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The most challenging thing that came with cloth diapering our little ones was the laundry. Oh the dreaded laundry!

Unfortunately, you can't just throw a dirty diaper in your normal hamper and wash them like your other laundry. It's a whole different monster to figure out, and after month of trial and error, we finally found the system that works for our growing family of 5!

I have to admit, when I began cloth diapering, the only thing I wanted to spend money on was my stash! Which meant cutting every corner possible when storing dirty diapers. We began by stashing them in tied grocery bags, yikes. It worked OK for a little bit. Until a few months later I gave in and bought a hanging zippered wet bag that everyone seemed to be raving about. I loved it at first, being able to toss it in the washer with the diapers and not having an actual trash can taking up space in our tiny little laundry room. Months later, the zipper on it went haywire! It wouldn't zip, it was ripping off the seam leaving a "hole" in the top of the wet bag when closed. We all know that even just a small hole or open spot can let out a ton of yucky odor. My husband tried to fix it with a zip tie (we spent $30 on the thing, had to try!) but we eventually ended up throwing it out.

We had one more thing to try- the pail and liner, for some reason I had really been dreading this system. I bought a medium size trash can with a lid that shut tightly, and a pack of cheap trash bags until the liner came in the mail. First diaper in, and I was in-love! Why didn't we just do this in the first place? So, so easy, and the absolute best part for me is we do not smell a thing! No odor seeping out even when it's full to the brim! We still get the convenience of the wet bag by being able to toss in the liner, too. No bags, no faulty zippers, no odors! To think it took cloth diapering our second child, and months into it to figure this out just proves that cloth diapering can be quite the learning experience and series of trial and error! But I am so thankful we found the system that works for us as we are expecting our fourth child, our third cloth diaper baby!

Shay is a stay at home mom of three little girls, a foster mom, and a regular TCDW blog contributor. When she's not homeschooling, changing diapers, or snapping pictures, she spends time blogging about their journey in the foster care system, family, cloth diapering, and raising kids. You can follow along at
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Finding a laundry system that works!

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Today I read Gina’s confession about her cloth diaper wash routine. I, too, have a confession to make regarding my wash routine.

I use powdered Tide on my cloth diapers.

I’ve been cloth diapering for two years. When my oldest son started solids, we began to have issues with the wash routine we had finally perfected. Then Rockin’ Green came out with their Hard Rock formula and it worked great! A few short months later, we moved across town and, again, our perfected routine left our diapers smelling like ammonia. It got to the point where our son’s bottom was red and irritated after every single change, our dryer was retaining odor and so were our clothes.

I played with every aspect of the wash routine. I tweaked the number of diapers per load; I added towels to the load to increase agitation; I tried different temperatures of water combined with every different type of detergent I had (which by this time was 5); I stripped the diapers with hot water and RLR. Nothing was working. Finally, I emailed the gurus at Kelly’s Closet who suggested I run an empty load in my washer with some bleach, as well as wipe down our dryer with water and bleach. It still didn’t solve the problem. So, I did the last thing I thought any true fluffer would ever do.

I bought a box of Tide original powder.

I tentatively washed a load of clothing and instantly the smell in our washer was gone and the clothing no longer retained odor after being dried. After testing the washed clothing on my son’s sensitive skin to make sure he wouldn’t react, I threw in the dirty diapers. I can’t believe the difference it has made in our diapers. We no longer have the horrible smell, ammonia rashes or leaks.

Currently, I rinse the diapers with cold water. Then I run a full cycle with 3 tablespoons of Original Tide powder. Then I run another cold rinse to get the diapers squeaky clean. I know Tide doesn’t work for everyone and it isn’t the most widely accepted detergent for cloth diaper users, but it has made things so much easier for me!

Like Gina, I feel much better getting that out in the open.

Mindy Hill is mom to two beautiful children and a cloth diaper addict! She loves to read about cloth diapers and is often inspired by what she reads on the cloth diaper whisperer!
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Inspired Cloth Diaper Washing Confession

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Even before I became pregnant, I was giddy about cloth diapers. I researched. I scoured the Internet. I dreamed of finally getting pregnant, having a baby, and getting to use cloth diapers. Surprisingly, my love of cloth didn’t come from a friend or family member. No one close to me used cloth on their babies, so my “role models” were mommy bloggers online.

While pregnant, I shared our decision to use cloth on our daughter when she was born with friends and family. Our decision was met with mostly skepticism. I can’t tell you the number of times I was told, “You will never make it.” Or, “Good luck the first time she has a blow out and you have to clean it up!” I would smile and nod, knowing in my head I couldn’t wait to prove the nay-sayers wrong.

Our daughter arrived, and we waited a few weeks until she fit into our OS diapers (next time I will definitely cloth diaper from the minute the baby is born and I can’t wait!). From the day we started, around 8 weeks, my husband and I have been in love with cloth diapering and have never questioned our decision. When I change my daughter in front of other moms who have never seen a modern cloth diaper, I usually get a few questions about the laundry, the clean up, and if I like them. Without going into a giddy rant, I try to sum up my love for our cloth diapers in a quick, “They are so easy and we couldn’t be happier with them!” I always hope said moms will ask more questions because cloth diapers are my favorite things to talk about, but I still haven’t encountered a mama who wanted to know more…

Until one day I got a voicemail from a long time friend. “Hi! I decided on a whim to start cloth diapering and I need a role model. Call me back.” If a smile could be bigger than ear to ear, that was the smile on my face. I immediately called my friend back and tried not to talk her ear off and overwhelm her. She had stopped into a local cloth diaper store, bought a few Flip covers, inserts, and some laundry detergent, and headed on her way. I had just discovered my love for the Flip system so we chatted a bit about that. She was going to wash her diapers and start the next morning with her little guy and she would let me know how it went. The rest of the day we texted back and forth about laundry tips, storing tips, wet bags, and more. I was in cloth diaper sharing heaven!

Like most mamas, she was addicted after one day. I think it was less than a week later that she sent me a picture of her first homemade wet bag (did I mention she is crafty?). Within 2 weeks, she had gone back and bought a few other types and brands of diapers to try out. It feels so great to know that my “crazy decision” has led even just one more baby to a fluffy bum.

Fresh off my cloth diapering sharing success, I had the guts to take a chance on a newly pregnant friend. Kelly’s Closet was having an awesome deal on the book, “Changing Diapers”. I decided to send it to her with a card explaining my love for cloth diapers and how our journey has gone in case she may be interested in looking into cloth diapering her baby in a few months. I was nervous to step out on the ledge (why is it that we feel we are bothering other mamas when it is something that is better for baby, Earth, and pocket book?) and send it, but I did it anyway. She emailed me a few days later saying she was excited to read the book and that she had actually discussed cloth diapers with her husband after they found out they were expecting.

Again, I smiled ear to ear. I am so glad I got the guts to reach out and share a little of my love for cloth diapers with another mama. I can’t wait to do it again!

Bio: Michelle is a part time stay at home mom to her 9-month-old daughter. When she isn’t reading cloth diapering blogs or scouring the Internet for fluff deals, she can be found reading, running, or out and about with her husband and baby girl.
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Sharing the Love of Cloth

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How does that saying go… “you can take the teacher out of teaching, but you can’t take teaching out of the teacher?” Ok, so maybe not exactly, but that’s the way I feel most days. I moved from being a teacher to working for a non-profit 6 years ago, but I still love getting in front of a classroom! These days, my pupils are new moms and my subject is cloth diapering!

I’m not sure how I first came across the idea of cloth diapering, but after a lot of research, I knew that I wanted to do it. I was not cloth diapered as a baby, so when I told my mom about it, she told me I was crazy. So I started telling her about all the benefits and showed her the diapers I planned to use. It didn’t take long to win her over. Several of my friends who are also moms thought I was crazy as well, and I guess that is when my educating began!

The hospital where my daughter was delivered offers weekly classes and check-ins for new moms. While attending those classes with my newborn daughter, I learned about breastfeeding, how to wash her clothes, and how to use the library. That was when a light bulb went on that this was the perfect audience to share my new-found passion of cloth diapering with. After talking with some of the nurses, I was put on the schedule for the next month. I wrote up a hand-out, with pictures, descriptions, instructions, and lots of links to places where moms could get good info. I also bought a sample of each different kind of diaper so that moms could see and feel them.

My first “class” went great and I was thrilled with the reception and questions I got. I was then contacted by an Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) coordinator who invited me to speak monthly at her newborn class. From there, I was contacted by Community Education coordinators in several school districts, and another ECFE coordinator. I now do several classes each month with different audiences. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m so proud to share this diapering option with new moms.

I am fortunate to have a very flexible full-time job that allows me to volunteer my time in this way and get my “teaching fix”. If you are interested in sharing cloth diapers with new moms in your area, I would encourage you to reach out to mom’s group organizers, ECFE coordinators, and Community Education directors. They are usually always looking for new ideas and presenters. You don’t have to be an expert, just knowledgeable. Moms love getting advice from other moms!

Ok moms, take your seats! Class is in session!

Bio: Mamie is a full-time working mom of busy, 18-month old Clara. She is a proud cloth diaper advocate who has educated over 200 moms about the benefits of using cloth!
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Class Is In Session

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Unlike many other cloth-diapering parents that I’ve talked too, my husband was an early convert to cloth diapering. Once I shared my exhaustive research on the how-to’s, cost savings and functionality of using cloth over disposables he jumped right on board. He quickly saw that using cloth meant fewer diaper blowouts and less diaper rash. He was also particularly happy about the cost-savings over disposables. Even though I am the cloth diaper researcher in this household he definitely gets credit for changing and washing just as many diapers as I do. He’s even given impromptu sales pitches on why you should choose cloth diapers when changing our daughter around friends and family.

Since our daughter was born he has happily become a cloth diapering dad! However, lest you think we are the perfect couple you should know that there is one area of cloth diapering that we tend disagree about, having a variety of diapers! I love to see new prints and try new types of diapers. In my mind each diaper made has something interesting about it so why wouldn’t we give it a shot and see how it works for us? Also, I’ll admit one of the reasons I love cloth is the adorable factor. My daughter looks so great in the Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 prints and the new bumgenius colors! How could I pass up trying the itti bitti’s, they are so soft! So while I am drawn in by the new styles available, my husband has a bit of a different philosophy.

My husband has a mantra about diapers that he tends to stick with, “if it’s not broken why are we trying to fix it?” In his mind we have already found the perfect diaper so he asks the question, “why are we still searching for something else?” He compares all other brands to what he considers the most perfect of all diapers created. Which brand does he stake all of his diaper allegiance to you ask? He is unabashedly loyal to the bumgenius 4.0s in snaps. In his mind no other diaper will ever measure up to the performance and quality of this diaper.

This results in some interesting conversations between the two of us. For example the first time he pulled out a Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 he managed to put it on backwards and came to me complaining about the “broken” diaper I purchased. I quickly pointed out the adorable Owls print and noted the trim fit of the diaper (after putting it on my daughter correctly). He responded by stating its inherent flaws compared to his most favored brand. We have had this discussion repeatedly as various diapers have made their way into our stash. What I’ve found is that given some time and few practice rounds he’s come to like some of my deviations from his beloved bumgenius. For example, he can now appreciate the softness of the itti bitti’s and the fun AppleCheek’s prints. But I still make sure that the bumgenius 4.0s are well stocked for him so he can keep up his role as a great cloth diapering dad.

Bio: Kara W. is the momma of an adventurous 14 month-old girl and partner to a great cloth-loving husband. She also blogs at
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A Very Happy Cloth-Diapering Dad

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