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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday
1- Mini-Shower Diaper Sprayer

Question of the week:
How do you clean cloth diapers with bowel movements (liners, sprayer, dunk, etc)? Leave your comment before Thursday, June 16th at 7pm EST. (You can only answer the "Question of the Week" ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

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We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, June 17th. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact us to claim their prize.

Who can participate?
US Residents are welcome!

Important note about the winner:
If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don't forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 134

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Jill!

She will receive:
2-itti bitti d'lish Snap-in-One Diapers

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 133 WINNER!

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Once you have completely switched over to the fabulous world of cloth diapers, you may find yourself faced with a conundrum...there isn’t a place to throw out wipes anymore! The diaper pail has been repurposed with a washable pail liner and is no longer the multi-purpose nursery room trash can that it once was. Plus, once you get used to that warm fuzzy feeling you get when thinking about how much you’ve reduced your trash output, throwing away wipes starts to feel weird in combination with cloth diapering. The good news is: cloth wipes are easy to use and you can make them yourself for free or cheap!!

You can of course buy cloth wipes when purchasing your other diapering supplies, but in my personal opinion, they can be sort of overpriced for what you are going to do with them - namely, wipe poop. Why spend $2 for one wipe when you can either repurpose another piece of fabric you have laying around, or buy a bit of flannel at the fabric store for much less? Let me tell you how easy it is to make your own wipes.

Option 1: You Have Very Basic Sewing Skills
The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional seamstress to sew wipes. Cut flannel or any other soft, absorbent fabric into rectangles or squares (you can either use a disposable wipe as a pattern to measure size, or just make them whatever size you darn well feel like!) and then use a basic zig zag stitch around the edge of each wipe. Allow the “zag” part of the stitch to go over the edge of the fabric, to seal it against unraveling.

I found personally that it was easier to stitch around a rounded edge than to navigate around a sharp corner. I just rounded off the edges of a big stack with my scissors and didn’t worry if they weren’t all perfect. Again - remember the wiping poop factor. It doesn’t matter if each one isn’t perfect. You aren’t going to frame them and hang them on the wall.

Option 2: You Couldn’t Sew if Your Life Depended On It
The good news is that not all fabric will fray on the edges. You can cut up a piece of knit fabric and it will roll its edges up a bit over time instead of unraveling. Allow for the shrinkage in size that the rolling will cause when you cut them out. I would allow about an extra 1/4 - 1/2 inch on each side.

For this option, just cut the fabric to whatever size you would like and you’re good to go! How easy is that??

Option 3: You Want To Be The Over-Achieving Mother Of The Year
If you have more experience sewing and want your wipes to be extra thick and cushy, you can sew two rectangles together (right sides facing in toward each other), leave a little hole to turn it right side out when you’re done, press the wipe flat with an iron, and then top stitch around the edges.

What Can I Use to Make Wipes?
You can make wipes out of any fabric you have laying around that is soft and absorbent. I say absorbent because the wipes must soak up the solution you use to make them wet. If you use fleece, that won’t happen. Here are some ideas of things you may have at your house:

Flannel receiving blankets
Burp Cloths
Old hand towels or wash cloths
Hubby’s old undershirts
That t-shirt from your sorority date function in 1998 that you still wear to bed but you should let it go.

If you repurpose fabric from an item that has been washed in regular detergent, you will probably want to wash it in your cloth diaper detergent (or at least give it a really hot rinse) before throwing in with the rest of your diapers just in case it has residue built up on it that could mess up your cute fluff!

By Stephanie G.
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How to Make Your Own Cloth Wipes: Part 1

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A few weeks ago, the stars aligned for a big family adventure in the minivan. We would be traveling almost 2000 miles, attending 2 weddings, and staying in 3 hotels plus my parents’ house over the course of about 8 days. Never mind buckling four kids in and out of car seats, I was slightly stressed about traveling for that long and with such a haphazard schedule, and successfully cloth diapering my little guy. I didn’t hesitate to switch to disposable nighttime pull-ups for my two big kids, but Baby R has never done disposables and I figured a long car trip would not be a good place to test them out.

After a little bit of research and some strategic planning, I decided that I would attempt a hybrid cloth diapering approach.  For the daytime car trip, I purchased a package of FLIP disposable inserts to use in the FLIP covers that I already own. I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable they were! I layered two FLIP disposable inserts into my cover and hoped for the best. 240 miles and four hours later, we stopped for lunch - I hadn’t heard a peep from the rear-facing carseat in ages. I grabbed my diaper bag with additional FLIP inserts, a Fuzzibunz pocket diaper (just in case his bum was looking red), some Kissaluvs diaper changing spray, and headed into the (surprisingly clean) restroom.

The FLIP disposable inserts were a total success. They were wet, but his bum was not red, the FLIP cover didn’t leak, and he was not at all uncomfortable. We decided to give a double disposable FLIP insert another try for the next leg of the trip. I switched out covers and decided to use a Bummis cover (the bright yellow one in the background of the photo up top). I felt like I could rest a little easier now that the disposable inserts had passed the first big test!

When we arrived at our first hotel for the night, I wanted to stick with our regular nighttime routine: a Bum Genius pocket diaper stuffed with a regular insert plus a hemp insert, lined with a disposable Bummis liner, covered with wool - usually a Kissaluvs cover or longies my mom made. Although I wouldn’t have access to a washer for another day, I grabbed the plastic “laundry bag” from the hotel room closet and turned that into my mini travel diaper bag (yup, totally forgot the wet bag!). Back in the car the next day and back on the road, I only put a single FLIP disposable insert into his cover because our road time was only scheduled to be two hours before we reached our next destination - New York City! The singly insert was also a success. No complaints and we all arrived happily at our hotel.

After we checked into our second hotel, I went back to my normal daytime cloth routine knowing that I was about 24 hours away from the use of a washing machine at my mom’s house! (Such a nice feeling.) I used about a 1/2 days worth of my regular mix and match cloth diaper approach - an all-in-one, a fitted with a cover, a pocket... I can’t commit! All of these diapers were tossed into our de facto diaper laundry bag, ready for the big washer at Mimi’s house! Using Bummis disposable liners helped keep the mess to a minimum while we were out of our element.

Back on the road the next day, we were back to our road-friendly double layer of disposable FLIP inserts and a cute cover. Knowing that we had about five hours of driving from New York to Boston, I also put a pair of fleece pants on - they seem to help with any leaking issues. (I certainly didn’t want to be dealing with a wet carseat.) Finally arriving at Mimi’s house, I made a quick dash for the laundry room and dumped all the diapers in for a good soak in cold water. For the rest of the time at my mom’s house, we were able to continue our regular routine and I wasn’t at all hesitant about using the disposable inserts for our long trip back to Charlotte at the end of the week. Having a cloth diaper travel system in place really helps me to know that I have one less thing to worry about on my next trip!

By Erin Brighton, Charlotte, NC  
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Traveling Is Hard Enough... How Not To Let Cloth Diapers Ruin Your Trip!

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We are so excited to be a co-sponsor of the #ChangingDiapers Twitter Party that is taking place Tuesday, June 7th at 9:00pm ET on Twitter. Cloth diaper expert Kelly Wels is launching her new book, Changing Diapers, The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering (available for pre-order now) with a big party and lots of baby prizes including cloth diapers, baby related products, and breastfeeding resources.

The book promotes the convenience of cloth diapering while discussing every aspect of modern cloth diapering. Topics discussed in the book include; Why Choose Cloth Diapers?, How to Wash Your Cloth Diapers and even a chapter that discusses Daddies and Diapers.

“As the depressed state of the economy butts up against the ecological green movement, more eco-friendly and cost-conscious moms tend to be looking at cloth diapers as a way to save money and the environment.” Says Wels. “Modern cloth diapers are really him, functional, and work just as well as, if not better than, disposables.”

What is a Twitter Party? Blogger and Social Media maven, Calley Pate of The Eco Chic blog hosts parties on Twitter to share her passion for cloth diapers. A Twitter Party is a group of people tweeting about the same topic at the same time; almost like a chat room but on Twitter.

Why should you attend a party on Twitter? In addition to learning more about the theme for the party you will also have the opportunity to win great prizes. There are over 80 prizes to be awarded during the one hour party including 2 itti bitti cloth diapers and 2 itti bitti wet bags donated by The grand prize for the evening is an iPad2.

To RSVP and for complete directions on how to participate visit the Eco Chic Parties page of Calley’s blog; There is a link to RSVP towards the bottom of the post.

We’ll be present and tweeting (@diapershops) with attendees throughout the evening. We look forward to tweeting with you then.
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Join @DiaperShops At The #ChangingDiapers Twitter Party Tonight

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It took me a few months (well, maybe six months) to figure out the "perfect" way to keep my cloth diapers organized.  I now have a great system that works for our family.

I keep all of the fluff in Sam's dresser.  When he was younger, and couldn't roll like a baby alligator, this is where his changing pad rested.  When we picked out his furniture I was set on getting a changing table but a salesperson talked me into getting a dresser and placing a changing pad on top instead-I sure am glad I met that man!  This dresser has so much space for his fluff and is useful still once changing baby on a changing table isn't feasible anymore, which was around six months of age for us.

In the long, top drawer I keep (in photo order) FuzziBunz Hemp Inserts, extra micro inserts, micro doublers, Hemp Babies doublers, and Birdseye Cotton Flat Diapers (in natural).
In the next two drawers I keep all of my pre stuffed pocket diapers (an assortment of FuzziBunz Perfect SizeBum Genius 4.0Kawaii, and Rumparooz).

The bottom drawer houses my covers which include Flip and Bummis Super Lite.  (I use my flat diapers tri folded in these).

On top of the dresser I have a Prince Lionheart wipe warmer and I keep their "Warmies" in it.  I keep my FuzziBunz wipes underneath that I spray with a bottle of water-these are amazingly soft and are great at drying his little bum after wiping it.

Next to the wipe warmer I keep three jars filled with Q-tips, cotton balls, and baking soda (to sprinkle in the diaper pail).

I also keep a basket on top filled with my old infant prefolds that are great for cleaning up messes, a spray bottle of water, and a baby jar filled with coconut oil.  I use the coconut oil on Sam's bum for his eczema, diaper rash, and as a barrier cream.  It works great and smells amazing!  Oh, and you can't forget the Jayhawk.  Rock Chalk!

In the side cabinet doors I keep random accessories and yes, I have a "sposie" stash for very rare occasions.

And let's be honest, this is usually what his room looks like with the fluff piled on the floor until I have a chance to stuff the pockets and get everything put away.

Happy Cloth Diapering!

By Michelle P.
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How I Stash My Fluff-Part 1

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We're a military family, and just relocated back to the home we bought three years ago.  We had been in an apartment and renting until we got back.  I was so excited to get back into our OWN house!  One of the reasons for this excitement had my husband giving me odd looks.  We would finally be able to install a "tree" style diaper (I mean clothes) dryer in the back yard!  Yippee!  (Previously, I had been using a folding rack...carrying it outside on sunny days).  I was so excited to see him come home with a bag of cement!

I have the fondest memories of my Grandma hanging clothes out on her "tree" in the backyard.  She would let me stand on a chair and use the clothespins to hang the colorful parade of clean laundry.  The most fun was having a race with see who could take all the clothes off the line the fastest!  Now every time I'm outside, I think about my Grandma, and it's a nice time of the breeze blowing and the sun shining on me.  I love it!

Since the dryer has been installed, there have been cloth diapers on it almost daily.  If it's sunny, odds are good that you will see diapers out there.  We don't have a fence around the yard, and it's visible from certain angles just walking past the house.  I didn't know this would make me famous!

When I point out the house we live in to my neighbors, you'd be amazed at how many times I hear, "Oh!  You're the one with the cloth diapers in the backyard!" or, "I noticed some beautiful colors on your line out back!" I get to smile and explain how much I love cloth diapering.  People are amazed that diapers can be so cute and fun!  I also hear a lot of comments about how wonderful it is that I am harnessing the sun to save even more energy.  One of my neighbors have even started hanging some of her clothes outside!

Ok, so I'm not really famous, but I do love being recognized as that lady with the cloth diapers hanging in the backyard!  Who knows, maybe this is the start of a cloth revolution in my own neighborhood.  I wouldn't mind that sort of legacy.  :)

By Julie G.
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How Cloth Diapers Made Me Famous!

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers