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Fluff Friday: 1 EcoPosh Trainer & 1 BecoThings Potty a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Fluff Friday 164

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is
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She will receive:
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I have a confession to make. I do a big NO-NO each time I wash cloth diapers, and I don’t even feel bad about it. I started doing this “bad” thing when I started using a new HE washer and had to completely change my diaper wash routine. Are you ready? Here it is…


Yes, it’s true. I use Original Liquid HE Tide that can be purchased at any given super store, grocery store, or in-the-middle-of-nowhere store every single time I wash cloth diapers. I fill the cap to the #1 line during the cold wash and the hot wash, plus add baking soda. And, I haven’t had one issue since I switched. I tried all the natural/Free & Clear/Free & Gentle versions and they worked in my old top loading washer, but the only one that works in my HE Top Loader is the blue straight up original Tide. No need to pull your hair out trying to find the “right” detergent, you’re a parent and you have enough to worry about. Many moms swear by this detergent and now I’m one of them. There, I said it. And, I feel much better.

Gina is a green living advocate, and mom of two boys (ages 2 & 3), who has cloth diapered exclusively for 3 years. A self-proclaimed tree hugger, she loves to share the benefits of all things natural and organic.

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Cloth Diaper Washing Confession

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I’ve had to put most of my original cloth diaper stash to rest. Or at least it’s temporarily retired until we figure out how to resolve our hard water issues. Stinky like sulphur and loaded with minerals and sediment that eat away at our sink and tub fixtures, I should have anticipated that our water would present some challenges with cloth diapers. We also have an HE frontloader which is wonderful at conserving water but never truly rinses our diapers clean.

Though we’ve experimented with every wash cycle and detergent imaginable and have tried various water softeners in the wash water, the ammonia stinkies keep coming back. Every time I think I’ve finally come up with THE cycle, the odor returns and my son’s diaper zone becomes red and irritated again.

So, sadly, the following diapers--that have been the biggest offenders--will be resting in peace:
The common denominator is that they all have microfiber inserts and fleece or microsuede lining. We have loved using all of these diapers--especially the Kawaiis and Happy Heinys which fit our generously sized baby so well—but even the pocket linings themselves have absorbed and retained the stink.

What we’re using now:
Additionally, for our older daughter we’re using a new Grovia trainer with an added Thirsties hemp insert for overnights (the final frontier!) and we’re doing pretty well with it as long as we cut down on the fluids prior to bedtime. I’ve got a second Grovia trainer on my wish list.

With the exception of the fleece liners, the common theme here is bamboo, cotton and hemp. The flats wash nice and clean. The prefolds can be boiled when all else fails. The bamboo is holding its own. The natural fibers have fared better for us though my son is very sensitive to moisture so we have to change him even more frequently. We also still make use of fleece liners to have at least a partial barrier between him and the moisture. The only natural fiber that we have found we need to steer clear of is wool since my son, sadly, has an allergic reaction to it. I’m still clinging on to the hope that it may be the type of wool used in our specific cover and may try another brand just to be sure but the cost is a little daunting.

I definitely miss the ease and stay-dry nature of my pockets. We also have yet to find the best solution/folds for my son’s build (long torso, extra chunky thighs and generous waist) with the more traditional flats and prefolds but we’re committed to working on it. The flats are most conveniently used as an insert in the bamboo pockets paired with 1 bamboo insert for overnights right now.

In the meantime, we’re having our water tested and hope to find an affordable way to address our hard water issues. Keeping our fingers crossed and our full stash waiting in the wings!
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Hard Water Heartache

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A few short months ago, I wrote about my goal to exclusively cloth diaper my newborn from day one (you can find the original post here). I am sad to report that I failed but I learned several lessons about newborn cloth diapering that I wanted to share.

Our newborn stash included 2 Bummis Newborn packs, one Fuzzibunz newborn diaper and one Thirsties diaper cover in the smaller size. Unfortunately, it simply wasn’t enough. Our daughter is a SUPER soaker, something I didn’t expect. Our son never seemed to wet his diapers like his sister does. Every half hour our daughter would completely soak her Bummis prefold and would often leak out onto her outfit. In addition, every time she pooped, it would get on the shell. My original plan was to hand wash the shells, allow them to air dry and simply cycle through them until I needed to wash the prefolds. However, the poop didn’t wash out easily by hand and our daughter would soil a shell at almost every diaper change. If you do the math, you will realize that if our daughter soiled a shell at almost every diaper change and we were changing her every half hour, 5 shells simply didn’t last. There was never enough time for the shells to dry and never enough prefolds to last a whole day (To anyone hoping to cloth diaper exclusively, I’d suggest purchasing more than 24 inserts and 5 shells, even if that sounds crazy!). We used them as often as possible but we did have to use disposables more than I would have ever liked to.

Fortunately, our little girl was a rather large newborn- weighing in at 9 pounds, 1 ounce. It didn’t take long for her to fit into the GroVia diapers. Now that she is in the AI2s, we are able to cloth diaper more. We still are using disposables at night because our Knickernappies Super Do Pre-washed Inserts are just too bulky for the rise setting she uses. She sleeps up to 5 hours at a time and we need something more absorbent than a cotton soaker pad for my super soaker. I will say we’ve had several blowouts with the disposables and I can’t wait to find a cloth night time solution.

My goal is to save up enough to purchase the smaller size of the Super Do use until she is big enough for the large inserts. For our next little, I plan to at least double our stash so that I can use two prefolds per diaper change if s/he is a super soaker like our daughter. I like how the Bummis newborn shells fit and they worked well, so I will stick with them the next go around.

As for our current stash of newborn diapers, my husband convinced a coworker to use them until her little one fits in the stash of Fuzzibunz she ordered. My hope is that in doing so, we can further reduce waste. And though she may not be able to use them exclusively, it surely is better than nothing.

Mindy is mom to a beautiful newborn girl and a spirited toddler boy. She enjoys cloth diapering and writing about her cloth diaper adventures.
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Giving Exclusivity a Shot: An Update

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I am so excited that Kelly’s Closet is now carrying one of my favorite cloth diapering systems, Hiney Lineys! While it is a fairly “new kid on the block”, it quickly became my go-to diaper, and when I share it with my cloth diapering pals, they fall in love with it too!

At first glance, this unique system might seem a little bit confusing, but I want to share with you how simple, versatile, and FUN it is! Think of the Hiney Liney system as a sandwich.

1. The Versa cover is the bottom layer of the sandwich. Hiney Liney Versa covers come in hook and look, or side snaps. It is made out of a PUL outer, and a really soft nylon on the inside providing water proofing and comfort.

2. The “Liney” is the top layer of the sandwich. It is made out of stay-dry suedecloth and snaps into the cover at two locations…at the tabs and in the front, under a pocket that holds in your diaper “filling”. If you have a baby sensitive to wetness, the snap-in Liney is the answer to your problem. In the past, some people have placed a stay-dry layer on top of their insert, but they often move around and get bunched up. The ingenious snap-in Liney takes care of that problem and also provides an additional barrier to prevent leaks and solids escaping.

3. The middle of your sandwich is where the fun comes in! The “filling” you put in your diaper is totally customizable!

Hiney Lineys allow you to put any kind of insert, or combination of inserts, between the Liney and Versa cover! Hiney Lineys does have a great insert that you can snap in to the Liney, but if you are cloth diapering on a budget, Hiney Lineys is your system! By purchasing a few covers and Lineys, and a handful of inexpensive inserts, you can really diaper on a dime. I received some second hand Bummis newborn prefolds, and they fit perfectly in the cover. I also have a bunch of birdseye flats that also work well under the Liney. Sometimes I add an additional booster to my flats if we are out and about, but the beauty of this system is that the front pocket keeps the inserts from shifting around. Many of us have microfiber inserts sitting around…grab one of those and slide it under the Liney!

 There are many other benefits to the Hiney Liney system. Since I’m generally washing only inserts and Lineys, cloth diaper laundry time is a breeze! I usually get diaper funk because I have hard water, but if I use cotton or hemp with my Lineys, I never have stinky diapers. Packing a diaper bag has never been easier for me…I just grab some flats, and few Lineys, and an extra cover, and we are good to go! No more bulky diaper bags. Got a serious poo mess? Just knock off your solids and place the whole thing in the diaper pail. No need to unsnap the Liney, and the insert will agitate right out. Do you like to use prefolds and Snappis? The Hiney Liney cover is a must-have for your diaper stash. The cover will keep your baby dry, but the nylon inside is soft and won’t make your baby uncomfortable. I know many babies who are sensitive to PUL covers, but give the Hiney Liney cover a try. The best of all, Hiney Lineys are made in the USA by work at home moms and grandmoms.

Give Hiney Lineys a try! I think you’ll have lots of fun trying out different insert combinations with this well thought out product, and be glad that you are supporting a made in the USA, WAHM business!

Bio: Caryn Lantz is a proud new mom though domestic adoption. When not doting over her almost one year-old, she works full time as a communications specialist and editor, and is also a freelance knit wear designer and technical editor. You can follow here on Twitter at or on her blog at
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Hiney Lineys: Versatility Made Simple!

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Toni K. is a Cloth Diapering, Charity Running, Green Saving Mama!

Toni K. lives in Broken Arrow, OK and is mom to Michael (2.5 years old) and Samuel (15 months). She launched her own charitable organization to help families in Oklahoma affected by the devastating tornadoes last May. Find out what Toni has to say about diapering, motherhood and everything in between:

What is the #1 reason you cloth diaper your baby? I decided to cloth diaper my little one to save some “green.” The Cotton Babies' "Change 3 Things" Challenge initially inspired me. By only changing three cloth diapers a day, I save an average of $260 a year.

Who has been your biggest cloth diapering supporter/cheerleader? It has to be my husband! He loves that we're saving money, plus it's been so easy!

What is your favorite diaper and why? My favorite diaper has to be the bumGenius 4.0! It's made the transition to cloth diapering effortless. I'm super excited about the bumGenius Freetime.

If you had one superhero power, what would it be and why? I would love to be able to perform several tasks at once. Cook dinner, load the dishwasher, get the washing machine loaded, pocket diapers stuffed, toilet scrubbed, floors mopped, etc. I guess I'm envisioning lots of arms. Now, that would be a funny looking superhero!

Describe your parenting style using three words. Patient. Gentle. Loving.

What is one product you absolutely can't live without! Since my little ones have been dealing with seasonal cold symptoms, my must-have baby product at the moment is a nasal aspirator! I also love my Boppy pillow!

How do you think being a mother has changed you? Becoming a mother has definitely made me a more proactive, ambitious person. These traits drove me to reach out to the Hamil Family after they tragically lost their two sons after the May 24th Oklahoma storms and tornadoes. The initial outreach for the Hamil Family then turned into a charitable endeavor, Shower of Hope Oklahoma, whose desire is to help families and children affected by Oklahoma storms, tornadoes and other natural disasters.
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January Spotlight Mom

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