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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday
2 - bumGenius Elemental Organic AIO One-Size Cloth Diapers

Question of the week:
How to you dry your cloth diapers (dryer, liner, other)? Please respond by Thursday, June 2nd, at 7pm EST. (You can only answer the "Question of the Week" ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

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We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, June 3rd. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact us to claim their prize.

Who can participate?
US Residents are welcome!

Important note about the winner:
If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don't forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 132

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Rosana!

She will receive:
2 - Kissaluvs Marvels One-Size Diaper Covers
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 131 WINNER!

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When my daughter transitioned from pureed fruits and veggies to "real" solid foods, I thought she'd gravitate towards those same foods she had given preference to—sweet potatoes, squash, apples, spinach. But when those became finger foods instead of bowls of mush she didn’t want anything to do with them.

One day while my husband was eating fast food he gave one French fry to our daughter. She loved it! The perfect finger food in her eyes. Though I was relieved she decided to eat again after a food strike it wasn't the food I'd hoped for. Another day my husband and I were eating sandwiches with chips. She sneakily grabbed a chip off my husband’s plate and before we knew it the greasy, salt-laden snack touched her lips. At that moment I knew she and her dad had one more thing in common—a love for salty snacks.

Not exactly pleased with my daughter’s food preferences, I began doing research on healthy snacks and came across kale chips. I thought this would be perfect as they can be salty and have a crispy texture, but I was nervous that they'd taste awful. There was only one way to find out. I bought a big bunch for just 98 cents at the grocery store. When I got home I washed it, clipped off all the stems, and cut the kale into small pieces. Using one of those pump sprayers for olive oil I spritzed the pieces and took my sea salt grinder then went to town. I baked them in the oven at 250 degrees for about 30 minutes and gave them a try.

Expecting a bite of bitter awfulness, I was very pleasantly surprised. I kept eating them and actually enjoyed it! The real test though would be on my daughter. She is hesitant to try new foods and when I put the green shriveled leaf in front of her she turned away. Hmmm, better wait till she is really hungry I thought. The next day she let me know she was hungry.

Acting nonchalant, I eagerly grabbed a kale chip and not only did she eat it, but after letting out a "mmm" she signed for and said "more”. Success! All foods with her though do seem to be cyclical, so I can't expect her to eat it ever y day though it was great to know that this is a green she’ll actually enjoy! I wonder how long it will take her to forget that potato chips exist.

Ann J. is a cloth diaper fanatic and mom to a 16-month-old girl with the cutest cloth diaper butt on the block!
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Kids Like Kale? Who Knew!

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I have to admit, the first time we ventured back “home” with our little bundle of joy I was extremely apprehensive about packing all of our fluff and whether other family members would be comfortable changing the dreaded cloth diaper.  Regardless, I packed up all of the fluff that we had at the time, a small container of soap, and a wet bag hoping for the best.   On this trip my son was 3 ½ months old and we flew which is only a little over an hour-long flight.  He wore ‘sposies in transit because that is what I was most comfortable with, at the time, changing in public.  Once we were at my parent’s house I did my best with using cloth but being a novice cloth diaperer, we ended up using mostly ‘sposies.  At the end of the trip I was pretty bummed about this.

Our next two trips we drove and used ‘sposies in the car but mostly cloth once we were at my parent’s house.  The nice thing about staying with family is the availability of a washing machine.  My mom used cloth on me so she didn’t have any hesitations about me washing our cloth in her machine.  Our next trip we used cloth in the car but there were times when other people changed him and used disposable wipes and diapers.  I don’t know if it was a combination of climate change and the disposables, but the end of this trip and a few days after being home and solely using cloth diapers and wipes, my poor son had “baboon butt”…aka bad diaper rash.  It didn’t seem to bother him much, but it was a sad sight.

I am proud to say that our last trip “home” over Mother’s Day weekend we did not use a single disposable diaper or wipe on my son’s bum!  My husband and I did most of the changing and when someone else would change him I would just set out a pre-stuffed pocket diaper (generally FuzziBunz Perfect Size as I find that those are the easiest to snap) and tell them what settings to snap it on. 

My biggest fear, in the beginning, about traveling with cloth was how to pack it all.  The system that has worked incredibly well for us is rolling all of our pre-stuffed pocket diapers into a tote bag plus some flats (for extra night time stuffing), doublers, a small container of laundry soap, come cloth wipes, a spray bottle, biodegradable liners, coconut oil (for his eczema and as a barrier at night) , and a large wet bag.  I made a “changing station” by hanging the wet bag on the closet door and kept a spray bottle of water and cloth wipes close by.  While out and about I just carry a small wet bag filled with 2 pre-stuffed pocket diapers, 4-5 cloth wipes, a small spray bottle filled with water, and a couple of plastic grocery bags for the dirties.  I was able to wash the diapers every other day just as I do at home.  For traveling home, I just left the dirties in the large wet bag and stuffed them in the trunk with the rest of the luggage.  I did make sure to do a wash the night before heading home so that I didn’t have many dirties.

So don’t worry if you relapse to ‘sposies here and there, we sure did. I am so happy that we are now comfortable traveling with cloth and our confidence in doing so got stronger with each trip.

Happy Cloth Diapering!

By Michelle P.
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Traveling With Cloth

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Saying that anyone can cloth diaper by using flats and hand washing the diapers is one thing, doing it is another.  I’ve collected all of the things that I think I am going to need for the Flats Challenge.

First off, birdseye flat diapers:
I am using twelve Swaddlebees flats and six OsoCozy unbleached flats.  I bought the Swaddlebees because I am a sucker for prints, even if they are going to end up under a diaper cover.  To add extra absorbency for naps and overnight, I am going to use the OsoCozy flats pad folded as doublers since they are a little bit smaller than the Swaddlebees.

Next up the covers:
I have no shortage of covers but since I had to choose just five, I wanted the ones that have proven to work the best.  I am choosing a Bummis Super Brite wrap, a Thirsties  Cover, a Kissaluvs kissa’s one size cover, a Blueberry one size, and a Hiney Liney Versa cover.  The Hiney Liney is my wildcard cover.  I just recently found out about them and bought a cover specifically for the flats challenge. 

Hand Washing
I really love the idea of the camp washer so I ran out and bought all of the supplies to make it.  A friend was even able to find me a plunger at the Dollar Store, thus making it even less expensive to make the camp washer.  Once it was made, I did some test runs with mediocre success.  The rubber plunger has such a strong smell, I couldn’t figure out if I was getting the diapers clean.  Somehow I can’t tell the difference between the smell of ammonia and the smell of cheap rubber.  So I have decided to do a cold rinse in the camp washer, dump the water, add hot water, agitate the diapers with Rockin’ Green in the camp washer using the smelly plunger and then do all of my final rinsing in a basin in the kitchen sink.  I’m rinsing in the sink to make sure that all of the soap is out and also to rinse off the smell of the plunger.  Since my hands are going to end up touching very hot water (we have our hot water heater set dangerously high) and freezing cold water, I am using my Blue Meanies.  (My fancy dishwashing gloves that I registered for when we got married and never used). 

Once washed and rinsed, the diapers are going on to my drying rack.  I just have a simple drying rack from Target so the diapers don’t fit perfectly.  I need to use backs of chairs, towel bars and the dishwasher and oven handles for additional space.  There will be diapers all over my kitchen while they are drying. 

I plan on washing the diapers every other night after the kids go to bed.  This will leave enough time for the diapers to dry before they wake up in the morning.  Some of the diapers on the inside of the drying rack are still going to be damp by morning, so I am just going to put the whole drying rack on my kitchen island until they are dry.

Extra Credit
The extra fun and excitement portion of the flats challenge is that we are traveling from Boston to Philadelphia for Memorial Day weekend to visit a friend.  So we will be traveling with flats and washing somewhere else.  I think I will have to boil water to use in the camp washer outside and rinse the diapers outside with a hose while we are visiting because I don’t want our hosts to feel uncomfortable that dirty diaper water would end up anywhere in their home.

About the writer:
Emily is a work from home mother of two little girls.  She has been cloth diapering since the birth of her older daughter in 2008 and co-founded Giving Diapers Giving Hope to offer cloth diapers to families in need and educate the public about cloth diapering. 
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Flats Challenge Accepted

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I spent a year--yes, a year—waking up in the middle of the night, having to completely change my daughter’s diaper. My little heavy wetter leaked through her diaper and on to her pajamas and sheets on a daily basis. You’d think I would have given up at that point, but I am stubborn and wanted to conquer this issue. I had blamed my stay dry diapers for repelling, I blamed gussets for leaking, but all I really needed to do was a little bit of research on the kinds diapers that held up at night.

Hopefully I have done a little bit of this work for you. At Padded Tush Stats, people fill out surveys on how different diapers worked for them. One of the questions they are asked is whether or not the diaper works for them. So here are the results on how some diapers have worked at night:

Ragababe AIO - 83%
Softbums Omni - 63%
Rumparooz One Size Diaper – 63%
Green Mountain Diapers Prefolds (Cloth Eez) – 50%
Green Line Diapers - 48%
Bumgenius Flip – 48%
Fuzzibunz One Size – 46%
Econobum - 44%
Bumgenius 4.0 – 44%
Bumgenius Elemental - 32%
GroVia AIO - 28%
GroVia AI2 – 18%
Bottom Bumpers Side Snapping AIO– 14%

One of the things I found when looking through survey responses is that although a pocket diaper may not hold up at night with the original insert, many have added an additional insert or a different insert altogether. For example, one very popular insert people recommended was the Joey Bunz Hemp Insert.

I highly recommend having some night time diapers set aside specifically for night time use. For example, I love my Bottom Bumpers Side Snapping AIO and my GroVia AIO for daytime use because of their trimness. However, at night I like to use my Bumgenius 4.0 in velcro (velcro means Zombi Mom gets a diaper on faster and without accidentally snapping a chunky leg or something).

However, for naptime I like to use snaps because my girl likes to play a while before going to sleep and she takes off her diaper if it is velcro (see picture above).

Can I just say that the WEEK I figured this all out and found the perfect nighttime solution, I brought home a newborn. Isn’t that how life works? So I am no longer waking up throughout the night for one baby, but I am for another. Ah the life of a Mom! But in case you are wondering, here are the diapers that I use for my two kids at night for minimal leaks:

Baby #1: (24-pound, 20 month old heavy wetter , female)– Ragababe size large with a large insert laid overtop, Sustainablebabyish Magic Fitted Diaper with a fleece cover, or a Bumgenius 4.0 or Fuzzibunz One Size stuffed with a Knickernappies Super Do Insert.
Baby #2: (10-pound, 11 week old skinny legged heavy wetter, male) – Kissaluvs size Zero or Little Boppers Newborn fitted with a Thirsties XS cover.

I hope this helps give you some leak-free nights. Have you tried out a diaper that either worked really well or perhaps not-so-well at night? Please head on over to Padded Tush Stats and fill out a survey. This website runs on the fact that people take a few minutes to fill out a brief survey on how a diaper filled out for them, so thank you in advance!


My name is Tara and I am the owner of Padded Tush Stats. I am a happy mom of a wonderful 17-month old baby and am about to be a mother of a newborn! I stay home with my girl as much as possible, but I am also a full time graduate student in education. I have cloth diapered my daughter for over a year now and love it. I started only because I am just so frugal, but now I am excited about how I am helping the environment.

I experienced a lot of difficulties finding the "right" diaper for my daughter (she is 17 months and I feel like I JUST figured it out). She is a heavy wetter, so I went through a lot of brands before I found what worked for me. But I spent quite a bit of money on highly recommended brands, only to find that they didn't work for her. That's when I wondered if there was a way to categorize reviews based on the unique needs of babies. My dissertation is a survey study on writing programs--so when I had this question about cloth diapering reviews, my mind immediately went to surveys! The surveys in here are in no way a reflection of fancy statistics and survey work, so please don't judge me on that. These are just simple surveys to hopefully help out a few cloth diapering parents/guardians.
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Leak Free Nights

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If I had a nickel for everyone who told me, “This woman is crazy if she think parents are going to cloth diaper again, no way!” I’d, well, have a whole lotta nickels! So many people batted down my idea to invent a modern cloth diaper back in 1999. There were many naysayers.

Albeit, I have to admit that now I hear more often “If those FuzziBunz would have been available when my child was in diapers, I would have definitely used them” or “Those diapers are awesome, I’m so glad I now know about them,” I should start collecting nickels from people who tell me that now.

A valuable lesson I learned along the way was to trust in myself. With all the naysayers out there, I had to trust that cloth diapering could come back in-style and that a strong-willed entrepreneur like myself could make it happen. It was a huge risk starting something that many thought was doomed to fail. But I knew if I focused on these negatives I would, myself, become negative; however, if I focused on what I could control and if I put faith in myself, my ideas and my capabilities, I knew I could do anything.

Today I couldn’t have been more proud to see all the moms turn out to set the world record for most [cloth] diaper changes done simultaneously. It made me smile. And simply by talking to the moms who turned out to my local site, I got a lot of “Those diapers are awesome, I’m so glad I now know about them.” I started to add more shiny nickels to my collection.

Known as the “Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper,” Tereson Dupuy invented the cloth diaper that started the entire modern cloth diapering movement more than a decade ago. She later turned her invention into what is known today as FuzziBunz cloth diapers, a popular brand of cloth diapers since 2000.  As an inventor, business owner and mom to three, Tereson has many years of personal and professional experience in the cloth diaper industry, and she's excited to work with The Cloth Diaper Whisperer to offer her perspective on cloth diapering trends and insights. She can be found online at
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Cloth Diapers? You’re Crazy!

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