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Fluff Friday 163

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is
Mindee Butcher!

She will receive:
Hiney Liney's prize package: One versa cover, one liney, one insert, and one Fluff Bling

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 162 WINNER!

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I store my diapers in the way that works best for me. I have seen countless amazing ways to do it but just thought I would share my easy and inexpensive option to storing diapers.

I have a Munchkin baby care cart that has whells to move around if needed and only costs about 20 bucks! I have 25 pocket diapers(BG 4.0's and Kawaii GNHW), prefolds, 6 covers(Flip and Kawaii) 2 all in two's(itti bitti d'lish), and about 30 random hemp and microfiber inserts that I fit in here along with my cloth wipes that I store in a disposable wipes container and all of my other supplies.

I use a squirt bottle for my wipe solution and I just spray and wipe. I personally love to have my pockets ready for use by prestuffing them because my son is very active and its hard enough to get him to stay still to get changed without also having to stuff his diaper. I put these in one section on the top so that its easy for my husband to find if he needs to. On the other side on top I have a basket with my CJ's butter, lotions, spray for wipes, Kissaluvs concentrate to make spray, Snappi's, liners and other misc. baby stuff.

On the second shelf I keep my Kawaii good night heavy wetters prestuffed with one microfiber and one hemp insert for overnight along with all my covers and a couple AI2's that i tried out but didnt love. On the other side I keep my prefolds and all my microfiber and hemp inserts that are extras. The bottom two rows are misc. stuff. I keep my one large Rumparooz wet bag in my bathroom and it hangs on my closet door so it is out of the way and I use a diaper sprayer for poopy diapers and I have to say my diaper sprayer is my favorite accessory. I started without one and now that I have one it is so much easier to clean dirty diapers!

I have a medium Planet Wise wet bag that I keep in my diaper bag for when im not at home. I use a Skip Hop diaper bag and I have never had problems fitting everything in it. I also exclusively breast feed so I have more space because I dont have bottles or formula cans. I have never used a changing table because I find it is easier to change diapers on the floor or on my bed if its not a poopy one!

My son is only 8 months old and still nurses and cosleeps so as of now i keep this storage cart in my room but I like that once he sleeps in his own room I can easily move it in there. Good luck finding a way that works great for you, and have fun with it. Isnt that what cloth diaperig is all about? I suggest making sure you have some extra space because you can never have too many cloth diapers and believe me the cute ones are hard to resist! ;)

Rachel is a stay at home, proud cloth diapering mom and wife to an amazing husband, 6 year old son, 4 year old daughter and 8 month old son who loves being green and teaching others how easy it is to be green. She is passionate about breastfeeding and organic living and loves to shop for cloth diapers.
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Cloth Diaper Storing

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Crib, bedding, car seat, stroller, clothes, bouncer, swing, diapers, wipes… Diapers, wipes… Diapers, wipes… Diapers, wipes… Diapers, wipes… (Did someone hit the repeat button?)

You have 40 weeks to purchase one crib, one bedding set, one car seat, one stroller, etc… why is it then that most people get caught hitting the repeat button when it comes to buying disposable diapers and wipes? Why not purchase one set (set being how every many you feel you need for your family) of cloth diapers, one set of cloth wipes and re-use them for the entire duration of your child and future children’s diapering life? Not to say that you won’t become fully addicted to Cloth Diapers and find yourself purchasing some new fluff once in a while, but at least you won’t be throwing them in the garbage after one use!

Well this is our third time around the 40 week block and this time we are doing something very different, we put a stop to the repetitive action of buying disposable diapers and wipes! Our oldest (3) is potty trained and our youngest (2) is still in diapers, cloth diapers! P has been in cloth for 2 months, he wears the One Size Fuzzi Bunz. Upon the arrival of their little sister, we will have not one but two children in cloth diapers, something that myself and my camera are very excited to capture! We plan on cloth diapering her right from birth, my husband has strict instructions to make sure that a nice fluffy bamboo lined newborn diaper is the first thing to hit her bottom, not a chemically filled disposable!

While our One Size Fuzzi Bunz fit our 28 pounder GREAT, I was not sure they would fit a 6-8 pound newborn the same way, especially an EBF baby.

And so started my 40 week preparation for Cloth Diapering a Newborn! I started by googling newborn cloth diapers! Anyone that has ever researched this, oh my wow there is an abundance of information, an overwhelming amount of choices and everyone has a different opinion or thought! I made a spreadsheet with all the different types of newborn cloth diapers and started sifting through the information, reviews, etc. My list changed daily as to what I wanted to try and what I wanted to spend money on. The first diaper on my list was the XS Fuzzi Bunz, just because I love the One Size so much, I was certain my love would expand to this diaper as well. After getting 2 free XS Fuzzi Bunz from Kelly’s Closet, using their fluff mail coupon they were offering at the time, I knew I wanted more of them, I ordered 6 (thank you Kelly’s Closet for such great promotions) and still plan to purchase 4-6 more.

My mother wanted to get us some diapers as a baby gift and asked what we wanted, so I sent her my list containing 15 different diaper choices (I wasn’t sure what I really wanted so I left everything that caught my eye on our list). She was very overwhelmed to say the least. She emailed me back stating “You want me to choose the best one??????”. I knew I had to further my research and find out what I really wanted in my newborn cloth diaper stash, but I was overwhelmed…

Through my initial research I found one item that most moms agreed on, their love for Prefolds! Not necessarily agreeing on the brand/Indian/Chinese/Bleached/Unbleached, but that they loved Prefolds (regardless of the details) for newborns! So I set my focus on Prefolds for about a week, researched the difference between Indian and Chinese, Bleached and Unbleached, and the different fits. I decided that the one’s I like the best were the OsoCozy “Better Fit” Unbleached Prefold Diapers, so I ordered a dozen of them in the Infant size. After receiving the contents of that package, I realized I wanted a few covers for over the tops, I put 3 Thirsites XS Diaper Covers and a 2 Thirsites Size 1 Duo Wrap Diaper Covers on my spreadsheet under the to be purchased column.

I then set my focus back on newborn cloth diapers. After changing the contents of my list a million times it was apparent I was lost! So I decided that I needed to figure out what I wanted in a cloth diaper, not what everyone else loved or hated about it (reviews are great because they give you insight when you can’t touch or use the diaper, but I was using it as my only determining factor), but what would work for our family. I sat down with my husband and picked his brain, what did he want in a cloth diaper? He actually gave me a lot more insight then I expected, he LOVED our Fuzzi Bunz for P, he loved that they had the three snaps and that they are adjustable to get the perfect fit! So from there we made our list of “Must Haves”:

1. A newborn diaper that my husband felt was just as easy as our OS Fuzzi Bunz, snap-snap-snap done.
2. A cloth diaper that would fit greater then 8-10 pounds, so we could go right from newborn cloth diaper to OS Fuzzi Bunz.
3. Other than our prefolds, something that didn’t need a cover! The adorable prints are great on the fitted diapers, but you cover them up with a cover, hiding the print!
4. Something that had a snap down for the Umbilical Cord. (I know the XS Fuzzi Bunz don’t, but they go up to 15 pounds, lasting longer and I just love our Fuzzi Bunz).
5. A pocket diaper, for added absorbency for nighttime, hoping for a good sleeper!

As I went through our list of must-haves, our newborn diaper list suddenly dwindled down. I continued my research confident that there was a diaper out there that could meet our needs and wants. One day I stumbled across a diaper that was not on my list, a diaper that I hadn’t seen, heard or read about, Bitty Bee Changed Diaper. I was amazed by the low price and the company’s mission. I went on Diaper Pin and entered the company name and read the 3 sole reviews that were there (they are a newer company), I was happy with what I read so I ordered 2 of their diapers.

When my Bitty Bee Changed Cloth Diapers arrived I was THRILLED with them, they had the leg gussets, snap down for umbilical cord, inner lining is 100% all natural bamboo fleece, and no cover needed because of the PUL outer shell! They are an all in one cloth diaper, something I was a little hesitant about because of the extra long drying time, but the company suggests snapping the diaper inside out and drying on med heat, I can handle that. I had my husband snap one on a stuffed bear, wanting his approval before deciding if these were the ying to our XS Fuzzi Bunz yang in our newborn cloth diapering system, he said they were easy and looked like they would work great!

With his stamp of approval I sent our now very small list to my mother and told her that she could purchase us a few of either the XS Fuzzi Bunz or the Bitty Bee Changed Diapers. My mother is an amazing woman and graciously ordered us 18 Bitty Bee Changed Cloth Diapers (order placed last week, haven’t arrived just yet)!

Our once long list of newborn cloth diapers now looks like this:

Yet to Purchase:
Have (here or ordered):
4-6 XS Fuzzi Bunz
8 XS Fuzzi Bunz
3 Thirsites XS Diaper Covers
20 Bitty Bee Changed Diapers
2 Thirsites Size 1 Duo Wrap Diaper Covers
12 OsoCozy Infant Prefolds
3 Snappi’s

As our “To Purchase” list gets smaller the anticipation and excitement grows larger! I am relieved that we found diapers that both myself and my husband are comfortable using and have most of the things that we wanted in a newborn diaper, but most importantly that we have turned off the repeat button, my 19.95 can go towards an adorable, reusable diaper instead of box of 56 count one time use, chemical filled diapers! I would consider this part of my 40 week preparation a SUCCESS!

Every person wants/needs different things, my suggestion is to sit down and make a list of things that fit with your personal needs/wants in a cloth diaper, whether it is for a newborn or a 2 year old! It just makes sifting through the diaper choices SO much easier!

Our little girl is not expected to arrive until Dec. 6th, so I can’t give you a review on these diapers just yet, but I will make sure to do so as soon as we have taken them for a few test runs!

Bio: My name is Amanda and I am a mother to two amazing little boys and am expecting a little girl in December! I am on week 30 of my 40 week preparation and looking forward to our new arrival and to dress her bottom in adorable fluff.
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40 weeks of Preparation for a New Addiction Addition!

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In 2010, my husband, 10 month old son and I traveled from Loveland, Colorado to Odessa, Texas to celebrate Christmas with my husband’s grandma. I went back and forth on whether to use our cloth diapers or not. I finally decided to use a hybrid system and it was a total cloth diaper disaster (which you can read about here). This year we decided to drive to Phoenix at Thanksgiving to visit my Grandmother. Things were a little different this year since we welcomed our second addition to our family in early October, a baby girl. But thanks to my earlier experience, it was a cloth diaper success!

I was really excited to use cloth on this trip, even if it meant things would be a little more complicated. We now had two in cloth and were staying in three different places over a one week period.

My husband and I are lucky to have 1 hanging Planet Wise wet bag, 2 large GroVia wet bags and 2 medium size Planet Wise wet bags. While we were driving, we used one of the GroVia wet bags to store the clean diapers. Each diaper bag had one medium size wet bag. And when the travel size bag would get full, we would empty them into the hanging wet bag. We used the second GroVia wet bag to store dirty clothing which made staying to 3 different places in one week a lot more manageable.

Here are some suggestions if you plan to travel while using cloth.

1. Remember to pack your tried and true cloth diaper friendly detergent.
2. Pack only the diapers you know you will use.
3. Remember to have a trash bag somewhere accessible in your car for any big messes.
4. Pack more than one travel/small size wet bag if you can. That way, if you run out of room in one, you will have another one to use.
5. Have a change of clothing for each child in an easy to reach place.
6. Expect that most of the gas stations/restaurants you stop at will NOT have a changing table. Be prepared to change either on the floor or in your car.
7. Pack two diaper bags so each parent can change a child at the same time.

Happy traveling!

Mindy Hill is a stay at home mommy to two beautiful children. An amazingly spirited 21 month old and an almost 3 month old baby girl.
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An Over the River and Through the Woods Cloth Diaper Success!

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Back when I first became pregnant, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper. I started researching like there was no tomorrow because I knew that I must know all I can before pitching this idea to my husband. He is the kind of guy that does an absurd amount of research before buying anything and I wanted to be ready for any questions he had for me. I had pages bookmarked and facts ready to go and so we sat down to have 'the talk'.

After I finished pitching the idea to him, he told me he didn't like the idea of poo in the same washer that washes our clothes. How do you combat that? I told him that a washer gets things CLEAN so its no big deal but he was stuck. No poo in the washer. I had hit an impasse. That is when I began talking to a friend of mine that told me a few ways to get him to change his mind. She told me to just remind him that once baby was born, we would be getting lots of baby poo, spit up, and other fun stuff on our clothes and we would want to wash those, right?

So with that, he gave in and told me I could do it. Then we hit a rough patch in our life and we didn't have the money necessary to even get the smallest of starter sets so I had to put the idea of cloth on the back burner. Fast forward 7 months and things are finally going better and my husband says its ok to go ahead and order the diapers. That was a wonderful day!

I said a silent prayer that they would get here by Christmas (one of my presents) and then the waiting game began. Two and a half weeks passed and than a package showed up! I ripped into it and pulled them out to see how soft and pretty they are. I immediately threw them to wash so I could put them on Marshal as soon as possible. This is day 2 for him in cloth diapers and he loves them. He even sits relatively still when I put them on him (he loves rolling, especially during diaper changes). I even put him in my husbands favorite diaper first and so far he seems to be getting better with it but I am still doing the changing and the laundry. I'm alright with it though, its more than worth it to me. I know my husband will get better and more supportive with time. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best Christmas ever!

Bio: Jessica is a 24 year old stay at home mom to my 7 month old little boy.
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Cloth for Christmas

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We all know that every child’s build is different and that sometimes you just have to try the diapers on. But if you are like me and doing most, if not all, of your cloth diaper research on-line then you know how hard it is to get a feel for what might work for your child. I have spent countless hours glued to reading reviews, but time and time again I’ve found that there just isn’t much input out there regarding bigger kids. I’m talking tall, and wide, and thunder thighs, and big bellied, and sturdy kids.  I certainly haven’t figured it all out, but I do have a few tips.
  1. Large cover, not so large insert – Just like you probably already mix and match tops and bottoms, you might find that shorter or narrower insert paired with a larger cover fits better. When my daughter was 9mo old and still had her thunder thighs, wide inserts just got smushed between her legs and made her stand bow legged. Not so great for a little one trying to learn to walk. When it comes to length, I’ve found that even though I need a taller rise in the cover to accommodate a larger hip/bone structure, I don’t really need the insert to go up that high. If the insert goes all the way up to the snaps on the diaper (which remember is higher than normal) then I need even more room around the already large waist and most diapers don’t have the space. My favorite inserts are ones that I tri-fold so that I can choose the length and width.
  2. Avoid the word “trim” – when I first started looking into cloth I was attracted to diapers described as trim. After all, my kid’s bottoms were large enough on their own right? Well, it turns out that “trim” really means narrow in the crotch and while you might want a narrow insert, a narrow cover leads to butt cheeks that hang out (especially for wide babies). In addition, because of all the fat rolls near the top of chubby baby legs (especially in 6-9mo babies), it is hard to find a good place for the elastic to sit so that it still contains without leaving red marks.
  3. Covers designed for use with pinned or snappied prefolds are going to give you more room than a cover designed for a small, layed-in insert. Combining a prefold cover with a lay-in insert is a great way to get more space.  The down side for me is that those covers also often have leg gussets which get so messy when used with lay-in inserts that I have a hard time rinsing the poop off with my diaper sprayer and I end up never wanting to use the cover again. I tend to find myself reaching for my larger pockets and just laying the insert right on top of the stay dry layer. It saves me time since I don’t have to stuff diapers, it gives me the chance to reuse the cover, and I can easily make sure the insert is right where I want it so that it fits best.
  4. Snaps vs. Velcro – I actually don’t have an answer for this one so please comment if you do. I only have snaps, but other moms either tell me that they like Velcro because of its larger range in sizing or they hate it because big bellies, when sitting up, tend to hang over the cover and get scratched on the front/tabs of the cover.
  5. Loose fitting Clothing –now that it is winter, I mostly put fleece pants on my daughter. In the summer I simply size up even more for elastic waist shorts. Sweat pants, overalls, dresses, really anything that is loose works well.
Do you have bigger kids? What has worked for you? What are your favorite brands? If not, what build is your child and what have you learned to look for in a diaper?

Bio: Toria is a stay-at-home-mom who loves playing with her very active 3-year-old boy and delightful 18 month-old girl. She started cloth diapering when her little girls was 9 months old and hasn’t looked back since.
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Cloth Diapering My bigger, Taller, Solid, Big-boned, and Otherwise Large Children

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