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Super Saturday Coupon

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Fluff Friday:

2-bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Cloth Diapers in new colors (solid colors only)

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Fluff Friday 157

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Teresa Mixon!

She will receive:
1- Mini-Shower Diaper Sprayer

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 156 WINNER!

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I love cloth diapering, i love trying all kinds of cloth diapers to compare what i do and don't like about them. When I first started cloth diapering my son i really wanted to find that "perfect diaper" for our family. I have tried the cheapest diaper and also the more expensive diapers and one of the things i have learned is, "you get what you pay for".

I love prefolds and covers and i think that they are pretty good at containing most everything but they are a little harder to use for others so these are our "mommy diapers" that i use on him when i want less laundry and I'm just going to change him. On my quest to find the perfect pocket diaper i tried the "china cheapies", kawaii, bumGenius 4.0, Fuzzibunz os and a couple others... I have no problem with Fuzzibunz but the fit just didn't work for my 23 lb. chunky 7 month old guy so they were out of the competition.

The "china cheapies" are just that... cheap. They leak, the inserts are terribly thin and they are much too skinny in between the legs. The Kawaii heavy duty is definitely a second runner up and is priced great but i have had a couple leaks them. The Kawaii good night heavy wetter is my favorite night time pocket diaper and even though it is bulky i never have a leak with it.

My favorite day time diaper are my bumGenius 4.0. They are amazing!! I use them a lot and have yet to have a leak with them. They are very trim and i can use them on my son with just the one adjustable insert in them. I also can add in the infant insert and use them as a night time diaper and they work great! Only thing i wish bumgenius had more of is prints but i would sacrifice prints to get a good quality diaper any day!

So i guess my point is that for our family bumGenius are our favorite pocket diaper. They are dad friendly, daycare friendly and babysitter friendly and if pre-stuffed are just as easy (and much more pleasant smelling) than disposables. I wish i could give everyone who uses disposables just one BG 4.0 to try out because i think that if people could see that cloth diapering is not just plastic pants, prefolds and pins we would have more mommas come to the other side. My other recommendation for any diaper is to get snaps. I don't think hook & loop(Velcro) is much easier and it wears out faster and you have to make sure to always fold them in before washing so the Velcro does not snag on stuff. No one here has minded our snaps and the 2 hook & loop i have never get used and don't fit as good in my opinion. I also think that the extra you spend on a good diaper is worth it especially if you plan to have more kids because a bumGenius will last through multiple children unlike some of the cheap diapers that i have tried that are wearing out after 2 months.

Keep in mind that all baby's have different body types so different diapers work better for different babies. I think the beginning is always a learning curve to find what you love. Good luck diaper shopping and have fun, and if your ever having a crappy diaper day, buy a cute color in the diaper you love and it will give you a much needed boost and get you out of your rut.

Rachel is a stay at home, proud cloth diapering mom and wife to an amazing husband, 6 year old son, 4 year old daughter and 7 month old son who loves being green and teaching others how easy it is to be green. She is passionate about breastfeeding and organic living and loves to shop for cloth diapers.
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Self-Proclaimed Pocket Diaper Tester

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When I was pregnant I knew I’d exclusively cloth diaper, but cloth wipes just seemed a little too…gross for me. But I knew they go hand in hand so I ordered a few of the cheapest ones I could find online, knowing that I’d be buying disposable wipes regularly. After my daughter was born, I’d use the cloth wipes occasionally with some plain water but come laundry day, I was always out of cloth diapers and not cloth wipes.

Fast forward several months down the road, and I bought a bunch of perfect size FuzziBunz as my daughter got bigger. One had a slight defect, so when I contacted the company about it they not only resolved the problem quickly, but sent me some super soft and luxurious FuzziBunz cloth wipes for the inconvenience! I guess it was a sign that I needed to give cloth wipes a fair shot, now that I knew I didn’t need to use the cheap scratchy ones on my daughter.

It was love at first use. They’re such a perfect size and thickness that one or two is usually all I need. Now, I’m not going to lie and say that I use them exclusively on my toddler, because poop can still be gross and if it’s a big mess I do keep a pack of disposable wipes nearby. But knowing that my trips to the store to buy disposable wipes are few and far between, and that I’ve kept hundreds of wipes out of the landfill is good enough for me. Plus, a diaper sprayer makes clean-up so easy.

Once I got comfortable with using cloth wipes with water, I began experimenting with what to use for a solution. Now I keep a spray bottle of two parts water to one part baby wash and one part baby oil next to the changing table. I already had the ingredients on hand, but a friend of mine swears by Baby Bum Drops and can’t believe how far one drop goes!

If you’re on the fence about cloth wipes, get some nice ones and an open mind – your baby will thank you for it!

Ann J. is a cloth diaper fanatic and mom to a 21-month-old girl with the cutest cloth diaper butt on the block!
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Easing into Cloth Wipes

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My four-month old just outgrew the diapers I bought for her newborn phase. It's time to see how they stack up and which brand brought the most bang for the buck. I’m comparing the price of the three systems to each other and to disposables. Overall, cloth diapering has been a huge cost savings during the early months. Looking back, I don’t even regret the purchases that weren’t cost effective because they helped me learn more about cloth diapering and what to use in the future.

System #1: Thirsties Duo Wrap and prefolds
Initial investment: $104
Covers: 4 x $13
Prefolds: 24 x $2
Snappi: $4

+ no leaks when used correctly
+ easy to prep
+ quick drying
- super bulky!
- two-part system is a little more complicated

We didn't start using cloth until she was over 8 pounds because we thought the prefolds were too big. Had we known they were just bulky we could have started earlier and saved even more. These ultimately became our go-to diaper.

Times Worn: Approximately 2000
Compare to Disposables: $490

Wow! These got the most bang for the buck by far at 5.2 cents per wear! To stretch the savings even farther we'll save these for any future babies and just invest in additional covers as needed.

System #2: Fuzzibunz Perfect Size XS
Initial investment: $48
Diapers: 4 x $12

+ Cute Fluff
+ Trim Fit
- Prep work
- Leaks
- Stuffing/Unstuffing

Some people swear by these diapers and I can see why. They are adorable! I didn’t have much luck with them because I made a few mistakes with the prep work and I couldn’t wrap my head around the fit until my baby grew out of them. She still wore them a few times and they were fun to show all our friends and family as an example of a modern cloth diaper.

Times Worn: Approximately 40
Compare to Disposables: $9.99

These Fuzzibunz ended up costing more than $1 per wear because we didn’t use them very often. The investment wasn’t a total loss though; I’m re purposing the microfiber inserts as reusable “Swiffers” to clean around the house.

System #3: bumGenius Elemental
Initial investment: $48
Diapers: 2 x $24

+ Easiest to put on
+ Still Fits
+ Very Absorbent
- Bulky
- Did not fit until 10 pounds

Sticker shock kept me from buying more of these in the beginning and I’m glad I held off since they were too big for several months. Plus, they’ve added some cute new prints to the lineup this fall. I’m looking forward to purchasing more of these soon now that I know they work well on my baby.

Times Worn: Approximately 30 (and counting)
Compare to Disposables: $5.99

We didn’t get much wear out of the BG’s in the newborn phase, but these are in the daily rotation now. They have a nice, comfy fit and require no additional steps. Even though the Bang for the Buck is high right now (nearly $2), it will come way down through the rest of the diaper stages.

BIO: Jeannette is a budget-conscious mama with a degree in Design and Merchandising from Drexel University. She's transitioning to stay-at-home Mommyhood and loving it! Her blog,, is full of eco friendly household tips that are perfect for the suburban lifestyle.
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Newborn Diaper: Bang for your Buck

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Cloth diapering at night-time can take some time to figure out. It can be the thorn in a cd'ing mamas side. Having your little one wake up wet is very discouraging, and obviously not comfortable for them. At first we used a combination of disposables and cloth diapers while I built my stash, got prefolds that fit (I needed the xs size for my little guy), and I fully recovered from my c-section.

We fully cloth diapered around 1 month old, and had no problems. We began running into issues with leaks when ds started sleeping for longer stretches at night time, which started around 5 months old. Ds was still waking up once in the middle of the night, actually due to weight gain issues we were waking him up if he didn't wake up himself. He would wake up wet then, and also in the morning when he got up for the day. Sometimes it was damp, sometimes it was soaking wet. Having to change his pajamas and crib sheet in the middle of the night is not fun, and then having to do it twice is even less. I was just glad I had my wonderful husband to help me. Our routine was I would go warm up his bottle (I was pumping and storing so the milk was in the fridge and sometimes frozen still) while he changed his pajamas. If the crib sheet was wet enough I would change that when he started to feed him. He would finish and I would go back to bed.

Our diaper stash consists of pockets, prefolds and flats. I did not want to buy several different diapers to try at night time. I wanted to make what we had work. Pockets were no good for us at night time, ever, double stuffed, stuffed with a variety of things; always leaked. Prefolds worked the best with either a Duo wrap or a Flip cover. Those are the covers we exclusively use. It was hit or miss with us at night and him leaking for a long time. Finally around 9 months old he started sleeping through the night completely, anywhere from 11-13 hours. That is when the more consistent leaking started. At that point he was wearing a snappi'd prefold, in medium, which is what fit him, with an extra small prefold pad-folded as a doubler. That is actually still at almost 14 months our current diaper at night time. He leaked more often than not, but I just kept trying different things. A hemp insert, microfiber, bamboo. Nothing helped. I finally bit the bullet, and about 50 dollars later I had an Eco-Posh wool soaker, and some wool wash. I had read about wool and how amazing it is. I anxiously waited for it to arrive, immediately washed it and loved how soft and squishy it was, and a few days later it was dry and I was finally able to use it.

First night, we were dry! Hooray! I was so excited. Second night, third night, first week, second week, first month. The same result I was convinced, and I now understood why everyone who has wool loves it as much as they do. In all my research, and forum posting & reading I don't recall many not loving the wool they have tried. It has so many benefits. It is natural, breathable, keeps you warm in the winter/cool in the summer, it is anti-microbial, and requires minimal washing. The only thing to have to get past is the cost. I first started using the wool cover in the beginning of September after almost a year of cloth diapering, and am kicking myself for not purchasing one sooner. I kept talking about them to my dh, but couldn't bring myself to ordering it due to the price. It is without a doubt worth the cost. Now, I have actually purchased a second one for when it needs to be laundered. I am also planning and thinking about future children and buying or making some wool soakers in smaller sizes. I guess I should actually get pregnant first though.

In the 2 months of using the wool, we had our first leak the other day, and I believe it was our fault. Ds had a belly ache and several dirty diapers, which led to a very red rash since his skin is easily irritated. We don't have issues with him getting red otherwise, and do not use a stay dry liner at night with his prefolds. Due to the rash, and his crying when he would just sit, I gave dh one for the night. I think it was right over his whole area and the pee could not absorb into the prefold. Besides this night, we have had absolutely no wetness.

If you are struggling with leaks and night-time diapering, using disposables due to leaks and want to use cloth full-time, try wool. I have absolutely no complaints about it, and have to hold back from ordering more for my son. If you try it, I guarantee you will not regret it!

About me: My name is Colleen, I am a 28 year old, first time, stay at home mom to an awesome 14 month old boy, named Gavin. I live in a small town in upstate new york with my husband of 5 years.
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Our Battle Against Wetness

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I am a first time Dad. I live in Hawaii and am in the Navy. I was skeptical about cloth diapering at first, but eventually my wife convinced me to do it. Now I am completely on board and do my best to bring others to the cloth diapering ways.

Our first big diapering challenge came when our son was 2 months old. We decided to make a trip back home to Minnesota. So we thought…”I guess this will be the first time our little guy will wear disposables…” Wait, no we don’t want to do that. We can manage to pack everything we need we will just use disposables on the plane. Nope, we are going to continue cloth diapering this entire trip, including the 12 hours spent on a plane or in an airport. Here’s how we did it.

First we planned for the worst case scenario. We usually changed his diaper about every 4 hours, so what if we had to change him every 2 hours…or worse every hour? So we packed 12 diapers in a carry on. We packed about 15 cloth wipes and a travel size bottle of wipe solution. We also had a small pack of disposable wipes, just in case. We usually only need 1 wipe for each diaper change including the poo filled ones, so 15 should be good. Also we had a changing pad and 2 small wet bags. All of this was stuffed into my laptop backpack as a carry on. It was the epitome of daddy diaper bags…all the things I needed for cloth diaper changes along with all my personal

When our son was 2 months old he was an excellent sleeper, he could sleep anywhere. So we planned his eating schedule around the flight as best we could. We had him feeding on takeoff and landing to prevent hurting his little ears from the pressure change, then he would sleep the majority of the flight. I changed him about every 2-4 hours. I would collect everything I need, head to the bathroom and change him. All in all, everything worked out pretty well.

Also, this plan worked for us because we were staying with family and could easily use their washer and dryer to wash the diapers. We had 12 diapers in our carry on, but then we had another 12 diapers in the checked baggage. We also had packed our wipe warmer in checked baggage. This may not be practical in all situations and using wipe solution in a spray bottle the whole trip would have been just fine. I’m not sure how we could have done this if we had been staying in a hotel or somewhere without a washer and dryer. I’m sure one day we will have to cross that road.

So despite people saying use disposables on the plane we thought we proved them all wrong and everything went smoothly. My family owns some vacation property in the woods where they have park model mobile homes set up. At this point once again we were told just use disposables again. But we are stubborn, especially my wife, on using cloth diapers 100% and were going to prove to everyone cloth diapering is possible “camping.” The wipe warmer did come with us to the camper but we would have had no problem with just the spray bottle of solution and wipes if we had to. The camping trip was about 2 days so as soon as we got back to my parents’ house we had to wash diapers again. Now at 6months in we can go about a week with our 30 diapers so camping could be longer. But is yet another challenge conquered. While visiting we received a Kalencom quick change kit as a gift. This made the returning flight even smoother. We always keep 2 diapers, 15 wipes and a spray bottle with solution and a wet bag in the quick change kit. Then of course we had more diapers in the carry on. We still use the quick change kit in our diaper bag, and it is a wonderful tool.

I hope this helps you make the decision to continue cloth diapering on vacation. All of our friends and family thought we were crazy for doing it, but we did it and it was pretty easy still.
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12 Hour Plane Rides and Camping Are Possible With Fluff

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