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Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday
2-Bummis Super Lite Diaper Covers
1-Bummis Organic Prefold Cloth Diapers 6pk

Question of the week:
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Fluff Friday 117

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is TopHat!

She will receive:
1- AppleCheeks Little Bundle Package

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 116 WINNER!

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Even before I was pregnant - I knew I didn't want to use disposable diapers.  I read about a method that women in other parts of the world used, which is now, commonly called, "Elimination Communication," or "EC".  Some missionaries watched these tribal women carry their naked baby with them in a cloth pouch all day long.  They were amazed that the pouch was not soiled at the end of the day.  They studied what these ladies were doing and then wrote a book about it.  The idea is that babies don't want to mess on themselves and can "tell" us when they need to go - just as they "tell" us when they are hungry or tired.

I was intrigued by the method and knew I wanted to give it a try.  I also knew, however, that i would need to use some form of backup method if I ever wanted to leave the house.  That's when I discovered cloth diapers.  I used BumGenius one-size with my first child, along with the EC method.  By eight months old, she only used a couple of diapers a day - and never for anything but urine.  After a year, we no longer ran a regular wash load of diapers.  She only wore a diaper if we were out for long periods - and, even then, she would use a public restroom and the diaper would remain dry.  She never had to go through traditional potty training.  When her brother came along, she was 23 months old and it was so nice not to have two babies that needed diapering.

We started the method with our son when he was old enough to hold up his head.  He is six months old now and doesn't poo in a diaper at all.  He can nap without a diaper and sleeps in a dry diaper - waking to nurse and potty in the night.  We go through a diaper or two a day - and only because I am sometimes busy with his big sister when he gives me a cue that he has to go.  Many days, we use the same diaper all day long.  When we go out, we keep a small, potty in the car or in the diaper bag.

Cloth diapers have been an amazing help with the EC method.  Some hardcore EC moms would scoff at my method.  Many do not use diapers in any form.  I call what I do "EC Light".  It is more convenient for me and much more manageable.  I also get peed on less this way.

Submitted by Amanda W.
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EC Light + Cloth

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I love putting together new baby gifts for friends and family members! Whether your friends plan to cloth diaper, they already cloth diaper, or you are trying to convert them to cloth diapering, putting together a fluffy baby shower gift is always appreciated. For baby #4, my favorite welcome gifts came from my cloth diaper expert moms: new diapers in fun prints, accessories I never knew existed, or a gift card to put to use however I needed once the baby arrived! No matter what your budget, no matter the mom, there is always an appropriate fluffy gift ready to be given (and well received)!

Gift Idea #1: Cloth Diaper Newborn Package … Help a new baby get a great start in cloth! I loved prefolds, snappis, and covers as my newborn cloth diaper of choice (Bummis has a newborn pack but you can put your own together as well), but I recently gave a mom friend a small stash of Kissaluvs fitted size 0s and a couple of cute covers from ThirstiesRumparooz also has the cutest newborn diaper 2-pack – pocket diapers, super cute and intended for preemie to twelve pounds – great colors, great designs! You could also choose one or two diapers that the new baby can “grow into.” Do you have a favorite diaper for your little one? Share the love and introduce her to something that will come in handy down the road!

Gift Idea #2: Cloth Diaper Accessory Must-Haves … Buy one or buy an assortment. As a mom new to cloth diapering, I appreciated getting cloth diaper accessories that I didn’t know I needed until I saw them. One of my favorite cloth diaper accessories were diaper liners – I received stay-dry diaper liners made by Bumgenius as well as flushable diaper liners and fleece liners from Bummis.  Diaper doublers were also a welcome gift – they came attached with a little note that they would probably come in handy at night. (And oh, how handy they have been!)  Cloth wipes (some were even handmade!) and Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion are another great combination. Large pail liners (you must have two) and small wet bags (3 will do) are practical gifts but they can also be fun if you choose fun colors and prints.

Gift Idea #3: Fluffy Gifts For Non-CD Moms … Just because your friend doesn’t plan to cloth diaper, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge her in some fun, eco-friendly baby gifts. Mustela Physiobebe No-Rinse Wash is an amazing product to give your baby a little waterless bath. The laundry that you love for cloth diapers is also great for all of baby’s clothes and blankets – why not get the new mom some Charlie’s Laundry Soap or GroVia Tiny Bubbles phosphate free laundry detergent. Diaper rash creams such as CJ’s Butter or GroVia Magic Stick, are cloth diaper friendly but can be used by anyone.  Organic cotton burp cloths, sleep sacks, or gorgeous bamboo muslin swaddle wraps from Aden & Anais are great gifts for all moms and their babies! Who knows, maybe your thoughtful gifts might inspire your friend to test out some cute cloth!

Gift Idea #4: The Fabulous Gift Card. Who doesn’t love getting a gift card?! The ability to pick and choose her own favorite diapers and accessories for a new bundle of joy is always a welcome gift!

I am hoping that buying baby gifts for others will help curb my appetite for new fluff for my own little one! Happy Baby Gift Shopping!  

By Erin Brighton, MPH, M.Ed.
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Putting Together The Perfect (Fluffy) Baby Shower Gift

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This post is continued from Bemoaning Ammonia Part 1 posted on February 1st, 2011.

I have also tried some other tricks and solutions to fight the dreaded ammonia smell that I’ve gleaned from my research and/or conversations with other moms.  With my new routine I really don’t feel that any of these are necessary, but if I have the time or the notion I will play around with them occasionally. 

  1. Spraying diluted Bac-Out on diapers-I made a solution using distilled water and Bac-Out in a spray bottle to spray on particularly stinky diapers and inserts when they aren’t going to be washed immediately.
  2. Rinsing every diaper after a change-Let’s face it, this might have been possible when my daughter was immobile, but she hits the ground running after a diaper change so this really isn’t something I could stick to, nor do I believe it’s that effective.
  3. Adding water to front loader-I certainly don’t want to be a slave to my laundry, but if I do happen to catch it I will add some hot water to my wash cycle to allow the diapers to really swish around in there.
I am a true, self-professed cloth diaper lover and addict, but the idea of ammonia being an inescapable  part of cloth diapering was very unsettling to me.  Furthermore, the painstaking routine of weekly or even monthly soaks, stripping and bleaching just didn’t sit well with someone about to have a newborn and toddler in diapers. I can truly say I am in love all over again.  I refuse to get cocky or rest on my laurels because ammonia has tricked me before and I’m sure it will trick me again.  However, at this time I feel adequately prepared to tackle it with two very good solutions and several tricks of the trade.  In sharing this I hope it will help other moms out there, frustrated with the smells, rashes and time-consuming solutions. 

Disclaimer: The opinions are of the blog contributor and not of The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. We recommend reviewing the manufacturer’s washing instructions before using any product on your diapers.

By Jennifer
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Bemoaning Ammonia Part 2

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I am currently cloth diapering two children and this means I need some serious space in my diaper bag.  Although they do take up more space, cloth diapers are not hard to use when out and about.

I currently use Vera Bradley’s diaper bag that I got on an after Christmas sale a couple of years ago.  I love the roominess and built in pockets.  I love that I can put in several pockets/inserts and still have room for my wallet, wipes, and other necessities.  Another plus is that this bag came with a cloth diaper changer that is machine washable.

Here are some things I include in my diaper bag:  wet bag, 2+ diapers per child, Grandma El’s diaper rash cream (I have a child with food allergies, and rashes on his bum are part of the fall-out), cloth wipes, ring toys for the baby, lightweight change of clothes, nursing clover up, a burp cloth, crayons, scrap paper, and bubbles.  I always keep extra things to do in the diaper bag for those “moments” we all have as moms.  Travel size bubbles, like those given out at weddings, are a GREAT distraction for my kids.  I simply re-fill them when they run out or get spilled.  There isn’t enough in them to be any great problem if they do spill, and it is soap water…no harm done!

I keep the “extra” stuff in my interior side pockets, and my diapers/wet bag in the main part so I can easily grab them.  My wipes I usually keep on the inside also, but it can also be beneficial to have them on an outside pocket…always those times where little hands and noses need wiped.  Cloth wipes are great for just that.  I love that my cloth wipes (I make my own solution from a recipe I found at Kelly’s Closet) don’t have added chemicals, so I feel free to wipe their faces and not worry.  I keep my cloth wipes in a “regular” travel wipes container.  I check them before we leave the house and if they are dry, just add a little more water.

Sometimes though we are just taking a quick trip to the library or grocery, and I don’t really need several diapers.  In that case, cloth diapers are SO handy.  I simply take along a small wet bag.  Into the wet bag I put my wipes container,, a one-size pocket, and an insert.  If someone does need a change while we are out, I simply snap my one-size to whoever needs it and adjust the insert accordingly.  My Bum Genius diapers work great for this very thing!

I know other cloth diaper moms who only use cloth them at home, not out in public.  I find that not only do I continue to help the environment/our budget/their bums by using cloth outside of the home, I also am able to answer questions others have about cloth diapering and help spread the love!

By Jenney
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My Diaper Bag: Double Duty

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It would be impossible for someone to come to my house and not know I cloth diaper. There are always diapers everywhere! I consider my drying style to be "hybrid"—I'll throw my pre-folds, fitteds, and inserts in the dryer while I hang covers, then 10-15 minutes later I grab all the diapers to hang. This takes the stiffness out of total hang drying, but allows me to cut back on electric bills…which anyone who cloth diapers and/or has endless laundry from kids can appreciate!

Lucky for me, I live in Colorado where we have about 300 days of sun a year. So when the weather permits my drying rack moves to the back yard, stains get sunned out, it's a win-win. But with winter here I've had to improvise and turn my house into one big drying rack. Aside from random hooks on walls and doors which are all fully utilized on diaper laundry day, I use the shower curtain rod, and the wrought-iron bed frame in our guest bedroom. I find that GroVia inserts in particular dry better on a hook than over a line.

When I was short on space a few weeks ago during an especially big load of diaper laundry, I (embarrassingly) took some dental floss and push pull pins to create a line in my laundry room that I use for light stuff like wipes and liners (so that the line doesn't break). And is it weird that I "window shop" for drying racks to upgrade to? Oh, and don't be surprised if you go to dry your hands in the bathroom and there's a fitted diaper on the towel rod.

What do you use – or where – to hang dry your diapers?

Ann J. is a cloth diaper fanatic with 1-year-old daughter who has the cutest diaper butt on the block!
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Diapers, Diapers Everywhere!

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers