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Super Saturday Coupon

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Fluff Friday: 2 Baby Kicks LE color diapers
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Fluff Friday 161

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Cary B.!

She will receive:
2 bumGenius Freetime diapers

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 160 Winner!

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Traveling for the holidays and still haven’t decided if you want to bring your cloth?

Here are a few things to think about when making your decision, along with some tips for making traveling easier:

  • If by chance you live somewhere cold and are lucky enough to travel somewhere warm, it’s a great opportunity to sun those winter diapers! All you need are hangers and something like a fence, railing, or even Grandma’s teeter-totter to hang them on.
  • Washing in a different washing machine can be scary at first, especially if you’ve worked hard to figure out a wash routine that works for you. But take a deep breath and let me assure you that you are not going to ruin your diapers. Plus, you might pick up invaluable tips along the way. Using my mother-in-laws washer gave me a chance to see firsthand how great it is to wash in extra hot, and extra soft water. Now I regularly use Calgon and I’ve even upped my thermostat a bit for warmer water.
  • You might discover a new favorite accessory, like hybrids or flushable liners.
  • Reward yourself with the money saved by buying extra accessories or even a new diaper.
  • Who can resist showing off cute fluff to skeptical family?
  • Don’t forget to bring your own laundry detergent with you! A sample sized pack or just putting a scoop’s worth of detergent in a zip top bag will save you the head ache of trying to decide which detergent in your mom’s laundry room is the lesser of two evils.
  • You really won’t ruin your diapers. I promise. Worst case scenario you have to strip them when you get home, but even that is not likely.
  • If you use a pail liner at home to store your dirty diapers you might consider investing in a large hanging wetbag like the Planet Wise size large bag or the Rumparooz/Kanga Care wetbag
  • If you have an extra daytime sized wetbag for your diaper bag then bring it along.
  • Give Hybrid diapers a try. They are a great way to make your stash stretch a little longer so that you can do wash when it makes the most sense for your travel schedule, especially if you are flying and don’t want to put wet/heavy diapers under the plane but need something for your little one between washing and packing. I’ve had great success just laying the hybrid inserts right inside my pocket diapers (on top of the stay dry layer instead of stuffing them). That way I can keep reusing my pocket diapers as covers, especially if I double up on inserts so that cover doesn’t even get wet.
  • Flushable liners, even when they don’t catch it all, make diapering in someone else’s bathroom so much easier. Especially if you are used to a diaper sprayer at home or if traveling throws off your little one’s normal digestive routine.
If you are still worried or undecided about traveling with cloth, then ease yourself into it and consider cloth diapering part time on your next trip. Every little bit helps and I think you’ll find that it really can be easy.

BIO: Toria is a stay-at-home-mom who loves playing with her very active 3-year-old boy and delightful 18 month-old girl. She started cloth diapering when her little girls was 9 months old and hasn’t looked back since.
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Traveling with Cloth

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Countdown to a Fluffy Christmas - 3 More Days!

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The first time we traveled after starting to use cloth diapers, we used disposables. Our son was 3 months old. We were gone for 3-4 days and we "couldn't" take cloth. It would be too complicated. Better just to take disposables, right?

A few months later, we decided to go on a trip to visit friends in another state. Our son was 6 months old and hadn't worn disposables in a while. I called beforehand to see if they were okay with us bringing cloth diapers. They said yes, and the adventure began.

The night before our trip, after our son was bathed, changed and ready for bed, I tossed the diapers in to wash, so we'd have fewer wet/dirty ones to bring along. The trip involved a 3-hour flight. I was nervous about the airline losing our diapers (clean or dirty) so we crammed everything into our carry on bags.

We carried on everything: a backpack with wipes in the front pocket, pocket diapers in the middle, wet bag, prefolds and covers in the back pocket, along with a labeled baggy of cloth diaper safe detergent. We also packed a diaper bag, with 5-7 pocket diapers, 7-8 wipes, a peri bottle of wipe solution with a closing lid, a tub of CJ's BUTTer, a medium sized wet bag, a change mat, and the usual change of outfit, receiving blanket, toys, etc. The two wet diapers from the night before went in a wet bag in the duffel bag with our clothes.

I realized I had a problem in the line to x-ray our bags: I had forgotten to empty out the peri bottle of wipe solution. Thinking quickly, I dumped its contents on a receiving blanket and tossed the wet blanket into my empty wet bag. Everything went through fine, and we collected our bags and went to the gate.

Fast forward to boarding. We were lucky, since our airline didn't reserve seats, but we qualified for family boarding. We got seated (window and middle seats). Our son was sleepy, nursed and took a nap. When he woke up, he was wet. I went to change him, and oops! No wipe solution. Enter monkey blanket. It was basically one huge wet wipe. I changed him on my lap, and it was easier than I expected. Even the grandma sitting in the aisle seat was impressed. We had one other diaper change (a poopy one!) which I somehow managed to change on my lap, using the monkey blanket wipe, and not getting poop on me, the plane, or my son's clothing. It was easier than I thought it would be! My husband even shared some of the benefits of cloth diapers with our grandma seatmate.

We continued to use our cloth diapers for the rest of the 6 day trip. Our friends let us wash them at their house, and we even used the opportunity to let them try some of our diapers out on their toddler while we were visiting. One night, the father forgot the daughter's diaper bag at home and she pooped while we were having dinner at a restaurant. I just unsnapped the rise snaps on my son's bumGenius 4.0 and presto! bumGenius saved the day!

Here's my 5 tips for cloth on a plane:

1) Make sure everything you need for a diaper change is easily accessible.
2) Pack light: only take the diapers you'd normally use (we didn't use some of the less favorites we brought with us)
3) Don't forget to follow TSA guidelines for liquids in your carry-ons!
4) Bring a change mat and you can change a diaper anywhere! (There's not always a changing table available!)
5) Pack your easiest diapers in your diaper bag. Aplix made it a lot faster and easier to change my son on my lap. Snaps would have been much more complicated.

We had a great visit and enjoyed sharing about cloth with our friends. And in case you're wondering, I DID remember to dump and refill the peri bottle of wipe solution for the flight home.

Bio: Jen Harvey is a stay at home mom, who loves hanging out with her husband and 8 month old son, sewing projects for her family and friends, and sharing her love of cloth diapering!
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Cloth on a Plane

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Ever since I fell into the world of modern cloth diapering I have not stopped looking at them and dreaming. My husband was very strict at first with only one type of diaper in the house, our FuzziBunz One-Size Pocket Diapers. Overtime a couple Blueberry and Kawaii One-Size pockets have entered our stash. Actually the Kawaii diapers as our freebies from Kelly’s Closet are some of his favorites and he loves how stuffable they are for nighttime.

Naturally as the holidays approached we thought about what to get our little guy. He is 7months old so he clearly won’t remember or understand. As my husband and I were discussing, I quickly decided new diapers were a must. He agreed that I was allowed to get him 5 new diapers for Christmas. He of course mumbled who are these really for? He was very clear that they must all be one-size pockets.

With his guidelines in mind, my decisions had to be made. There are so many great diapers I wanted to try and some many prints as well. Since we are a US Navy family the Blueberry minky camo print was a must. I also decided on the messy hands and dino print from Blueberry as well. I took this opportunity to branch out to Rumparooz since my neighbor, a fellow cloth diaperer, loves them. We went with the robot print. This left just one more diaper left. Then I saw the new bumGenius prints, the Albert print was meant for me. As the daughter of parents who both hold math degrees and my goal to one day be a high school math teacher, the math print diaper was just too much to resist. Now I just had to patiently wait for the print to get stocked. Not only was this purchase a new brand for us but I also went with their new freetime design. I cannot wait to get it and try it out.

Of course all the diapers are getting prepped before getting put under the tree. My husband asked me why and I just answered if I was our son as soon as I saw them I’d want to put one on and I want them to be ready. He just looked at me like I was crazy. I am sure I’ll figure out a way to get our son a few more for his birthday in May. Maybe I’ll just teach to my children to get just as excited as I do for new diapers.

Alexandra L. is a first time mom to the happiest little boy.
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Fluff for the Holidays

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