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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday
2-Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Diapers

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Fluff Friday 141

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Wazka815!

She will receive:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 140 WINNER!

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My decision to cloth diaper was probably driven from a rather unique desire. It wasn't to save the earth. It wasn't how adorable the diapers were. It wasn't to save money. It was because I longed for a way to bond with my newborn that didn't involve nursing. Before you jump to any conclusions I wanted desperately to nurse. A very long and painful story made short is that when my first son was born just over two years ago I started nursing him in the hospital. Four days later he had a high fever and was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. He had lost 12% of his body weight and eventually, after having X-rays, a Spinal Tap, a catheter put in and IV antibiotics they said he was dehydrated. If you have never seen a 4 day old going through all of that medical testing, it is heart-wrenching! I was told I needed to supplement him with formula. I had no support to help me with nursing . I was told that he had a short latch and was too small. I was hooked up to a hospital breast pump for a half hour at a time and nothing would come out. I kept trying to nurse him but he wasn't growing and after his 2 month check up ended badly I gave up and started using formula exclusively. It devastated me. I had wanted to be a mom for as long as I could remember and finally at 31, with a previous ectopic pregnancy and a warning from my ob/gyn that I would not be able to have children, here I was holding my newborn son and I couldn't even feed him.

Fast-forward two years to the birth of my 2nd son.

Again, I nursed him within minutes of his birth and within a day of being home, I heard that all too familiar hunger cry. I had been hopeful that the first time was a fluke and that this time I would be able to breastfeed. At his 4 day follow up I was told that he had lost 10% of his body weight and that I would have to supplement. But this time I saw two different lactation consultants, was put on several different regimens, herbal formulas and medication. Yet once again, nothing worked. My son would nurse for 20 or 30 minutes but never swallow more than once or twice. Nothing worked and the ob/gyn and lactation consultants informed me that they were 99% sure I had an underlying hormonal issue that was preventing me from producing milk. So after 6 weeks of trying everything I realized it wasn't going to happen.

This is when I found cloth diapering. I wanted to bond with my son in some way that felt as intimate as nursing. It may seem unrelated or odd but so much of myself goes into his diapering now. I pick out types, sizes, styles, and material. When I change his diaper I'm not just whipping off a disposable and lobbing it into the trash. I am taking a moment to consider-are we going out? Staying home? Is it naptime? I choose his diaper carefully and I take the time to check the snaps or Velcro, to talk to him about the color of the diaper or the pattern or let him touch the material. I lay him on my lap and we do our fluff stuffing. I love washing his diapers. In that time that I spend to hang each insert on the line, organized by brand and size, I contemplate the time I am investing. Trust me, I have always hated laundry, I have even used the word despise to describe how I feel about folding laundry. I have a very weak stomach and will gag if a stranger passes gas near me. But here I am spending an hour to hang and then stuff his diapers, to organize them every single wash. I am dunking diapers, making and using cloth wipes and I'm proud to say that I haven't gagged once! As strange as it sounds, I feel as close to my son when I am diapering him as I did when I was nursing him. More importantly, I stopped beating myself up. Cloth diapering my baby has allowed me to feel complete as a mom.
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From Breastfeeding to Bumgenius-an Unconventional Road to Fluff

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Remember those lovely days when your baby was still exclusively breast fed and his or her poop didn't really stink? Remember when washing your baby's diapers was no biggie at all because you just stuck the whole shootin' match in the washer and didn't worry about getting any solids off first? Those were the good old days, huh? It reminds me a little bit of how newborns act all sleepy and cuddly for the first few days, to lull you into thinking that this is going to be an easy baby to care for... and then a few days or weeks later, they wake up into their collicky selves! Newborns are sneaky for sort of reeling you in with all that cute, sleepy, easy-poop stuff. And then bam! A few months later you still haven't gotten more than three hours of sleep at a time and then a few months after that, comes "The Big Change" in their diapers.

Gone forever are the easy days of poop that doesn't smell that bad and doesn't need any special treatment before washing. But, in my opinion, what is worse than the poo smell (which is basically gone after you finagle the monster down the toilet) are the ammonia fumes that arise from older baby or toddler urine. It's standard to wash diapers every other day; and somehow diapers that were just an easy "pee-pee diapey" yesterday have marinated together with all the others in the pail into a knock-out force of collective ammonia fumes when you go to put them in the washer.

This was when laundry day became a real challenge to me. And not me only... cajoling/guilting daddy into putting the diapers in the wash was like, "fuhgettaboutit."

And then the real kicker came - first trimester pregnancy smell sensitivity! Holy cow, let me tell you what. Thank heavens there was an exterior door in our laundry room. I would take a huge inhale, frantically unstuff and throw into the machine as many diapers as I could before passing out, stumble out the door, gasp a few deep recovery breaths, retch a few times, and then repeat the process until all the diapers were in the wash. The first trimester nose is no joke, man. It's a killer!

Then I thought, "Surely there must be a way to make this easier." (Cue lightbulb above head and angelic choir singing, "Ahhhh!" in the distance.) Why don't I just pull out the insert right when I change the diaper and then I can just dump the bag in the machine and run?! It sounds like, "Duh. Why didn't I think of it before?" And I'm sure that's what many of you already do and are thinking about me right now! However, for me it has been the number one game changer in the laundry department. It took a few rounds before dad got into the new routine of pulling out the insert (you know, you have to touch something wet with pee and it takes .5 seconds longer) but now he'll put the diapers in the wash without complaint! And that is worth a lot to me!

So the new routine is: Start the washer. Take a deep breath and hold. Quickly dump out bag and turn inside out before adding that too. Shut washer and exit room before running out of air! Take a deep breath in and congratulate yourself that you have made this process a LOT easier on yourself and your pregnant nose.
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The Laundry Game Changer

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Microfiber. Hemp. Organic cotton. PUL. Bamboo. When I first started exploring cloth diapering, all of the choices in products were a bit overwhelming. I wanted to find the right kind of fluff for our family, so I ordered a few different kinds of diapers of several different brands. I carefully pre-washed everything according to the instructions included in the package, and began using cloth diapers on our then-four-week-old baby.

At first, I was meticulous about sorting out all the various brands and types of diapering fluff after each load of laundry. The bumGenius inserts went with the bumGenius pockets, and the Knickernappies inserts went with the Knickernappies pockets. Same for the Rumparooz and Fuzzibunz. I was also pretty particular about which prefolds were for diapering, and which were for nose-wiping and spit up cleaning. I only used certain prefolds with their assigned covers, and when it came to double-stuffing for nighttime, I only used extra inserts from the appropriate brand.

I think this started to change sometime around our switch to cloth wipes. We were sitting in church, the baby spit up, and – oh no! We didn't have one of the designated burp cloths! We did have cloth wipes, though, and those worked out fine for cleaning up the mess. Huh!

Soon after that, something happened between the diaper pail and the laundry room, and I didn't have a bumGenius insert for a bumGenius diaper. I had a different microfiber insert, though…and it worked!

This is when I started going crazy. Needed an extra something for a nighttime diaper? Infant-sized prefold – BAM! Out of cloth wipes? Clean baby washcloths to the rescue! Spilled water in the car? Microfiber inserts are super-absorbent! Need a bib for that feeding of solids while out an about? I could bring a bib – or I could use a wipe. Or a prefold! Or an extra onesie!! Or daddy's gym shirt!!!

I'm not sure why I felt I needed to be so precise with how we used our fluff, but I'm glad I can be a bit more flexible now. I still am careful to keep track of how I use various cloth items for the purpose of washing and maintaining them appropriately, but I am more excited than ever for the versatility of all the fluff we've collected. Everything has its purpose, but when it comes down to it, it's all just cloth, after all!

By Rachel N.
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It’s All Just Cloth

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Sam is the youngest by quite a bit in our family—his brother is 6 and his sister is 9. As a result, he is on the road much, much more often than his older siblings were as babies. We try to keep things minimal as far as after-school activities go (one per big kid), but we need to stay busy and active for all of us to be happy. So Sam finds himself walking the kids to school, at the park, on day hikes, and at soccer practice on a pretty consistent basis. Lucky for us, he's the mellowest baby I have ever known, and he is very content to ride on mama and observe all the goings-on!

I use a two bag system to accommodate our outings in the warmer months—currently, we're transitioning over to this since it has finally gotten to be good weather in our neck of the woods.

I keep the official diaper bag in the car all the time, and this is the bag that goes to church, the library, or afternoon outings to indoor places. In this bag I keep two one-size pocket diapers (we use bumGenius, FuzziBunz, and Happy Heinys), a zippered wetbag, a small wetbag with cloth wipes, and a full change of clothing. I also have a changing pad. This bag is a Kecci which I got when my six year old was a baby—it has held up beautifully and is a great size. It has pockets for my wallet and keys, a small hand sanitizer, and can easily accommodate two or three more diapers and another clothing change, if we will be out longer. There is also enough room for a small snack and sippy cup, and a small water bottle.

The other bag is known by the kids as my "go bag," and this is our all-purpose outdoor outing bag. We use my daughter's old canvas backpack. We carry it along with us for park visits, day hikes, and anything in between. In the front pocket, I keep a small first-aid kit (a necessity with my two big guys!) and a sealed ziplock bag with sunscreen (a gentle variety the whole family can use), hand sanitizer, and non-DEET bug repellant. I also keep a 40 oz water bottle for me (and to replenish the big kid's bottles). For Sam, my staples are two prefolds (folded into thirds), an Econobum cover, and cloth wipes. I also carry some disposable wipes "just in case" we have need for them and happen to be short on water. There is a small, drawstring wetbag, and a towel to use as a changing pad. I keep an emergency one-sie in the bag, and add additional clothing if the weather is a factor (in northern New England, even the summer months can be pretty unpredictable!). There is plenty of room for snacks for the whole family, and the big kids carry their own water bottles. If we are on a longer outing, we add an additional backpack , packed lightly so that one of the children can easily carry it. The pictures show Sam at soccer practice, our bag ready to go, and all the children ready to head to a kid's festival downtown. The older kids thought Sam shouldn't be the only one in the pictures, although in the interest of fair disclosure, he is the only one wearing a cloth diaper!

Anne-Marie is a stay-at-home mom to a 9 year old, a 6 year old, and an eight month old. She blogs about their adventures in sustainable(ish) living at
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Day Tripping

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Cute Baby of the Cloth July

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