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Weekend Super Saver

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Fluff Friday
2-Kissaluvs Marvels One-Size Diaper Covers

Question of the week:
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Fluff Friday 143

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Kristin!

She will receive:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 142 WINNER!

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Hello CD Mamas and wannabees! Forgive my lack of usual acronyms in this post, I'm new to this. I just wrapped up my first full week of cloth diapering my six week old, Hannah. After a few hiccups, I'm learning that this is a breeze and I'm so glad I made the choice to CD. My favorite part of wrapping my baby up in these cute and cuddly diaps is that the "cha ching" sound has stopped ringing in my ears the way it did as I threw out disposable after disposable.

I'm happy to report DH is on board with the system and even came along to make our first purchases. He can't wait to install the diaper sprayer and he tells everyone we know about the diaps. I'm pretty sure he's also ecstatic that he doesn't have to take out a full load of trash every day any more either. Our lovable little stinker has a habit of soiling an extra diap or two or three(!) mid-change. Anyone else have that problem?

The top five reasons we're not loading up landfills (in no particular order) are:

1. Babies have accidents on clothes when they're in disposables, so there's no way to avoid washing poo anyway.

2. Snappis make using pre-folds super easy! I tried it on a teddy bear a few times to get the hang of it since the claws are a little scary, but now it's no sweat.

3. Our baby has a full head of hair, so her cute factor is off the charts! How could I not cover that bum in super sweet patterns to match? I love the Thirsties Duo Wraps, but have my eyes set on the LadyBug Bummis next.

4. Honestly, disposables make me think of pads and I wouldn't wish those on my worst enemy. I'm snuggling DD in the softest fabrics I can find.

5. DH says, "I was raised on cloth diapers and I turned out OK."

My head is pleasantly bursting with tips and to-dos after three months of exploring the wealth of information from knowledgeable mamas. I love that the cyber community is so helpful and the information about this topic is constantly growing! I'm getting advice I didn't even know I needed from being a Facebook fan of Just today, I learned that dryer sheets can leave a residue in the dryer for future loads. I thought leaving them out of my load would have been enough, but now I can avoid a future leak by drying my covers and Fuzzibunz on a rack.

So, here's to all the mama's that have come before me. Thanks for trying and testing everything under the sun to make it easier for the future generations. I promise to take what you've learned and pass it on as frequently as I can. Until the diaper shelf at Target also stocks Hemp Prefolds and Bamboo Inserts, there is work to be done. After all, we don't inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

BIO: Jeannette is a budget-conscious mama with a degree in Design and Merchandising from Drexel University. She's cloth diapering her brand new baby girl because it's fashionable, fresh, and fabulous!
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We’re Not Loading Up Landfills

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Summer seems to be passing quickly by, but the heat is not going anywhere soon. What do kids love more than cooling off with popsicles? And what do mom's love more than giving their kids healthy food without a protest? Healthy popsicles have been a hit in our house since they were first introduced, and they are great eaten outside in just a cloth diaper since things can get messy and a hose is always nearby.

I picked up some BPA-free plastic popsicle molds and broke out the food processor. I have a juicer too so I juiced a bunch of carrots to yield about 1 cup of carrot juice. In the food processor I blended together about 6 ounces of fresh baby spinach, two cups blueberries and a banana. Then I added the carrot juice and soon had a gross-looking slop in front of me. I poured it to almost of the top of the popsicle molds and froze them. The next day my daughter devoured hers. Fortunately the blueberry taste is what comes through the strongest, so other than being a slightly different consistency than traditional store-bought popsicles, they're not bad. Best of all, my daughter thinks she's getting a special treat!

What's great about making homemade popsicles, aside from being much healthier and knowing all the ingredients in them, is you can use up what you have on hand. Wondering what to do with that enormous watermelon you bought or looking to use up the stash of sweet potato puree in the freezer from your baby's pureed food days? No need to have fruits and veggies go to waste when you can use them to beat the heat!

Ann J. is a cloth diaper fanatic and mom to an 18-month-old girl with the cutest cloth diaper butt on the block!
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A Sweet, Cool Deception

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This post is a slight departure from our typical cloth diapering topics, but relates to a subject which all of us have personal experience with in some form - becoming a mother when our babies were born. My friends and I are almost all in the family-building stage of life, with small children and more on the way; it's an exciting life stage and so interesting to talk about! We all have some sort of "war story" about how our children came into our families, whether it was by natural birth, c-section or adoption. As I've shared many conversations with many other women about birth, I've started to see some common threads emerge that reveal a lot about the messages our culture feeds us about the birth experience.

We are overall pretty tuned into and aware of the messages rampant in our culture about womanhood in general. We fight these tooth and nail every day, both when we see them in the media and when we hear them in our own heads. Messages like: You have to weigh this little to look beautiful. You will decrease in value as you age. You must own these things to have status. These are lies! And we recognize them as such and reject them! But I want to know why no one is blowing the whistle on THESE lies: Your body doesn't know how to give birth. Your pelvis is the wrong size. Your cervix is "incompetent." Your mother couldn't do it and neither can you.

I want to know why the women's rights movement isn't having a fit about the insults of women's bodies that happens every day in ob/gyn offices and hospitals across our country. Have we been told so often and for so long that some of us just can't do it, that we have begun to believe it?

I'm not talking about cases where medical interventions truly save lives; that's indisputably necessary. I'm not even attacking our rising c-section rates or highly medicated births. Those aren't the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is that women have been fed the lie that their bodies are defective. And I want to know why this isn't in our general awareness, right up there with other body image issues. The message is essentially the same: You don't measure up and you don't have what it takes to make it.

"The Business of Being Born" is a very interesting documentary about birth in our country, and in it one of the interviewees made a very interesting point about how birth and women's rights intersect. Her point (paraphrased very loosely by me) is that women experience this huge rush of adrenaline and empowerment and fulfillment after giving birth to their babies. It's a moment of wonder and a realization of just how miraculous our physical abilities really are. (I remember thinking, "I just did THAT??") This interviewee's point was that when we take that moment away from women, we are taking away a very important part of the empowerment of women.

Has the women's rights movement become so fixated on whether or not a woman chooses to have a baby at all, that they neglect to notice that women are being undermined in a much subtler, albeit powerful way? If you have been fed the lie that it's somehow your body's fault that your baby wasn't or won't be born how you'd like, let me say to you: it is not your body's fault.

"Remember this, for it is as true as true gets: Your body is not a lemon...Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body." - Ina May Gaskin

By Stephanie Gossett
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You Are Not a Lemon

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Do you have a diaper Houdini? One minute your baby is happily playing, nicely wrapped up in a super-cute cloth diaper. Seconds later, aforementioned cute baby is giggling madly, diaper nowhere to be seen! Does this happen to you? My adorable baby recently discovered that it is SO MUCH FUN to hear the zzzzip of the aplix as he rips off his diaper. Since I generally feel that part of the beauty of cloth diapering is that the diaper itself is cute enough to do double duty as clothing, I don’t even own clothes for my little guy to wear on the bottom! What is a mommy to do?

I had limited success weeding through my diaper stash to find and use only snap closure diapers. I like to do diaper laundry every two to three days – the cutting of my diaper stash in half turned my laundry universe upside down so that approach was short-lived! Leave it to my big kids to solve this adorable yet borderline-annoying dilemma: big boy underpants!

As I chased my half-naked baby, yet again, around the house, my son appeared with a big grin on his face, “Mom, I think Rory needs some underwear.” Brilliant! I successfully reattached his diaper, secured the aplix, and popped on a cute pair of big-boy briefs – sized 4T. They worked like a charm and his fluffy bum looks no less adorable. Necessity is the mother of invention … this might not be the trick to take your little guy to church or out on the town, but this little trick certainly helps us out around the house! Whatever works, right?

By Erin Brighton, Charlotte, NC
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Do You Have a Diaper Houdini?

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Before our little guy was born I did some research on diapers and tried to decide what I wanted to use, what was cheapest, easiest to buy and those sorts of factors. I thought about using cloth diapers, and I really wanted to, but when I started looking around online there were so many options that I was completely overwhelmed. Not to mention my preggo brain just couldn't handle it. I decided I'd start out with disposables and then maybe rethink cloth diapers after a month or so. A month went by, and by then we had a newborn in our house and a lot less sleep to go on. Not to mention we were moving in a month and this time with a newborn! The idea of cloth diapers went on the back burner as we packed up our house and drove across several states with a newborn & kitties in tow.

Fast forward to about a month ago at playgroup - a friend came in to show us some cloth diapers and give us all sorts of info and answer questions. It was so great to actually see the different types of cloth diapers and to feel them and ask questions. I left playgroup with a lot to think about and was seriously considering switching over to cloth diapers. Our little guy is 9 months old (where does the time go?!) and although I feel like I'm late in attempting this, better late than never, right? Not to mention, I feel much more equipped to do research now that I'm not running on minimal sleep and can actually focus!

After borrowing a few diapers from a friend, I decided to purchase some cloth diapers and just go for it. I don't have enough to use them all the time yet, but I'm slowly acquiring a good stash. I'm not the greatest at math but I've crunched a few numbers and wanted to share them with you. Keep in mind these are all averages and sometimes I averaged up (like on the # of diapers we use a day, to account for the unexpected poopy blow out and those sorts of fun adventures...)

Our little guy currently uses between 7 and 9 diapers a day(ish). We have been using Pampers and have been paying around 0.26 per diaper. I'm now using an average of 2-3 disposable diapers a day, one of which is for night time, until I have enough cloth diapers. I have bought 7 cloth diapers and along with accessories have spent about $110 so far. (including free & clear detergent, diaper liners, and diaper wipes spray.) I'm going to guess and say that I plan on spending about $300 on all things diaper related, once I get a few more diapers, a wet bag, and a few other misc. items that I don't necessarily need but would be nice to have.

Ok, now back to me not being great at math... Here goes, if we were spending ~0.26 per diaper (which comes out to $2.34/day at 9 diapers/day). - in a year we'd spend almost $900.00 (and closer to $1300.00 in 1.5 yrs!) not to mention all the garbage we'll be making with all those disposables. So, by spending an initial $300(ish) on cloth diapers, we'll save around $900. I don't know about you but not spending $900 on diapers sounds pretty fabulous to me! =)

Cloth diapering really hasn't been that hard, and considering I've only been doing it a few weeks I think that says something. (Meaning even a person with no experience can do it!) If you're interested in cloth diapering, I say just try it. There are tons of great resources online with people who are more than happy to answer questions. In my experience so far, I've found that people who cloth diaper love to share information and help others who are interested in cloth diapering. Once you try it, you'll see just how easy (and fun) it is and you'll be buying all sorts of adorable patterns and super soft diapers before you know it!

~The Penny Wise Chick is a military wife, and stay at home mom to an adorable 9 month old son. She enjoys blogging at The Penny Wise Chick, cooking, reading and spending time with her family.
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A Thing or Two About Diapers

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers