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Fluff Friday 146

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Jenny!

She will receive:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 145 Winner

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When they arrived in the mail I was beyond excited, I was actually a little nervous to open them and see if they were what I had been drooling over for the past 8 months on the internet. Regardless I opened the package as fast as I could and pulled out that plush, bright, soft FuzziBunz and I knew I was hooked! I inspected them, snapped them in every size that was possible, could they really fit an 8 pound baby and a 35 pound toddler? It took every ounce of self control I had not to race over to our daycare provider’s house to see how P would look in them. I wanted them washed and cleaned so that he could wear them when he got home, so I threw them in the wash with our Seventh Generation laundry detergent, our Rockin’ Green wouldn’t be here for a few more days and sat in front of the washing machine waiting for them to finish! I hung them up to dry and went back to work; my mind was on them all afternoon! When we got home I ran right over to the drying rack and to my dismay they were still damp, even the covers were damp. I was a little disappointed that it would be another day before we got to try them out, but I knew it was worth the wait!

When we finally made it home the next evening I instantly raced over to select a cloth diaper, a brown one, and put it on P. His face lit up with joy at the new comfier version of protection that covered his bottom. I was instantly in love with this diaper, the inner micro fleece was soft and plush, even after being washed, and the inserts were so easy for me and my husband to stuff in the pockets. The adjustments for his size were perfect, insuring a perfect fit for his chubby legs and pot belly. We were amazed at how comfortable he looked and seemed. He was so proud of his new attire that he actually refused to allow us to put pants on him that evening. Although they held up to 3 dirties that evening, with no leaking, blowout, or any other form of seepage, I was still nervous to let him sleep in it over night. I didn’t want him to wake up in the morning drenched, but my husband insisted that we test them out, especially because P woke up 50% of the time wet from peeing out of his disposables anyway, so we really wouldn’t be doing him any more harm. On went a green apple FuzziBunz one size, double stuffed, under his basketball jammies and we kissed him good night and went about our night, me constantly thinking about how the diaper was holding up. When my husband went in to change him the next morning, P was perfectly dry, even his “area” was dry to the touch! That was the sealed deal on my love for cloth diapers and FuzziBunz!

Our initial ordered was made up of 12 One size FuzziBunz to get us started, but because I am curious and love to compare brands I have since received one BumGenius 4.0 one size, one Rumparooz G2 One Size, one Flip one size with insert, and One FuzziBunz Perfect size in Large. I have to say that my favorite by fair is FuzziBunz, both the one size and perfect fit are great choices. The FuzziBunz seems like a better one size diaper then the others, the way that you can adjust the legs and waist is perfect for us. The micro fleece in the inside of the diaper seems thicker and softer, as do the inserts. They wash amazingly well and they are the ones that our little guy seems the most comfortable in. The other diapers are great diapers, but our go to diaper is definitely FuzziBunz!

Bio: My name is Amanda and I am a mother to two amazing little boys and am expecting a little girl in December! I love photography, running, yoga, cooking, traveling, my family, but most importantly watching our children discover the world around them! I aspire to be a stay at home mom one day, hopefully soon. I am newly addicted to cloth diapering and loving every minute of it :)
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Our love for the Fuzzi on our babies Bunz!

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My husband and I are amongst the last of our “friend couples” to have a baby. For everyone else, they have children that are already over a year old (whereas our son is four months). So in many respects they are the “wiser” and more experienced parents. Now, all of us are fairly young (26-32), college graduates – many with our MAs, and most of us are working professionally in some sort of capacity. I say this not to sound haughty but to give some background, so please bear with me – though I am sure many already know where this is going!

With all of this wisdom and success, none of these “smart” people use cloth diapers except for my husband and me. And it not even something any of them have considered! Granted, a year ago I felt much the same way but it was for different reasons. I had thought cloth diapering was gross, but for some of my friends, they have so much misinformation! Take one friend for example. She believes that cloth diapers are old-fashioned, unsanitary, cause rashes, and people who use them are dumb! It is her continued unwillingness to investigate and find the truth that is amazing. I researched and found out the truth about cloth and how easy and healthy it actually is for babies! Yet she continues to be dismissive.

Recently, another friend was proudly talking about all the things she does for the health of her family – specifically, buying organic-only food because as she put it, she would rather have to spend more money initially (i.e. on food) as opposed to later (i.e. medicine and medical procedures). And while I applaud her desire to keep her family safe from toxins, I watch her put disposable after disposable on her toddler. She does not even see the contradiction of putting chemical-laced disposables against her little one’s skin all day long for the past 2.5 years!

For many of the others, they have no interest in cloth, even though they know we use cloth diapers. One looked with feigned interest when I showed them to her; while another claimed it would be too time consuming due to all the extra trips up and down stairs to the laundry room. Sounds to me like an easy way to get some exercise!

Granted I have those who are more supportive as well, though they are few and far between. One friend who only uses “eco-friendly” disposables asks how cloth diapering is going for us, but that’s as far as she will go. Or my favorite happened just last week at an area pregnancy “center” where we had gone for educational classes during my pregnancy. Since no one else was interested in cloth diapering, they gave us all cloth diapers they had in stock –which were 7 brand-name pocket diapers, 300 compostable liners, 20 flats, 2 sets of pins, and even a few pairs of the traditional plastic pants/covers! And everything was brand new! I was amazed at their generosity, and they were just glad to have someone to finally give them to because no one else wanted the items! (For some reason, I have a sneaky feeling The Cloth Diaper Whisperer’s readers are going to be raiding their local pregnancy centers! :) .

All in all, the thing that has amazed me the most from my friends is the general disregard most of them have for it. For the most part, there is no malice or ill-will, they just don’t care! And these are the people who love fuel-efficiency in their cars, recycle, turn off lights, and do many things to be “green friendly!” While I am glad to know that this is not the case for many of you (in fact, it sounds like there are many friend groups where the majority use cloth!), I am curious about those who are in similar situations like me. What sorts of experiences (good and bad!) have you had as the “oddball” of the group?

Rebecca Brown is proud to be breaking cloth diaper myths in her area; while covertly working to switch people over to cloth in hopes that when they do, they’ll give her diapers as thank you gifts!
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You Use What?

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You'd never guess that we once used disposable diapers. A receipt for them hasn't crossed my desk in 2 years. However, we used to buy and use them. We felt bad about it, and disliked it, but we did it out of necessity in the beginning. Let's just say that moving when you're nearly 9 months pregnant may not be the best idea. Let's imagine you're due mid November and that your water breaks during the 3rd week of October. That your baby's clothes haven't been washed. The car seat is somewhere in the flotsam of moving-- still in the box. Let's say you planned on using cloth diapers, but didn't get them ordered yet. So you go to the hospital in a panic-and with no back up plan.

We were there 2 and a half years ago. Did we take disposables home? Sure we did. Then we used the one package we'd been given from our baby shower. Then we got some at the store. Ordered online in a huge box that would deliver to our door. I think about it now, and I cringe! The smell was horrible. The price was awful. The trash was horrendous. I'd get the baby changed and she'd go AGAIN. There had to be a better way. They were leaking all over me -- right out the legs, up the back, I was changing my clothes-- and hers-- with every diaper change. We tried different brands to no avail. They just didn't work for us.

My husband finally insisted that I go online and order the cloth diapers, knowing I wanted to try them, and said he'd help me get started. So we ordered a dozen prefolds, a contour, and a fitted, and a couple of covers. We used a Rubbermaid container to store the dirty ones until it was time to wash. You can do the math, right? 14 diapers gets you through a day, if you're lucky. So we started part-time. Once I was fully awake in the morning, I put a prefold and cover on my child. Once my husband came home for dinner, it was back to disposables. It was probably the best decision we ever made - it allowed us to feel like we were still getting a 'break' from using the 'hard' diapers when we needed it, and showed us just how easy, and cute the cloth diapers could be! This trend kept us washing every 2 days, and it was just enough to get us used to the idea of cloth diapering. It wasn't so hard after all! I could do this part time, easy! I was spending a lot less time dealing with blowouts and scrubbing tiny onesies and more time getting other things done.

After a few weeks we realized that we hated the disposable diapers - even part time. We started washing more frequently and checking into a cloth diaper service - maybe that was a better option? While looking up services in our area online, I discovered that we had a cloth diaper store locally! So we made our first trip to a cloth diaper store. We bought a couple more covers, 3 AIOs in small and 9 in medium. We figured if we hated the 3 diapers we got in small, we'd just return the mediums. It turned out, we loved them! We fought over who got to use the 'easy' diapers. We now had enough to only use a couple of disposables a day and began washing the diapers in earnest to try and use as few as possible. Our daughter outgrew the smalls and we bought a half a dozen more mediums. Doing the same amount of laundry we realized with a bit older baby, we could cruise through 2 days and only use disposables in an emergency or for traveling. We still bought some from time to time - but it wasn't a 'grocery list' necessity anymore. When I bought my last box online, I ordered a one size pocket diaper to try it out. Then we went BACK to the cloth diaper store and bought a dozen one size pocket diapers -- it's what my daughter got for Christmas her first year. We got a dozen more at Easter--she was outgrowing the medium AIOs. So we were down to 'traveling' disposables only. Then I realized that my clothes were getting dirty with her wearing disposables while traveling, and staying clean at home-- so we gave up traveling with them, and got some wetbags. We bought our last small pack of 'sposies' when we moved and our daughter was six months old. We only used them until we could get her cloth unpacked-- and gave the rest to a neighbor.

After that, I discovered 'diaper hunts' and 'contests' --I won some diapers, I won some gift certificates on Earth day. I discovered cloth wipes late and bought a few more different brands of diapers to try. I think by the time my daughter was potty learning, I had at least 45 pockets in rotation - I had to invest in a dozen snap diapers to wear outside in the summer so my daughter could go pant free and not get the velcro off! Right? The best part is, now that I'm expecting baby #2? I get a 'fluffgrade' for the new baby-- with only 17 small diapers, we DEFINITELY need a few more so we can wash every couple of days, at least until the pockets fit! Evil grin :)

Those hospital sposies? Forget about it. I'm addicted to fluff and I'll make sure the nurses know - pass those on to the lady next door - and mention I'm using cloth on my child - maybe she'll want to convert, too!

Jill is a stay at home mom to Keeley, 2 - who wears one cloth diaper at night and is day and nap time diaper free, and is expecting baby #2 in August. She and her husband Matthew are getting ready to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Jill blogs about living life just over the edge of crunchy at:
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How Part-time Cloth Diapering Can Lead to a Full Blown Addiction

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Let's face it. Cloth diapering, full or part time, takes time and energy. Before you even begin cloth diapering, I bet you have spent countless hours browsing online about which diapers are the best, which detergents are the best, what accessories you will need, and just what do you do with a dirty cloth diaper anyway? Once you receive your fresh stash of fluff, you will feel them, smell them, mess with the snaps or hook and loop, adjust the sizes, try out a snappi and prefold and imagine your little one wearing them. Then, you have to give them the first of many, many, washes!

Here comes the time part. The part that I always seem to dread and put off as long as I can, because reality is... it is much easier to just take off a sposie and toss it in the trash- you never have to see, touch, think, or worry about it again! But, since we have chosen to go down the fun and cute (not to mention cheaper and better for the environment) path, we have loads of lovely smelling diaper laundry, that nobody better ever throw away!

With all of the rinsing, washing, soaking, stripping, drying, sun drying, fluffing, adjusting, and stuffing we do, it's easy to get burnt out on cloth diapering and want to pick up a pack of disposables just for a short break. Oh I have been there, and I did that. So how do I continue to care for my diapers and everything it involves, without getting burnt out or just plain tired of doing it? For one, have a good size stash. The more diapers you have, the more time you have in between washes. Spend the money on a good detergent. Don't waste your time and energy on free and clears, regular detergents and detergents just because they are cheaper. It is worth the splurge for the more expensive detergent made for cloth diapers, trust me on this. I have slaved over diapers filled with smell and build up, and ruined a batch or two with bad detergent as well! That is a big time/energy saver. You know how sometimes you have to rinse your diapers a gazillion times? I skip all the rinses, and go for more full washes (without detergent). For example, I use to rinse my diapers 5-6 times to get them extra clean and remove any build up. Now, I just run the regular hot water wash twice after they go through with detergent. It equals out to do the work of six or so rinses. Faster, and I don't have to keep remembering to go back and run another rinse, and another, and another. Stuff and fluff right out of the dryer (or off the line), so they are ready for use right away. When I leave them in a basket or in the dryer because I'm pressed for time that day, I end up having to run and stuff a diaper on demand- big pain! One more thing- take the inserts out of the dirty diaper before you put them in the wet bag or pail. Loading 2-3 day old dirty diapers into the washer is no fun, don't make it worse by having to pull out 2-3 day old dirty inserts before you put them in the wash.

These things have worked for me, and if all else fails - just remember why your cloth diapering in the first place, it is worth the time and energy it takes!

Shay is a stay at home mom of three little girls, a soon-to-be foster mom, and a regular TCDW blog contributor. When she's not homeschooling, changing diapers, or snapping pictures, she spends time blogging about their journey into the foster care system, family, cloth diapering, and raising kids. You can follow along at
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Avoiding Cloth Diaper Fatigue

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When we decided to take our 19-month-old camping for the first time, it was a no brainer that I'd bring along our cloth diapers. Since there are no garbage cans where we were camping it just made sense that we'd tote back the dirty cloth diapers instead of loading dirty disposables into our car. Luckily we were just spending two days and one night so I got to be selective about which diapers I chose to bring. I opted to leave the dozen prefolds I have at home as I wanted to use primarily one piece systems while in the great outdoors. I brought my pre-stuffed FuzziBunz, Rumparooz, and bumGenius pockets, one Grovia with the insert already snapped in, a bumGenius Elemental all-in-one, and a Flip insert placed in a Thirsties duo wrap. I packed all of these in a duffle bag along with my Thirsties diaper pail liner; I chose to bring my Thirsties pail liner instead of the FuzziBunz one I own because it has a drawstring on it which I knew would work better for storing in our tent. Funnily enough, at the end of the night when my husband was looking for a makeshift pillow he initially grabbed the half-stuffed pail liner before I told him what was in there.

Some of you are probably wondering the age-old cloth diapering question…what about the poop? With camping poop is obviously handled a bit different as we didn't have access to toilets or my coveted diaper sprayer. The people we went camping with had brought along a poop shovel. Dig a hole in a not-so-trafficked area, plop the poop in, and cover it back up. It worked like a charm the first time, but with the peanut butter poop that wasn't an option. I had brought with me a couple of plastic bags so I put that diaper in a plastic bag before sticking it in the Thirsties pail liner, that way when I got home the other diapers remained poop-free and I just sprayed it off.

Camping with kids is definitely a lot more work, but since you'd have to haul diapers there and back anyway, why not use diapers that are already paid for?

Ann J. is a cloth diaper fanatic and mom to a 19-month-old girl with the cutest cloth diaper butt on the block!
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Camping with Cloth

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers