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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday
2-Happy Heinys One-Size Cloth Diapers

Question of the week:
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Fluff Friday 138

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Amanda!

She will receive:
2-Bummis Training Pants

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 137 WINNER!

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Sure, cloth diapering is great for the environment and can be quite economical, but it is also really fun. And, if we're being honest, how great do our little bambinos look in their adorable fluffy bums?! In my opinion, the extraordinary cute factor coupled with the huge cost savings and the tiny bit of trash we now have to take out every week, certainly makes up for the little bit of extra laundry that cloth diapering adds to our weekly routine.

Having written about laundry before, some of you might recall that I have four children (3 in cloth), 2 dogs, and a few fish. We've got A LOT of laundry going on over here. All. the. time. We bought this house almost two years ago and the laundry room right beside the kitchen was a dream come true. Who cares if there was a 40 year old 80 gallon hot water heater sitting smack dab in the middle of that tiny laundry room space? Not having to trudge into a basement to do laundry was worth just about any inconvenience associated with this beat-up old room. I didn't mind a bit that I had to stuff and re-stuff steel wool into the holes around aforementioned hot water heater to prevent lovely little chipmunks from trying to visit us to steal dog food. Really. I didn't mind at all. Not one little bit. (Ok. I am totally lying about that last part. Not a fan of rodents or rodent prevention tasks.)

In spite of the convenient location of the laundry room, I knew that my dream would be to update that space as soon as I possibly could. Sure there are other rooms that probably are equally, if not more, deserving of our attention. Our master bathroom, for example, is carpeted and the tub is a death trap, but really, no one will ever see it and I can always shower at the Y. So with that laundry room dream in mind, I approached my husband, shortly after the birth of our fourth child, and provided him with the basic math facts about how much money we would saving by starting this baby from the get-go with cloth diapers. What better use for that cost savings than updating my fabulously scary laundry room! Either my graph paper charts were irrefutable or my husband just took a lot of pity on me, regardless, he agreed to the renovation.

Many, many months later and my laundry room update is in full swing. The 80 gallon hot water heater is gone, replaced by a tankless water heater residing outside!! A sink, counters, and cabinets now grace the space with plenty of room for my diaper soap and dryer balls - no longer relegated to a basket perched precariously on top of the dryer. There is no more access to scary little critters from the great outdoors, and I even have a drying rack on the wall to air dry covers, pockets, and wool as needed. Although I have completely negated all cost-savings that we would ever see from using cloth, the environmental benefits remain. And, even if my years washing cloth diapers are limited, my years washing piles upon piles of laundry certainly are not. The laundry room is so nice now, I might even set up my laptop and a coffee pot... at least until we can get around to updating the rest of the house.

By ... Erin Brighton, Charlotte, NC (Writing about projects that add to her laundry piles at
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Old House, First Update: The Laundry Room (Of Course!)

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I am one of those mothers that caught onto cloth diapering late in the game.  My first child wore disposables.  When my daughter was born I started looking into cloth diapers.  I realized that cloth diapers had changed so much over the years and decided that I could definitely do this.  My next thought was the daycare.  Would they be willing to use cloth diapers?  All of the people that I knew that used cloth diapers were stay at home Moms.  Were daycare centers willing to use them?  I made the call and the daycare Director told me that they didn’t have a problem with it, but she said they “won’t do anything with the poop so maybe you should consider using disposables just for daycare.”

She sounded terrified.  Were diapers really that scary?

I thought long and hard throughout my maternity leave about whether to go forward with this or not.  My biggest concern was actually the daycare.  I realize that I pay them so they should use whatever products I require on my baby.  However, I know that they are incredibly busy woman and I didn’t want to put them out too much either.  I came up with a plan that I think is ideal for cloth diapering at daycare.
  1. bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers were the first step in the plan.  I bought many of them with hook and loop closures even though I read that they tend to wear out quicker.  I wanted to provide them with a diaper that was as much like a disposable as possible.  When you are changing six baby’s diapers at once it needs to go quickly.  I bought a variety of other diapers for at home, but I’m very careful not to send them.  I want to be consistent. 
  2. Flushable liners were the next step.  I provide them with liners to go in the diapers so that all poop can get thrown out.  This step was actually for me.  I didn’t want the poop sitting inside the diaper all day long waiting for me to clean it off at night.
  3. The final step is a Planetwise wet/dry bag.  I think that this is an essential accessory for cloth diapering at daycare.  Every morning I stuff the dry side with clean diapers and they put the dirty ones in the wet side throughout the day.  I bring the bag home every evening and do the same thing the next day.

Using these three products have us successfully cloth diapering at daycare.  I also recognized their fear of having to use cloth diapers.  The week before my daughter started daycare I stopped in and showed them how to use the diapers.  After showing them that it was very similar to a disposable they seemed much more at ease. 

We are only a few weeks in and they have suggested to me a few times that we use disposables at daycare and cloth at home.  I just explain to them that it’s important to me, my baby’s health, and my wallet that we use cloth full time.

Basically, I have tried to make it as easy as possible for them, but I’m also standing my ground.    Now I am so committed to cloth that if they were to tell me that it’s not working out, I would find a new daycare center.  I want to be respectful of them and their time, but also do what is best for my little one. 

Written by Tracy K.
Bio:  I am a wife and Mother of two.  I work full time and love my work, but also love every moment at home with my little ones.
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Terrified Daycare Director

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In the scheme of things, I am still new to cloth diapers. We started back in November using them at home, and started full-time (sending them to day care also) about a month later. I know many people who have used them for years, across multiple children. But the fact that using cloth diapers means washing them as often as every other day, by now I am starting to feel like a pro!

Say I have used them solid for 5 months, that's as many as 75 loads of diaper laundry I've done! It took me quite a few of those loads to figure out a routine that will last the long haul - in fact, I still don't know if I'm out of the woods yet. I have experimented with rinses at the beginning, at the end, and more. But here's what I have been doing for several weeks that seems to pass the sniff test (aka - they smell clean when I am done, and don't smell like ammonia after they are peed on!):

* As a diaper is used, I rinse it in the sink or with my diaper sprayer in the toilet before putting it into the bag. This means, taking out the insert, running it under the water and squeezing it out once or twice, until the water is coming out clear. I fix the laundry tabs on the cover, if it's aplix. Then I put the pieces in the bag. I do this with all the day care dipes at once in the evening before bed.

* I do laundry every other day. Since everything is in the bag and has been rinsed and fixed, I simply dump it all into the washing machine with a scoop of Rockin' Green, and start a hot wash cycle. (I have a standard top load machine with no bells or whistles). Once the tub is filled, I stop the cycle, swish everything around to make sure it's all good and soakin, and let them soak as long as I have time for (this has been a game changer!), even overnight if I have enough diapers to get by. When I am ready to start the cycle, I push in the dial and let it go. My machine does a cool rinse on this cycle, I believe. Once it's totally done, I turn the dial back to a short, cold wash cycle and let that run through also. I don't put any detergent in this time. Finally, when that's done, I put the inserts in the dryer and hang up all the covers/shells to dry.

* During the week I do this process in the evening so that all those shells are dry by in the morning to be packed up for another day.

And that's it! Not a lot of labor, and effective. For now at least!

Guest writer Jessica W. also blogs at
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Finally, a wash routine that works for me!

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My husband laughingly jokes, "They have a 12 step program for this right?" He's talking about my love affair with cloth diapers. It IS a love affair because there are many nights I've abandoned him to stalk web pages and blogs to learn more about cloth diapers.

How did I get started with this? It was 5 years before I ever became pregnant. A friend was having a baby and I wanted to make her something, so I thought cloth diapers should be fairly easy. HA! Little did I know you needed you need to know HOW to sew in order TO sew. To make a very long story short, it was a dismal failure. So, I ended up purchasing 36 preemie prefolds. I was going to hand embroider a bunch for her to use as burp cloths and distribute the rest to my husband and family members to use for house cleaning and car detailing. However, my friend ended up getting a gift card to Babies r us. I just couldn't part with the cloth diapers. They were so small and so cute, and I could just imagine putting this cute white fluff on a baby's butt – I was in love, so in my basement they went, and off to my computer I went to learn more.

A warm fuzzy feeling enveloped me when I started researching information on cloth diapers. I read about cotton, hemp, bamboo, prefolds, AIO, AI2, Pockets, fitteds, inserts, liners – I couldn't get enough information fast enough. They were cute, environmentally friendly, and a lot cheaper than disposables, exactly what my husband needed to hear to jump on the cloth diaper bandwagon. – [The fact that I said I would do all the diaper laundry didn't hurt either. Smiles.]

Fast forward five years later. I'm finally pregnant with our first child and I began buying more cloth diapers. The very same day that I got the positive pregnancy test I bought 36 infant sized prefolds and 6 newborn/small sized covers. I figured I could wash every 2-3 days and that I was set. I then said to myself, "I'm going to need toddler sized prefolds eventually", so I went ahead and bought 36 of those too. – Oh, how am I going to attach the diapers? Check. I bought 5 Snappies and a few sets of diaper pins. Covers, I need larger sized covers. Check. 7 one sized covers ordered. Then, I thought I was done, and I was - for a few months.

Fast forward 5 months later, and then I discovered The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. See where this is going? With so many reviews and articles on so many diapers, I was officially beyond the point of no return. bumGenius has hook and loop closures- that would be easier for my husband to change the diapers. Check, I purchased three. I read older babies will sometimes remove hook and loop diapers. Check. I bought three bumGenius in snaps. I read about the Kawaii diaper and they were so cute with all the different prints, I had to have some. Check. I bought six. I saw some Valentine's Day diapers on eBay and thought they would look cute on our new little girl. Check, I bought two. I read the one-sized diapers really start to fit well between 8-10lbs so I had no pocket diapers to use when we first bring her home. Check. Seven pocket diapers purchased in four different brands in sizes small enough to cover a newborn. AIO's, I didn't have any AIO's. Check. One of each of three different brands purchased. I read some more. Check. I purchased six hemp doublers in case she was a heavy wetter. Because my stash should really be a broad mix of diaper styles - Check. I bought three more diapers in different brands. I should really be using cloth wipes too. Check. Two dozen purchased. Then, of course, I read some more, then Check. Check. Check. Phew!

I believe I now have enough diapers in every size to cover my baby from birth to potty training washing diapers three days a week with enough hook and loop diapers to make changing convenient for my husband. But then again, I have six and a half more weeks until the baby gets here and with Kelly's Closet's free shipping opportunities and great coupons…well…… maybe I do need to start looking for a 12 step program.
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They have a 12 step program for this right?

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I love cloth diapering. It is my hobby. And when I say that, I mean it is my one and only hobby. I get pretty zealous about my fluff and I love talking about it. I talk about it to strangers, I talk about it to friends and I especially talk about it to my friends who are expecting.

Over the last few months, I’ve learned that not everyone appreciates my efforts to share the fluff love. Let me put something radical out there- Cloth diapering isn’t for everyone in every situation. Like many fluff lovers, that was a difficult lesson for me to learn because cloth diapering was a no-brainer for my family.

When dealing with the non-fluffer, I find it important to keep a few things in mind before delving in to my long speech about why cloth diapering is better for your baby, the environment, your wallet, etc. Here are a just a couple of those things:

1. Follow the golden rule: treat other moms the way you want to be treated. Don’t look down on them because their views are different. It doesn’t feel good when people do it to you, so don’t do it to others. Don’t make them feel like they are intentionally ruining our eco-system just because they are not using cloth diapers. Many have just never considered it or don’t know that there are new, user friendly options available. Treating others disrespectfully often just leads them to feel more strongly about their views than before.

2. Be prepared but don’t dump information on your listener unexpectedly. There is a wealth of valuable information about why choosing cloth is a great idea. If you want to entice your friends, you should be prepared to answer their questions about cloth diapering. If you are a cloth zealot like me, keep in mind that that doesn’t mean dumping all of the facts on them because they asked you a simple question like, “Doesn't cloth diapering use a ton of water?” Your intentions may be good but your listener probably feels a little overwhelmed.

3. Be willing to meet halfway. Challenge your friend to take the “3 things Challenge” or even to just use one cloth diaper every couple of days. Or encourage your friends to try cloth diapers for swimming instead of using the expensive disposable swimmers-cuter and way easy to use. Small changes make a big difference.

4. Be willing to be supportive. If your friend is interested in cloth diapers but is still skeptical and doesn’t want to spend money before taking a test run, consider loaning out one or two of yours. It might be hard to see your fluff go for a few weeks but isn’t it worth it if it changes one persons’ mind?

5. Most importantly, listen to what they have to say. Really hear their concerns, don't just dismiss them with information. Let them share their experiences, thoughts and feelings before asking them to listen to what you have to say. They might know more than you think they do.

It may sound simple but these were hard lessons for me to learn. I hope these few ideas help you to share your cloth love in a more listener respectful way. Happy fluff sharing.


Mindy Hill is a cloth diaper addict. More importantly, she is the mother of a one year old boy and is expecting her second fluffy butt in late September.
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Fluff Conversion Etiquette

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers