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As part of our 2nd annual Fluff ‘N Treat Twitter Party this year we’ve decided to add a few other surprises to the mix. For starters we’re also hosting a party on Facebook with a huge giveaway over on the new Diaper Shops blog.

Between now and Tuesday, October 25th (midnight ET) you can also enter our Fluff ‘N Treat Blog Giveaway. You can enter to win by visiting the new DiaperShops blog and follow the directions to enter there. You’ll have a chance to win over 50 prizes from our party co-sponsors: Apple Cheeks Diapers, Ruby Moon Laundry, Changing Diapers book, and itti bitti.

Then join us all day Tuesday on Facebook (although you don’t have to be present to win this part) for more fluffy fun.

For our Twitter-holic friends don’t forget to RSVP for the Twitter #fluffntreat party as well – to win the Twitter prizes you’ll need to be present on Twitter to win. All the rules of the Twitter party are listed over on The Eco Chic Parties blog.

Finally, you’ll want to join us on Wednesday, October 26th on Facebook for another big surprise announcement.
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Fluff N Treat Blog Giveaway

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Fluff Friday 153:
2-bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper (your choice of color/closure)

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Fluff Friday 153

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We’re having a party and you are all invited!
Next Tuesday night (October 25th) we’re joining forces with The Eco Chic and throwing the biggest party of the year – on Twitter. Last year we had over 700 participants and we’re expecting this year’s party to be just as big. Guests have a chance to win a brand new Super Mario Wii Holiday Bundle or one of the many other cloth diapering prizes from our sponsoring companies.

Prizes? Yes, in addition to the Wii Holiday Bundle we’re also giving away prizes from AppleCheeks Diapers, Thirsties, Ruby Moon Detergent, BabyKicks, Changing Diapers, Oh Katy Diapers, itti bitti and more! You can see the complete list of prizes on the RSVP page.

How do you register? Visit the party RSVP page on The Eco Chic Parties website and follow the directions (do not enter here on TCDW blog).

Why Twitter? Facebook is very restrictive about how we can hold giveaways. In addition, there is a very large following of cloth diapering parents on Twitter. Just follow the #clothdiapers hashtag and you’ll soon be connected to thousands of like-minded families with a passion for cloth diapers. Don’t worry though; we’re also going to be throwing a small Fluff ‘N Treat party here on the blog for our friends who are terrified of Twitter.

How do I tweet? Don’t worry The Eco Chic has some simple tutorials on using Twitter. If you are new I would read up on using TweetChat since it’s the easiest to understand.

Want some practice? Every Monday night (9pm ET) hundreds of cloth diapering families join the @CottonBabies team for a weekly #clothdiapers chat on Twitter. We’ll even pop in from time to time and chat with our followers. It’s a great time to practice your Twitter skills and meet some other cloth diapering families in the community.
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You're Invited to our 2nd Annual Fluff' N Treat Twitter Party

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Cara Staten!

She will receive:
1-Changing Diapers & bumGenius Shower Gift
(includes 1-Changing Diapers Book & 1-bumGenius 4.0 Cloth Diaper)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 152 WINNER!

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The moment I found out that I was pregnant, I knew that there would be many important decisions that I would have to make before the baby was born. What formula would I use if breastfeeding didn’t work out? What detergent would I use to wash the baby’s clothes? Would I use regular diapers or cloth diapers? These are a few of the many questions that I found going through my mind throughout the nine months of pregnancy. While I admit that some of the decisions that I made before my baby was born were not always the best, my decision to keep my baby in cloth diapers is one that I would recommend to all parents. As someone who cares deeply about the environment and also saving money, cloth diapers were without a doubt the way to go for me. The following are a few of the advantages that I found in using cloth diapers.

Cost. This is probably the greatest advantage in my book! After comparing prices of regular disposable diapers and cloth diapers, it was evident that I would save money by putting my baby in cloth diapers. Washing the cloth diapers would beat making weekly trips to the store to buy diapers that would just end up in the trash can. If you are looking to save some money, cloth diapers are definitely more cost efficient that regular ones.

Environmental impact. If a baby can “potty” in a diaper and it not leak a bit, how good do you think this can be for the environment? Not good at all. It can take hundreds of years for a diaper to decompose. Times this by the thousands of diaper your baby will use throughout his toddler years and you’ve got a huge environmental problem. Cloth diapers help reduce the problem.

Once I made the decision to go strictly with cloth diapers, I was faced with another dilemma. There are tons of different brands of cloth diapers available. How would I ever be able to choose the one that would be best for my baby? After researching, reading reviews, and getting advice from other parents that I knew, I decided that the bumGenius brand would work for me. I used this brand until my baby was potty trained. The great thing about this brand of cloth diaper is that it is one size fit all. I purchased several of the diapers when my child was born and was able to use them until he was old enough to learn how to use the potty.

If you are considering using cloth diapers there are likely a few questions looming in your mind. Is cleaning the diapers hard? No. With disposable liners available for purchase, clean-up is relatively simple. The amount of clean up that you will have to do depend on you. Is it difficult to deal with in public places? If there is one disadvantage to cloth diapering, it would be this. You will have to find a way to deal with “messes” in public places. I found it useful to carry around small trash bags for those little emergencies that always happen in public. The disposable liners also were very helpful.

While using cloth diapers may not be for everyone, it was a wonderful experience for me. Pregnant with my second child, I will without a doubt choose to use them again. If you have never used them before, I highly recommend that you do. It will save your money and help save the environment too!

Olivia Nicholas is a writer and blogger. She is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work, and in her spare time works as a freelance writer for Storkie.
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To Cloth or Not To Cloth

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Click the image to be taken to the sweepstakes page.
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Fall in Love with itti bitti Sweepstakes

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I asked for cloth diapers for baby shower gifts...and received so many flats, I didn't know what to do! (Most people do think of flats or pre-folds as the only "cloth diapers" as it turns out...we're working on this one!). And of course, no receipts!

What do you do with 3 dozen flats?! My stash mostly includes prefolds and pocket diapers. Even though I extended my stash a little with the wonderful, versatile, and FAST drying flats, I still had far too many! Of course, there are several more folded and staged for burp cloths and multi-purpose cloths, but even then I had to admit there was no need for all of them.

These extra flats have been waiting for me in my craft bin...and over the past months, I have found some creative and amazing ways to use them.

First, I folded the flats, sewed around the edges, and added beautiful fabric or ribbon trim to the edges. These were perfect "fancy" burp cloths...just like I had envied in the boutiques! (But was not willing to splurge over $10 for!). They are marvelously absorbent, and have helped me use up some spare fabric pieces.

My next project is a continuation of the "green revolution" happening over here. I admit, I have an unhealthy addiction to the pre-moistened floor wipes as a substitute for mopping. However, I really want to minimize the chemical usage in our house, so I found an old towel...and merged a scrap of towel & flat diaper to make a reusable floor wipe! I saved the container from the commercial brand, and filled it with these reusable wipes. When I ran out of towel, I just layered the flat diaper on top. The flat diaper is the perfect fabric for catching in the little plastic tabs of the floor sweeper! And since it's a diaper, as you can only imagine, it is far more absorbent than the disposable variety!!

I know that not everybody has a sewing machine, but my final creative use for flats can be used by anyone that can work a safety pin! I ran out of wrapping paper, and didn't have time to purchase a gift bag for a friend's baby shower (why do I always wait until the last minute?!). In a sudden rush of creativity, I wrapped my gift just like a little diaper on a baby with a ribbon tag (using 2 overlapping flats so you couldn't see through the "wrapping"), and secured them closed with safety pins. Wouldn't you know, this present's wrapping got more appreciation than the gift itself!

There's still a few more flat diapers in that bin, and I'm looking forward to the next burst of invention. What do you do with your amazing flat cloth diapers?

Blog post written by: Julie G.
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Flats...the Cloth Diaper that's Not Just a Diaper!

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If cloth wipes are the solution, what's the problem? Sorting disposable wipes from the laundry, trying to speed through a diaper change without confusing a trash can and a wet bag, and peeling wipes off aplix were all giving me a headache! There are the environmental impacts, not to mention the cost of those little tossable papers, that all led me to switch to cloth wipes. I was nervous about it at first. Would baby's bottom actually get clean enough? What if the wipes get moldy? Do I really have to spend that much on baby washcloths??

Turns out, it's much easier than I thought. My cloth solution includes wipes, a warmer, and plain old h2o. My initial investment was $26 for a Prince Lionheart Warmer, and $4 for a set of receiving blankets on clearance. I cut the blankets into 70+ squares and used a serger to sew around the edges. Since my baby is an infant, she goes through at least 16 wipes a day, which is all the warmer can hold. I keep a spray bottle handy to wet a dry wipe in a pinch if I run out of them. At first, I tried mixing baby oils and mild soaps with the water but I was always nervous about how her skin would react. Now I just run a bundle under the sink, wring them out, and fold them while I wait in her room for her to get to sleep.

There is an elaborate set of directions for how to fold the wipes to avoid mold or bacteria growth. Plus, you use a special pillow at the bottom of the warmer. They cost about $7 and need to be replaced every three months. I start by folding all the moistened wipes into quarters on top of the warmer. Then I open the warmer and balance them on the side while I roll and stack them. Air circulation is important, so you don't want to fill the whole warmer. You leave space between the walls and the bottom row and then stack in a loose pyramid. If you have any wipes in the warmer at the beginning, put them on the top of the pile. The warmer has a nightlight so you can even do this in the dark.

We also use cloth wipes on the go. For now, I keep them dry in a Planetwise Wet Bag. It's nice to have the option to moisten them in advance for an outing. I can spritz them with a spray bottle or wet them in a bathroom sink, then they go right in the wetbag with the diapers. Some day soon I'll start experimenting with natural additives in the solution such as castille soap or tea tree oil, but I'm enjoying the simplicity and ease of plain water.

BIO: Jeannette is a budget-conscious mama with a degree in Design and Merchandising from Drexel University. She's transitioning to stay-at-home Mommyhood and loving it! Catch her daily at
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Cloth wipes are the solution!

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Iʼm a little bit embarrassed to admit that I was not even planning my next pregnancy when I started obsessing over newborn cloth diaper options. We started cloth diapering our son at 2 months old, and so he went right into size smalls and one-size diapers. My usual justification for splurging on the good stuff, diaper-wise, is that weʼre going to have more children and so get (hopefully) many years of use out of each diaper. However, even with more babies to come, the fact of the matter is that they just donʼt stay tiny that long, and while theyʼre tiny they poop A LOT. So I agonized over the best way to not spend a lot of money on something that wonʼt be used for long, but of which you also need many!

After months of “casually” (read: obsessively) looking online at different makes, models and types, I finally settled on buying 1 dozen all-in-ones and 1 dozen prefolds with four covers. I thought that I would love the all-in-ones because I definitely prefer those and pocket diapers for my son. And I thought the prefolds would be a cheap way to bulk up the stash, but that I wouldnʼt really like them at all.

Way back in the day, when I first started on the cloth diaper journey with my son, I had bought a package deal of a well-known brand name that included 2 dozen prefolds and 6 covers. They were so bulky, held stink, the covers were plain white (blah!) and my son hated the wet feeling next to his skin. I eventually sold them on Craigslist and good riddance! On to cuter, trimmer, albeit more expensive diapers.

Since I had such a low opinion of prefolds from that experience, I was skeptical about how much people raved about using them on newborns. I read a lot of comments online from people who normally prefer pocket diapers, saying that for their little teenies, prefolds were just right. And since Iʼm ultimately cheap (isnʼt that a huge reason why we all cloth diaper??) I decided that for about $20/dozen at Green Mountain Diapers, I would give them a shot. All the other options were just way more expensive.

So about a month ago my sweet baby girl was born and I was stoked about getting to put her in her first little cloth dipey! She looked so cute in her colorful girlie diapers! She was 7lbs 11oz at birth and quickly went over 8lbs in the next week or so (sheʼs somewhere in that range in these pictures).

Imagine my surprise when I discovered over the course of a few days that the all-inones I envisioned myself preferring turned out to be just about worthless and leaky while the prefold/cover combo was bullet proof! I wasnʼt expecting that! I began to bypass the all-in-ones when picking out a new diaper during a change, in favor of a prefold. And for over night and outings - prefolds all the way. Are the all-in-ones trimmer and fit nicely? Sure. But she pees right through them, wetting her whole outfit and whoever is holding her. Not just a little damp around the edges...Iʼm talking flowing pee. The prefolds? She can wear them all night long (8ish hours) and not the slightest wetness outside where it should be. They even hold in the infamous breast milk poop and it rarely gets on the cover either.

The downsides to prefolds: my husband is still a little intimidated by how to put them on. I use a snappi to close them, so itʼs really easy - no pins - but heʼs just not as confidant in how to put them on correctly. Also, they are bulkier than the all-in-ones, although that has become less of a factor as sheʼs gotten bigger. But compared to how bulky my first experience with prefolds were, these arenʼt bad at all. As a matter of fact, at a baby shower recently, another cloth diapering mama raved about how trim her diaper looked. The main reason why the bulkiness isnʼt as bad as it could be is that they are specifically newborn sized prefolds (orange edge Green Mountain Diaper brand). The last downside is that it does take just a few moments longer per change because there are two steps (diaper, then cover) to put on, versus just velcro-ing up a one piece diaper. None of these downsides are really deal breakers for me, outweighed by all the positives - theyʼre cheap, they work, I donʼt have to worry about her outfit (or mine!), and the covers make them look really cute. (My favorite kind - newborn Bummis super brite!)

So Iʼm a convert. I still prefer the ease of the bumGenius and Fuzzibunz diapers that I use for my son and when my daughter gets big enough sheʼll be in those too. But for this newborn stage, I highly highly recommend prefolds because theyʼre cheap and they just plain work best. Give them a shot “next time”!

By Stephanie Gossett
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Surprised by Love - for Prefolds!

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When our mornings started consisting of wet pajamas and damp crib sheets, I knew I needed a fix for my daughter's nighttime diapers - and fast! I had been relying on a Rumparooz pocket diaper, stuffed with the 6r microfiber soaker that comes with the diaper as well as a FuzziBunz microfiber insert from a medium perfect size diaper. It worked great for months but after doing some research it seemed like hemp was the clear solution. Though I know my share of people who use disposables at night it just didn't seem like a good option for us; with a 20-month-old and another baby on the way I needed a long-term, economical solution. We alternate between four different solutions:

- A Rumparooz pocket diaper stuffed with the 6r microfiber insert and either the JoeyBunz or JoeyBunz Premium
- A cover (either Thirsties duo, Rumparooz, or Sweet Pea) stuffed with the Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert on top and a FuzziBunz microfiber insert underneath
- A cover with a Flip insert on top plus a HempBabies insert and a microfiber insert
- A Thirsties duo fitted stuffed with a smaller microfiber insert and HempBabies insert plus a cover

Now that we've been using hemp at night, I am loving its absorbency capabilities and picked up some more inserts to use during the day, particularly with the FuzziBunz one size. Though those diapers come with two microfiber inserts, I use the larger one paired with a HempBabies insert and find myself grabbing it when I'm headed out to do errands and might not be able to change my daughter right away. Before hemp, my daughter's diaper always looked like a sumo wrestler. Her nighttime diapers are still big, and huge compared to a disposable, but it is a great feeling putting her to bed knowing she'll wake up with dry pajamas and I won't be changing the sheets in the morning!

Ann J. is a cloth diaper fanatic and mom to a 20-month-old girl with the cutest cloth diaper butt on the block!
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How Hemp Saved the Night

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers