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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday
1- AppleCheeks Little Bundle Package

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Fluff Friday 116

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Priscilla!

She will receive:
2-Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Diapers
1-Thirsties Duo Diaper Wrap

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 115 WINNER!

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I must confess, for a long time now, I haven't even carried a diaper bag unless we were traveling more than about a half an hour from home. I've found with cloth diapers, it's not really a necessity.

Since we don't need to worry about blowouts anymore; I started leaving a hybrid/sposie insert in both vehicles for emergencies along with a spare cloth wipe. I just leave one in the glove-box or back pocket of a seat, easy as pie. This could be done with a 'well loved' or 'previously loved' diaper as well. What does the cute factor matter in an emergency? I have found 'not much'. So most of the time when I leave the house, I don't even bother with a bag. However, there are times when I might want to do multiple shopping stops (for the holidays), or visit friends and family, when I NEED to have that bag packed.

When my daughter was a newborn, we had that 'hospital freebie' bag packed until the seams were about to burst. Diapers, wipes, a few spare outfits, nose suction thingy, tylenol, a blanket, toys, and so on. Most of the time you had to take everything out to find what you were looking to locate. I probably did not need half of what was in there, but I wanted to be prepared, just in case. However, back then I was traveling with disposable diapers.

When I realized that I was having way more blowouts on the road than I did at home with my cloth (I was doing part time cloth back then) and I was leaving dirty diapers for my family to contend with, I decided to make the switch to cloth diapers full time. It was really a lot easier than I thought it would be to travel with cloth diapers! For newbies, you might want to 'upgrade' to a larger bag for an older child, since you'll have larger diapers.

Middle of the road/infant type traveling is probably the best kind that I've come across so far. You know your child's needs by now, you're not as paranoid about taking every single thing your child could need with you, and you know the basics. Diapers, wipes, wetbag. Toss some toys in the car seat, a snack and a spare set of clothes just in case, and you're ready to go.

I now have a toddler who is considering the potty as an ally, at least some of the time, I found that I have come full circle. I don't have nearly as many different things in her bag, just plenty of the things that we do need. Since we're going to the potty every hour, I put in roughly 1 diaper/hour. We want her to feel dry consistently, which is the reason for the diaper overload! I passed my large wetbag to a friend who I am trying to convince to cloth diaper, so I judge whether I need 1 or 2 medium wetbags and toss those in as well. A large generally holds around 10 or so, which is plenty for a day trip. I use one of those (gulp) Huggies travel wipes containers and wet ONE wipe and put it on the outside pocket of the bag. That way, it's handy for any mess you might come across in your travels. Messy fingers from a cheerios snack, that impromptu fast food stop your hubby requests because he didn't eat breakfast (ever try cleaning your kid's fingers with a fast food napkin?) and of course, the inevitable 'mess' when you're traveling with a small child that's bound to crop up are all good reasons to travel with a wet cloth wipe. If you end up using the wipe, then just grab an extra out of your stash, get it wet at the restaurant/pit stop and put it back in the case.

I've found that using one of these containers is much better than a wet bag, even one made for the purpose. I like to have a completely soaking wet wipe, and even water proof containers can leak at the closure if they flip upside down, and start to wick on the outer fabric. I've found that keeping one wipe on the outside of the bag is worth 5 wet ones in a zippered pouch at the bottom of your bag. Plus, there's no forgetting a bunch of wet wipes and letting them mildew if you only do one at a time. Because we're in the throes of potty training, I generally do take an extra set of pants, plus a pair of babylegs if we're going somewhere to stay for a few hours. That way, if we have more than one mess we'll still have warm legs to go home with!

By Jill S.
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Traveling With Cloth Diapers

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Many moms may not realize that fleece revolutionized the diapering world. Without fleece, I may have never invented the modern cloth diaper, FuzziBunz. Fleece is found in many cloth diapers today because it really is a wonder fabric. It's really a simple concept, but worth explaining in simple terms.

Fleece, by nature, allows moisture to pass through it. It's not very absorbent. This means your baby will stay dry when wearing diapers with an inside fleece layer. When baby urinates, the moisture passes through to the inside layer, where it is absorbed by a microterry, hemp or other absorbent material(s). The fleece layer, of the most part, stays dry against baby's skin. By staying dry, it keeps wetness off baby's skin and may make for fewer diaper and moisture irritations on your baby's private parts.

Because fleece allows moisture to flow through it, it does require some special care. First of all, fleece often allows soap to build up on it. Soap scum build up will create a layer of gunk on the diapers, not freely allowing urine to pass through to the absorbent layers below. Minimal soap and detergents with clean-rinsing agents should be used when washing diapers with fleece. Only some detergents are manufacturer-approved to wash with fleece diapers, including FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Detergent, Rockin' Green, Allen's Naturally and Charlie's Soap. Also, it's important that no fabric softeners are used with fleece and that you avoid diaper creams, ointments and Vaseline-based products. If you must use ointments for a medical reason, either put a layer between your baby's bottom and the fleece or use disposables until the treatment is done.

As you can see, fleece is an important fabric used by many cloth diaper manufacturers who recognize the fabric's special powers. Just be sure to treat your fleece with TLC so it doesn't compromise the function of your cloth diaper investment!

Known as the “Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper,” Tereson Dupuy invented the cloth diaper that started the entire modern cloth diapering movement more than a decade ago. She later turned her invention into what is known today as FuzziBunz cloth diapers, a popular brand of cloth diapers since 2000.  As an inventor, business owner and mom to three, Tereson has many years of personal and professional experience in the cloth diaper industry, and she's excited to work with The Cloth Diaper Whisperer to offer her perspective on cloth diapering trends and insights. She can be found online at
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Why is Fleece an Important Component to Your Cloth Diaper?

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Several months ago I was struck with some terrible ammonia stink in my diapers and my usual routines were not working.  It’s amazing how much this stressed me and occupied my mind.  I am terrified that something unfixable will come between me and my cloth!  My typical solutions (bleach soak, hot water stripping, Rockin Green soak, etc) just weren’t cutting it because they either weren’t working, were too time-consuming and/or were only temporary fixes.  I was desperate to find something that was easy and worked, not temporarily, but all the time.  I didn’t want a band-aid; I wanted a real fix.  In my research I found countless numbers of moms struggling with ammonia so I know I’m not alone, but in this case misery does not love company.  I didn’t want to hear other horror stories; I wanted to hear that this is something I can overcome easily and quickly. 

In my trial and errors I think I have come up with some solutions.  Two of them seem incredibly reliable and, dare I say, easy.  I am eager to share my findings because I know other moms out there are struggling with this.  We love our diapers, but the ammonia smell and rashes just aren’t acceptable.  I feel confident in the new routines, but I have to tell you, I’ve always got my eye out (or rather my nose) for that evil stink.  Every diaper that comes out of the washer gets a search and pat-down that would rival any airport security measure!

1. BioKleen Bac-Out:

I have had Bac-Out sitting in my laundry cabinet for months, but I was wary of trying it. I don’t like additives or complications in my wash routine because 1) I relish simplicity and 2) the more involved the wash gets the more room there is for error, build-up or the like.  I started with a good, overnight soak in hot water with ¼ cup of Bac-Out.  Now, I don’t want to have to do this all of the time.  Since I have a front loader, doing soaks (in bleach, Bac-Out, Rockin Green, whatever) is annoying, messy and difficult, but I wanted to tackle this problem head-on so I figured a soak would get me on track.

After the overnight, a full washing and lots of rinses I figured my diapers were back to square one, smelling fresh and free of odor and build-up. Now I started experimenting with a daily routine to maintain this freshness, avoid having to do any big soaks and, most importantly, avoid ammonia.  I started by adding ¼ cup of Bac-Out to my initial rinse (which I do on the “Quickwash” cycle on my front loader with warm water).  I then washed with my normal routine (hot wash with 1 tablespoon detergent, and another Quickwash for my rinse after that).  When things seemed to do well with this routine for a week or two I reduced the Bac-Out to about 1-2 tablespoons.  So far this has worked perfectly and my diapers haven’t had any odors coming out of the washer. 

2. Rockin Green Funk Rock:

At about this time Rockin Green was launching their new product, Funk Rock, aimed to combat ammonia.  I decided to give this a try as part of my wash routine as well.  Instead of my Bac-Out I used the recommended 1 tablespoon of Funk Rock in my initial Quickwash rinse and then washed as normal.  Using only this method (no Bac-Out) for about a week or two the results were equally as good.  My diapers smelled perfect coming out of the washer and we haven’t had any strong ammonia smell when my daughter is wearing them. 

Months later, I am still testing out these two methods by using one or the other additive, exclusively, in my rinse cycle for a week or so and believe they are just about equal in terms of results.  However, I have found Funk Rock to be a bit pricey to use with every wash and the bag is quite small.  If I poke around online I can find Bac-Out on sale for less than $6 for a 32 oz bottle.  If I use 1-2 tablespoons per wash I end up getting several months of washing out of one bottle. 

Stay tuned next week for Part #2!

By Jennifer
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Bemoaning Ammonia Part 1

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Congratulations to slang76 (Susan Lang)! Susan, please contact us here to claim your prize. You have until Feb.2nd at 4pm est to claim your giveaway. In the subject line please write: "30 Minutes of Fluff 1/31 Winner".

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After 30 minutes we will randomly draw a winner from eligible entries- the winner will be posted after all comments are moderated and can take up to 24 hours to post. We will post the winner's name as an update to this post and then mark the giveaway as CLOSED. Once the winner's name is posted the winner has 48 hours to contact us to claim their prize. If the winner doesn't claim their prize we will re-post the giveaway.
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**CLOSED**30 Minutes of Fluff- Win a Rumparooz G2 One-Size Cloth Diaper

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I don't know about you- but I've been asked this question many times by mothers, friends, and family members who think I've gone insane when they see my little one's fluffy bottom.

I would love to look at them surprised, and say "why not?", but I don't, because I've realized that some people really don't know.

Most people don't know the facts or the good things about using cloth- and I'm sure the first thing that comes to their mind is pre folds, diaper pins with plastic pull up covers, and of course, poop. 
So, let's take a breather before we begin ranting and just naming out reasons, and lets really educate them on the Why's. You never know, you could change someone's entire way of living by taking the time to educate them, like many of ours has been changed!

The Environment
Cloth diapers are better for the environment. I know, I've heard people say that there is not a difference because of the energy and water we use washing the diapers, verse theirs sitting in a landfill forever. Even though we do use more water & energy, it takes around 80,000 pounds of plastic and over 200,000 trees a year to manufacture the disposable diapers for American babies alone! Even the biodegradable diapers they have now are not all that degradable. Those diapers have to be exposed to air & sun in order to properly degrade, and's pretty hard for that to happen when being covered by millions of pieces of trash and dirt. Which means it can take even the "biodegradable" diapers hundreds of years to decompose. And really, the amount of water used per week to wash cloth diapers at home is comparable to the amount consumed by an adult flushing the toilet four or five times daily for a week.

Skin and Health
I don't think people realize that disposable diapers are chemicals, plastic, and dyes. I didn't before researching cloth diapers. Really, how can you say that it's good for your baby to use the bathroom and sit in a bunch of chemicals? The Consumer Protection Agency reported disposables to include chemical burns, noxious chemical and insecticide odors, babies pulling disposables apart and putting pieces of plastic into their noses and mouth, choking on tab papers and linings, plastic melting onto the skin, and ink staining the skin.  Plastic tabs can also tear skin if the diaper is not properly put on the baby. YIKES. I bet if you told any mom that, she would seriously consider cloth, I would hope.

This is one of the major reasons why we cloth diaper. It is cheaper, by far! Yes- even after you add the extra water and electric! I mean c'mon, you can get a complete cloth diapering kit by Econobum for $97! Add some detergent and pail liner for the basics, and your done for less than $140. With a baby, you will have spent that much in disposables in about two months, money right in the trash, literally. That's not even using the "top of the line" disposables. Use one of the many cloth diaper calculators here to find out how much you are, or can be, saving by using cloth diapers. It is so nice to be saving that money, or spending it on something else! :)

Face it, fluffy bums are CUTE! The colors and prints are CUTE! Even pre folds are CUTE!  The styles are CUTE! They are soft and fluffy. They are bright, or light. They can match what my baby is wearing. The accessories you can buy are CUTE!

To sum it up (this is not even ALL of the reasons, just the major), cloth diapering just ROCKS! The pro's out-way the con's drastically! Try to keep some of this in mind when someone looks at you like your crazy and ask's "why in the world you would put your poor baby in cloth?". Oh, we have plenty of great reasons :)

By Shay P.
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Why Cloth Diapers?

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Name: Cami Owens

City: Walkerton, Indiana

Mom to: Issabella, 8-month-old

What a beautiful family photo! Here are her thoughts on mommyhood, cloth diapering and more!

Why do you cloth diaper your baby?
My husband wanted to try it to save money.

What does being a mom mean to you?
It is everything to me. Everything I do I think about how will it affect my daughter.

What do you and your baby do for fun?
Play, read, and spend time with friends and family. Issabella loves to have me read to her.

What is one word that best describes your parenting style?

Tell us about your first cloth diapering experience?
We had gotten all GroVia diapers as shower gifts, but our little peanut was too small for them. So we had to find a different solution. Our solution was Lil Joeys. She wore those until almost three months. Because of this we also use Rumparooz. I like the pocket diapers and my husband likes the two-in-ones.

If you had one super power, what would it be and why?
The power to add two extra hours to my afternoon/evenings on the weekdays.
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Meet January's Spotlight MOM: Cami Owens

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