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Super Saturday Coupon

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Fluff Friday:
New Swaddlebees Capri cover and insert (1 of each) a Rafflecopte r giveaway
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Fluff Friday 169

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Angie Christensen Anderson!

She will receive:
1 itti bitti tutto in carnivale
1 itti bitti red wet bag

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 168 WINNER!

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We started cloth diapering our oldest son at about one month old using a Live GroBaby set (which we purchased before they re-branded to GroVia). When we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, we knew we wanted to use the same system but we couldn’t afford to double our stash of GroVia cotton soakers. I started researching alternatives but was struggling to find something that I thought would work and that was in our budget. At about that time, the Flats challenge was all over the internet on every cloth diaper site I visited. I had never heard of flats but I decided to give it a try, though I was skeptical. I wasn’t ready to invest in the flats available on Kelly’s closet (though I will say that I was SUPER tempted). I just wasn’t convinced that they were going to work for our family. How could they possibly be absorbent enough?!

So, instead, I went to my local store chain store and picked up a pack of flour sack style towels. I’d read that they make great flats and if they didn’t work, I’d only be out around 5 bucks. I tossed them into the washer and anxiously waited for the cycle to finish. Once they were done drying, I began practicing different folds. I decided that simply folding it into a long rectangle would be the easiest to use with our GroVia shells. I used one at my son’s next diaper change and I knew right then that I was going to LOVE them!

Here are the advantages to flats I’ve found over 4 months of use:

  1. I've found that flats retain less funk than my cotton soaker pads because they come completely unfolded in the wash and are able to get cleaner more easily.
  2. I’ve never had an issue with build-up.
  3. They are surprisingly absorbent.
  4. They are readily available.
  5. They are inexpensive.
  6. They are trim.
  7. They are easy to fold.
  8. They do not require a snappi or pins (unless you prefer a more complicated fold).
  9. They can easily be hand washed.
  10. They dry quickly.
  11. My husband actually likes them, too!
Now that our daughter is here, we exclusively diaper her in the cotton soakers and our son in the flour sack flats. I found that the flour sacks were awkwardly long in a GroVia shell set at the smallest snap setting but they work perfectly on the large snap setting for our son.

I am so glad to have found flats. They have made cloth diapering that much more affordable and doable for two under 2. I plan to use flats on my daughter once she is on solids and a larger snap setting on our GroVia shells. I hope to participate in the Flats challenge this year!

Mindy is mom to a beautiful newborn girl and a wonderful toddler boy. She loves cloth diapering and loves to write about her experiences!
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How Flats Saved the Fluff for Baby #2

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  • Like to post pictures of your little one on Facebook, just to show off his or her cute diaper.
  • Feel the need to purchase diapers when they go on “buy ___ get one free” sales.
  • Check the “Fluffy Deal of the Day” on a daily basis at Kelly’s Closet, just in case it is something you “need.”
  • Take time to carefully and artfully craft your argument to your spouse as to why more diapers need to be bought.
  • Try to figure out if it is Stacy or Calley writing the post on’s Facebook page before you see the name –and you can guess correctly more often than not.
  • Want to have both boys and girls in order to get to buy diapers for both sexes.
  • Have made your spouse as obsessed about them as you are.
  • Give cloth diapers as gifts.
  • Hear your baby’s first words and they are “triple dollar days.”
  • Look fondly and with pride at your diaper stash after everything has just been washed and put away.
  • Mainly tried out mama cloth for yourself because of the cloth diapers you use on your little one.
  • Could technically go for weeks without washing diapers because your stash is that large.
  • Have your computer and camera’s memory card full of pictures of your baby’s padded tush.
  • Are envious of people who can make their own cloth diapers.
  • Can and do make your own cloth diapers.
  • Love talking to people about the benefits of using cloth diapers and your personal experiences using them.
  • Have a hard time pulling yourself away from the computer when the Fluffy Deal of the Day gets changed every couple of hours.
  • Cannot stop looking at your newly arrived diapers for the next couple of days.
  • Find yourself daydreaming about what your next purchase will be, or how to spend your gift certificate.
  • Are saddened a bit at the thought of having to pack away the diapers when your little one outgrows them or is potty trained.
  • Enjoy reading diaper blogs like The Cloth Diaper Whisperer.
  • Diapers and gift certificates to Kelly’s Closet are on your wish list.
  • Find yourself taking your time when changing your little one’s diaper when out in public, in order to show off the cute diaper being worn.
  • Visit and post on’s Facebook page at least once a week.
  • Scour the internet for diaper giveaways.
  • Enter your tracking numbers into the mail system, hoping your package somehow magically jumps in status from “Electronic Shipping Info Received” to “Out for Delivery.”
  • Buy diapers for specific occasions, holidays, and seasons (i.e. Christmas, fall, winter, spring, summer, Halloween, Fourth of July, favorite sports team, etc).
  • Coordinate your little one’s Halloween outfit around his or her cloth diaper.
  • Look out the window every time you hear a large vehicle drive by when expecting “fluffy” mail.
  • Spent way more money than you intended on cloth diapers and accessories between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you “forgot” to mention it to your spouse!
I am sure all of you have many more that can be added to this list, so please be sure to add your additional ones in the comments below because I would love to read them!  And thanks to those who gave me ideas for the list, it was a lot of fun to compile, and I am guilty of too many of them!

by Rebecca Brown
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You May Be A Cloth Diaper Addict If You…

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The first time I tried cloth diapers, I used a Gerber pre-fold with a snapi under a size one Thirsties cover. It worked perfectly. There were no leaks and changing was no big deal. What I was not prepared for was the wet prefold. I know it sounds silly, but at the time I was at the changing table with a wet prefold and nowhere to put it. Like many of us, I am a “googler”. Yet for some reason I did not turn to it to answer this question. Was it baby brain? All I knew was that my mother used disposables. My mother in law used a diaper service and I remembered her stories of hauling a wet pail downstairs. I did not like the idea of having to produce a wet pail that instant. I thought: “What is a wet pail? A bucket of water and soap?” In any case, I changed my baby into a disposable diaper and I wrapped the wet prefold in a used grocery bag and threw it out. Yes, people. Guilty as charged. In my defense, I washed the Thirsties cover.

Fast-forward one year and I am pregnant with baby number two. Due to many breastfeeding problems and hormonal issues, I know baby number two will be formula fed. Baby number one is a toddler under two years old and not potty trained. I will have two babies in diapers and one that needs formula! The idea of spending that kind of money every month was just terrifying. I started researching cloth diapering in earnest. Paying most attention to what to do with the poop and the wet diapers. Thankfully, the wet pail is mostly a thing of the past (phew!) and a dry pail is just fine. I bought a Planet Wise liner and a “tall” plastic trash can with a lid. Now I would not throw out a wet prefold! The poop is not a problem, since a toddler’s poop rolls out of the diaper into the toilet. No need to rinse most of the time. I am sure this will change with a newborn, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

A local store stocks cloth diapers. After much pondering, I bought two Flips with stay dry inserts and three Econobums with hemp inserts. I went home and prepped the diapers. By the time I was done, it was nighttime. We were having a lot of trouble with my son’s disposables leaking overnight. In fact, we were using disposables a size larger and yet sometimes he would soak through the diaper! I read everywhere that hemp absorbs very well so we tried it. Why not? I was dealing with leaky diapers at least once a week. Another one would not be a big deal. That first night, my son used a Flip cover with a stay dry insert over an Econobum hemp prefold. The next morning I had a happy toddler that had not leaked! And to my surprise he was dry. I could not believe that the stay dry insert actually stayed dry! Call me skeptical, but I just could not believe that cloth could do that. The inserts went into the dry pail (not the trash). I wiped the Flip cover and put on another hemp prefold. I was back in the store that day and bought more Flip stay dry inserts. I have even added cloth wipes!

I quickly supplemented my growing stash with new bumGenius pocket diapers and bought some used Happy Heinys. This way I don’t have to wash every day. The dry pail does not smell like I thought it would. Pregnant ladies out there, you know how the nose changes! I cannot smell a thing with the lid closed. My husband does most of our nighttime routine therefore, we use the bumGenius pocket with two inserts overnight. I have no leaks to report. Gladly, by now I know I could also use a Flip or an Econobum with two stay dry inserts get no leaks either.

I find cloth-diapering fun and I wish my son was younger and that the weather was warmer so that he could run around in his cute diaper. Soon a new addition will come home and I will be able to do just that! That reminds me I need to get her some coordinating baby legs!

Bio: Sofia M. is currently a SAHM to a toddler and is expecting her second child.
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I Once Threw Out A Wet Prefold

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I started cloth diapering my son for one of the most often heard about reasons. We needed to save money. After we got them and started using them I knew I was going to keep it up since he seemed to love them and they were just so soft. Even my husband agreed they seemed much more comfortable than the disposables. After about another month I noticed more things that I think should be brought up when talking about the pluses to cloth diapering:

  • The nursery actually smells good again. I am asthmatic so I can't use any faintly strong smelling air fresheners or things like that or it closes my chest up so I was very happy when I noticed as soon as we switched to cloth, the smell in his room improved a lot. I know it is because the poo goes in the toilet and not just sitting in the trash can till later that day when I can take it out. It might also help that I only have enough diapers for a full days use so I do laundry every day.
  • I feel as though my detergent lasts longer. I have to admit I am doing a no-no and using a not so highly recommended detergent on my diapers but the way I see it is I have been using it for almost 3 months now and not had any issues so I might be ok. But back to the point, one would think that with all the laundry that comes with cloth diapers you would run out of detergent faster. Nope. I mean, maybe slowly but to me it feels like it lasted longer.
  • No more trips to the store for diapers. I never realized how much time was wasted taking those trips for diapers. Now they can be washing while I do my cleaning. Easy.
  • Last but most certainly not least, no more trips to the trash can/dumpster. Granted I got exercise from it, I think that was the only good to come of all those trips. Making multiple trips to the trash got real old real fast and I LOVE not needing to do it any more.
I think that about covers it for me. Everyone talks about the main pluses for cloth (environment, savings, no chemicals) and that got me thinking about all my reasons for sticking with it. I wanted to share those reasons for anyone that might be thinking about trying cloth but is tired of hearing about the 3 main reasons to do it. I just gave you a few more :)

Jessica young mom with a 9 month old who is trying to walk already and another one on the way. She looks forward to jumping into cloth diapers from the start with the next one.
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Often Overlooked Pluses to Cloth

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers