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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday
2-Swaddlebees Simplex AIO Diapers

Question of the week:
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If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

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Fluff Friday 127

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is the Klemm Family!

She will receive:
2-Rumparooz One-Size Covers
1-Kanga Care Wet Bag

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 126 WINNER!

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I am a 28 year old stay at home mom of two beautiful boys, ages 2 and 4 months!  We have been cloth diapering since my oldest was about 9 months old and we love it!
Since my oldest, Bennett, was already 9 months old when we began cloth diapering, we only had a stash of bumGenius OS, Smartipants OS, a few petite FuzziBunz, some OS fitteds, and some WAHM OS AI2s.  When we found out we were pregnant with number 2 and my oldest son was still in cloth diapers, I had to make a decision.  We obviously needed more cloth diapers, but I wasn’t sure what to buy!  I researched and just couldn’t decide what to use.  Should I buy some newborn diapers for our baby to wear for a short time?  I mean, I knew he would be a big baby (and he was!  8 lbs, 10 oz!) and he wouldn’t wear newborn diapers for long.  I didn’t know if I would like prefolds and covers, but that seemed to make the most sense.  Amazingly, we were very lucky to receive some newborn prefolds, fitteds, and Bummis and Thirsties covers from a couple of friends.  I also bought a couple of Lil’ Joeys AIOs….you know, for pictures!  :o)
When our second son, Donovan, was first born, I tried the Lil’ Joeys and also prefolds and covers and I just couldn’t get into them.  There was just so much going on and the diapers were frustrating me, honestly.  I decided to use disposables with him and stick with cloth for my 2 year old.  A few weeks later, when things slowed down and we got into more of a routine, I pulled the prefolds back out and I fell in love!!  How easy were these things?  You just lay them in the cover, fasten it up, and you’re good!  He didn’t move much, so they didn’t budge and it was awesome!! 
I love how it has worked out with my boys.  My oldest is now almost 2 ½ and potty trained pretty easily (thank goodness!), so he is wearing underwear during the day, just in time to pass on his OS diapers to his little brother, who is about 16 lbs.  They’ve worked so well for both kids and I’m so happy that I bought them.  I never really liked the bulkiness of OS diapers on my son when he was a newborn, so this has worked out perfectly.  I know many people do it and love it, but I can’t imagine buying a whole set of diapers for each size. 
My 2 year old is still using a OS bumGenius stuffed with two Smartipants inserts at night.  Some nights he stays dry, sometimes the thing is drenched.  But it’s no big deal, because I am washing my infant’s diapers every 2-3 days anyway!  Our wash routine is this:  cold rinse, hot overnight soak with Rockin’ Green Hard Rock Barenaked Babies formula, finish the wash in the morning, cold rinse, and dry!  SO incredibly easy.  I really think it’s easier than taking the bag of nasty smelling disposables out of the Diaper Genie and taking it to the dumpster!!!
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Passing Down the Diapers to Little Bro

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When I found out I was expecting my third child six years after my second, I was excited about a number of things—nursing again….watching my big kids interact with the baby…living closer to our families than we had when our older children were new.  And I was also psyched to cloth diaper again. I had cloth diapered our second child when he was at home, but the daycare center we used was unwilling to use them at school. I had been disappointed about that—as were several of his teachers, who had cloth-diapered their own children at home, and would have been glad to do it at school if the policy had permitted it.

I started interviewing daycare providers for Baby #3 while I was still pregnant, but I didn’t have to look long. I was thrilled to find a daycare provider who was perfect for us: a family friend who cared for two infants in her home. She was just the kind of loving person I wanted to care for my child. When I asked about cloth, she told me she was already using cloth with one of her babies and was happy to use it for our baby, too. “I won’t wash them, but I’m happy to use them!” I started planning my new stash, and when Sam arrived, stocked up on a variety of pocket diapers, mostly one-sized. I knew he would be our last baby, so I decided OS would be the best value for us. I bought extra wipes and a zippered wetbag and we were ready to roll when I returned to part-time work when Sam was about three months old.

The transition to daycare went smoothly (at least as far as diapers go). There was a learning curve for all of us, since I had never used cloth with a daycare provider (and since things had changed, mostly for the better, in six years!). At first we had some leaking issues, but that was largely due to having to figure out exactly which snap settings Sam needed on each diaper. I had shopped sales so we had a variety of styles, a mixture of applix and snap diapers. Our daycare provider preferred the Velcro ones (“it’s easier to get a good fit on him, although they all work well”), but I had preferred snaps when cloth diapering my second child.

I found that I needed more diapers than I had anticipated (or needed to wash more during the week, which was a less appealing option with three children and a job). I ended up with a stash of ten one-sized pocket diapers (BumGenius, Happy Heinys, Kissaluvs, and Fuzzibunz) and 4 medium pockets (HH and FB). This was enough to get us through two full days at daycare (and to keep two “easy diapers,” as my mom calls them, in the diaper bag for outings). At home, we used prefolds and covers, reserving the pockets for daycare days and for weekends. I bought a total of about 4 dozen wipes, which was enough to keep a comfortable supply at both home and daycare.

Cloth diapering Sam at daycare was a success. If I were doing it over (and buying a stash designed for daycare), I would buy applix diapers in one style only. That said, our daycare provider didn’t mind using the snap diapers, although the variety of snap placements did make things confusing from time to time. A simpler stash would have helped with that. With my second child, I had a completely eclectic stash and I loved it—fitteds, wool, pockets. Needing to wash and stuff diapers at night (often late) made simplicity more appealing this time around. But we have been happy to be able to use cloth diapers round-the-clock with Sam—we haven’t needed to buy disposables at all!

Anne-Marie is a mom of three fabulous children (9, 6 and 5 months) in Northern New England.
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Diapering At Daycare

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I'll admit it.  I chose cloth diapers because they're cute.

I spent the last trimester of my pregnancy preparing for the arrival of our first daughter.  Being the Type-A personality than I am, I needed to be 110% prepared for everything that my newborn might need.  I spent hours upon hours, days upon days, shopping for cute clothing, cute nursery decor, and cute toys for my child.  She had to have the cutest of the cute in everything!

In the midst of all of my internet shopping, I saw a picture of a little baby girl in a pink cloth diaper.  "No way," I thought to myself, "diapers can be cute!"  As my mind started spinning, I realized that diapers could be accessories to outfits, like socks or headbands.  They didn't have to be cheap and paper-y feeling, with random cartoon characters printed all over them.  They could be a stand-alone fashion statement.  I had to do more shopping!

I spent a ton of time learning about cloth diapers.  There are so many great resources on the internet.  When I came home from work and just wanted to put my feet up, I grabbed the laptop and read cloth diaper FAQ's.  I think I read "The Cloth Diaper Whisperer" in its entirety.   My husband thought I was crazy.

After I researched the subject thoroughly, I found that there are three general reasons why people choose to use cloth diapers:
    •    The cost aspect - saving money versus using disposables
    •    The eco-friendly aspect - no disposable diapers in landfills for 500 years
    •    The chemical-free aspect - more natural and higher quality materials against baby's skin

These are the reasons that I say aloud whenever people ask about our personal decision to use cloth, even though I am not really a green-living budget-friendly type of gal.  I even cater my response to my audience.  For example, when I wanted to get my husband on board with using cloth diapers, I used the cost aspect.  When my hug-the-planet sister-in-law asked about them, I talked up the eco-friendly aspect.  And I used all three when I told my childcare provider about wanting my daughter to be cloth-diapered at daycare.  I really wanted her to be cloth-diapered at daycare.

Don't get me wrong, I whole-heartedly agree with each of these reasons to cloth diaper.  In fact, I think choosing cloth has made me more eco-friendly in other areas of my life as well.  I recently purchased reusable nursing pads, which I love so far.  They are like my equivalent of using cloth over disposables.  I can't say that I've saved much money (you should see my stash!) but I will in the long run when I can use them for two or three kiddos and then resell them when we're done.  And in the interest of keeping my child as chemical-free as possible, I've started buying organic clothing and all-natural baby toiletries.  I am a much more educated consumer than I was six months ago.

But honestly, every time I put a BumGenius 3.0 in Zinnia, or a Crushed Berries Fuzzibunz, or that adorable Eco-Owl Rumparooz, on my baby's bum, I smile.  Is there anything cuter than a fluffy bum?

By Sara W.  I am a working mommy to Annabelle, 11 weeks, and a newbie to the cloth diapering world.
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What's Cuter Than A Fluffy Bum?

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Last year my husband and I had the opportunity to travel on a mission’s trip to the third world country of Guyana. It is the only English speaking South American country. My husband had been once before we were married but this was my first time and we now had a seven month old baby boy. We were there to share the gospel and teach young Christians about the Word of God. We were not with a team but on our own. We lived among the locals on a dock of a river.

I had been cloth diapering since my son Gideon was a couple months old so I decided when were planning our trip that I would be taking my cloth diapers with me. I had tried to find out as much information as I could before we traveled to Guyana about what the people of the country do with diapering and asked people who had been before but nobody knew. However I did discover that most of the trash was put into their local river and that played a big part in my not wanting to add my diapers to the river trash! So I packed my 20 bumgenius diapers and disposable wipes (this was before I switched to cloth wipes). Boy did they take up a lot of room in our two suitcases, but it was worth it to me.

When we arrived in Guyana we were there during the rainy season, meaning that pretty much everyday you could expect at least one torrential down pour. In addition to that Guyana is very, very hot! So that makes for very humid weather. I remember a couple days after we got there, we were at a family’s house that had a baby about my son’s age and I asked what they did for diapers. She told me that they did pampers and it would only take me a couple days before I would go buy some disposable ones too because my diapers would never dry. I of course told her that they would dry fine and I’m sure she thought I was just a crazy foreigner.

A couple days after we arrived in Guyana I decided it was time to give washing my cloth diapers a try. It was definitely not easy and it was a long process. The way you get water where we were staying was from a great big tank, that was on a tower to the side of your house, water came through little pipes to your “shower” and the kitchen sink. Sometimes it was warm since the temperatures were so high but you definitely didn’t get hot water. So not having the resources of a washer in Guyana I had to do my best with what I had. First I boiled a pot of hot water and placed all my rinsed diapers in a big tub. Then I placed some diaper detergent on the diapers and poured the boiling hot water on top of them. Then I “stirred” them the best I could with a stick and left them to soak till the water wasn’t so hot. Then I would take them out one at a time and scrub and rinse them with the cold running water. Then I would do my very best to wring as much water out as I could before taking my basket of diapers outside to the clothesline to dry.

Now if I could get them out there while the sun was shining for a while usually they would dry fast. However some days the sun didn’t shine and it rained or all of a sudden a cloud would dump rain on my almost dry diapers. So the days that I couldn’t hang them outside I would hang them inside and with the humidity it would take up to three days for them to dry. Now I knew why most of the locals didn’t mess with cloth diapers—it was frustrating. We were down there for two weeks and my cloth diapers survived and so did we! I now have a much better appreciation for my washer machine and how it saves me from so much work.

Stephanie Shelor is a stay at home wife and mother, married to the love of her life Joshua. They now have two little ones under the age of two—Gideon (18 months) and Tirzah (2 months) and are loving cloth diapering. Her blog is
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Cloth Diapering in a Third World Country

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"Friendship" was the theme for April's photo contest and boy did you deliver some cutie patotie photos! We got to see all sorts of fun pics of your social butterflies enjoying time with their best friends and loved ones!

The winning photo was submitted by Brittany Blankenship. The picture features big sister, Isabella, holding her newborn sister, Amelia. We can see this is the beginning of a beautiful and long-lasting friendship! Brittany will receive a $25 gift certificate to Kelly's Closet!

Thanks to all of you for your amazing submissions - please enjoy this smile-riffic "Friendship" video!

Next month's photo contest theme is "Go Green Baby!" We want to see your little ones enjoying Mother Earth! Be creative – going green means so many things from recycling, shopping at local farmer's markets or enjoying the simplistic beauty of a tree. One picture submission per family, please! Submit photos to by Wednesday, April 27, 2011. Winning submission gets a $25 gift card to Kelly's Closet – yippee!

Note: By submitting a photo for this contest, you consent that Kelly's Closet and has the right to use the photo of your child and his or her first name in future newsletters.
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Cute Baby of the Cloth April

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers