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itti bitti cloth diapers have arrived at Kelly's Closet!

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Fluff Friday
2-Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Diapers
1-Thirsties Duo Diaper Wrap

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Fluff Friday 123

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is aware!

She will receive:
2-itti bitti one-size bitti tutto cloth diapers

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 122 WINNER!

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If washing CD's is THE reason, or even A reason that you won't even consider CDing then I am here to let you know that it really is not that much more work.  I have a stash of around 16 CD's and I wash every other day.  That seems like a lot, but once I got my "washing system" down, it is just another part of the day that I don't even blink an eye at.

First, the set up.  Next to my changing table I have a Rubbermaid trash pail that I line with a diaper pail liner (you can get these at any CDing website).  When I take the diaper off, and there is only pee in it, I pull the insert out (if it is a pocket diaper) and throw it into the pail.  If there is poo in there, I just place that in the toilet and flush.  When Sam was exclusively breast feeding his poo was entirely water soluble so I would throw the CD straight into the pail as it will wash right out in the washing machine.  There have been times where I have done the toilet dunk and that works (I don't get disgusted easily in this regard).  Now that he is on solid foods I have ordered a diaper sprayer and can’t wait for it to get here! I keep some baking soda on his changing table and sprinkle that in the pail after a poopy diaper.

When it is time to wash, I take the pail liner filled with the dirties and place them in the washing machine.  This has been a trial and error process and I have learned a lot from following on Facebook.  The method I use is what works with our HE front load washing machine and our very hard water.  First things first, I use Rockin' Green CD laundry soap in Hard Rock and love it and absolutely adore their 2 sided, magnetic laundry scoop!  I start with a warm/warm cycle and use half of the recommended amount of Calgon water softener along with half of the small side of the scoop full of Rockin' Green (remember, I have a front load machine so I generally use, at most, half of the recommended).  Once the first cycle is complete I run a second cycle on hot/cold with half of the large side of the scoop full of Rockin' Green.  The keys to this cycle are: to pause the cycle once the machine fills with water and add 2 pitchers full of HOT water through the detergent port and let it stay on pause for as long as my machine allows in order to soak and to add an extra rinse to the end of this cycle.  That's it for washing, it may seem like a lot but like I said, I HAVE IT DOWN.

On to drying.  I do not put anything with PUL (the diaper covers, pail liners) in the dryer to help them last longer.  I like to dry my CD's outside so that they can sun in order to get any stains and smells out.  The sun acts as a natural bleaching agent.  I do put my inserts, prefolds, doublers, etc. into the dryer for a brief amount of time so that we do not get "crunchy diaper syndrome."

Once dry, I stuff my pocket diapers with their liners and place them all into their drawers and that's that.  No folding.  Stuffing yes, but that isn't necessary, I just do it so that I don't have to stuff when I am changing him.  And honestly, most of the time the clean diapers lie in a pile in front of the changing table for a while before being put away.

A few key notes:
    •    Do not use dryer sheets with your CD's, they can cause build up which makes them repel
    •    Bleach is not recommended on CD's
    •    Check with your CD manufacturer's website as to their washing recommendations

Well, that is all I really have to say about washing.  I promise, it isn't nearly as bad as it seems.

Happy Cloth Diapering!

By: Michelle P.
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The Science of Washing Cloth Diapers

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After months of hypotheticals, estimating, researching and best guesses I finally get to put my newborn cloth diaper stash to work!  My little guy arrived in early February and my first go at true newborn cloth diapering has begun (my daughter was already 4 months when I first started cloth diapering her).  Since there have been a lot of discussions and questions about newborn cloth diapering on this blog and on the Diapershops’ Facebook page I thought I might try to give you my real-time, as-I-go experiences to give moms of newborns (or soon to be) an idea of what they might encounter in the first weeks and months.  To give you as much info as possible, my little man was 7 lbs 12 ounces and 20 ½ inches at birth.  I put his first cloth diaper on him at two weeks.  My hat is off to all of you moms that start right away (even in the hospital!) but I gave myself a little leeway and waited until life started to have some sort of normalcy before going all cloth.

Two Weeks Old:
At two weeks he is now 8 lbs 10 ounces and 21 ½ inches.  His umbilical stump is still on so the only diapers that I have that will go under his stump are the Rumparooz Lil Joeys and the Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Cover.  I love the snap-down of the Lil Joeys, the softness and the look.  They aren’t bulky at all and the fit is just PERFECT on him.  However, I have had quite a few leaks with these.  I will say, this little guy seems like a heavy wetter (as compared to my daughter) but I just don’t like a diaper that I can’t rely on.  The other con to these diapers is incredibly long drying times.  I understand that AIO’s will always take longer, but these take a frustratingly long time.
I bought the Imse Vimse cover in the Preemie Size after reading reviews about their sizing and weight range.  It is a perfect fit: nice and fitted on the legs with no gaps, dips below his stump and is comfortably snug on his belly with room for growth.  I first used the preemie prefolds but they just weren’t enough to handle him.  I stepped up to the newborn size prefolds and they worked without any leaks.  I gave prefolds and covers a shot after a lot of prompting from moms on this site.  I understand that they are a great economical option for newborn cloth diapering and lots of moms out there love using prefolds, but they just aren’t my favorite.  Whenever I change him the entire prefold is soaked which means his whole diaper area is wet.  I just don’t like all of this wetness against my baby’s skin and, personally, I much prefer handling pockets or all-in-ones than a sopping wet prefold.  Again, just my preference, but I will say they didn’t leak and certainly are a huge cost savings.

I am looking forward to his stump falling off when I can dive into the rest of my newborn stash and try out more fluff.  I’m most excited about the Bum Genius All-in-Ones and the Fuzzi Bunz Pockets and, after two years of using these brands on my daughter, I have the feeling they won’t disappoint.  Stay tuned for more of my real-time test drives

By Jennifer
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Newborn Cloth Diapering

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I'm feeling a bit sentimental on this, the one year anniversary of our cloth diapering adventures. We have two children, and although I had intended to cloth diapering my son (now 8) with some wonderful prefold diapers (which we still own), we never really fell into it except as a part-time solution.

Those diapers still earned their keep (and really, with prefolds, you can't go wrong. They'll almost always earn their keep), which is why my husband and I were willing to re-try cloth diapers on our second child using the newer, modern cloth diapers. In particular, we wanted to try out the one-size pocket diapers. We started out with seven one-size diapers, and it was love at first sight.

Our daughter is now 14 months old, and just passed her one-year mark in cloth diapers. That first diaper was a Happy Heinys One-Size, and it held everything my breastfed daughter could throw at it. You can see her in the picture I proudly posted to Facebook that day with the caption, “2 months old - 1st day in the new cloth diapers. All went well!”

Reaching Stash-isfaction
We really liked our Happy Heinys, but our daughter was (and still is) tiny. The Happy Heinys were almost too big. So when we ordered our overnight diapers (Thirsties Duo Sized 2) and received a free FuzziBunz One Size diaper as part of a Kelly's Closet Promotion, we were ecstatic at the size difference. The FuzziBunz One Size seemed smaller and fit her smaller frame so trimly that we weren't sure they'd last 6 months before being outgrown. Luckily, they do fit a range of sizes and at 14 months, there is still plenty of room to grow.

And this is how we reached stash-isfaction.

Overnight Diapers:
Thirsties Duo Size 2. (5 diapers) Since we never started cloth diapering at night until our daughter was 4 months old, the Size 2 made sense for us. We really like the dual-layers of microfiber and hemp-as-soft-as-your-favorite-tshirt for overnight. And as it turns out, the overnight diaper is the only one we like Aplix closures on.

Around the house:
Flip One Size Covers (5 covers) with homemade inserts (18 inserts). The homemade inserts were made using an hourglass shape. One layer of fleece, 2-3 layers of microfiber, and 3 layers of old tshirt can be zig-zag stiched together or serged for a cute and economical (less thatn $1/insert) insert.
Cloth-Eez Workhorse Diapers (12 diapers). I picked these up at Green Mountain Diapers, and look forward to the day they'll be available at other retailers. You couldn't ask for a more durable and economical fitted diaper.

Out of the house:
FuzziBunz One Size (9 diapers): You can't beat the color selection on these bright and cheerful pocket diapers. I love them for quick changes away from home, and for their unbelievable trimness under jeans. And they look absolutely adorable under dresses.

Quantity-wise we have more than we need (especially counting the homemade inserts) but flexibility-wise, it's just what we want.

What did it take, or what would it take for you to reach stash-isfaction?

By Angie S.
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A year in cloth

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Hi! To help my babysitters, grandmothers, and helpful visitors willing to help with diaper changes, I created a "Changing Station Cheat Sheet" by taking photos of the different aspects of cloth diapering. I printed out the chart and then had it photocopied and laminated to put up in the baby's room by his changing table. It's been a big hit! (And a big help!)

Thanks so much for changing the baby… here is a little guide to help you with the process!

Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5119.JPG
HEMP FLATS!! Flats and prefolds are so simple. Basic, basic, basic. You can either fold these around the baby and secure it with a Snappi or simply fold it in HALF or THIRDS and lay it in a COVER.
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5121.JPG
FITTEDS! These are similar to flats but they have snaps or Velcro. They also need a COVER! Just like the flats, make sure there is no cloth sticking outside the cover – tuck it all inside so that there is no leaking. Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5117.JPG
POCKETS! So easy!
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5130.JPG
POCKETS are really easy to put on & take off. A pocket diaper has a pocket that is stuffed with an INSERT. When it is dirty, just shake the insert out into the diaper pail.
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5136.JPG
Time to change the baby… Just spray a little water or Diaper Lotion Potion directly on the baby or on a CLOTH WIPE. If you need a little something “extra” use the no rinse Physio-bebe lotion from Mustela. Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5124.JPG
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5134.JPG

NIGHTTIME! Take a POCKET and stuff it with an extra HEMP DOUBLER.
After you DOUBLESTUFF a POCKET, put on some WOOL LONGIES. Wool is great because all you need to do in the morning is turn them inside out, and let them get some air.
Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5127.JPG
Nighttime for the BIG KIDS… More of the same… take a POCKET, stuff it with a hemp DOUBLER … or put on a pair of SUPERUNDIES – no insert needed. (I keep the big kid overnight diapers in a separate basket!)Description: C:\Users\Erin\Desktop\IMG_5109.JPG

Erin Brighton - Charlotte, NC
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Changing Station Cheat Sheet

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When I asked her if I should get her diapers as a shower gift (hoping she’d say yes) or something off her registry, I was enthused and relieved by her answer—“cloth diapers!” I put a lot of thought into what to get her. I would have liked to buy her an entire stash but had to keep it around $50. Do I go with a couple covers and decent supply of prefolds, flats, or Flip inserts? Or do I get fewer diapers that are more user-friendly for a newbie cloth diaperer?

I took the less is more approach, and here is what I ended up buying: one Thirsties Duo Diaper, one FuzziBunz perfect size (I thought the FB one size may seem too complicated with the adjustable elastic, even though it’s really not), one Flip cover and stay dry insert, and a pack of CuteyBaby flushable liners since inevitably everyone asks, “What about the poo?” Of course I took advantage of a Kelly’s Closet coupon, which was a good one—a free one size diaper, minimum $22 value. I think my friend said she received a Rumparooz which I was hoping, as I love mine. So in the end, my friend got four “nice and easy” diapers and a pack of liners. Of course four won’t get her too far but with the variety of brands it will give her a glimpse into how easy cloth diapering is, then when she wants to take the next leap of prefolds or similar she’ll have the confidence to do so. Even her husband is now on board with trying them after seeing them in person—no plastic pants or safety pins like he envisioned.

Best of all, it fed my diaper addiction, but this time it was husband-approved (though I did go slightly over budget…oops). And being a practical person, I feel better knowing that I didn’t chip in for a $500 glider or get some obscure item that seems critical when you’re pregnant but really has no use (I won’t single any out, but you know them when you see them). Compared to the cost of most typical baby registry items, diapers are cheap and will get the most use by far!
Ann J. is a cloth diaper fanatic with a 13-month-old daughter who has the cutest diaper butt on the block!
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Making It Nice for a Newbie

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers