently, the beginning of my convincing others to jump on the proverbial cloth diaper wagon. My first converts were my mother and husband. I had a c-section due to a breech baby in September, and because of the nature of my husband’s job, my mother had to come stay with us to take care of my little baby girl and me. I had already made the commitment at that point, set up the system at the house, and prepped all the diapers. At first, my mother and husband used disposables from the diaper cake that was made for my baby shower. When those quickly ran out, I put my foot down and they started using my XS bumGenius AIOs. Later that day, my mother went into the bathroom to rinse the diaper out, like she used to do when she used prefolds with me, and discovered that these new diapers were incredibly absorbent! From that moment on, she was thoroughly impressed and ended up taking one back with her to show all of her colleagues at the NICU. My husband took a little more convincing, but his aha moment came after we put her in a disposable while I stripped all the diapers. He commented as he was putting it on her how flimsy it felt. Two down.

The next converts were friends who started reading my blog, a girl from work who I randomly started showing my diapers to at a basketball game, and an old friend from college that happened to be in town. My love for talking and blogging about cloth diapers has inadvertently turned me into a spokeswoman.

I was initially won over by one of my pregnant friends who after having had her baby, showed me one of her bumGenius AIOs. Later on in my pregnancy, another one of my work colleagues found a local cloth diapering store, and we decided to check it out one day. I walked away convinced that cloth diapering was doable and I’ve never looked back.

I guess my point is, I never set out to convince anyone to start cloth diapering, it’s just happened organically. Through interactions with friends and family members, I’ve shown people that cloth diapering isn’t just wet pails, pins, prefolds, and plastic pants. It’s full of embroidered owls, animal prints, robots, skulls, cherries, and all the colors of the rainbow.

Like I tell all my friends, for me it makes poop fun! I love it when people ask if I actually can go out and do stuff while cloth diapering. They are surprised to find out that I don’t have to use disposables when I go on a trip to the grocery store, or when we road trip down to spend time with my parents. Don't even get me started on making my own wipes wash and using cloth wipes!

With the plethora of options out there, you can easily find a system and a diaper that can work for your baby and your family, anytime and anywhere.

So if you’re wondering how you can convince others to start cloth diapering, I say, lead by example and it will happen. I’m sure every cloth diapering momma out there has a list of people who they’ve helped along. Open up your home and show your friends who are curious what your diaper system looks like. The world of cloth diapering will be won not by visibility on the news, or on the shelves at your local baby store, but with moms like you, doing what you do everyday. Go forth, diaper diva of the dirty diap, and pass on the knowledge that you’ve acquired. Let’s start a little pay it forward system, diaper style.

Cassandra Leach is a high school teacher, yoga enthusiast, and avid cloth diapering blogger currently living in Dallas, TX. To read more about her adventures in cloth diapering and mommyhood you can visit her blog at!
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How I Became an Ambassador for Cloth Diapers

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When my wife first mentioned wanting to use cloth diapers I thought that she was a little crazy. In my mind, she wanted to get rid of the ease of disposable diapers and trade it for complicated/disgusting cloth diapers. I was really hoping it was just a faze she was going through.

I was very hesitant changing my first cloth diapers. I kept thinking “you want me to actually dump/scrape the poop out of this thing (how disgusting)”. Then after I changed a few more diapers, I started to realize that it really was not that bad. As time went on and we graduated from flats to all-in-ones and pockets, I noticed that cloth can be as easy as disposables. On top of that the money we saved was a blessing to our family.

I’ve learned that sometimes mainstream products (Huggies, Pampers, ect.) may not always be what is best for our family. The money it has saved us is my favorite thing about cloth diapering. I truly believe that our switch to cloth diapers has aided us in getting out of debt.

I like the bumGenius diapers because they work just like disposable dippers. The velcro (aplix) closures are awesome when a squirmy baby is getting the best of a frustrated daddy. I have large hands and when a baby is moving a lot I have been known to accidently pinch them when trying to snap the diaper closed.

I do not like flats and covers. To me, they are probably the most complicated form of cloth diaper. If you chose this route a Snappi is a must because it eliminates the need for safety pins. I still am a little squeamish about spraying out poop, but I am manning up and tolerating it better.

A diaper sprayer is a must. We used to have a “bathroom spatula” but we have up graded to a diaper sprayer. A word of advice to any other guys who may be reading this-when buying a sprayer don’t go cheap. I made the mistake of buying a cheaper version online and it did not work. I ended up returning it and getting the more expensive Bum Genius sprayer (from Kelly’s Closet) which works great.

I have shared what our family does with cloth diapers to a few guys at work. Most of them have just had or are going to have their first child. I usually get the typical guy response. “Hum… interesting. I will have to look into that (not really intending to, but just being polite).” Oh well their loss I guess.

Matt is the proud daddy of four children, who all, at some point, have been lucky enough to be cloth diapered!
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Cloth Daddy

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My son is a heavy wetter. At 9 months old long gone are the days where just a microfiber insert will keep him dry for more than 2 hours. So probably around 6 months we started stuffing a hemp insert under the microfiber in most diapers now that’s how every diaper is. But at the beginning of the hemp stuffing at night a big microfiber insert with hemp would work. Gradually we noticed that our little guy wasn’t waking up dry. He sleeps from about 6pm-7:30am and his bedtime routine starts around 5 so he can really be wearing the diaper for 14ish hours. We came to the realization that we needed to try something new.

Enter the world of fitteds. We figured 4 would be a good number after all its only for night. So we got one of the following brands: sustainablebabyish organic bamboo fleece in small, ittibitti boo in small, Blueberry fitted, and an Ecoposh. My son at 9 months had not yet hit 14lbs. He is a tiny little guy. We also got a Blueberry cover, our neighbor gave us two small Thirsties covers so we were set.

I prepped them all and was excited for this new adventure. My husband wasn’t thrilled with something other than our pockets but our son waking up in a dry sleeper was more important to him. Looking at all the fitteds at first look the itti bitti boo small looked tiny and I was kicking myself for not getting the medium. Then I watched itti bitti’s youtube videos on fit where I saw they put the small on a 17lb 12month old and I felt better. It does fit my son just fine as well. Some other first impressions were about Ecoposh and sustainablebabyish. The Ecoposh is incredibly soft and it was also the only one with a pocket. With the sustainablebabyish I was surprised that there was an insert that couldn’t snap in. So from time to time my husband accidently leaves this insert out because it easily falls out when sitting in the diaper bin.

After using the fitteds for a few weeks now, Ecoposh is definitely my fabric it has maintained its softness and the pocket is wonderful for poop. It is a pain to diaper spray the other fitteds with their snap in inserts that lay on top and tend to flap around while spraying down the diaper. When my son outgrows his sized fitteds they will definitely be getting replaced with the Ecoposh, they are totally worth the price.

Alexandra L. is a first time mom and navy wife with another on the way. She looks forward to the diaper adventures to come with 2 under 2!
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The Wonderful World of Fitteds

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In all my research on cloth diapers, the overwhelming response to the age-old question, “Snaps or Velcro?” was a resounding: snaps. Velcro gets pilly. Velcro wears out. Older babies figure out how to undo Velcro and take their diapers off, etc. All answers pointed to snaps, and I was satisfied. The first diapers in my stash were all snaps and I was pleased. They were easy to put on, they stayed put, and my husband didn’t mind them either.

Then two things happened: 1. I went back to work part-time and would be having a nanny (a wonderful young lady who had never heard of cloth diapers) watch my daughter, and 2. My daughter mastered what we call “the death roll” and diaper changes went from a fun, bonding experience to an Olympic event. My decision to swear off Velcro because of its downsides quickly reversed. All of a sudden Velcro sounded wonderfully easy for an inexperienced nanny and extremely quick and efficient to put on.

We purchased 6 bumGenius pockets with hook and loop closures (i.e. Velcro). They came, I prepped, and we tried them out. I was instantly in love. They are quick, efficient, and they fit like a glove around her thighs and waist every time. Do I still love my snaps? Of course, but my Velcro serve a wonderful purpose in my stash that I never knew I would need.

There are definitely still downfalls to Velcro aside from the common wear and tear. Although I remember to put them back on their laundry tabs each time, it isn’t usually on my husband or nanny’s mind to remember to do so. This typically isn’t a problem unless it’s a poopy diaper. Velcro + poop = a mess! My mother in law also likes to treat them like a disposable, because they are similar to one, and will roll them up and use the Velcro tabs to stick to the outside of the diaper (much like you would roll up a disposable and fasten the tabs around it to create a “ball”). This snags the diapers and makes my skin crawl! With Velcro, there is more reminding of others that you don’t have to do with snaps.

Downfalls aside, I would say I actually prefer Velcro. So if you are researching cloth diapers for a future baby, or if you were swayed in the “only snaps!” direction like I was, take note. Velcro has its place in a cloth diapers stash and serves a wonderful purpose that snaps do not.

Bio: Michelle is a part-time stay at home mom to a beautiful 9 month old baby girl. When she isn’t scouring the Internet for fluff deals, she can be found reading, running, and hanging out with her husband and baby girl.
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Snaps or Velcro: Which is Better?

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1. Day trips to the park, playgroups or the mall:

I have been a mom for nineteen months. In that time I have downsized the diaper bag to a small backpack. I usually carry boxed juice, a sippy cup with water; a couple of small toys and books, disposable wipes, my wallet, hair clip and phone, one footy pajama for a clothing change and snacks. When it comes to diapers we use the Flip or Econobum covers. If he has a stay-dry insert at home and he is fine before we leave, I carry a wet bag to bring it home. If we are out the door and he needs a change, we switch to a biodegradable insert. I use the Gdiaper inserts because those are the ones I could buy at the store in a pinch. They work just fine with either cover. Flip has biodegradable inserts and I will probably order some when I finish with the Gdiaper inserts. If they are as good as the stay dry cloth inserts I will probably be a convert.

Because I like the convenience of traveling with a small bag, I cannot fit pocket diapers and much less carry the poopy things with me in a tight space! That is why the Flip and Econobums are excellent for traveling. The biodegradable inserts can be disposed of in any trash receptacle and it keeps things simple. Plus either of these covers can usually be wiped after a solid poop if everything was contained. Normally, I carry three inserts, an extra diaper cover, a few bags for disposal and a receiving blanket as a “changing pad”. I usually change him in the car, a friend’s floor or a grassy area. Public bathrooms are my last option and I try to avoid them if I can.

As a compliment to my downsized diaper bag I keep some essentials in the car. I carry a change of clothing for my son, a couple of my least favorite pocket diapers (purchased used), wipes, a blanket, two cotton prefolds (mostly to wipe up messes), a few empty grocery bags, a bottle of water, a coloring book with crayons, a board book and various snacks.

All this will change when my new little one arrives. I bet the diaper bag will be much bigger!

2. Day trip to part-time preschool:

I am fortunate that the part-time Parents Day Out program at a local church was happy to accept cloth diapers. My son attends twice a week for four hours. This diaper bag is a little different. To make things easier on the school I pack four labeled pocket diapers. He also wears a pocket diaper to school. A reusable medium size wet bag from Planet Wise is great for the teachers and that way I get any soiled diapers back at the end of the day. I also include disposable wipes, my son’s lunch, a change of clothes and a pacifier for nap-time. This bag is much larger, but since I do not have to carry it for long periods it works just fine!

Bio: Sofia M. is currently a SAHM to a toddler and is expecting her second child.
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Toddler Day Trips: A Tale of Two Bags

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