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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday

Question of the week:
How often do you wash your cloth diapers per week? Please respond by Thursday, May 12th, at 7pm EST. (You can only answer the "Question of the Week" ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

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We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, May 13th. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact us to claim their prize.

Who can participate?
US Residents are welcome!

Important note about the winner:
If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don't forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 129

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Maia G!

She will receive:
2-Evolution ION One-Size Cloth Diapers

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 128 WINNER!

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I first encountered cloth diapers while working in an overcrowded donation center at our local crisis pregnancy center. I was just recently married with no children yet, and I  remember picking up a stack of prefolds and thinking, “Wow, they still make these? Who on earth would still be using cloth diapers in this day and age? I know I wouldn’t!” Just a few months later, I found my pregnant self wandering the baby aisles in the store, and I was shocked at the prices of disposable diapers. Since we were going to be living on just my husband’s salary as I stayed home with our baby, the task fell to me to figure out ways to save money. My midwife had suggested I look into cloth diapers because they are easy on the wallet, and I figured I should at least keep an open mind about it.

I had imagined cloth diapers to be the rubber pants anpins that my grandmother’s described, and at the time that wasn’t too appealing to me. After some fast and furious online research I found out that the cloth diapers of today are affordable and downright cute! I picked out the brand I wanted to try- a bumGenius 3.0 one-size pocket diaper . I also learned some other compelling reasons to cloth diaper: they’re better for the environment, softer for baby’s skin, and they harbor no harmful chemicals.

I was on board for cloth diapering, but my husband still wasn’t a big fan of cloth (or maybe it was just diapers in general!) So we started cloth diapering our newborn baby girl only part-time at first with 12 bumGenius 3.0’s. I loved them from the get-go. Not only did they hold her breastmilk poop explosions almost every time (the disposables were laughably languishing in that area), but we saved a ton of money! They more than paid for themselves within just a few months. Soon enough I became a cloth diapering addict and was determined to cloth diaper full time, even at night and while traveling. My favorites have always been the one-size diaper, because they grew with my baby from birth to toddlerhood, and have even lasted through two babies now!

When I first started cloth diapering I had no idea of the variety of choices! You can get them with snaps or velcro, in one size or fitted sizes, all in ones (with the prefold sewn in), or covers with prefolds! I had previously said I would NEVER use prefolds, I had always thought those way too old fashioned. Well, funny thing is, now they are becoming my go-to diaper for my second child! I never realized how easy they are to use. The Flip diaper and Econobum have given us great results so far, no leaks, and no stuffing involved after wash time! Prefolds have definitely provided an affordable diaper for us as a family cloth diapering more than one child.

I didn’t personally know anyone cloth diapering when I started my journey, so online resources like have been invaluable to me as I have dealt with “fluffy” issues. When we encountered leaks with our pocket diapers, I learned to strip them and tried different detergents thanks to other mom’s online suggestions. It’s so nice to have support from somewhere!

Using the cloth diaper has also helped us to expand our ideas of things to “reuse.” We  now also use cloth wipes, cloth training pants, cloth napkins, more cloth towels instead of paper towels, and the list goes on! My husband finally did come around to appreciating all of the advantages of cloth and the savings it brings us. One day back when we were still part-time cloth diapering our first child (she was around 3 months old), I remembering hearing hear my husband yell out to me, “Do you want me to put a fake one or a real one on Claire?” I paused in disbelief. Did my husband just refer to cloth diapers as the “real ones” and disposables as the “fake ones”? I yelled back to him, “Put a real one on her!” Ah, the sweet smell of success- he was finally convinced!

Julie B. is wife to Timothy and WAHM to Claire (2) and Wesley (9 months).
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Real Diapers vs. Fake Diapers

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If you had asked me a year ago if we used cloth or disposable diapers on our then 4-month-old girl, I would have looked at you like you were insane for even asking and answered disposables. Cloth diapers had been mentioned to me maybe once or twice by my mom while I was pregnant. I didn’t take her seriously at all. I had seen those squares of material she later used as dust cloths after I was done with diapers. If only I had known.

Fast-forward a couple of months. I was planning to start a mommy and me swim class with the Miss. For the class, she needed a swim diaper and vinyl pants over it. The pool sold them, but there had to be something better on the Internet, right? What did I find? Re-usable cloth swim diapers with a waterproof outer shell? That would work! And, what are these other things this website sells? bumGenius? Pocket diaper? All-in-one? Huh? I was intrigued but ordered my swim diaper and nothing else.

Around the same time, my best friend was deep in planning for her first baby. She mentioned to me that she was looking into cloth diapers. We have always been highly competitive. So, obviously, if there was something to this cloth diaper thing, I couldn’t let her out-do me. I really started looking into cloth more seriously. The money savings was a big plus. Not having to buy diapers or worrying about how many we had left was a bigger plus. I will admit that, at the time, the environmental benefits didn’t matter that much to me, but it didn’t hurt. Not having all those chemicals against Miss’s eczema prone skin also was a benefit. But, the choices were overwhelming. What do I do?

That’s when I had the fortune of coming across a way to try out a bunch of diapers. I mentioned all the insanity to my husband, not really being sure of what he would say, and he was all for it. We were able to try flats, prefolds, fitteds, all-in-ones, pockets, one-size diapers, snap-ins. It was great. I still remember the first cloth diaper that went on our daughter’s bum: a bumGenius! 3.0 one-size pocket diaper in blossom. The Miss loved it, as you can see in the blurry cell phone photo to capture the moment.

We ordered a stash of bumGenius! 4.0’s when they came out. Luckily for us, my mom watches Miss, so daycare and cloth wasn’t an issue.  Washing and using cloth diapers full-time quickly became part of our daily routine. Most people think I’m insane when they find out we use cloth on our girl. Then, I show them a diaper. You can see that moment of realization on their faces. It may not be an “I’m going to get a bunch of these right now!” moment, but their curiosity is definitely peaked. Just making them aware of modern cloth diapers helps spread the fluffy love.

After a late start in cloth and a little wavering in the beginning, I am definitely known as a cloth diaper addict. I’m fine with that, and I try to spread my addiction everywhere we go. Cloth has even made me more environmentally conscious. We have switched to natural cleaning supplies and toiletries. We use reusable snack and sandwich bags. I’m even trying to convince my husband to ditch the paper towels, and we’re going to be installing a rain barrel in the next few weeks. Who would have thought that a swim diaper would have completely altered most of my life? Thank you modern cloth diapers.

Melissa is a first time mommy with a very active and amazing 16-month-old girl. When not working, she can be found playing with her girl, working around the house, exercising, or doing something related to cloth diapers. :o)
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A Swim Diaper Changed It All

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Finding out we were pregnant with twins after the struggle to get pregnant was such a wonderful surprise. My husband and I always knew we would cloth diaper our baby, but when we found out we were having twins; we really had a reason to use cloth – saving money!

We informed our family and friends that we were planning to cloth diaper the twins and received some cloth diapers at the baby shower.  I really wish I would have registered at Kelly’s Closet for my baby shower, because a lot of people didn’t know what to get or where to buy cloth diapers.

I bought more variety for my diaper stash from Kelly’s Closet and loved that I could use a coupon for a free diaper with my order. I had prefolds, flats, pocket, and hybrid diapers. I wanted to try different types and then stock up once I knew what worked for my two babies.  I decided to buy mostly one size snap diapers because snaps last longer and kids learn early on how to undo hook and loop fasteners.

My initial stash for the twins consisted of 12 pocket diapers (including Bum Genius 4.0s, BabyKicks, Kawaii, and Fuzzibunz), 7 Flip diapers with stay-dry inserts, 4 diaper covers (Thirsties Duo and Econobum), prefolds, and flats.

With the struggles that come with breastfeeding and caring for newborn twins, we decided to wait until we felt comfortable before exclusively cloth diapering. I used pocket diapers in the beginning because they seemed easiest for me and my husband. We then started using prefolds and flats with covers and Flips. I found that I preferred using the Flips during the day and the pockets at night and on the go.

My son had very skinny legs and my daughter had chunky legs, but I found that the Flips fit well on both of their body types. When using the inserts I started off putting the excess of the folded insert in the front for boys and the back for girls, but that got to be such a pain so now I put all the Flip diapers with the excess in the front. I always put my diapers away pre-stuffed; I find it easier for my life to do that.

Lots of people ask me why I would cloth diaper when twins alone are already a lot of work. My biggest response is the money. The first month home with the twins, we were too overwhelmed with other things to start cloth diapering. We spent over $150 in disposable diapers the first month and filled two garbage bags with dirty diapers every week. We were just throwing money away.

Now that we are cloth diapering, I don’t feel like using them is any harder than using disposables. And we rarely have enough garbage now to take the trash can out on collection day. We also don’t have blow outs like we did in disposables, so I don’t have poopy outfits to worry about. I do my diaper laundry every other day and have a drying rack inside my house. I actually find that stuffing diapers relaxes me. It forces me to sit down for a couple minutes.

I’m very happy using cloth diapers and make sure to wash them properly with a diaper safe detergent (Rockin’ Green) so that hopefully, one day, we can use them again on baby #3!

By Christine D. - Christine enjoys her new job as a stay at home mom to her twins, Michael and Malia. She loves natural products and saving money which makes using cloth diapers a no brainer.
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Double Doody (Cloth Diapering Multiples)

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When we cloth diapered my daughter, we used bumGenius One-Size diapers - almost exclusively.  While we were happy with the overall performance of the BGs, we wanted to try a different brand with our son.  I had heard about FuzziBunz and how fantastic they were.  So - we ordered a good supply of size small FuzziBunz Perfect Size diapers.  I also had one FuzziBunz One-Size diaper to try.

I was really surprised when comparing the two.  When I had read about the diapers, the Perfect Size diapers promised a more trim fit than the One-Size.  However, when using the diapers, I found quite the opposite to be true.  The Perfect Sized diapers seemed a little more bulky to me than the One-Size FuzziBunz.  I found the One-Size to be very trim on our chubby baby.  When he outgrew the size small FB, we switched to the medium sized FBs.  I noticed the very same thing.  The Perfect Sized medium diapers were much more bulky than the One-Size FuzziBunz.

The other differences aren't as pronounced - but present nonetheless.  I find with the Perfect Size (PS) diapers, I get more leaks during bedtime use.  The OS diapers seem to be a better fit, overall - with fewer leaks.

As for ease of use - both diapers bode well.  But the Perfect Sized diapers are a bit easier - since I don't have to adjust the elastic in the legs.  The One-Size (OS) diaper is much more durable.  When we used the PS size small, a couple of them didn't hold up well and the PUL started to wear out here and there.  The OS diaper that we have seems to be made of higher quality materials all together.

As for the inserts - I can use almost any type/size of insert with the PS diapers.  Alternately, the OS diapers seem to only fit the FB inserts that came with them.  That is a bit annoying when I'm in a hurry and just want to grab a diaper and an insert on the run.

Both diapers are great.  I like using FuzziBunz well enough.  I think the diapers are just as good - if not better - than the bumGenius line.  They are soft against my baby's skin, the colors are pretty, they wash well, they are easy on the planet and equally easy on the wallet.  No matter the size, FuzziBunz diapers are definitely good diapers.

-Amanda W.
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FuzziBunz One-Size vs. Perfect Size

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It is amazing how the less you have, the more you realize how little you really need. When it comes to Cloth Diapering, I have learned that the same principle applies.

I still remember when I got my first cloth diapers in the mail...

I prepped the diapers and was ready to start by the next day. I was so excited to give it a try. I wanted to cloth diaper for 2 of the 3 big reasons… cost and cuteness, and boy did my baby look cute in his gdiaper. Of course I hadn´t made any preparations for what I would do after taking the dirty diaper off of my baby, and YES! That is very important! That day I learned what a wet bag was for.

At the time, we were in the process of moving from Puerto Rico to Spain, so I didn´t want to buy everything that I wanted and then not have enough room in my suitcase for clothes (Yes, I love them so much that I would have parted with my clothes before my treasured diapers). I reminded myself to be patient and make due, I would get everything I needed and wanted soon.

My hubby had shown me pictures of the studio he found, and told me it was pretty small; somehow it seemed much smaller when we arrived. Just to give you an idea, imagine a bedroom, with a bathroom, a small kitchen and thank God an enclosed terrace (This feature gives us a little more room).

We may have a very small living space, but we make it work; just like we make cloth diapering work. Our current stash consists of 10 pocket diapers (bumgenius, fuzzibunz and bottombumpers) 1 wet bag, about 2 dozen baby washcloths, and 1 bag of rockin green.

How do we do it?

Baby uses about 6 diapers a day, so we wash every other day and hang the diapers outside to dry. If I need a diaper before I have any dry onesize inserts, I stuff the diaper with a few of the newborn inserts that it came with.

Not having a diaper sprayer is not the end of the world. Yes I would LOVE to have one; but my shower head works great! I shake out whatever I can in the toilet, spray out the diaper in the shower, put the diaper in the wet bag and rinse out the shower with hot water and cleanser.

A diaper pail would only take up necessary space; instead, my wet bag hangs on a hook in the room.

We don’t use a changing table or station, we change the baby on the bed (the old school way), use regular baby wipes and make a homemade wipe solution. His clean diapers are stored in a shelf in his closet.

If I had a choice, would I live in a bigger place? Have an adorable changing area? Have more than 1 wet bag? Have a diaper sprayer? And about 2 dozen more diapers? YES! (Believe me, I have a pretty awesome wishlist) But you know what? That’s not gonna stop me from cloth diapering.

At the end of January, when my husband was laid off, it was such a relief not to worry about how we were going to buy diapers. My baby is almost 15 months old and not once have we had to make an emergency diaper run.

Cloth diapering has been one of the best parenting decisions we have made. Keep it simple, don´t let what you don´t have, stop you from using what you do have.

Rebecca and her husband have been married for 4 years, have a beautiful 14 month old boy and live in Spain. She truly is an imported mama. Check out her blog at
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Cloth Diapering in a VERY SMALL Studio Apartment

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers