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There are so many things that I never, ever thought that I would do…that is until I had a baby. Pick boogers out of a kids nose? No way. But I sure do it now. Dunk an EBF cloth diaper in the toilet? That would have made me dry heave before, but I don’t even think twice before doing it now. Then one day I did the unthinkable...

My son was 8 weeks old when we started cloth diapering him. One day, a few weeks into cloth diapering, my husband, son, and I were out and about running errands. I could tell my son was getting hungry so I fed him in the car in the parking lot and while doing so I could hear some noises in his little belly…then in his pants. I figured, not a big deal, I will just change him in the car when he is done eating. Any mom who has exclusively breast fed a baby knows what EBF poo looks like and that is sticky mud. I go to change the little guys diaper and that is what it was full of. Ew. Whatever, I’m used to it at this point. I got my wipes out (I was still using disposable wipes at this time) and realized that I only had 5 wipes and a baby with a very nasty bum. Okay, I could make this work. As I am using the last wipe I saw a little more poo coming out…then more…then some more. Well, I was NOT expecting that and was scrambling around trying to find something to catch it with because a) he was in the back of my husband’s car and b) I did not put down a changing pad (shame on me). As I realize that I had no other options I did something I never in my life thought I would do…I just put my hand under his bum and caught the poo. And you know what? It really didn’t bother me much. My husband was gagging behind me and I am asking him for a bag, a towel, SOMETHING so that I could get the poo off of my hand. I finally remembered that I had an extra pre-fold in my wet bag and wow was that a lifesaver! Once we got the new diaper on I ran into the store we were going in and washed my hands immediately then went on with our day. I know that someday I will tell my son this story and embarrass the heck out of him, but maybe he will realize that what it really means is that I will do anything for him.

Moral of the story: always carry an extra pre-fold or flat diaper because in case of an emergency they can clean up some nasty messes.
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A Mother's Love... The Story of My Son Pooing in My Hand

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Fluff Friday
1- Flip Stay-Dry Day Pak
(Includes 2-Flip one-size covers and 6-stay-dry inserts)

Question of the week:
What kind of diapering system do you use when you go on vacation? Leave your comment before Thursday, June 30th at 7pm EST. (You can only answer the "Question of the Week" ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

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Fluff Friday 136

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Cori & Ben!

She will receive:
2- GroVia One-Size AIO Cloth Diapers

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 135 WINNER!

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The challenge: Drive to Kansas City, MO for little sister's graduation, then to Dallas, TX to stay with grandparents, return to Denver safe and happy with daughters 1 & 5 years old, parenting & driving solo.
Total traveling time 14 days. Total driving time ~ 26 hours.

If I had the funds I might call myself addicted to cloth, it is rather difficult stifling the urge to max the credit card with random fluff every time some new print or interesting style arrives on the diaper market. I have tried just about everything currently offered out there. I settled in for the second round with Baby E outfitted with prefolds and wraps. My experience thus far has proven that for ease of use, versatility, and cost effectiveness, prefolds win every time.

My main concern traveling with the diapers had little to do with how and when I would wash them. I was mostly concerned with mildew and other nefarious diaper destroyers. It never even crossed my mind to purchase disposables for the trip. Where we go, the diapers go. Besides, my number one reason for using cloth is that I do not ever have to purchase diapers again, unless I want to---that is freedom.

Anyway, loading up the car, I packed my diapers in a basket, plopped them on top of the rest of our baggage along with my Planet-wise wet bag for ease of access and off we went in the wild blue yonder. I found it's easiest to use the diaper bag staples first and foremost, then replenish dipes and empty lil' wet bag as needed at the rear "baggage compartment." Upon arrival in Texas, the baby had a terrible diaper rash. She screamed so hard at one point on our final stint to the grandparents' house I had to pull over and console her a bit. A swab of cream with a liner and she was good as new less than a day later. On our return trip I made sure to use some of our poly-fleece wipes as little stay-dry liners, and rescued her from an entirely different type of "road rash". My parents live practically on a farm, there are bugs and more bugs. The humidity is so very high as compared to Denver, I mostly worried I would open my wet bag to find a nasty mess of mildew funk. The only other issue was my mother complaining that I was doing too much laundry and her concern that the septic tank couldn't handle the extra activity. Funny thing, as well, I'm almost certain that my mom thought that the poop went into the wash with the diapers. I'm not entirely sure she believed me when I explained that the poo goes in the toilet, the diaper goes in the wash. Ah, the old days of diapering ignorance, I do not miss them. One or two of my wraps accidentally were machine dried during buckets of rain, but mostly I enjoyed the use of a clothesline while we were there.

We, and the diapers, made it safe and sound back home (and we travel old school---no electronic gizmos!) While I am not positive, I think the recent yeast issue is somehow connected with that trip. It is finally dissipating with use of some new Blueberry and Rocky Mountain pockets, and of course momgenuity around diaperless baby air-drying between frequent changes.
Happy Diapering!

Ada is momma to two girls, 1 & 5 years old, enjoying life just west of Denver, CO. Mommy-blogger, triathlete, sew cool, Ashtangi, reader, writer, casual crafty, baby-wearin', cloth-diaperin', homeschoolin' joyful wife and mother.
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Have Diaper Will Travel

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I wanted to address all my readers at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer about a meaningful new cause FuzziBunz has taken on.

You may know me as the Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper because I invented FuzziBunz in 1999 after my son, Eden, was born with severe eczema. FuzziBunz was the first modern diaper of its kind.

Seven years later, Eden was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. While saddened by this diagnosis, I was optimistic that now that we knew what was going on with Eden, we could help treat it. With the support of organizations like Autism Speaks – and my family and community – I learned that there were many techniques and treatments to help Eden grow up to be a thriving young man.

I recognize that I am fortunate that FuzziBunz has afforded me the opportunities to treat and help Eden, but I know not all families are in this position. In Eden's honor, FuzziBunz will donate $1 for every "Light It Up Blue" diaper we sell to Autism Speaks, a national advocacy organization dedicated to funding autism-related research and helping families impacted by autism. (Note Light It Up Blue was once known as Blue Sky). The diapers are the same price as the all the other FuzziBunz cloth diapers – so I hope you'll simply add the Light It Up Blue diaper to your stash and know that, by doing so, you're helping families like mine cope with autism and that you're contributing to our nation's plight to find a cure.

Thank you for your support to help raise awareness and funds for Autism - together we can make a difference!

Known as the mother of the modern cloth diaper, Tereson Dupuy invented the first pocket-style cloth diaper as a 28-year-old concerned mama. She later turned her invention into FuzziBunz cloth diapers, a popular brand of cloth diapers since 1999. As an inventor, business owner and mom to three, Tereson has many years of personal and professional experience in the cloth diaper industry, and she's excited to work with The Cloth Diaper Whisperer to offer her perspective on cloth diapering trends and insights.
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FuzziBunz Lights Up In Blue Diaper Supports Autism Speaks

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When I was pregnant and it was decided that I should leave my job to stay home with our children, I was looking for ways to reduce expenses. It didn't take me long to realize that cloth diapers could play a major role in that equation. I will admit that I spent months reading and looking at pictures and trying to figure out what all of the diapering terms meant before I took a huge leap and actually ordered some. Disposables were fine for us with my older daughter and I'm not exactly a fan of laundry, so I was really having to wrap my head around the idea of washing diapers...and their contents. I kept referencing the Excel spreadsheet that I'd made, reassuring myself that the cost savings would be worth it.

My sweet husband was on board from the beginning and actually mentioned it to one of his coworkers whose wife was pregnant with their second baby. The coworker raved about their bumGenius diapers, so that was my first purchase. When they arrived, I was in love with how cute they were and how soft they felt – I was delighted at the thought of putting something so gentle against my baby's skin.

The more I read, the more I realized that I would probably need some newborn sized diapers. I ordered Rumparooz Lil' Joeys (love the darling whale print!), XS FuzziBunz and Kissaluvs Fitteds in size zeros, plus four covers. My husband, eight year old daughter and I spent a morning diapering one of her stuffed bunnies, practicing with the snaps and trying out the different styles of covers. I also bought several dozen inexpensive white washcloths to use as cloth wipes in a Prince Lionheart wipes warmer.

After Noah was born, the first cloth diaper we used was the Lil' Joey and I was hooked. His behind was so fluffy and cute, and I never worried about the cost of diapers when he'd go through three or four in a row during one changing – I just laughed and figured on an extra load of laundry that day! Once I caught myself running low on cloth diapers and did a quick count as I loaded the washer to figure out exactly how many we'd been through that day: nineteen diapers and twenty wipes. Referencing my spreadsheet, which used the cost of the least expensive store brand, that day's changes would have cost me about $3.50 and used a quarter of a package of disposables.

The Kissaluvs fitteds with a cover has worked the best for us, especially at night. Our heavy wetter would soak through microfiber inserts and then not only would we be changing him, but we'd be changing the bed, too! Plus, it was nice to use the same diaper all the time at night so we weren't trying to figure out different configurations of closures while totally exhausted. Since Noah was born at 8lb 2.7oz and 22.5", it wasn't long until he outgrew the Lil Joeys, but I was glad to have them since the inner gussets really held in the newborn stool. Along the way, I added a couple of Applecheeks in size one, and the super-absorbent bamboo inserts made for a great overnight diaper.

One of the best things that happened was when a mom commented on how cute Noah's diaper was, and how disposables had come a long way! I explained that it wasn't a disposable, it was a cloth diaper, and it sparked a great discussion about how easy cloth was with a group of moms as we waited to pick up our older children (By the way, the cute diaper was a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap cover with the red rocket print.)

My precious Noah is now six weeks old and I feel like we've gotten in a groove with cloth diapering. We only carry cloth in our diaper bag and made our first out-of-town trip with cloth when we drove five hours to my parents' house. We've experimented with some different washing routines and installed a clothesline to take advantage of the bright Texas sun. We're certainly not experts – I've called the helpful ladies at Kelly's twice now with questions! – but we're confident in our ability to effectively cloth diaper and in the knowledge that this is saving our family money.

I'm Maryn Taylor, mom to an eight year old daughter who helps with cloth diapers and a six week old son who looks extra-cute wearing them.
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The First Six Weeks

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"Go Green" was the theme for June's photo contest and we received so many photos of your babies in a "natural" state! We just know these little ones are going to grow up loving our planet!

The winning photo was submitted by Melanie Langford. The picture features sweet baby girl, Rory, playing in the grass (and maybe eating some too!) by big, beautiful Cypress trees. We've got ourselves a little "tree-hugger"! Melanie will receive a $25 gift certificate to Diaper Shops!

Thanks to all of you for your amazing submissions - enjoy this "Go Green" video!

Next month's photo contest theme is "Daddy's Little Bundle!" We want to see pics of your little one posing in their cloth diapers with their papas! One picture submission per family, please! Submit photos to by Wednesday, June 29, 2011. Winning submission gets a $25 gift card to Diaper Shops – yippee!

Note: By submitting a photo for this contest, you consent that Kelly's Closet and Diaper Shops has the right to use the photo of your child and his or her first name in future newsletters.
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Cute Baby Of The Cloth June

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Talking my better half Tim into cloth diapers, proved to be equal parts difficult and easy. He is the first one to stand up and save money but I think the up front cost scared him a little bit; maybe in the end he was just stringing me along to make sure it was something I really wanted and not just because my friends were doing it.

Before Stella was born I had already had toyed with the notion of cloth diapers but the deal was sealed for me when I watched my good friend and sister-in-law slip into it with grace, promised savings, and had only good things to say. Now it was time to get to work on Tim and I didn’t waste anytime.

My approach was tons and tons of research, comparison, and pricing and it seemed to do the trick; I almost became obsessive there for a second, honestly there is so much information out there it sends you for a little whirlwind at first. Thankfully with cloth diapering being such a rising trend the information and tips are becoming a lot more organized and clear.

Once I had my list of what I wanted and what our up front cost would be Tim and I started negotiating. I even came prepared with a spread sheet of savings when it came to cloth vs. disposables, I had found via googling ‘cloth diapering blogs’. 

I knew this is what I wanted for our family and I planned on being persistent to get what I wanted; I even followed Tim into the bathroom while he was showering once to shout savings figures at him, ‘can you believe that the average baby costs almost $2,000 to diaper and we could be doing it for only $400 or less?’ He was less that thrilled at this maneuver but it was later that night that we made our first purchase from Kelly’s Closet and our first set of bum genius and Flip diapers were on it’s way. We compromised to stay minimal at first, to make sure it was something we could commit to, can you believe that we didn’t even buy a diaper sprayer till Stella was almost one year old? I was just happy to be cloth diapering that I could overlook having to scrap and slush diapers in the toilet for the time being. We also skipped any sort of special pail and use a five gallon home depot bucket coupled with a hand-me-down pail liner form another cd’ing friend; you would be amazed at how well it contains any odor.

Today we are almost exclusively FuzziBunz as we have had to adapt to our changing little lady and these have worked best for us; Tim doesn’t even question me anymore and has never put up a fight to changing a cloth diaper. When money is tight I look to or diaper swappers to add to our stash since the $19 price tag can be overwhelming at times.

Since we became a all cloth house many friends of our have followed suit in most part due to my convincing. I think so many people are still wrapped up in flats, pins, and plastic pants they can’t see the benefits of what cloth diapering has to offer. Having done so many late nights of cloth diaper info surfing I come ready to answer any of their questions!

Written by Melissa D.:
Melissa is a young mother of three girls zoe(7), rowan(3), and stella(1), cloth diapering for the first time and am head over heels for the money we are saving! I write a mommy blog at, am going to school to be a radiology tech, and photograph my way through the day till bedtime just to do it all again tomorrow.
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Oh, The Things You’ll Do To Get Dad On Board

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers