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We teach our children with everything we do. Lead by example. That example could be helping a friend or helping future generations. We are destroying our world with all of our waste. That is not a lesson I want to teach my boys. I never really gave it much thought until I started researching Cloth diapering. That was when the statisics became a little more real. It was appalling, but I thought I could not afford to cloth diaper. But low and behold......

I was able to jump into the world of cloth in July of 2009. I wanted to use cloth back when #4 was born, but the start cost was so overwhelming ($400 for 1 child.) I had an 18 month old and a newborn. So, 2 times $400=  Not gonna happen.

July 2009, I was at a church flea market. #4 was in a mei tai on my back and a mama approached me to tell me how beautiful the mei tai was. We got talking and cloth diapers came up.

Other mama (OM), " Do you use cloth?"

me,"no, the start up was to expensive."

OM," really? oh my goodness, it is not to expensive, if you do it right."

me, " Maybe, when I have one in diapers I could do it and my husband is out of work right now."

OM," Well, you are the perfect mama for this. Follow me."

She shows me a bin of 40 flats, 10 medium covers, and 10 XLarge covers. OMG!!!! What a stash!!! Perfection! The clouds parted, a light shone down, and I heard "aaaaaaa." Then she hits me with the price. Ready????? $10 for all!!!! Of course I dont have my pocketbook or any cash in my pocket. I find my husband and ask for the money. I go back and I am now officially a cloth diapering mom!!! I am am sooooo stoked at this point. I research a wash routine, I research how to fold them, and I am researching everything I can about cloth. I rinse, wash, and rinse. Then I hang them out, and as soon as I have 2 that are almost dry I slap them on Frick and Frack! I can't explain my excitement, but it excited me almost as much as when I got a positive pregnacy test. lol

While doing my research I found some awesome CD sites (shopping, trading, & selling.) It was like a whole new world for me. I see all my options. For about a month I used the flats and covers. It was great!! My husband was not thrilled, well actually he hated it. He refused to change a single diaper. Well, our budget discussion was a little different the next month. We had an additional $150. Whoooo hoooo! My husband was fully on board. He was very willing to learn how to change "those nasty things."

Then I started browsing the for sale boards. I won a For sale for shipping WAHM diaper; it defintely changed my thoughts on sticking with flats. I started building a real stash. In 2 weeks I had 50 diapers. No money saved that month.

I had my boys in cloth! I was very excited. I do have to say the poopy diapers were overwhelming. All the information was overwhelming. The novelity wore off. I thought maybe it is easier to go back to sposies, but I could never go back. Way to many people made comments like, " You'll never follow thru", "You will be back in dissposables in a month" , and (my favorite, blech) "Before you know it diapers will pile up and the boys will be wearing dish towels." So, I needed to keep pressing through. 4-6 poopy diapers a day was killing me. But then the baby stopped nursing and he slowed to 2 poops and my toddler was a daily pooper, so that was better! Phew! 1 hurdle jumped. I still had to do diapers daily only because I was anal about them sitting. Then within 3 months it was just a part of life. I was no longer overwhelmed, no longer bothered by rinsing poopy diapers, and got the perfect wash routine for me. I felt I was doing them all along. I was happy , my husband was happy, and the boys booties were happy!

Cloth Diapering has been a successful venture for us for almost 2 years. I am in no way saying it has been a walk in the park, but anything new can be a challenge.
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The Dirty Little Buggers & Cloth!

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Fluff Friday
1-Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion
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Fluff Friday 119

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Sarah J.!

She will receive:
1-Rumparooz G2 One-Size Cloth Diaper
1-Kanga Care by Rumparooz Wet Bag
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Fluff Friday 118 WINNER!

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When I first started cloth diapering the state of my diaper bag never crossed my mind.  I didn’t realize how much space cloth diapers took up.

My son was already 3 ½ months old and we had our bag packing down with our sposies.  We had everything we needed with plenty of room to spare.   Then we switched to cloth diapers and our diaper bag organization was thrown for a loop!  I was convinced that I was going to have to get a bigger diaper bag to handle our new diaper load, but after about a month I figured out what worked for us.

I have Skip Hop Duo diaper bag.  It’s not terribly big, but not small either.  We use an all-in-two diapering system (Best Bottom) so we are packing both covers and inserts.  I also needed room for other necessary baby items, plus my things.  Here’s a rundown on how my diaper bag works!


There are two front pockets on my bag.  One has my wallet in it, and the other has things like keys, Chap Stick, camera, etc.

On one side there is a cell phone pocket that, obviously, houses my cell phone.  On the other side there is a bottle pocket.   This usually contains a bottle of water for mixing formula.  When I was breastfeeding, this is where I would put a rolled up burp cloth (Gerber Pre-fold).

The back of the bag has a pocket for the changing pad that comes with the bag.  There is also a strap that I use for a small hand sanitizer and a pacifier pocket.

On either side of the bag there is a zipper pocket.  In one, I keep an extra onesie and mama items.  The other has first aid items, diaper cream, lanolin packets, etc.


There are two pockets on the inside of the bag.  One holds my Pronto wipes case.  This case is bigger than most so it takes up more space, but I don’t have to worry about running out of wipes!  The other pocket holds 2 Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottles.  When I was breastfeeding, this is where I kept the Hooter Hider.

The large compartment is where I keep my diapers.  On one side, I put my inserts, folded in half.  I can stuff about 5 inserts in there.  On the other side, I put my covers, also folded in half.  I usually carry anywhere between one and three covers.   In between those, I keep a cheap bottle for formula mixing (can anyone recommend a good mixer bottle?).

I toss a formula dispenser and burp cloth on top on my way out.

Most of the time I only have a couple inserts and a cover for quick outings, and it all fits very well with a little room left.  When I have it loaded with inserts and covers, that bag can look pretty bloated, but everything is well organized and in its place.

After a few trial and error sessions with my bag, I have finally found a way to pack everything I need and still keep it organized…without dishing out another $60+ on a new bag.  That’s money I can use to buy more diapers!  Not that I’m addicted or anything……

By Nikki M
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It’s In the Bag!

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(Fair warning: If youʼre not a mom, talking about poop probably grosses you out. So stop reading now. To all the moms out there: you know you like talking about poop. Just admit it.)

We started using cloth diapers on our son when he was two months old. We were first time parents and it took about that long for the dust to settle a bit and for us to feel like we might make it through the next eighteen years alive! So we did our research, talked to friends, ordered our stash and excitedly started out on this fun new adventure.

I had been rather overwhelmed at first about the amount of information out there about diaper types, brands, washing routines, dos and donʼts, etc. So I was pleasantly surprised that when I actually started doing it myself, it was so easy! Just take off the diaper, put it in the pail, put it in the wash, hang it out to dry, fold and put away - voila!

But I knew that we were in somewhat of a honeymoon stage...easy newborn poop. I was exclusively breastfeeding my little guy and I was so glad to find out that what all the veteran moms had told me was really true: newborn poop isnʼt that gross! It doesnʼt even really smell bad for the first few months. Of course, Iʼm not going to go sniffing it for pleasure, but it was not gag-inducing. Sure, it could be explosive from time to time, but it wasnʼt a big deal. No matter how much the baby had pooped, I just put the whole shootinʼ match in the diaper pail and then right into the washer. And miracle of all washing machine miracles: the diapers came out clean! Any remaining stains were easily gotten out by line drying in the sunshine.

So when the six month mark rolled around and we started getting the pressure from the pediatrician and friends and family to begin giving the baby some solid food, I dreaded it and dragged my feet. Iʼm not going to lie. I didnʼt want his poop to change!! I know thatʼs selfish and it wonʼt earn me the mother of the year award. But itʼs the truth and Iʼm sure Iʼm not the only one who has felt that way.
All the instructions I read online about how to deal with the new regime “down under” said to “knock solids out into the toilet.” Ok, Iʼm sure that works with a solid (pardon the term - is this too colloquial?) “turd.” But I couldnʼt imagine that there would be a magical transformation over night from breast milk poo to the big boy stuff. So I dug a little deeper into google and found descriptive terms like “peanut butter.” Great.

So we started carefully introducing baby foods one at a time and it wasnʼt bad at first. Iʼll never look at banana bread the same way again. (Any mamas out there know what Iʼm talking about? Those little black squigglies?) Anyways, not to get too detailed, but it wasnʼt bad at first. But the more baby food we gave him, the less his poo was that easy newborn scenario.

So I broke down and bought a diaper sprayer. “What?? You didnʼt have one before??” I know, I know. Iʼve heard you all sing the praises of your sprayers all day long. But I donʼt love mine. Itʼs purely a business relationship. (As an aside - how in the name of all that is good and right do you keep the spray from going all over your legs and the floor around the toilet?? Turning down the pressure doesnʼt get the poop off.)

So we used the sprayer for a bit. I use the term “we” loosely here because this new phase completely grossed out my husband, who up until this point was very supportive of cloth diapers. (But I still make him do it sometimes...muahahaha!) Now, for those of you who are in this transitional stage: Hang in there - it gets better! Ah, the glorious day when he had a solid poop that just plopped right out, no spraying required! Around 9 months, he started really wanting to chow down on food three times a day. He also stopped wanting to nurse extracurricularly and got himself down to just: wake up, afternoon nap and bed time feedings only. This was when we hit the good days, girls: the consistently solid poops that always plopped out with mostly no spraying required.

Of course there are varying factors from time to time that change things up “down there” just to keep me on my toes. But in general, weʼve gotten back to easy days in the cloth diaper department. But true confession time again: I havenʼt given him meat yet because Iʼm scared it will get gross again!

Whatʼs been your experience?

By Stephanie G.
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The Scoop on Poop! What Happens When Your Baby Starts Solids.

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Warning-if you're a veteran, there is nothing earth shattering here.  I wanted to write this, though, because I remember having so many basic questions when I was considering whether or not to make the switch to cloth.  And, while I certainly don't consider myself a pro, after almost 2 years of cloth diapering three little ones, I feel I have some answers.  Cloth diapering experiences vary widely.  You should read all you can on the Diaper Whisperer, and retain that which resonates with you.    

When we started this journey, we had a 4 year old, a 2 year old and twin 3 month olds.  They are now almost 6, just turned 4, and twin almost 2 year olds.  Through these changes, I've learned some simple and basic truths of cloth diapering.

Truth #1- There is no one 'best cloth diaper'
Chances are if you've considered cloth diapering, you've done a google search for 'best cloth diaper'.  I certainly did.  And, while there are absolutely some superior diapers out there, what I know to be true is that 'best' when it comes to cloth diapers, is personal, and relative. 

One of my very best girlfriends cloth diapers, as well.  When her daughter potty trained, she let me try her favorite diaper.  Not only did I not love it, I actually didn't like it.  It was just a personal preference. 

Even my own 'best' cloth diaper has varied from stage to stage and child to child. It has so much to do with a child's build and tendencies, and where you are in your cloth diapering journey.  As our needs change, so to, do our preferences.  Here is an example of a relative preference: 

Initially, I could not gush enough about the Bum Genius 3.0 One Size Diaper.   Loved, loved, loved this diaper for my then 3 month old twins.  It was soft, sweet and used much like a disposable, in that it has a velcro closure.  It was an easy transition for my slightly-reluctant husband and new-to-cloth-diapers family members to use when they were watching the kids.  

And, at the same time, I loved  my Fuzzi Bunz for my then 2 year old because the snap closures seemed to fit her build better.  (And stuffed with a loopy-do insert sandwiched between 2 large inserts, my super heavy wetter's pi's and sheets stayed dry through her 13 hour nights).  No small miracle.   

So, I had 2 'best' cloth diapers at the same point in time.

(As an aside, those same Fuzzi Bunz, double stuffed for night time, now work the same miracle for my youngest two heavy wetters).

Truth #2- 'Best' Diapers can turn to Worst Diapers in the blink of an eye AKA Velcro Closures  and Naughty Toddlers do not mix for naps-
Now fast forward about a year.  This is where I learned two lessons that I will carry with me always: 
1) Never use velcro closure diapers on mischievous 14month olds for nap time (even with pants with a snug waistline). 
2) And never, ever dress said mischievous 14 month olds in a 'boys will be boys' t shirt (you're just asking for it).

I won't go into all the details but I will say that event involved a naked baby, in a crib, covered in something you never want your baby covered in, and that same 'thing' was thrown not only around the room, on every crib spindle but also somehow made it into his sister's crib.   That was the last day I professed love for velcro closure diapers.  A few were given to my daughter to use on her baby dolls.  The rest were promptly retired to a bag, in a closet, in my washroom, where they can receive my dirty looks. 

Now, to be fair, I would use velcro on babies.  The less spicy child kept her diaper on (and he would have no doubt done the same thing in a disposable), but I'm not taking any chances.  Also, they honestly did not hold up as well as my snap closure diapers.  Over time, the velcro tabs rolled back and did not stay fastened as well, especially when the little ones became mobile. 

I probably did get what I deserved by dressing him in that t shirt.  Self fulfilling prophecy?  Who knows.  What I do know, is snap closures are wonderful for busy-bees.  This is just a personal preference. 

Truth #3-Cloth Diapering can be simple
This one really is a matter of necessary verses useful.  Just because something is useful, does not make it is necessary.
When we decided to go cloth, I was limited in what I could afford to purchase.  While I worked to build a basic supply that would see us through, I always secretly believed (hoped) I would continue to add to it.  I would read about people being so excited when their newest fluff shipments would arrive.  I saw pictures of stacks/rows of beautiful, sweet fluff, usually bathed in sunlight.  And, I had dreams of one day being the proud owner of such a collection. 

So far, it has not panned out that way, and I truthfully have no real complaints. 

I have placed a total of two orders in these past two years.  My first order(for then two 3 month olds, and a 2 year old) included:
• 12 one size Bum Genius 3.0 Diapers
• 12 medium Fuzzi Bunz Diapers
• 3 Large Fuzzi Bunz Diapers
• 1 Jam Tots zippered wet bag
• 1 Large Swaddlebees Pail Liner/Laundry Bag
• 6 Baby Legs
Bummis Unbleached PreFold Diaper (6 pack)
• 2 Thirsties Diaper Covers
• 12 Bum Genius MicroFiber Inserts
• 4 Loopy-Do Pre-washed Inserts by Knickernappies.  
Ten months later I ordered 4 Bummis Training Pants (for my then 3 year old daughter, who was only wearing something for naps and night time). 

My tried and true stash (that I use day in, day out for twin almost 2 year olds and a just turned 4 year old- night times only)) now includes:
• 10 Fuzzi Bunz Diapers, (Random #, I know, we've had a few PUL casualties.  I still have the damaged ones and use them in a pinch.)
• 4 Bummis Training Pants (caution-these really are a training pant and do not hold much)
• 1 Jam Tots zippered wet bag(still use and love this for out and about.  Its folds up so small when not in use, yet easily holds as many soiled diapers as my kids have been able to throw its way when on the run.  The zippered function is a must.  No one wants to have the smelly diaper bag). 
• 1 Large Swaddlebees Pail Liner/Laundry Bag (still where I store my dirty diapers when we're home.  It has a draw string closure, which I use for hanging the bag on a nob in the laundry room.  It does a wonderful job at containing any smells. 

Notice the difference in the lists?   Granted, I'm no longer cloth diapering little babies and my older daughter now only wears a diaper for nighttime, but still, it is much simpler.  And, with four little people, simple is a gift I give myself.

For one year I have been getting by, with 5 diapers (Fuzzi Bunz) for each toddler, and 4 training pants (Bummis) for my older daughter (for night time).  I do foresee one final order for the youngest two, in the way of a few wool covers (I'm thinking 2 a child-still in the researching stage).  And, if we do have any future children, I will have to replenish a few diapers. 

Admittedly,  five diapers per child does not leave a lot of wiggle room, and I'm washing everyday, but our needs are met.  Albeit, just met…some days I'm sweating it out.   Hence the 2 wool covers per child-that I'm looking to order.  I think 8 diapers a child would be ideal for my needs.  Maybe even less with wool…i'll have to wait and see. 

Let me be clear.  I would LOVE more fluff, and do still hope to add to our collection.   But, it is possible to successfully cloth diaper with even the most basic of supplies.  So, more cloth diapers would be useful, but for the past year they've not been truly necessary.  If you're thinking of making the switch to cloth, don't shy away if you aren't able to build a huge supply, initially.  You can always add on down the road using your diaper bucks :-)
Truth #4-I did not need a sprayer
I do not have a sprayer. 

I did want one, but when I placed my first order, I was trying to stay fairly basic.  What?  I said fairly basic, and I maintain that Baby Legs fall under that category. 

I was planning on purchasing a sprayer at a later date, after I had gotten my footing as a cloth diaperer.  I soon realized, though, that I really didn't need one.  I became quite happy with my simple system for soiled diapers. 

Wet diapers go straight into the laundry bag.  Soiled diapers go out into my garage. I have a little bin (think dishpan), that I place the diapers in until I can get to them.  (In the winter the low temps help loose soils solidify and I notice no smells even in the summer). 

At night, after everyone has their nighttime diaper on, I begin my washing routine.  All solid soils get plopped into the downstairs toilet (no swishing, I promise).  More stubborn soils get rinsed in my sanitary tub, in the garage.   I simply remove the inserts, set them aside, hold the diaper by the top and run it under the hot water from the sanitary tub.  I find the force of the water is more than enough to get the diapers wash-ready.  Next, I take care to rinse out the sink (very well) and spray the sink quickly with a cleaner-that I don't even rinse. 

If I did not have a sanitary tub, though, I'm not sure I would be as content.        

Truth #5-Our budget is in love with cloth diapers
All of my estimations and projections about cloth diapering, regarding cost savings, proved fairly accurate.  Which is good, considering this was my initial motivator (not to mention, how I swayed my husband). 

While I do think how much a family saves will vary from family to family (as all of our diaper needs/uses are different), I think every family that switches to cloth will see substantial savings.  As I stated in a previous post, my diapers paid for themselves in eleven weeks.  I get that was accelerated by the fact that three children were being diapered…but still, that's pretty amazing.   While we've supplemented our original stash once and will add on one more time, there have been no other real out of pocket costs.  Love that. 

Before, disposable diapers were coming out of my weekly grocery budget.  Now, every penny can actually go towards our food.   

Truth #6-I can use cloth with Diarrhea
Stomach bugs are no walk in the park regardless of your diapering habits.  Before I began cloth diapering I worried that cloth diapers (or more aptly, cloth diapers and I) wouldn't be able to stand bouts of diarrhea…times three(because we all know how kids love to share their germs).  I needn't have worried.  Perhaps we go through more diapers in a day, but otherwise, its really kinda diaper business as usual.  I've never had a leak.  I do give the diapers an additional 2 part rinse on extra hot (no soap) for good measure, though, and they come out beautiful. 

I can see that some stomach issues are worse than others, and would not be opposed to temporarily using disposables if the need was there.  Its about what helps you be the best Mama you can be in your given situation. 

Truth #7-I can buy disposables without feeling guilty
While I have never bought disposables to give myself a 'break', I have bought them since we've switched to cloth. 

My mother-in-law is one of those wonderful women who respects my choices and never voices objections.  So while I know she wouldn't choose to cloth diaper (and if we're being honest, may think I am a wee bit looney to do so), she never seems put out by my choice.  But, once a year, my husband and I are are fortunate enough to go on a work trip for 5 days.  My in laws watch the 4 children.  I would never ask her to watch my four small children for 5 days AND cloth diaper them.  I always leave her with a box of disposables.  And I never feel bad about it. 

I've also used them on vacation once.  The first year we went while cloth diapering, I wasn't sure if the washing machine (VERY old) at the place would be able to withstand the washing process.   But, it turns out it can.  So, now we bring our cloth with us for our family vacations.  

Truth #8- It really has cut down on our garbage

Truth be told, I hadn't really been appalled by our garbage output before switching to cloth, but it is amazing how much is has cut down on what we produce.  For the 6 of us we really only put out 1 and a half bags a week.  Which makes sense, since we were able to stop putting 210 diapers in our garbage each week.  Thats 10,920 fewer diapers in the landfill in just the first year that we switched.    This comes with minimal effort and much payoff.  I'm proud of that. 

Truth #9-They can stay amazingly clean and white
I guess I kinda thought, based on the nature of the beast, that cloth diapers would dinge over time.  Not the case for us, yet.  They have stayed remarkably white and fresh.  Every so often if they're not seeming as clean (hint-slight odor), I find that a simple added warm rinse with vinegar does the trick every time.  Also, in the dead of winter I've found it necessary to bump my hot water heater's thermostat up a bit.  The water wasn't getting hot enough to clean them.  Once I did that, the diapers were back to their white appearance and beautiful smell of nothingness.  (Warning, though, that means that all of your water sources will get hotter.  So if you have wee ones who wash their own hands supervise and advise them until you're sure they've gotten the message). 

And never forget that the sun is your friend.  My diapers are always hanging outside to dry if there is sunshine to be seen.  Even in the winter, if its above freezing, they're out there.  It really does help in the natural bleaching and antibacterial departments. 

Truth #10-Cloth Diapering makes you feel so, so good
It is pure and sweet and wholesome.  Its a back to the basics approach to parenting you can be proud of.   Its empowering because of its sustainability.  You don't need a store to supply your baby with diapers every week.  With one purchase, and your loving care, you're able to do that for your child.   (And they can be passed down from sweet one to sweet one).  You feel good wrapping those plump little rumps in the softness of fluff.  Childhood should be simple and sweet and chemical free, and cloth diapers are all of these. 

So, in closing, I can say this:  Cloth diapering is a lot like nursing in that perhaps, it may be a bit more work than its alternative, but once you settle into your rhythm, it truly doesn't seem that way.  I love cloth diapering and will absolutely cloth any future bambinos. 

And, in case you were wondering…Baby Legs were worth every penny.   They're still edible and though my son has graduated from them,  I'm looking forward to using them again, in early spring, under dresses.
I hope you take from this that cloth diapering, like any parenting decision, can be tailored to your circumstances, means and preferences; and can be as simple or complex as you desire.  

Best of Luck! -Mary D.
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(My) 10 Basic truths about cloth diapering...

Read the full story here...

We are expecting our third child next month, and even though I have been cloth diapering for a couple of years now, having a newborn in cloth is new to me.  This time, I want the very first thing he wears to be a cloth diaper!

When I tell people this, some ask me, "Aren't you overwhelmed by the thought of a newborn in cloth diapers?  All that laundry?!  Three kids to take care of, and cloth too?!  And two kids in cloth diapers?!  I am overwhelmed by just thinking about that!  Are you sure you're not?"

I wasn’t sure.  So, I did a lot of research and a lot of thinking in preparation for our newborn-in-cloth journey, and learned a lot.  I must say, from what I've learned so far, they were right, I am overwhelmed!

I'm overwhelmed by how amazingly affordable cloth diapering a newborn can be!  I was surprised to learn how much people loved "old-fashioned" prefolds for newborns.  Sure, they were inexpensive, but don't you get what you pay for?  (Personally, I never thought of them as cute, or convenient, but I decided to order some anyway.  Have I mentioned I'm cheap?).  When I got my Bummis Preemie size and Infant size unbleached prefolds, I actually loved watching them fluff up with each pre-wash.  Prefolds may be the least expensive standard of cloth diapering, but they definitely aren't boring or cheap!  You can customize your stash with the cutest covers to reuse through several changes...saving hundreds of dollars over disposables!  Besides, these aren't your run-of-the-mill megastore prefolds, they are amazingly absorbent and luxuriously soft!  I'm already in love with my affordable prefolds!

I'm overwhelmed by how easy cloth diapering a newborn will be!  It never occurred to me that exclusively breastfed babies have water-soluble "dirties."  No rinsing necessary, just toss in the wet bag or pail and wash!  When I told my husband about this, he was actually excited too.  "Wow, I guess it really is going to be just as easy," he said and nodded his approval, "Just toss them in with all the others?  I like it!"  It's not going to impact the laundry routine at all!  In fact, even if you don't have another child in cloth diapers, the effort it takes to throw a dirty diaper in the laundry is equal to the effort it takes to throw a disposable in the trash (and buy more, and empty the bags, and take them down to the street, and buy more, and did I mention buy more?).  Wait, it might actually be saving time and energy!  So easy!

I'm also overwhelmed by the great options for using cloth with a newborn!  For some reason, I assumed a smaller size meant a narrower selection of options.  Larger diapers can be fully customized to each individual child's needs and the newborn sizes are no different...they are just smaller!  There are pockets like XS Fuzzi Bunz and Happy Heiny's Minis that can be stuffed with just the right insert, All-in-Ones like XS BumGenius or Lil' Joeys for convenience, fitteds like Kissaluvs 0's and covers like Thirsties or Bummis to contain super-soakers and blow-outs, and everything in between!  You know how I've handled having so many options?  I've had so much fun stacking up all the different kinds of fluff!  I imagine I'll like each for different circumstances.  It's wonderful to have so many options!

Finally, I'm overwhelmed by the absolute cuteness of newborn cloth diapers!  Did you know that no person (despite their feelings about cloth) can resist the adorable little fluffy bundle of a newborn cloth diaper?!  I might have to keep a newborn around just so I don't have to part with them!  (Kidding!  I think).  Those tiny cloth diapers are absolutely irresistible!

So there you have it.  I will readily admit to everyone that I'm definitely overwhelmed by cloth diapering a newborn.  I'm overwhelmed by the money we'll save, how easy it will be, the options I have, and how cute my itty-bitty newborn will be in his little cloth diapers!

I never thought I would be one to say that I’m actually excitedly looking forward to all the diaper changes having a newborn means.  I have many diapers to try, in all sorts of fun colors and prints.  Above everything else, cloth diapering a newborn is just overwhelming FUN!  :)

By Julie G.
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Overwhelmed by Newborn Cloth Diapers

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Name: Karen Wendt

City: Lawrence, Kansas

Mom to: Lydia, 8-month-old (pictured)

Here are her thoughts on the importance of cloth diapering and the excitement she shares with her own mom!

Why do you cloth diaper your baby?
I can't fathom buying something to use once and throw it out. Disposables just seem to be a waste of money. The super cuteness of CDs is a bonus!

What two words best describe your parenting style?
Orthodox - being Orthodox Christian is central to our family and factors into our daily life. Frugal - we CD, use second hand clothes and make homemade baby food.

What does being a mom mean to you?

Everything! It's the best (and most challenging) gift!

What do you and your baby do for fun?
Lydia's new favorite game is chasing our cats. We also read books, go to the park, and just take time to giggle.
How did you learn about cloth diapering?
I had always wanted to [cloth diaper] and did a lot of research when I got pregnant. I also have friends who CD to talk to.

What is your favorite thing about cloth diapering?

My favorite thing about cloth diapering has to be how excited and on board my mother is. She's always telling people about it and showing them pictures. She even grabs diapers to show people the real thing whenever she has a chance!

If you had one super power, what would it be and why?

Point and clean. I just don't have time to clean the way I need to and it drives me CRAZY.
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Meet February's Spotlight MOM: Karen Wendt

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