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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday
2-itti bitti d'lish Snap-in-One Diapers

Question of the week:
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If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don't forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 133

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is PunkRockChic!

She will receive:
2 - bumGenius Elemental Organic AIO One-Size Cloth Diapers

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 132 WINNER!

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When I was trying to convince my husband to use cloth diapers over a year ago, one of my selling points was, “It’s not like I am wanting to use cloth wipes, too. That would be gross.”  Eventually he agreed to do a test run. We bought 6 cloth diapers. The plan was to do cloth part time until I decided if it was something I wanted to stick with, and we had the extra money to get more diapers. This part time thing lasted about a day when I decided I would just wash my 6 precious diapers every night so I didn’t have to put disposables on him at all. So that’s what I did for a couple weeks. After my son went to sleep in his double stuffed cloth diaper, I washed the 5 others and got them ready for the next day.

Very soon into this adventure I realized that I could make diaper changes much simpler by using cloth wipes. I currently had to keep the disposable wipes in a little pile by themselves and then make a trip to the diaper pail and then the trash can to dispose of the wipes. What would be so bad about just throwing the cloth wipes in with the diapers and washing them all together? So on my next order from Kelly’s Closet, I ordered a pack of the BumGenius flannel wipes. They were a great deal, so if I hated cloth wipes, I didn’t feel too bad about wasting that money. It turns out, I loved them. I was right; it really did simplify the diaper changing process, and it was no grosser than using disposables.

I looked at wipes solutions, but they were pretty expensive. So I decided I would make my own. I researched what went into them and looked up a few wipe solution recipes online. I knew I didn’t want to use soap because it can dry out skin sometimes, so I looked at alternatives. I loved the antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil so I knew I wanted that in it. Also, lavender smells so good so that would go in it too. Those essential oils are very concentrated though. They can irritate the skin if they aren’t dissolved in a carrier oil. Jojoba oil is very moisturizing so I chose it as my carrier oil. I could put all of this in water I guess, but maybe there is something better? I noticed many recipes called for witch hazel, so I decided to try that. Here is the recipe I came up with:

Wipe Solution

1 cup witch hazel

1-2 tsp jojoba oil

1-2 drops tea tree oil

2-3 drops lavender oil

Mix the oils in a squirt bottle, then add the witch hazel and shake to combine. (In reality I never measure any of it.)

This solution has worked well for us for about a year now. Sometimes I use plain water instead of witch hazel if I don’t have any on hand. I use an 8 oz squirt bottle that I found in the travel toiletries isle at Walmart when we are home, and a 2 oz squirt bottle found in the same isle for the diaper bag. I’ve found this solution really helps prevent rashes. Maybe if you’ve been looking for something like this it can help you too!

I am a stay-at-home mom to Cooper (2 years), and our baby girl Emma is due to arrive in October. Cooper has had a fluffy butt since May 2010, and I am building a newborn stash so I can cloth diaper Emma from Day 1! I also blog at
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A Solution for Every Problem

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My newborn cloth diapering experiments continue…can you tell how much I’m loving this?  At 6 weeks and roughly 11 ½ lbs he is still comfortably in the Happy Heinys.  The Bum Genius AIO Size XS and FuzziBunz XS Pockets are just starting to get a little snug, but still work very well.  I have added a couple of new diapers to my routine: Applecheeks Size 1, Thirsties Cover Size XS, Blueberry Mini Deluxe and Tots Bots Tiny Fit.  He has completely grown out of the Rumparooz Lil Joeys and the premie prefolds so they have been retired.

Of this new group of diapers the Tots Bots Tiny Fit is my favorite.  It is a great fit with room to grow, the inside is super soft against him and the fact that you don’t have to unstuff them prior to washing is a great bonus.  We haven’t had any leaking though it is a very trim diaper.  I give a definite thumbs-up on this diaper.  It has prompted me to take a look at the Tots Bots Easy Fit for down the road when he’s wearing one size diapers.

The Blueberry Mini Deluxe is an incredible diaper.  It is very similar to the Happy Heiny in that it is a mini one-size.  It has snaps to adjust the rise like a one-size, but it is just smaller (hence the name mini).  You can start with this diaper in the hospital and it seems like it will fit for quite a while (it claims up to 15lbs, I’m thinking I will be able to push it longer than that).  It is very absorbent, fits great around the belly and thighs and never leaked.  It’s definitely a favorite, though I would love the option of aplix both for fit and ease when fumbling around mid-slumber during the night.  

I’ve previously asserted that I am not a prefold and cover kind of gal, but I have to say I’m really liking the Thirsties cover.  I have paired this with a newborn prefold and can appreciate that it was leak-free and inexpensive.  My favorite, however, is to use it with the Thirsties Duo Insert Size 1.  This insert has tons of layers to absorb, a stay-dry top layer and it unsnaps for quick drying time.  Keeping in mind that we are working with EBF poops, he has dirtied the cover when using the insert instead of the prefold, but he has never leaked out of this cover.  For those who want to keep newborn cloth diapering costs down I would highly recommend this cover with either insert option.

The Applecheeks is a different kind of diaper.  You can use it as a cover or a pocket and as a pocket you do not have to unstuff it prior to washing.  It is generous in size so it will definitely fit him for a while and the pocket is big enough to stuff with whatever you would like.  I found the Applecheeks Bamboo 3-pli insert to be a bit bulky for such a little guy so I just stuff it with a small size microfiber insert and a bamboo booster and it works great.  The bonus, for boys in particular, is the elastic on the front waistband of the diaper as well as the back to really help prevent leaks.  This diaper seems like it will fit for quite a while, but it is kind of pricey compared to other covers or pockets.  Though it’s a good diaper, I would definitely have a list of several others I would purchase more of before this one.

At six weeks in I feel that my preferences have been a mix of very predictable (my love for pockets remains strong even for newborns) and a bit unpredictable (really enjoying the Thirsties Cover, Duo Insert and even dabbling in prefolds).  What has been quite surprising to me, however, is the lack of blow-outs with all of these diapers.  I have not-so-fond memories of many, many blow-outs with disposables when my daughter was a young infant.  The cloth has held up beautifully against breastfed poops and impressed me yet again. 

By Jennifer G.
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Cloth Diapering at Six Weeks

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May is "Foster Care Awareness Month", and my husband and I are just weeks away from being a licensed foster family!

We had someone ask us a few weeks ago if we are going to use cloth diapers with our future foster children or not.

Truth is, the first thing I said is no! Disposables it is!

The thought of dealing with another child's dirty diapers grossed me out a bit, lets admit it, cloth can be messy sometimes!

But then, in these past few days we've had a friends little one year old hanging out with us, and we ran out of "sposies"!

The only thing I had was my daughters Fuzzibunz stash, freshly clean and awaiting her next diaper change! So I said what the heck, and put one on him.

It's day three of having him in cloth, and it's not bad at all! I'm not sure what I was so grossed out about before, I actually LOVE how cute he looks in them (and he cant rip them off!). Also, despite popular belief, foster parents do not get much money to care for the child/children they have placed with them, using cloth with everyone will help the budget in a huge way! Who knows, maybe the children's parents will be interested in using cloth when they return home!

So YES! We will be using cloth on our future foster children, each and every one of them (that wear diapers!) will have their own Fuzzibunz stash awaiting them, and I cannot wait!
Now for the fun part...the building of their stashes..!

By Shay P.
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Foster: Cloth.

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I began cloth diapering my now seventeen-month-old son, Sullivan, a litle over a year ago. What started out as an attempt to rid him of horrible diaper rash created by disposables has becoming an all-consuming obsession. As odd as it seems, cloth diapering is now a huge part of my life. I write about it. I dream about it. I stalk diapers on second-hand sites. I have become good friends with many cloth diaper company owners and fellow cloth diapering mamas. Choosing to use cloth on my son's bum has been one of the best parenting decisions I've made. It's also one big, endless learning experience. I've dealt with every stone cloth can put in my path: leaks, rashes, ammonia stinkies, empty PayPal accounts, and occassionally having to explain to my husband why I absolutely, positively, NEED that new diaper RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE. But through it all, I've been able to help other mamas on their paths to choosing cloth. Through my trials, I've developed a few rules that help guide me with my cloth journey.

1) Nothing is a rule is cloth.
I know, confusing, right? Here I am, laying out my rules, only to tell you there are no rules! But it's true. What works awesomely for one mama is going to be a disaster for you, and vice versa. Some things, you have to figure out as you go along. Read reviews, read blogger's opinions, and talk to other moms about what works for them. However, in the end, remember that cloth is a "to each their own," adventure.

2) Don't purchase an entire stash of one brand of diapers...unless you're 100% positive you will always love them no matter what.
A second half of this rule could be, "Don't sell off any of your diapers unless you're 100% positive you'll always hate them." I started with an entire stash of Grobaby diapers, only to find out they didn't work for us. I read reviews. I researched. I went with what I thought was the best brand for us, and I was wrong. So I had to sell off every one of those diapers in order to rebuild my stash. It was a pain in the heiny. On the other end of the spectrum, I can't tell you the number of times I've sold a diaper I just didn't think would work for us, only to find that a few months later, it would fit my son perfectly. Children grow and change, as do their diaper needs. What works for you in the beginning is probably not going to work at two years into cloth diapering. So keeping a variety of diapers in your stash is a great way to ensure you always have what you need to diaper. You don't have to spend a fortune. Having some prefolds, a handful of All-in-Ones or pockets, and a few fitteds and covers won't cost you a ton, especially if you look for good sales and second-hand diapers. But a bunch of different types of diapers will keep you from having to desperately search for a nighttime solution because your old stand-by suddenly fails.

3) Be careful with second hand purchases.
I love buying diapers second hand. I can give new life to a diaper someone else previously loved. More often than not, I end up with a high quality diaper at 50-70% the cost of retail. But sometimes, I get a real dud. The problem with second hand is that the seller determines the condition. "EUC" or "Excellent Used Condition" can mean a wide spectrum of diapers depending on who's deciding. Be sure to read the seller's feedback. Be sure they use tracking and delivery confirmation. Always pay with PayPal to keep your money safe. And have fun!

4) When you find a great wash routine, STICK WITH IT!
It's so easy to be lured into the world of cloth diaper detergents. Many work-at-home-mom detergents are proclaimed as the best for your diapers. To some people, Tide is the enemy and must be avoided at all costs. To others? Tide is the only thing that works. Enzymes must be used. NEVER use Enzymes! Everything you read is going to be conflicting. Ultimately, you have to figure out a routine that will work best for your diapers and your water. If you ever move, you'll have to figure out a whole new routine (possibly). You may end up with ammonia or stinkies at some point. Remember these basics; it's better to use too much detergent than too little. Build-up is not as bad as not removing nasties from diapers. Rinse, rinse, rinse. An occasional stripping does everyone some good, and sun is your best friend. After that, anything goes. Once you find what works for you, don't change your routine until you experience problems. Otherwise, you'll end up with diaper issues, and it can be too hard to pin point your problem.

5) Don't give up.
Even the most experienced cloth diaper mamas and dads run into issues here and there. It can be so frustrating when you just can't figure out what your problems are with cloth. Maybe night and naptime diapering is a struggle. Maybe your little one has gotten yeast or heat rashes. Maybe you're dealing with leak or repelling problems. Just remember, mamas that use disposables deal with problems, too. Every time your child grows, you'll going to have to make adjustments. Reach out to the cloth diapering community. There are thousands of moms and dads that would love to help you solve your problems. It may take a little while, but more often than not, the problem is a simple one with a simple solution. Once it's solved, you can enjoy a fluffy bum again!

Sally is a full-time SAHM of a seventeen-month-old son, Sullivan. She is married to an Army Officer, and they are currently expecting child number two due in August. You can check out Sally's writing and cloth diaper reviews and giveaways at Exploits of a Military Mama.
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A Cloth Diapering Addict's Rules

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One Diaper. That's all it took for me to fall in love with cloth diapers and become a full-time cloth diapering mama. We received hundreds of disposable diapers in all sizes at baby showers, and we were content using those because they were free, but I had always wanted to try cloth diapers. I knew the benefits: less waste, better for baby, less expensive, and lets not forget how cute they are, but my husband was not going to have any part of it. I let the idea of cloth diapering go, but still thought about it from time to time.

I began researching swim diapers one day when I read that an unstuffed pocket diaper made a good swim diaper. After searching around, one of my favorite websites, I found a Work at Home Mom who made cloth diapers, and she had some CUTE ones! I fell in love with a lime green diaper with white and blue daisies on it. It was a one size pocket diaper, and I told myself that this would be perfect for my baby girl for summertime!! I ordered it, and waited for it to come in the mail. When it arrived, I took it out of the package, felt the softness, strapped it on my baby girl, and just knew that those crunchy, smelly disposable diapers had to go!!

I immediately started researching diapers online, and before I knew it, I had more fluffy mail on the way. My husband, of course, was not too happy with this, but we sat down and had a talk about it. I promised him I would not throw his Pampers away, but asked if he would be willing to put the cloth diapers on her during the day. I assured him that nothing would change for him. They would be like disposables as far as he was concerned, he would just pick one up, put it on her, and throw the dirty one in a diaper pail instead of the Diaper Genie! To my surprise, he agreed!! Once we built up a stash, and were cloth diapering full time, he started to comment on how much pee they would hold, how her poops didn't smell as bad, and how her clothes still fit over all of the fluff! Now he's quick to tell anyone who comments on her cute fluffy bum about her diapers.

What started out as a curious purchase has turned into quite the obsession. Our diaper stash is composed entirely of pocket diapers from brands including BumGenius, Happy Heinys, Rumparooz, Kawaii, and 3MonkeysClothDiapers. We have all we need to diaper her now, but I justify buying new ones because "she doesn't have that color yet!" I think it's a pretty good excuse!

Switching to cloth has had its challenges, from learning how to travel, to packing the diaper bag, to finding the right washing routine, but these are small obstacles that with a little work we got through! We've been full time cloth diapering for 3 months now and we will never go back to disposables!

My name is Jenilyn Mulkey, and I am the proud mommy of a 9 month old baby girl, Grayson Leigh. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist by trade, but by real love is being a wife, mommy, and craftaholic!
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It Started With One

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers